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CountryBeerBreweryStyleStrength by volume Decription
England Single Hop - CitraMobberleyBitter - Best Bitter4.5%A session IPA showcasing the wonderful Citra hop.
England1000 Yard-StareSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.2%Wave upon wave of bright vivid hops encircle the palate with gooseberry and herbs aromas cascading over a brisk zesty summit.
England100m DachshundElgood'sBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Fruity golden bitter from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
England12th ManManningBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Euro 2016 special.
England13XTBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A pacific red ale. Hops from around the Pacific meet on a raft of Amber Red Malts.
England13 GunsThwaitesStrong Beer - IPA5.5%A USA inspired IPA. Packed with hops.
England1302BramptonBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale ale, brewed using the finest Maris Otter and Pale Crystal malts. Gentle early hopping balances the beer, whilst the late hops add a refreshing citrus nose
England1492GreyHawkBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Pineapple, grapefruit and spicy aroma. Well balanced citrus and fruity taste with satisfying bitterness. US hops.
Wales15 GiantsBig HandBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Crsip clean tasting golden ale. Spicy orange hop flavour and aromas.
England1642Three TunsBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A golden bitter with light maltiness, comprising nutty and coffee flavours, leading to a refreshing medium/strong, spicy bitterness with a long-lingering finish. Bishop's Castle.
England1842 PilsnerLancasterLager - Lager style cask beer4.5%A light golden lager style ale with Bohemian hops.
England1912TitanicBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Commemorative bitter from Stoke-on-Trent
England1924MobberleyBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Celebrating the 90th anniversary of George Mallory’s Everest attempt. He was born in Mobberley on 18.6.1886.
England2.0v1.7: Pilsner (keg)Castle RockCraft Keg Beer - British4.9%Pale golden pilsner, floral herbal aroma, spicy, subtle citrus, grainy palate. Perle and Hersbrucker lager hops.
England2.0v1.7: Session IPA (keg)Castle RockCraft Keg Beer - British4.0%a punchy session IPA; big bitterness and lots of juicy citrus and tropical fruit character.
England2.0v1.7: Wheat (keg)Castle RockCraft Keg Beer - British6.5Dry hopped Wheat beer - a juicy take on a classic German wheat
England2000 & FifteenPennineBitter - Best Bitter4.0% A new year special golden bitter
England20th Century BoyKelham IslandBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Pale well-hopped ale made with new world hops imported from Australia blended for an aroma of apricot, lychee, passion fruit and melon.
England25Hobson'sBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Brewed to mark 25 years of brewing, a very drinkable amber bitter.
England3.1.6.GrainBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Brewed with lager malt and ludicrously light, with a glorious hoppy nose and taste.
England30 Hop DropDerbyBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Golden bitter with 15 hop varieties
England30.1RCHBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Golden bitter
England3712 (Collaboration with Founders Brewing, Michigan, USA)AbbeydaleStrong Beer - American Style IPA7.0%The distance in miles between the 2 breweries. A strong, full-bodied pale golden beer.
England41° SouthRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A blend of three hops from New Zealand (Nelson Sauvin, Pacifica and Motueka) that come together to create a refreshing pale ale that offers up aromas of gooseberry and blackberry.
Wales42Magic DragonBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A golden ale with American Citra and Azzac hops.
England4Manat'sManningBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Collaboration between Manning and Warrington's 4T's brewery. A New Zealand hopped IPA.
Scotland5 a.m. SaintBrewdogKeg Beers - Speciality Beer5.0%Amber ale of great character.
England5/4 FavouriteAscotBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Refreshing golden ale with a wonderful hoppy nose from Cascade hops. Light, fresh and crisp with floral hop notes.
England52Front RowBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%Full flavoured and coloured brew from Congleton. A Diamond Jubilee special.
Wales568Deva CraftBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A super pale ale, single hopped with Cascade. Very floral, very easy drinking.
England61 DeepMarstonsBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Pale gold in colour with a fruity flavour. Blasts of tropical peaches, apricot, melon and passionfruit. All delivered with a creamy, white head and light, zesty aroma.
Wales614 AnneesCelt ExperienceDark Ale - Porter8.5%Brewed in collaboration with Brasseries St Germain, a deep rye porter brewed with French Cascade hops.
England6XWadworthBitter - Best Bitter4.1%In production for nearly 100 years. Full bodied and distinctive.
England7 Deadly SinsScarboroughBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%IPA brewed with 7 different hops. Big hoppy flavours and aroma
England7 Seas American Rye Pale AleAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Light lemon coloured pale ale. Triple hopped with Cascade, Centennial and Amarillo. Citrus and grapefruit dominate the aroma complimented by a slightly sweet malt base.
Wales77Heavy IndustryBitter - Premium Bitter4.9%A big amber IPA style beer brewed with Marris Otter and crystal malts. Heavily hopped with Colombus and Cascade and dry hopped with a mixture including Simcoe and Mosaic.
Wales77 (keg)Heavy IndustryCraft Keg Beer - British4.9%A big amber IPA style beer brewed with Marris Otter and crystal malts. Heavily hopped with Colombus and Cascade and dry hopped with a mixture including Simcoe and Mosaic.
England8 - Dark RoastXTSpeciality Beer - American Dark4.5%A smooth rich dark beer with a blend of four malts and a cocktail of hops to give a complex taste. Deep malty base with dark roasty chocolate flavours, very balanced beer.
England99 StepsBoggartBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A very pale ale with herby characteristics.
EnglandA Beer Called CliveMobberleyBitter - Standard Bitter3.4%A pale 'breakfast IPA'. Nicely hoppy.
EnglandA Little Lupy: Keyworth EarlyCheshire BrewhouseBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Brewed with English pale & wheat malts, Magnum hops & masses of Keyworth Early hops late in the boil, "Keyworth Early" is pale hoppy and extremely more ish
EnglandA'dleyweisseTownhouseSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.5%A hazy wheat beer from Audley
EnglandA+BAbbeydaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Collaboration with Bad Seed Brewing. A double hopped beer fully delivers on the A to B of IPAs. Featuring over 60kg of hopping including Lemon Drop, Centennial and Cascade.
EnglandAbbey AleAbbeydaleStrong Beer - IPA5.5%Hoppy golden American style IPA. Dry hopped. Sheffield.
EnglandAbbey ChristmasAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Pale with a dash of chocolate malts, late hopped with Dr Rudi and Summit for piney herbal characters, with a fruity and citrus finish
EnglandAbbot ReserveGreene KingStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer6.5%Stronger version of their flagship brand. Suffolk.
EnglandABC IPADerbyStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.4%Hopped with Ahtanum, Belma & Columbus for a tropical fruit bouquet.
EnglandAbdominal StonemanLymestoneStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer7.0%Three powerful US hops dominate this monster of an American Pale Ale, from its crisp Maris Otter base to its massive hoppy finish.
EnglandAbrahall's Cuckoo Penny RhubarbCeltic Marches CiderCider - Fruit Cider4.0%The International Cider Challenge 2018 Trophy winner! A beautiful blend of Yorkshire Triangle Timperley Rhubarb Juice and their Herefordshire Cider.
EnglandAbsentOld School (OSB)Strong Beer - IPA5.5%A strong IPA style bitter
EnglandAbsolutionAbbeydaleBitter - Strong Bitter5.3%Mid-straw coloured beer with aromas of tropical fruit and mango. Sweet all the way through, balanced by some bitterness at the finish. Fruity with toffee apples and bananas. Clean tasting and sweetish but not cloying
EnglandAcceleratorSalopianBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Vibrant straw coloured, with citrus aromas, a strong palate of mango and grapefruit that speeds to a refreshing bitter finish.
EnglandAces HighRiverheadStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Soratchi Ace single hopped IPA with citrus fruit, herbal and dill aromas.
EnglandAdam Henson's Rare BreedButcombeBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Cotswold farmer and TV presenter Adam 'Henson has worked in partership with Butcombe Brewery to bring together the finest West Country ingredients - Maris Otter malting barley, aromatic Herefordshire hops and Mendip spring water, to create this disti
EnglandAdderAllendaleLager - Lager style cask beer5.0%Award winning lager traditionally brewed in a Bohemian style with a slow fermentation, followed by cold conditioning. Incredibly drinkable with a light, fresh hop flavour
EnglandAdmiralAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Light, refreshing subtle orange flavour. Citrus tones come from Admiral hops (UK). Soft biscuit from Golden Promise barley.
EnglandAdmiral ArcherLancasterBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A fruity fusion of hops create a powerful fresh citrus flavour. Dry and refreshing.
EnglandAdmiral HoppedHogan's CiderCider - Real Cider4.0%A medium dry cider sensitively hopped with Admiral hops. Intriguing and very, very nice.
EnglandAffinityShinySpeciality Beer - American Pale4.6%Hoppy American-style pale ale with a citrus aroma and a citrus and floral flavour.
EnglandAffinityLaconsBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Full bodied with a chestnut tint, complex passion fruit and lychee tartness leaps forward, followed by a charming balance of fruit and malt.
EnglandAfter Rat MintRatSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer5.2%A mint and dark chocolate stout
EnglandAgelessRedWillowStrong Beer - IPA7.2%This big American style IPA provides a huge initial hit of mango, lychee and pineapple, followed by a long clean bitter finish. From a fine new Cheshire brewery.
EnglandAgeless (keg)RedWillowStrong Beer - American Style IPA7.2%This big American style double IPA provides a huge initial hit of mango, lychee and pineapple, followed by a long clean bitter finish.
EnglandAgent of ChangeAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Light, pale refreshing, summery floral aroma with tangy blackcurrant and some spicy notes.
EnglandAgnus IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden coloured Czech hopped ale, spicy & citrusy with a strong herbal aroma.
EnglandAislingPotbellyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A smooth pale bitter with an excellent balance of hops and malt. Easily quaffed !!
EnglandAKMcMullenBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%AK uses a carefully balanced mixture of pale ale and chocolate malts to give a soft malty taste while WGV hops give a light fragrant aroma and clean finish. A popular and refreshing easy-drinking bitter from a 185 year old brewery in Hertford
EnglandAK PaleColchesterBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%1900s pale ale, mildly hopped. Fresh and fruity.
EnglandAlarisSalopianBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A sun spiked vibrant session pleaser with a fresh aroma of zesty citrus notes and tropical fruit. A soft bitterness transcends a melange of fruit and a lick of fresh malt.
EnglandAlbion MildGreen JackMild - Dark Mild3.8%A fine mild from Lowestoft in Suffolk.
EnglandAlchemyAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Lots of fruit, especially citrus and some spiciness from the Amarillo hops. A refreshing bitter finish. Ideal summer drinking.
EnglandAleCornish CrownBitter - Best Bitter3.9%Session bitter from Cornwall
EnglandAleBlack SheepBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A full flavoured Yorkshire ale with a rich fruit nose, brewed with generous handfuls of choice gelding hops giving a bittersweet malty taste and an uncompromising ling, dry bitter finish.
EnglandAleTattonBitter - Best Bitter3.7%An easy drinking session ale with a rich copper colour. The beer has a full malty/toffee flavour for its gravity, balanced by a pronounced hoppy, fruity taste and aroma. Traditional Cheshire bitter from Knutsford
WalesAle of My FathersPlasseyBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Traditional style premium bitter brewed to celebrate 30 years of the Plassey brewery.
EnglandAle of Two CitiesDickensianBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%'Thrice-hopped and as bitter as Scrooge, this tipple is complex but balanced and perfect for a long session.' From Roden, near Shrewesbury.
EnglandAle StormCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Deep golden in colour, well hopped with Bullion, Galaxy and Calypso
EnglandAle to the TsarFernandesBitter - Best Bitter4.1%New bitter from Wakefield
EnglandAlehouse RockAcornBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Robust dark Amber coloured fruity ale
EnglandAll BlackAllGatesMild - Dark Mild3.6%A traditional dark Mild. Hints of chocolate and caramel with the slight hoppy finish of the Mild style but with a twist from New Zealand grown Pacific Jade and Pacifica hops.
EnglandAll Day Coffee IPAAllGatesStrong Beer - IPA5.1%A golden IPA with fresh roasted coffee alongside Cascade, Citra and Mosaic hops.
EnglandAll RAT JazzRatBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A mellow pale ale.
EnglandAll StarRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Light, fruity and easy drinking, A pale ale with floral and citrus fruit aromas of Cascade, Centennial and Citra hops against a back-drop of Golden Promise pale malt.
WalesAll This and MoreHopcraft / Pixie SpringBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Made with premium European hops and a dash of American. 47IBUs.
WalesAllegro4FourBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A crisp, copper coloured bitter.
EnglandAlliance IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%The English Alliance hops give a very pleasant deep, fruity, berry-like aroma with hints of lemongrass, apricot, citrus and spice characteristics to this rich golden IPA.
EnglandAltOld School (OSB)Bitter - Best Bitter4.4%Their interpretation of a Dusseldorf Altbier
EnglandAlter EgoAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale hoppy bitter.
EnglandAlternative FactsRooster'sStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.5%This Odell collaboration has a blend of six different new world hops, resulting in a juicy IPA that has a moderately low bitterness and a thirst-quenching finish.
EnglandAmarilloBlue MonkeyBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A golden bitter with lashings of Amarillo hops.
EnglandAmarilloTownhouseStrong Beer - IPA5.5%An IPA with Amarillo hops
EnglandAmarillo RedFernandesBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Complex citrus, herbal and tropical flavours from a quartet of cutting-edge hops.
EnglandAmberLancasterBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A classic session bitter that is both aromatic and bursting with flavour.
EnglandAmberLancasterBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%'Proper Lancastrian bitter, aromatic and bursting with flavour'
EnglandAmberLion HeartBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A golden beer with a medium body
EnglandAmberCheshire Brew BrothersBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Amber in colour, obviiously! Malty, floral and spicy on the nose. Fruity and hoppy on the palate
EnglandAmber AleAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5% Rich, amber coloured ale. Sweet biscuity malt flavours combine with a robust bitterness and an intense American hop aroma. Barnsley.
EnglandAmber BrightPennineBitter - Standard Bitter3.0%Light bitter ale from Batley, Yorkshire
EnglandAmber NeckerPennineBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A sparkling session beer brewed with English and American hops.
EnglandAmber RamblerMoorhousesBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%An occasional brew of many years standing. Full flavoured and always poplar.
EnglandAmber Session AleLakehouseBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Light, sweet & refreshing - a traditional amber session ale, with a contemporary twist.
EnglandAmbiguousHogswoodDark Ale - Black Bitter Ale4.2%A black IPA with a distinct coffee note, bursting with hops this ale was post hoped with green hops. Other hops include Challenger, Centennial & Saaz.
EnglandAmbush AleWeetwoodBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%An amber beer with a smooth, fruity foretaste finishing with the distinctive aroma and flavour of Styrian Goldings hops. Cheshire ale.
EnglandAmerican DreamDerbySpeciality Beer - American Pale4.5%Hopped with Summit & Galena for a pleasant bitterness and resinous flavour, then dry hopped with Simcoe for a bold grapefruit twist.
EnglandAmerican GoldOssettBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Intensely aromatic hoppy ale. 3 American hops give a citrus zest aroma. Very refreshing.
EnglandAmerican IPABootleg Brewing Co.Craft Keg Beer - British4.5%A crisp, smooth, pale ale, packed with juicy American hops. A big IPA with big New World flavours.
EnglandAmerican Juice BoxDerbyBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Citra upon Citra upon Citra, then generously dry hopped with Taiheke. Zesty, juicy, refreshing & crisp.
EnglandAmerican LightQuantumBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Easy drinking American hopped pale coloured bitter.
IrelandAmerican Pale Ale (keykeg)BoundaryCraft Keg Beer - British3.5The definition of sessionable! This 3.5% Pale Ale offers a surprisingly full body which allows the hops to remain balanced. Think biscuit, citrus and refreshing. Our APA is not too hoppy and is the perfect gateway, thirst-quenching beer.
EnglandAmerican Red AleSambrook'sSpeciality Beer - American Red4.2%brewed in the style of an American red ale, with its dominating characteristics being tropical fruit aromas and a crisp, clean bitterness.
EnglandAmerican Style IPABootleg Brewing Co.Strong Beer - American Style IPA5.5%Their take on an American style IPA brewed with Cascade, Citra and Chinook hops.
EnglandAmethyst (World Cup of Hops No.4)OssettBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Fourth in the 2014 ‘World Cup of Hops’ series. Each beer utilizes the same 4% abv, pale malt, base. Czech Amethyst hops produce relatively low bitterness with earthy, citrus & spicy characteristics.
EnglandAmish MashGreat HeckSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.7%German style Weizen beer brewed with loads of late and dry American hops. A weizen and an IPA in the same glass.
EnglandAmpersandBlue BeeBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%A copper coloured premium bitter
EnglandAndy TurnerCastle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Named after Nottingham born former World Champion hurdler. Light, hoppy pale ale. New World and antipodean hops.
EnglandAngelinaCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Hopped with First Gold producing a thirst quenching beer with pronounced and pleasant hop aroma.
EnglandAnonymous EncounterFoxfieldBitter - Best Bitter3.5%Pale yellow in colour and very refreshing.
EnglandAnsonWorthBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Session bitter from Poynton
EnglandAnth-RatsRatDark Ale - Stout4.5%A stout made with six different malts.
EnglandAnvilAllendaleStrong Beer - IPA5.5%An English IPA. Bramling Cross, First Gold and Galaxy hops. IBU 77. Grapefruit, Tropical, Mango flavours.
EnglandAnything GoseRooster'sCraft Keg Beer - British4.2%A refreshingly tart, contemporary gose brewed with Ska Brewing Co. Pale with a slight haze, floral and fruity aromas on the nose. Hints of rhubarb and sea salt.
EnglandAPAWoodlandsBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Pale and hoppy.. Brewed to keep up with demand for light hoppy beers. First brewed in March 2014.
ScotlandAPAWindsweptSpeciality Beer - American Pale5.0%An award-winning IPA with smooth malts and a tangy grapefruit finish.
EnglandAPA SpecialMoorhousesBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A golden straw coloured ale using American Cascade, Centennial and Citra hops. It has a strong but smooth bitterness with hints of floral citrus and tropical fruit aromas balanced with a sweet maltiness. Burnley.
EnglandApacheWappingBitter - Strong Bitter6.2%Brewed in the cellar of the Baltic Fleet pub in Liverpool. Strong golden ale with American hops.
EnglandAPE (keg)First Chop Brewing ArmCraft Keg Beer - British6.3%American style IPA with an infusion of grapefruit.
EnglandApe AleBlue MonkeyStrong Beer - IPA5.4%A complex and sophisticated IPA, using assertive American hops. Aromas of resinous pine, orange and just the right level of citrussiness.
EnglandApe AleBlue MonkeyCraft Keg Beer - British5.4%A complex and sophisticated IPA, using assertive American hops. Aromas of resinous pine, orange and just the right level of citrussiness.
EnglandApe Ale ExportBlue MonkeyCraft Keg Beer - British6.0%A tweaked version of Ape Ale, complex and sophisticated IPA, using assertive American hops. Aromas of resinous pine, orange and just the right level of citrussiness.
EnglandApeachiationAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.4%Peachy coloured, brewed with El Dorado hops and infused with hibiscus flowers and peaches, deliciously balanced and refreshing.
EnglandAphelionSalopianStrong Beer - Black IPA5.5%A vibrant, refreshing black IPA in style, with hints of berries and spice, plus a crisp, clean palate, evolving to a lingering, zesty finish.
EnglandApolloTownhouseBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Golden bitter with Apollo hops
WalesAppaloosaBig HandSpeciality Beer - American Pale4.5%Named after the American spotted horses, an American hopped pale ale.
EnglandApple SlayerCornwall Cider Co.Cider - Real Cider5.7%A light, easy drinking cider, made with a delicate blend of bittersweet Dabinette cider apples and sweet, hand-picked dessert Galas. It’s made for a good meaty meal, but more than holds its own just as a refreshing drink.
EnglandAramisAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Single hop varietal IPA for July/ August 2013. Aramis is a European hop.
EnglandArbor LightWhimBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%An extremely clean session beer. Lovely hop aroma, satisfying clean sharp bitterness right the way through with a dry finish, but this beer has plenty of body.
EnglandArcadeAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%UK Archer & USA Cascade hops. Citrus, lime & floral aromas, balanced with a sweet malty base from Munich & Maris Otter malt.
EnglandArchangelAbbeydaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Pale blonde bitter from Sheffield
EnglandArcherLincoln GreenBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Blonde and packed with three of the biggest hitting USA hops, this one punches above it’s ABV with a surprising amount of body.
EnglandArcher IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden coloured with an assertive British bitterness leading to Floral aromas with delicate hints of Lime & Peach and a Citrus twist.
EnglandArchersBattlefieldBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A powerful and smooth hoppy beer with a memorable bitter finish.
EnglandArctic BlastNavigationBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Crisp and sharp with a length to match any great polar explorer's beard. Blonde with a subtle soft aroma, clean fruity citrus taste and a complex finish.
EnglandAre There Hops in Hell?AbbeydaleStrong Beer - IPA7.3%Collaboration with Blue Bee BreweA sry, Sheffield. A big Red Rye IPA with Sorachi Ace, Eureka and Vic Secret hops, this is a big hit of hops.
EnglandArea 51RowtonStrong Beer - IPA5.1%A pale, hoppy IPA.
EnglandArgentine Cascade IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%This rich golden IPA brings a citrus fruity aroma, with hints of lemongrass.
EnglandArizonaPhoenixBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Yellow in colour with a fruity and hoppy aroma. A refreshing beer with citrus, hop and good bitterness, shortish dry finish.
EnglandArmstrong AleTownhouseBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%An ESB style strong, well hopped malty bitter.
EnglandArsonAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Fruity aromas with hints of biscuit and caramel complemented by a bitter orange finish. Well-balanced and full-flavoured.
EnglandArthur's Knight PorterJenningsDark Ale - Porter4.2%An all malt beer with notes of coffee and a smooth finish. Their website describes it as golden! It isn't.
EnglandAshbourne AleLeatherbritchesBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Copper in colour. Goldings hops for a crisp lasting taste. Fruity malt tones produce a bitter-sweet lingering finish.
EnglandAshbourne IPALeatherbritchesBitter - Premium Bitter4.9%A true pale ale with a flowery, hoppy aroma and a strong bitter finish, crisp & refreshing.
EnglandAshburnham Pale AlePig & PorterBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Pale ale brewed with Fuggles and East Kent Golding hops late in the boil and dry hopped with EKG’s for a spicy finish
EnglandAshes AleMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A very easy drinking, light-coloured pale ale brewed using Cascade hops to give a slight citrus & grapefruit aroma. Brewed to commemorate the Ashes series
EnglandAstroRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Brewed with Galaxy hops from Australia, Pale ale with striking citrus and passion fruit character.
EnglandAthlete's AleWood'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Premium Shropshire commemorating the man behind the Much Wenlock Olympics.
EnglandAtlantic CrossingRudgateBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Collaboration with Hogshead Brewery, Colorado. A resinous best bitter with toasted caramel malt and earthy English yeast.
EnglandAtlantic HopMerrie CityBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale amber ale with a fresh, citrus aroma and a tropical, fruity taste, whilst the Amarillo hops leave a bitter-sweet aftertaste on the tongue.
EnglandAtlantic RedTitanicSpeciality Beer - American Red5.4%A full bodied red ale.
EnglandAtlas AleRowtonBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale bitter brewed using Slovenian Atlas hops and Maris Otter malt.
EnglandAtonementSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.2%Floral nuances enliven fresh tropical fruit, citrus and mineral aromas and flavours. A rich, assertive and extremely mousse like mouthfeel caresses the palate and enlivens the senses.
EnglandAtonement (keg)SalopianCraft Keg Beer - British6.2%Floral nuances enliven fresh tropical fruit, citrus and mineral aromas and flavours. A rich, assertive and extremely mousse like mouthfeel caresses the palate and enlivens the senses.
WalesAtramentusBig HandDark Ale - Stout4.2%A fine black stout. Cinder toffee, mellow chocolate and rich liquorice. Smooth.
EnglandAttenborough ReserveCastle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pilsner-style pale ale. Floral and clean.
EnglandAuburn AleTownhouseBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Chestnut coloured bitter from Audley
EnglandAudley GoldTownhouseBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Well hopped ale with citrus notes and a well-balanced bitter finish.
EnglandAuric (keg)SalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Excessively dry hopped session IPA, with a strong grapefruit aroma and a dry body with a quenching array of fruit rind, dried pine, lemon zest sparkling over a long enveloping finish.
EnglandAuric (key-keg)SalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Excessively dry hopped session IPA, with a strong grapefruit aroma and a dry body with a quenching array of fruit rind, dried pine, lemon zest sparkling over a long enveloping finish.
EnglandAuroraPoyntonBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Hoppy, bitter and refreshing.
EnglandAussie HopperGeorge WrightBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A real summer thirst quencher – fruity punch flavour with a slightly dry finish.
EnglandAutomatonSalopianStrong Beer - IPA7.0%Swathes of pine, Lime & citrus leap across the palate of this bold IPA, topped with a crisp white head this refreshing Golden beer delves into a long clean finish with flavours lasting long into the memory
EnglandAutomaton (keg)SalopianCraft Keg Beer - British7.0%Swathes of pine, Lime & citrus leap across the palate of this bold IPA, topped with a crisp white head this refreshing Golden beer delves into a long clean finish with flavours lasting long into the memory
EnglandAutumn AleDerbyBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Copper coloured ale. Aromatic with complex malt and hop flavours. Good finish.
EnglandAutumn BlissWrenbury CiderCider - Real Cider7.5%Made with Brown's cider apples. Dry and fruity.
EnglandAutumn DevilWye ValleySpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.8%A spicy and spirited redhead masquerading as a brunette, Autumn Devil screams flavour.
WalesAutumn MagicGwynt y DdraigCider - Real Cider4.0%Cider with blackberries. Traditional and still.
EnglandAutumn RedSlatersSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer5.0%Full bodied mahogany beer with Fuggles, Liberty and mount Hood Hops.
EnglandAutumnusTownhouseBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Golden seasonal ale with Chinook, Apollo and Styrian Goldings hops and a little caramel.
EnglandAVAFirst Chop Brewing ArmBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Extra pale malt, classic Czech ‘noble’ aroma & fruity Australian hops give this a whole lot more flavour and character than you might expect.
ScotlandAvalancheFyne AlesBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Straw coloured bitter from Scotland
EnglandAvalonMerlinBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale Ale with a floral nose, citrus fruit flavours witha touch of spice.
EnglandAvalonTurning PointBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Super sessionable easy drinking pale with Cascade and Simcoe dry hops giving a modern fruity finish.
EnglandAvalonTitanicBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A distinctive beer which is orange in colour with floral notes on the nose and citrussy tastes on the palate.
EnglandAvariceSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.7%A whirlwind of juicy tropical fruit tingled with pineapple and a spicy fresh body that ebbs and flows with a dry floral finish.
EnglandAviatorCotswold SpringBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%"Achingly cool, crisp and sophisticated, lager that's simply a cut above" from Gloucestershire
WalesAxles of Evel (keg)Heavy IndustryCraft Keg Beer - British6.5%A collaboration with Crafty Devil of Cardiff. A dark, hoppy IPA.
EnglandAy UpDancing DuckBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%An eminently drinkable pale session ale. Subtle malt and floral notes are matched splendidly with citrus hop, rounded off with a slightly dry finish.
EnglandAzaccaRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Pale ale, single hopped with Azacca which gives mango, pineapple and tangerine flavours.
EnglandAzacca IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%This rich golden IPA has an intense tropical aroma with hints of citrus and mango.
EnglandAztec GoldAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Showcases the Azacca hop from the US, with plenty of citrus and tropical fruit flavours mixing with a refreshing bitter finish.
EnglandBaa BaaBlack SheepBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Modern, light and juicy. A pale ale with bags of hop character.
EnglandBaby Black MassAbbeydaleDark Ale - Stout4.8%Espresso stout, brewed in just the same way as the original dark ale but with hefty additions of freshly ground coffee and lactose for a full-bodied, extravagantly bitter-sweet tipple
EnglandBaby BlondePennineBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Mellow blonde bitter with a refreshing aftertaste.
EnglandBaby Faced AssassinRooster'sStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.1%Brewed with 100% Citra hops - aromas of mango, apricot, grapefruit & mandarin orange, along with a lasting, juicy, tropical fruit bitterness. A deceptively quaffable IPA
EnglandBaby Faced IHLRooster'sCraft Keg Beer - British6.1%Brewed in collaboration with Camden Brewery, Baby-Faced IHL is a mash-up of each brewery’s signature IPA.
EnglandBaby Ghost IPARawBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A pared down version of their terrific Grey Ghost IPA (5.9%). Pale with New Zealand hops.
EnglandBack Street Maple AleBootleg Brewing Co.Bitter - Best Bitter4.3%Full boded best bitter with a subtle sweet maple flavour,
EnglandBad BillWincleMild - Light Mild3.9%LIght mild from the Cheshire Peaks
WalesBad Gorilla!Big HandMild - Strong Mild6.0%A strong mild
EnglandBad RattitudeRatStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.0%A Citra hopped IPA.
EnglandBadger's Spit CiderChant CiderCider - Real Cider7.5%A dry, still cider made from a blend of traditional Somerset apple varieties
EnglandBah HumbrewJoseph HoltSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.2%Joseph Holt's version of Scrooge with a refreshing fruity flavour and a hint of Christmas spice.
EnglandBah Humbug!WychwoodSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.3%Take refuge from the Christmas shopping with this rich, fruity spiced ale guaranteed to make even the most seasoned party pooper smile.
EnglandBaizeThornbridgeDark Ale - Stout5.5%A gloriously well balanced chocolate stout with a punchy hit of mint providing a cool refreshing mouth feel.
EnglandBaker's WheatAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.9%Hopfenweisse - traditional German Wheat Beer with a bucketload of gorgeous American Cascade and Australian Galaxy and Vic Secret hops. Unfined and naturally cloudy
EnglandBald RatRatBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale, hoppy session IPA brewed from Bravo leaf hops in the copper and dry- hopped with Summit T90 post-fermentation.
EnglandBalls of SnowAbbeydaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Pale beer using the experimental American hop #256. Plenty of citrus bite and upfront bitterness, with a fruity flavour from the dry hopping again using #256
EnglandBalmy DaysHopping MadBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A very pale straw coloured ale. Dry, crisp, very gently bittered with a zesty, but delicate floral and slightly herby aroma and flavour, from Buckinghamshire
IrelandBanBruSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.8%Wheat beer made using Irish barley, wheat, Belgian yeast, hops from the old and new worlds, orange peel from Spain and coriander from Asia
EnglandBanana OatmealRiverheadSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.5%Oaty, malty banana flavour and aroma. Moderate citrus bitterness from American Bravo hops.
EnglandBananaRattaRatSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.0%Pale ale with oats, and flavoured with Banana!
EnglandBanquoNewby WykeBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A blonde session beer full of hops and gooseberries with a passion fruit aroma
EnglandBar-King MadFroth BlowersBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A single hop citric beer, full of character.
BelgiumBarbar BokLefevbreContinental Ale - Belgian Ale8%A splendid dark ruby ale with Mexican Yukatan honey. Formerly called Winter Bok but now brewed all year round.
EnglandBarbe Rouge IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Barbe Rouge hops have a very pronounced red fruit aroma with strawberry and cherry characteristics.
WalesBarefootTenbyBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Clean, crisp pale ale. Lager malts are used, single hopped with cascade, and infused with Thai lime leaves.
EnglandBarkers Best Cyder (BBC)Barkers CiderCider - Real Cider6.0%Golden in colour. Apple and cinnamon nose. Sweet yet tart with some hay/barnyard notes. Very juicy, clean and easily drinking
EnglandBarley WineWhimStrong Beer - Barley Wine7.4%A collaboration with Marble Brewery. An American style take on a classic English beer style.
EnglandBarn BusterMobberleyBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Rich flavour from a blend of malted barleys and a combination of hops, giving a malty bitter with a slightly spicy/citrus finish. From North Cheshire.
EnglandBarn OwlCotleighBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Brewed with pale, crystal and chocolate malt and selected Herefordshire whole hops. A copper bronze ale with hints of toffee and vanilla.
EnglandBarney's Christmas StoutTownhouseDark Ale - Stout5.0%Robust dark brew from Audley
EnglandBarnsley GoldAcornBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Fresh citrus and hop aroma. A hoppy flavour throughout with a well hopped clean, dry finish.
EnglandBaronetDukeriesBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Chestnut coloured session bitter
EnglandBarracudaSt. AustellBitter - Best Bitter3.8%Barracuda is a session pale ale that will fulfil all your expectations but challenge the taste buds at the same time.
WalesBastionBig HandBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Chestnut coloured bitter from Wrexham
EnglandBattlefield GoldBig ShedBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%New World hops and a load of English Goldings provide a base of traditional earthy, honey and spicy flavor. A classic session beer.
EnglandBaublesAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.1%'Golden beer with slight marmalade and fig flavours to the fore'. Sheffield.
EnglandBeach ComberCopper DragonBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A golden summer ale packed with citrus hop aromas.
WalesBeachcomber BlondeConwyBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A delicious hoppy blonde ale. The beer is crisp, dry and refreshing with a delicate grapefruit flavour. An appealing ale for both bitter and lager drinkers, from North Wales
EnglandBear StateThornbridgeCraft Keg Beer - British7.0%Classic IPA brewed in the spirit of West Coast USA. Massively hoppy, balanced with malt sweetness and intensely citrus hop character to finish.
EnglandBearded AlanSandstoneBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A hoppy pale ale.
EnglandBearded RatRatBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A dry hopped red ale.
EnglandBearly LiterateBeartownBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Golden pale ale. Floral scented and packed with the flavours of summer fruits and lemon, ending with a smooth dryness.
EnglandBearly SpringBeartownBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Spring ale from Congleton
WalesBeat BoxTiny RebelBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A cheeky little American style pale ale with big floral hoppy aromas and flavour.
EnglandBeaterWincleBitter - Best Bitter4.6%Beater is a ruby colour, with just a hint of smoke from the oak dried malt.
EnglandBeautyWood'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Mid amber in colour. A fusion of fruity hops give a lingering bitter aftertaste together with a well rounded maltiness.
GermanyBecks VierBecksLager - Pilsner4.0%German pilsner from Bremen, brewed for the British market.
WalesBedrock BlondeBluestoneBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A straw coloured blonde ale with creamy soft malt flavours, delicately hopped with Czech and German Hops.
EnglandBee's KneesBlue BeeBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Traditional Yorkshire bitter
EnglandBeeble BrewBurton BridgeBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Premium golden ale celebrating the life of Douglas Adams, the man who revealed to us that the meaning of life is 42. Hops used are Minstrel and Jaryllo.
EnglandBeech BlondeArborBitter - Premium Bitter4.9%A premium blonde ale packed with flavour. Originally intended to be a summer beer.
EnglandBeerMilk StreetBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Blonde. A bittersweet nose with tea flavours and sweet malts. Hedgerows hops and sweetness also coming through.
EnglandBeer GogglesElgood'sBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A strong, blond summer beer.
EnglandBeer Tonic No.37JoulesBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A blend of three malts and four hop varieties give a depth of flavour and a pleasing bitter aftertaste
EnglandBeercraft BlondeFernandesBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A blonde session IPA.
EnglandBeerhemian RhapsodyDerbyBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A traditional amber bitter with hints of toffee and chocolate, lifted with floral hints of berry.
EnglandBeerkeepersThornbridgeSpeciality Beer - Honey Beer5.3%Light and fruity, brewed with honey. Flavours of grapefruit, lychee and mango are complemented by the honey sweetness creating a lingering and moreish aftertaste.
EnglandBees KneesImperialSpeciality Beer - Honey Beer4.2%Blonde Beer made with honey from Mexborough
EnglandBeginners LuckBlackjackBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Cascade hopped pale ale, designed by award winning home brewer.
EnglandBelfryAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Cascade hops give fruity, floral aromas. Smooth biscuit flavours and lots of citrus, some grapefruit and a hint of spiciness. A crisp, refreshing beer.
BelgiumBelgian Coast IPASt. FeuillienStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.0%A richly fragrant, very hoppy nose with a slight fruity note. A powerful taste characterized by intense bitterness. A highly seductive collaboration with Green Flash of San Diego.
BelgiumBelgian KriekLefevbreContinental Ale - Fruit Beer3.5%Blended from white beer and fruit juice.15% sour cherry juice is added. White beer gives it a refreshing sweetness and creamy head. Cherry juice lends fine rich red colour, delicate acidity and fruity bouquet.
EnglandBelgian SaisonAbbeydaleStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer6.3%Speciality farmhouse yeast was deliberately fermented at higher temperatures than normal, producing fabulous fruity and spicy flavours in the process.
EnglandBelgian WhiteFernandesContinental Ale - Belgian Wheat Beer6.0%Clear wheat beer created from Belgian yeast.
EnglandBelma IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden beer with a clean bitterness, packed with flavours of juicy strawberry, melon and peach. Intense fruity aroma.
EnglandBelma Single Hop IPABlackjackStrong Beer - IPA5.2%American style IPA with Belma hops.
EnglandBennFoxfieldBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Brewed on the day politician Tony Benn died, and dedicated to him. Golden bitter.
EnglandBeormaBeowulfBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Balanced with its malty hint of fruit giving way to a lingering bitterness
EnglandBertie's BestCoastalBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Golden 'house' bitter from Cornwall
EnglandBertie's Final FlingCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Bhurtpore festival special. Is it the last? After the day I just had - YES!
EnglandBestHobson'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A pale amber-brown medium-bodied beer with strong hop character throughout. Consequently it is bitter but with malt discernible in the taste. Beautifully balanced Shropshire bitter
EnglandBestThree TunsBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A most traditional brown ale. All English hop varieties, Marris otter malts. Rich and smooth throughout with a pleasing long bitter-sweet finish.
EnglandBestLudlowBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Copper coloured, well balanced session bitter
EnglandBest BitterWoodlandsBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A traditional malt based best bitter
EnglandBest BitterRingwoodBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%An ideal balance of hoppy happiness and tangy citrus, delicious, easy drinking slightly tart pale bitter.
EnglandBest BitterBlack SheepBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A well hopped, light golden Yorkshire session bitter with a distinctive, dry refreshing taste.
EnglandBest BitterTheakston'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Aroma is clean, fruity hop, malt. Taste is subtle, complex and refreshing. Fuggles and dry hopping strain Golding.
EnglandBest BitterLister'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Traditional English ale in style and because it’s triple hopped has a depth of flavour that’s not often found in beers of this strength. Amber in colour with a toffee fruity nose.
EnglandBest BitterRingwayBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Classic English bitter using all English hops to give good bitterness with a delicate aroma.
EnglandBest BitterHealey'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%From the Wellington Inn near Ulverston. A well made, nicely balanced traditional best bitter. Worth passing a few pubs for.
EnglandBest BitterBatham'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Straw-coloured, initially seems sweet, but a complex dry, hoppiness soon predominates. The best example of the traditional Black Country style of bitter.
EnglandBest BitterLong ManBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Perfectly balanced with a complex bittersweet malty taste, fragrant hops and a characteristic long deep finish. A traditional Sussex style Best Bitter.
EnglandBest BitterMolesBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Well balanced copper coloured bitter, clean dry and malty with some bitterness and a delicate floral hop flavour from the Fuggles and Goldings hops.
EnglandBest BoySalamanderBitter - Best Bitter4.2%No tasting notes available.
EnglandBest MateDerbyBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Session bitter from Derby
EnglandBetrayalWild WeatherSpeciality Beer - American Pale4.0%Like a mango being hit with a baseball bat!!. First comes waves of limes and pineapple, followed by mangos and oranges. Leaving the mouth coated with full hop sensation.
EnglandBetty StogsSkinnersBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden ale with a subtle blend of Cornish honey. Clean tasting with a distinctly hoppy aroma.
EnglandBFG (Bradley's Finest Golden)Black CountryBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A straw coloured quaffing beer, with an impressive bold citrus hop aroma, fruity balanced sweetness and a lingering refreshing after-taste.
EnglandBhurtie's Last StandCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.2%The last Bhurtpore festival special for the last (definitely this time!) Bhurtpore Festival - in its current form.
EnglandBierBrighton BierBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Moreish and refreshing, a well balanced beer brewed with Mosaic, Chinook and Citra hops.
EnglandBig Bang BlondeRowtonBitter - Best Bitter4.0%From their Single Hop Series, featuring the deeply wonderful Mosaic hop
EnglandBig BenThwaitesBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A strong dark ale with balanced bitter sweet flavours.
EnglandBig Ben (Festival Strength)ThwaitesStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer5.8%Brown ale. Big and full on. Like the chimes of the great bell.
EnglandBig CatByatt'sBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale bronze ale. It’s an easy-drinking, refreshing pint, and very moreish.
EnglandBig CountryRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Collaboration with Bale Breaker Brewing. American and UK hops create a fruit bowl of aromas that complement the fruity malt base.
EnglandBig DogYorkBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden session bitter from York
EnglandBig JohnProspectDark Ale - Stout4.8%A dark stout bursting with a smokey liquorice flavour and a satisfying bitter aftertaste. From Standish near Wigan
EnglandBig WillieMr. Grundy'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Thirst quenching golden ale made with English hops giving a lasting dry bitter finish
EnglandBigAmyAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%'A very pale straw-coloured beer with crisp, floral and spicy hop flavours complemented by a lingering bitter finish.' Sheffield.
EnglandBighornBlack SheepBitter - Best Bitter4.5%An Anglo American IPA brewed using Challenger and Summit hops.
WalesBillabongTiny RebelBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%A pale ale bursting at the seams with Australian hops, ready for the British Summer weather!
EnglandBilly Bonka's Chocolate BrewDerbyDark Ale - Stout4.3%Dark brew with chocolate malt
EnglandBirdhouse Tea BeerAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.2%Pale ale with green tea, jasmine, hibiscus & rose petals.Slight pink tinge. Fruity and floral, nice hoppy edge.
EnglandBirdmanRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Pale ale single hopped with Chinook
EnglandBishop IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden coloured beer showcasing new Generation English Hops, well balanced and spicy with mixed tones of Citrus and Honey.
EnglandBishop's FarewellOakhamBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%A premium beer of 'structured quality, dominated by elaborate fruity hop notes, with a grainy background and dry finish.' Peterborough.
EnglandBishop's FingerShepherd NeameBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Rich, complex ale from Kent
EnglandBit CoinFlipsideBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Smooth, easy drinking pale ale.
EnglandBit o'BlondeBetjemanBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden, hoppy session bitter.
GermanyBitburger PilsBitburgerLager - Pilsner4.8%Premier quality pilsner from Bitburg
EnglandBitterButcombeBitter - Best Bitter4.0%'The West Country's favourite beer derives from pure Mendip Spring Water…notably bitter, clean tasting, refreshingly dry and distinctive. Made with 100% best Maris Otter malt (the Rolls Royce of malts), together with a blend of (never divulged)
EnglandBitterJoseph HoltBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Rich in both colour and taste. Clear amber, almost ruby in colour. A woody, malty and slightly peppery taste with a hint of flora hops.
EnglandBitterBrewsmithBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A pale session bitter. Moderate bitterness, pronounced floral/citrus hop aromas
EnglandBitterBrakspearBitter - Standard Bitter3.4%Amber in colour with a good fruit, hop, and malt nose. The initial taste of malt and well-hopped bitterness dissolves into a bitter-sweet and fruity finish.
EnglandBitterYoung'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Golden in colour with a light, dry palate and a fresh, fruity aroma.
EnglandBitterWye ValleyBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Maris Otter and Crystal malts with locally grown Target and Goldings hops. Delicate hoppy aroma leading to a full malty flavour & a crisp, clean bitter finish.
EnglandBitterSlatersBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%As pale as lager with a fine earthy spicy hop character allied to juicy malt and tart fruit. Winner, West Midlands 'Beer of the Year' 1999 and 2000
EnglandBitter RevivalBeer MonkeyBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Traditionally blended with top quality hops & malt giving you a fresh big hit upfront and malty aftertaste.
EnglandBitter ThatBrew Foundation (The)Bitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A surprisingly refreshing, fruity, malty pale bitter. Challenger, Target, Bramling Cross and EKG hops
EnglandBitter TwistTicketyBrewBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%The first of their TicketyFew cask specials. Their take on a classic English cask bitter. Using Belgian yeast to give an interesting twist on this old favourite.
EnglandBitternLittle Ale CartBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A well made hoppy bitter from their railway range
EnglandBlackLancasterDark Ale - Stout4.6%Gold award winning stout
WalesBlack BartRosie's CiderCider - Real Cider7.2%100% apple juice, farm pressed in Llandegla. Part matured in oak barrels. Suitable for coeliacs and vegans
EnglandBlack BeePhoenixDark Ale - Porter4.5%Brewed with honey. Has a malty aroma and taste of dark fruit, honey and a hint of coffee.
EnglandBlack Berry GoldTitanicSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.5%A golden ale with fresh blackberries added giving a gentle fruitiness.
EnglandBlack Berry GoldTitanicSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.5%Golden beer flavoured guessed it...Blackberries!
EnglandBlack BishopAbbeydaleDark Ale - Stout4.2%A complex roasty malt and black treacle character with citrus and spice.
EnglandBlack CatMoorhousesMild - Dark Mild3.2%A dark refreshing brew with a distinctive chocolate malt flavour and a smooth hoppy finish. Former champion beer of Britain.
EnglandBlack Cat ReserveMoorhousesStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer7.0%Intensely dark, Deep complex notes of roasted coffee chocolate and mocha, balanced by dark cherry and blackcurrant from the Polish Junga hop’
EnglandBlack ChristmasWhimSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer6.4%Strong and dark festive brew from Hartington, near Buxton.
EnglandBlack DiamondCottageMild - Best Mild4.0%A traditional old English smooth, easy drinking mild.
EnglandBlack DiamondBanks'sDark Ale - Stout4.0%Dark in colour, yet light in palate, rich yet refreshing, the looks of a Stout, but very much a Bitter, hints of dark malt, but with a blast of aromatic hops.
WalesBlack Dragon CiderGwynt y DdraigCider - Real Cider7.2%Medium dry still cider from south Wales
EnglandBlack GoldCopper DragonDark Ale - Black Bitter Ale4.0%Opaque black with a red hue. The nose has biscuits and a spicy crystal malt note.
EnglandBlack Heart StoutSalopianDark Ale - Stout4.3%Rich ebony to the eye, with a tan head. The aroma has notes of malt, licorice, tobacco, chocolate, raisin and plums. The taste has hints of sweetness and a slight bitterness with a long roasted malt and hop filled finish from Shrewsbury
EnglandBlack HolePeakstones RockDark Ale - Stout4.8%An awarding winning rich dark ale, West Midlands CAMRA, regional beer of the year 2011
EnglandBlack JackHopping MadDark Ale - Stout4.0%Almost jet black in colour and naturally full bodied with a pleasant gentle blackcurrant and liquorice hop finish, from Buckinghamshire
EnglandBlack KnightLudlowDark Ale - Stout4.5%Roasted barley flavour, coffee overtones, gentle bitter finish
EnglandBlack MarketBootleg Brewing Co.Mild - Dark Mild3.2%Deep, dark & decidedly drinkable.
EnglandBlack MathRooster'sDark Ale - Stout4.5%Liquorice stout. Smooth, easy-drinking, with a rich roast malt aroma, infused with liquorice. Subtle fruit finish.
EnglandBlack OakAcornSpeciality Beer - American Dark4.5%Dark American Ale with hints of roast cocoa, coffee malts and fruity hop aromas from the American Crystal hops.
EnglandBlack Ops Imperial StoutSalopianDark Ale - Stout7.4%Black in colour with flavors that are intensely malty and deeply roasted with accents of chocolate, mocha and dark fruit. Hints of sweetness are tempered by crisp tart bitterness.
EnglandBlack Out XOHappy ValleyDark Ale - Porter4.4%Champion beer of Cheshire 2013. A traditional porter fortified with Mount Gay rum. A collaboration with Manchester's Electric Bar.
EnglandBlack PantherMoorhousesMild - Premium Mild4.8%Big brother to Black Cat. Brewed to reproduce the award winning flavour but with a higher strength, from Burnley
EnglandBlack RatRatDark Ale - Porter4.5%Four maltsgive a burnt, coffee and chocolate maltiness. Slight sweetness on the palate, moderate bitterness from English Bramling Cross hops.
EnglandBlack Ratt CiderLyme BayCider - Real Cider6%Traditional still Devon cider
EnglandBlack VenTown MillDark Ale - Porter5.0%A dark brown porter with a pronounced depth of flavour, enhanced with the blackcurrant fruitiness of the hops.
EnglandBlack WitchMoorhousesDark Ale - Stout4.2%A smooth satisfying dark beer with a full round distinct chocolate malt body and a pleasant hop aftertaste.
EnglandBlackcurrant PorterCoastalSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer6.0%Strong dark beer flavoured with fresh Blackcurrants
EnglandBlakeney Red PerryGwatkin's CiderCider - Real Perry7.0%Once known as a desert pear which produces a medium sweet, full bodied perry.
BelgiumBlanche de BruxellesLefevbreContinental Ale - Belgian Wheat Beer4.5%Naturally opalescent. Coriander and orange peel lend a slight but unobtrusive spiced nose. Soft and smooth on the palate.
EnglandBlaster's JellyCheshire BrewhouseBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Tasty traditional bitter celebrating local celebrity, the late Blaster Bates of Crewe
ScotlandBlavenIsle of SkyeBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Marmalade nose with a citrusy, honey sweetness and a balanced bitter finish.
EnglandBlazin' FuryBanks'sSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.1%Amber beer with a warming gentle ginger spice.
EnglandBlazing SaddlesJenningsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden ale brewed using Cascade hops, perfectly blalanced to provide a crisp, clean refreshing taste.
EnglandBlind JackRooster'sSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer3.7%A red rye beer with New World hops. Citrus fruit aromas & a light spicy finish.
EnglandBlind TigerSpringheadBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A pale golden beer with a fruity orange aroma and a dry finish.
EnglandBlinding LightProspectBitter - Best Bitter4.2%An award winning, pale, refreshing beer with citrus & spicy notes alongside a light, refreshing taste.
EnglandBlindsideCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Brewed for the Rugby World Cup. Red in colour with English hops. Aroma is of sweet blackcurrant, balanced bitter finish.
EnglandBlindspotSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA8.2%A luscious rich golden orange IPA, with a succulent aroma of lime pulp and fresh botanics, that flourishes into a deep vibrant palate of bright tropical fruit and sweet mango.
EnglandBlitzenSlatersSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.0%A complex dark ruby ale that has a traditional 'winter warmer' feel with a rich malty taste.
EnglandBlitzenBlack SheepSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.0%A cheeky little festive number made with Cascade & Goldings hops and a hint of orange peel.
EnglandBlitzen's BlondeDerbySpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer3.7%A fresh golden session ale.
EnglandBlizzardMerlinSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.4%Full bodied, malty winter special
EnglandBlondeLancasterBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Vivid Blonde beer with slight citrus flavours and a delicate biscuit overtone.
EnglandBlondeAcornBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A beautifully balanced pale ale with a clean crisp finish.
EnglandBlondeJoulesBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A continentally inspired blonde beer made with lager malts, light delicate and hoppy.
EnglandBlondeTattonBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A clean-tasting, smooth pale ale with a fine New World citrus hop aroma from Knutsford.
EnglandBlondeGreat HeckBitter - Best Bitter4.3%British Maris Otter barley and a touch of wheat malt for a rich, golden, satisfying ale hopped with English and Slovenian hops.
EnglandBlondeHealey'sBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale golden bitter.
EnglandBlondeBlack FlagBitter - Best Bitter4.2%An unhealthy amount of NZ & US hops make this not your ordinary pale. Light and fruity but still with plenty of body.
EnglandBlondeAtomBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Sometimes you just need a beer that is fresh, smooth, citrus and easy to drink.
EnglandBlondeBeer MonkeyBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Blonde ale packed with citrus flavours and aroma, creating a light thirst-quenching blonde ale.
EnglandBlondeSonnet 43Bitter - Best Bitter4.1%A golden-straw coloured wheat-style beer. Created with Sonnet hops to give a sweet, delicate, floral aroma. ‘Sonnet 43’ through and through.
EnglandBlondeHop StudioBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%A light, crisp and hoppy ale. Maris Otter Pale Malt and Carapils provide a base for aromatic floral, citrus and gooseberry flavours of Chinook, Cascade and Nelson Sauvin hops.
EnglandBlondeDukeriesBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Well balanced session ale.
EnglandBlondeYorkBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Citra hops. An aroma of tropical fruits and refreshing fruit taste lingers throughout.
EnglandBlondeTicketyBrewStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer5.6%Full of subtle flavour. The scene is set with light floral and gentle peach aromas. Then an underlying ginger spice, which is a result of their superb Belgian yeast.
EnglandBlondeSaltaireBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A straw coloured lager ale with creamy, soft malt flavours, delicately hopped with Czech and German hop varieties for modest bitterness and slight spice flavour.
EnglandBlondeBank TopBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%An extremely pale ale made with New Zealand hops resulting in a pleasant woody flavour and a distinct berry aroma. Bolton
EnglandBlondePartner's (formerly Anglo-Dutch)Bitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A blonde crisp aromatic session beer. Brewed using layered malts and finished with gem and challenger hops.
EnglandBlonde (keykeg)BuxtonCraft Keg Beer - British5.0%A traditional Belgian style blonde ale with characteristic Belgian yeast character.
EnglandBlonde (old)LancasterBitter - Best Bitter4.1%The initial bitterness is followed by a delightful mouth feel culminating with a long dry finish. from Lancashire
EnglandBlonde AmbitionShepherd Neame / Samuel AdamsBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Uses equal measures of US and UK hops resulting in a summer pale ale. A delightful blend of grapefruit notes (Cascade hops) and grassy earthiness (Kentish hops).
EnglandBlonde ChoughFry'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Golden bitter from Cornwall.
EnglandBlonde ObsessionGreyHawkBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A complex full beer with satisfying malt flavours balanced by a considerable bitterness and an intense aroma from the Bravo hops
EnglandBlonde RogueBeer MonkeyBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Blonde brew packed with citrus flavours & aroma.
EnglandBlonde StarAnarchyBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Crisp and fresh, light in body but certainly not in flavour. Brim full of lemon, grapefruit, passion fruit and pale malt.
EnglandBlonde WitchMoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A deliciously balanced blonde bitter from Burnley. Golden, fruity and well hopped.
EnglandBlonde Witch (Pre 2018)MoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.5%A deliciously balanced blonde bitter from Burnley. Golden, fruity and well hopped.
EnglandBloody Doors Off!MarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Pale ale with an aroma of blood orannge and mango over a malty base.
EnglandBloody Ell Blood Orange IPA (keykeg)BeavertownCraft Keg Beer - British7.2%Zest and juice of blood oranges were put in the kettle at the end of the boil. Big rounded modern IPA full of orange flavours.
EnglandBloomfieldAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Premium bitter from Barnsley
EnglandBlossom TimeWrenbury CiderCider - Real Cider7.0%A cider specially for spring, produced using all local Wrenbury apples by a great local producer.
EnglandBlue LadyFernandesBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A golden amber session strength Yorkshire bitter.
EnglandBlue MoonGeorge WrightBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A strong light amber ale with a strong hoppy taste balanced by a residual sweetness.
EnglandBlue SteelWorthBitter - Premium Bitter4.9%Strong golden and hoppy bitter.
EnglandBluebearyBeartownSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.0%A balanced background of malt and subtle fruity hops compliment the flavour and aroma of the blueberries infused into a golden beer.
EnglandBlues BreakerCheshire BrewhouseSpeciality Beer - American Pale4.8%American pale ale, hopped with Cascade and brewed in honour of Macclesfield's pioneer of British blues, John Mayall.
EnglandBoadiceaAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%The Boadicea hop exudes a floral cherry blossom aroma and a slight melon sweetness.
EnglandBOBWickwarBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Copper colour. Aromas of toffee apple, berries and floral tones. Slightly sweet taste turns into a fine, dry bitterness with a lasting finish.
EnglandBob cRATchetRatSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.3%A seasonal, traditional malty ale.
EnglandBob's Thirst (...and Maybe the Last!)4TsBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%Full in body and colour with lots of hops. Runcorn
EnglandBohemiaMoorhousesLager - Lager style cask beer4.1%A well rounded, refreshingly crisp, clean tasting Czech styyle lager with aromas of herbs, spice and citrus.
EnglandBohemian DarkLeatherbritchesStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer5.9%Inthe style oof a dark Bohemian lager.
EnglandBohemian RatsodyRatBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Dry floral pale ale
EnglandBohemian RhapsodyKelham IslandBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Light and refreshing ale with lager ingredients. Sheffield.
EnglandBombardierWells and YoungsBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Premium, proudly English bitter from Bedford.
EnglandBombardier Amber BeerEagleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Fruity aromas and rich maltiness with a crisp finish.
EnglandBombardier Burning GoldCharles WellsBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Zesty aromas waken the senses, leading to a dry, crisp flavour with more than a hint of citrus on the palate and a smooth lasting finish
EnglandBombardier Golden BeerEagleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Brewed using the finest British Hops and fresh mineral water from the Eagle Brewery Well. A rich citrus fruits taste provides a dry, refreshing beer.
EnglandBon Don DoonWilson PotterBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A refreshing blonde beer made with Columbus and Perle hops. Middleton, Manchester.
EnglandBonaventurePrivateerSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.0%A raspberry wheat beer. Refreshing with just a hint of raspberry.
EnglandBonkers ConkersGreene KingBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Spicy flavours and biscuit malt character, with masses of tropical fruit and citrus notes.
EnglandBoom JuiceMobberleyBitter - Standard Bitter3.6% Bursting with tropical fruit aroma's and hops. Think Um Bongo but for grown ups...
EnglandBoomerBeowulfBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A special bitter brewed in memory of (brewery owner) Phil's dog.
EnglandBoomerangSalopianStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer6.9%A surge of pine engulfs the palate while hints of orange and watermelon cascade across a dry and tempered bitter landscape. The finish is long and defined with a whisper of sweetness.
EnglandBoomerang (keg)SalopianCraft Keg Beer - British6.9%A surge of pine engulfs the palate while hints of orange and watermelon cascade across a dry and tempered bitter landscape. The finish is long and defined with a whisper of sweetness.
EnglandBoomerang (keykeg)SalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.9%A surge of pine engulfs the palate while hints of orange and watermelon cascade across a dry and tempered bitter landscape. The finish is long and defined with a whisper of sweetness.
EnglandBoondoggleRingwoodBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Straw coloured ale flavoured with Fuggles and First Gold hops. Boondoggle has a citrussy aroma and a deliciously moreish fruity taste.
EnglandBootleggerAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Golden ale brewed with Chinook and Southern Cross. Expect fruity, citrus flavours with a finishing notes of spice and pine.
EnglandBootlegger Moonshine CiderOriginal Somerset CiderCider - Real Cider7.5%Formerly Broadoak Moonshine. Strong white still cider from Somerset
EnglandBorder BitterUntappedBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A light, amber session bitter. Packed full of rounded flavours and hop character.
EnglandBorn n'BredWood'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Full-flavoured pale ale with a fresh aroma and a fruity, hoppy flavour.
EnglandBorn to be WildAbbeydaleDark Ale - Stout4.1%A raspberry and dark chocolate milk stout - smooth and sweet with a nice dark chocolate bitter finish.
EnglandBosbury BitterOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale hoppy bitter, brewed from English barley and wheat malts. Generously hopped with the brand new Jester variety.
EnglandBotanical BeerBanks'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Spicy, citrusy, peppery and floral hops.
EnglandBouclier IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden coloured bitter with French Bouclier hops. aromas of fruit, citrus, herbs and spices.
EnglandBountifulWychwoodBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A complex bitter, fruity in flavour and chestnut in colour.
EnglandBourbon Milk StoutSonnet 43Dark Ale - Stout4.3%Brewed using Bourbon, cocoa and oats give this dark beer a rich, full-bodied, chocolaty bitterness.
EnglandBow LineWappingBitter - Best Bitter4.6%Hoppy golden bitter brewed by the waterfront in Liverpool.
EnglandBow Sprit BitterWappingBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Session bitter from the famous Baltic Fleet pub in Liverpool
EnglandBoxer BlondBowlandBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Hoppy pale golden bitter filled with grapefruit flavours and aromas.
EnglandBrainstormHopping MadBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A traditional beautifully balanced fully-hopped bitter, a complete beer experience provides a stimulating taste to savour followed by a fulfilling hoppy finish, from Buckinghamshire
EnglandBrainstormSpitting FeathersBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden bitter from Waverton near Chester
EnglandBramling CrossTownhouseBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale golden bitter with Bramling Cross hops.
EnglandBramling CrossBlackjackBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A tan bitter full of English Bramling Cross hops
EnglandBramling CrossMallinson'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Golden. Light blackcurrent fruit nose from the Bramling Cross hops. A bitter fruity light blackcurrent taste and a fruity tart finish.
EnglandBrass NeckBootleg Brewing Co.Bitter - Standard Bitter3.5%A pale and quaffable session bitter
EnglandBravo IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Strong golden Barnsley Bitter. American Bravo hops.
WalesBread of HeavenBrainsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A traditional cask ale with a distinctive reddish hue and a rich hop aroma, finely balanced by a more-ish fruit finish.
EnglandBreak PointArkell'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A golden Wiltshire bitter
WalesBrew 1Magic DragonBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A pale amber bitter with Cascade and Goldings hops.
WalesBrew 2Magic DragonBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A light session bitter with Goldings and Challenger hos
EnglandBrew No.16: Stars and StripesRudgateStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.2%Super charged IPA developed from the blend of 7 American hops infused through various stages of the brew. Copper coloured, bitter & fruity.
EnglandBrew No.19: Canadian MapleRudgateSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.8%Barrel aged with maple syrup & Bourbon vanilla to give a soft, slightly sweet golden ale.
EnglandBrew No.21: Hazelnut BrownRudgateSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer3.8%Dark brown, distinctive Hazelnut, toffee malt & sweet caramel plus spicy hops.
EnglandBrew No.28: Cry WolfRudgateBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale Yellow ale with a lemongrass finish
WalesBrew OneGowerBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Honey coloured ale with more subtle flavours than our Best. It has a pronounced floral aroma.
EnglandBrewbell WoodAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A charity pale ale brewed for Bluebell Wood children's hospice. 10p is donated from every pint.
EnglandBrewed with PassionPennineSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.2%Pale ale brewed with passionfruit and orange.
EnglandBrewer's DroopMarston MoorBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A powerful golden ale, on the sweeter side but nicely hopped.
EnglandBrewer's GoldMallinson'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Golden bitter from Huddersfield.
EnglandBrewer's GoldWilson PotterBitter - Best Bitter4.0%An extra pale single hopped blonde beer. Fruity. Middleton, Manchester.
EnglandBrewers GoldCrouch ValeBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Supreme Champion Beer of Britain 2005 AND 2006, this is a pale, refreshing and hoppy beer with gorgeous aromas of tropical fruits.
EnglandBrewers Gold (World Cup of Hops No.7)OssettBitter - Best Bitter4.0%The German Brewers Gold Hop produces a moderate level of bitterness with spicy, blackcurrent & lemon characteristics.
EnglandBrewskiRADBitter - Best Bitter4.0%American-style session pale ale with tropical fruit flavours.
EnglandBrewsmith IPABrewsmithStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.0%New world IPA. Rich mouthfeel, big hop aromas, long dry bitter finish. Some residual sweetness.
EnglandBrianBlack SheepBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%An official beer of Monty Python, Brian is a beautifully balanced, crisp pale ale with a spiky hop bitterness and light malty base.
EnglandBrian CloughCastle RockLager - Lager style cask beer4.2%Pilsner-style pale ale - brewed to celebrate the best manager England never had
EnglandBridge PalePeakstones RockBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%American style pale ale with British Jester hops. Quaffable and easy drinking.
WalesBridge PaleMcGivernBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A bitter golden ale with citrus notes from cascade hops
ScotlandBridge to NowhereBelhavenBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Bridge to nowhere is a bright, hoppy pale ale named for a local landmark bridge.
WalesBright BeaconsBreconBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Very pale best bitter from South Wales
EnglandBrit HopOssettBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%A pale golden bitter with a hoppy aroma.
EnglandBrit Hop (old recipe)OssettBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Pale golden bitter - moderate bitterness from a combination of American & British hops. A light refreshing easy drinking beer.
EnglandBritanniaNavigationBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A traditional English-style cask ale. Amber-coloured, smooth, malty beer that is well balanced giving a mellow malty finish.
EnglandBritish OakAcornBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Pale golden ale brewed with 3 UK hops, Goldings, Fuggles and dry hopped with Endeavour.
WalesBritish SummerBrainsBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A sunshine coloured ale, dry hopped with Styrian Goldings to create a thirst quenching summer ale with a refreshing bite and dry hop aroma
EnglandBroad Ford BlondeBradfordBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Light golden ale with a delicate biscuit-malt sweetness. Soft and aromatic, balanced easy drinking pale ale, subtle, yielding and summery.
EnglandBrockThornbridgeDark Ale - Stout4.1%A velvety dark, exceptionally smooth and creamy stout. With a soft treacle, smokey flavour and a full body.
ScotlandBrockville PaleTrystBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A golden session ale combining no less than three British hop varieties
EnglandBronescombe's Vision Best BitterGranite RockBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%A deep-coloured, hearty bitter— a malty, fruity aroma and a dry, pleasantly bitter finish with overtones of fresh marzipan.
EnglandBroome Farm PerryRoss-on-Wye CiderCider - Real Perry6.0%Made from local perry pears in the stomach of Herefordshire.
EnglandBroomstick BitterMoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Rich golden session ale. Initial fruity palate and a pleasantly dry finish.
EnglandBrother RabbitThornbridgeBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Lemon zest in colour with a clean, hoppy aroma. A resinous finish and some bitterness.
EnglandBrown AleSonnet 43Mild - Premium Mild4.7%Mild and fruity with malt and toffee flavours - a pleasantly light bitterness.
EnglandBrown RatRatBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Traditional Yorkshire bitter from Huddersfield.
EnglandBrownsWrenbury CiderCider - Real Cider7.0%Single varietal medium dry still cider made with Browns cider apples
EnglandBuccaneerAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A stunning pale beer; oozing peach and passionfruit flavours delicately balanced by hints of grapefruit and fresh pine.
EnglandBuckeyeRooster'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%An easy-drinking, well-hopped pale ale, brewed with a blend of American and New Zealand hops, producing an orange, citrus fruit aroma and a refreshing level of bitterness.
Czech RepublicBudvar DarkBudvar BudweiserLager - Dark Lager4.7%2012 World Champion Lager, designed to come as close as possible to how all Bohemian and Bavarian lagers tasted before bottom fermented golden lager stole the show in the mid nineteenth century.
Czech RepublicBudvar Half & HalfBudvar BudweiserLager - Blended Lager4.8%A blend of the l;ight and dark beers. Best of both worlds?
Czech RepublicBudvar Yeast BeerBudvar BudweiserLager - Pilsner5.0%Brewed like the Original using the same top notch local ingredients in a 100 day brewing cycle. These include Saaz hops, barley grown in the Hana valley in Moravia, a strain of yeast used since 1895 and water from an ice age lake 30 metres under th
Czech RepublicBudweiser OriginalBudvar BudweiserLager - Pilsner5.0%Universally regarded as one of the world's great lager conditioned beers. From the Czech Republic.
EnglandBull's EyeJenningsBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A light chestnut coloured typically English bitter ale with a toffee like malty aroma. East Kent Goldings hops.
EnglandBulletproofSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.8%Brewed with the beautiful hop, Mosaic. For those of you that like Kashmir, you love Bulletproof.
EnglandBulletproof (keg)SalopianCraft Keg Beer - British5.8%Brewed with the beautiful hop, Mosaic. For those of you that like Kashmir, you love Bulletproof.
EnglandBullion IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Strong bitter with American Bullion hops
EnglandBulls EyeBlackwaterBitter - Best Bitter4.1%This month's special from Salopian
EnglandBullseyeAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Ruby Bitter from Barnsley.
EnglandBunny HopPurityBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%An extra hopped pale ale brewed with Maris Otter, Lager Malt, Cara Pils and Wheat Malts. Then generously hopped with Pilgrim, Eureka, El Dorado and Chinook.
EnglandBurke's SpecialWincleBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Deeply satisfying chestnut coloured ESB. Distinctly English in character with a full malty, fruity taste.
EnglandBurning BailsAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Well-balanced, medium-bodied pale bitter with a strong hop character.
EnglandBurning GoldAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pure golden with a fruity hop aroma & delicate balanced flavour from the quivering Archer hops.
EnglandBurnmoor P'AleGreat GableBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A dry, highly hopped pale ale.
EnglandBuster IPABowlandBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Well balanced IPA ale with tropical undertones. Allergens: Barley, Wheat, Rye.
WalesBuster's Broomstick BrewBreconSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.3%A spooky Blood Red Ale with a devilishly delicious burst of hops.
EnglandButter BumpAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Golden coloured with a slight bitterness on the palate and a grapefruit and citrus aroma. Made with First Gold, Chinook and Cascade hops.
EnglandButty BachWye ValleyBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A burnished gold premium ale, made from Maris Otter pale malt with English Goldings and Fuggles hops. Herefordshire bitter
EnglandBuzzinDerbySpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.4%A balanced golden ale infused with English mead, resulting in a full bodied honey flavour.
EnglandBy 'EckRooster'sStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.8%Beavertown collaboration. A clementine IPA with fresh clementine peel, pulp and juiceadded to a blend of 3 orangey hops including Mandarina Bavaria.
EnglandBy GeorgeOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A traditional English ale. Classic Maris Otter malt and Golding Hops combine to produce a mellow, smooth ale, with moderate bitterness and delicate spicy hop character.
EnglandBy GeorgeRorty CrankleBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%St. George\'s Day special bitter.
EnglandC-Bomb!Brew Foundation (The)Bitter - Best Bitter4.2%A golden session IPA. Using just one hop (Citra, and plenty of it) allows the mango and tropical fruit flavour profiles to shine through.
EnglandCaesarDerventioStrong Beer - IPA6.0%A premium strong ale.
WalesCafe PhoenixBrainsDark Ale - Porter4.4%Dark, smooth porter with flavours of caramel, toffee and coffee. It blends seven malts, and is hopped with Phoenix hops.
EnglandCalcutta 1757JoulesStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Refreshing IPA. Generously hopped, with a bitter punch, balanced by its strength. This light amber ale offers hints of honey and spice with a light berry fruit finish.
EnglandCalderd'aleOssettBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Limited Batch: Traditional Yorkshire bitter with three varieties of English hops.
EnglandCalico DeepAllGatesDark Ale - Black Bitter Ale3.5%A session strength take on the 'black IPA' style
WalesCaliforniaConwyBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Delicious citrus hoppy aromas with a good balance of sweet malt & rounded bitterness.
EnglandCaliforniaAllGatesBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A well balanced golden coloured ale, easy drinking and refreshing. Named after a local coal mine,
EnglandCalifornia CommonRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%West Coast amber ale fermented with a lager yeast. Caramel maltiness harmonises with fruity hop characteristics to create a medium level of bitterness and a smooth finish.
EnglandCalifornia SunThornbridgeSpeciality Beer - American Pale4.5%Crisp, hop forward session IPA, full of pine and grapefruit flavours.
EnglandCalypsoJoulesBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A golden summer beer brewed with Calypso hops for a tropical edge and peachy aroma.
EnglandCalypso IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Strong golden bitter from Barnsley with American Calypso hops
EnglandCambiumAcornLager - Lager style cask beer4.5%A premium pale ale brewed with lager malt.
EnglandCambrian GoldStonehouseBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A deep golden fruity beer with a subtle dry finish.
EnglandCamelotAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale ale featuring the UK hop Pioneer. Expect a delicate herbal aroma with hints of lemon and grapefruit.
EnglandCamFell FlameWharfeBankBitter - Premium Bitter4.4%Premium Yorkshire bitter
EnglandCapability BrownRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Deep amber bitter. Classic English hedgerow hop characteristics from a blend of Challenger, Fuggles and Whitbread Goldings hops.
EnglandCappuccinoTitanicDark Ale - Stout4.5%This beer combines the original dry Titanic Stout with the flavours of warm, enveloping smooth cappuccino.
EnglandCaptain Luxmoore's ESAJoulesBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Extra Sunshine Ale. A pale ale brewed to celebrate the defunct Talbot Brewery at Ruyton XI Towns in Shropshire.
EnglandCaptain Smith'sTitanicBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%A red/brown, full bodied beer hoppy and bitter with a sweetness and roast malt flavour and a good strong finish.
EnglandCaramel IPAFirst Chop Brewing ArmStrong Beer - IPA5.2%IPA with unrefined sugar to give it an amber colour and slight caramel, toffee taste with hoppy bitter finish.
EnglandCardinal IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden Slovenian hopped ale. Fruity and spicy with a zesty character bursting with delightful citrus aromas.
EnglandCarouselAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%This fruity, juicy pale has us going round and round for more with big flavours from Sorachi Ace and Mt Hood.
EnglandCarouserAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Gentle floral aroma with plenty of grapefruit on the tongue - light and refreshing - a grand little session pint. Dry hopped with the new American Jarrylo hop.
ScotlandCart BlancheKelburnBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A golden full bodied ale with a wonderfully dry aftertaste. Champion beer of Scotland 2006
ScotlandCart NoirKelburnDark Ale - Stout4.8%A unique combination of 5 malts and 3 hops producing a smooth, dark, porter with heaps of chocolate.
EnglandCascadeBrewsmithSpeciality Beer - American Pale3.9%A light American-style pale ale brewed with Cascade hops to give a citrus fruit aroma and flavour.
ScotlandCascadeTrystBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Cascade is a single hop trial brew to showcase the American hop.
EnglandCascadeStampsBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Made with pale ale malt and predominantly Cascade hops. A light yet strong ale
EnglandCascadeBoggartBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A bitter hoppy session ale made with an abundance of cascade hops.
EnglandCascadeTownhouseBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A golden blonde bitter made with Cascade hops.
EnglandCascadeBad SeedStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer5.4%Single hop Pale Ale. Full of nectarines and grapefruit. The Cascade hops are punchy and pin sharp.
ScotlandCascade (AKA Copper Cascade)StewartSpeciality Beer - American Red4.1%Deep red, full bodied, medium dry beer. It’s character comes from the generous addition of North West American Cascade hops
EnglandCascade American Pale AleDerbyBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Packed with Cascade hops. Floral & fruity on the nose. Sweet, biscuity malt.
EnglandCascade BlondeProspectBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A pale yellow ale with zesty citrus notes and a clean, refreshing lemon taste.
EnglandCascade TorrentFernandesBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Pale premium bitter with citrus and pine aromas.
EnglandCascaleWilson PotterBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A pale golden beer with a citrus aroma and a full balanced bitterness with a clean, tangy finish.
EnglandCashmereRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Pale ale with American Cashmere hops. Tropical fruit, citrus and bubblegum!
EnglandCask in GloryRudgateBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale light bitter. Zesty.
EnglandCaskablankaAllGatesBitter - Best Bitter4.1%New version of a golden bitter, from Wigan
EnglandCaskadeWhimLager - Lager style cask beer4.3%Big citrus nose and lovely whack of hops develop beautifully in this highly quaffable beer . Intense citrus flavours blend well with lager malt without being over powering.
EnglandCastle BlackMerlinDark Ale - Stout4.4%A delightful stout with malty bitterness that marries with the creamy sweetness and hints of cappuccino
EnglandCastle Mills MildChadwick's of KendalMild - Dark Mild3.6%Full-bodied, smooth and very tasty.
EnglandCastle PaleChadwick's of KendalBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Pale and hoppy with a dry finish.
EnglandCatatonicSalopianStrong Beer - IPA5.7%Collaboration with Tiny Rebel. A pale IPA, with a big nod to Kashmir (Salopian's, not Zeppelin's, but equal in quality to both).
EnglandCatatonic (keg)SalopianCraft Keg Beer - British5.7%Collaboration with Tiny Rebel. A pale IPA, with a big nod to Kashmir (Salopian's, not Zeppelin's, but equal in quality to both).
EnglandCave ManManningBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Well balanced bitter with a refreshing hop character. A light caramel colour and bitter crisp finish.
EnglandCavegirlKinverBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A gold to copper color, medium to high bitterness. Great to drink with steak and seafood.
EnglandCavorterAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Big punchy Antipodean Session IPA with lovely citrus and tropical fruit aromas and flavours from the copious amounts of Pacific Gem and Vic Secret hops!
EnglandCC RiderRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Aromatic dry-hopped pale ale with American Citra and Comet hops.
EnglandCelebration AleUlverstonSpeciality Beer - Spiced Beer3.9%Golden with tangy citrus followed by spice (coriander and curacao). First brewed to celebrate the unveiling of a Laurel and Hardy statue, in Ulverston, 2009.
EnglandCeleiaBespokeBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Straw coloured fruity pale ale, made with Slovakian wild hops.
WalesCellarium 1Deva CraftBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A light, hoppy and refreshing bitter.
EnglandCelticBlackwaterStrong Beer - IPA5.9%Traditional in colour, citric hops, by Salopian.
EnglandCeltic Pale AleAllGatesBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Brewed almost exclusively with Lager Malt and with the American, Chinook, Cascade and Centennial hops providing citrus and floral notes.
EnglandCeltic PrideSandstoneBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A golden best bitter from Wrexham
EnglandCentenaryTitanicBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Commemorative ale from Burslem
EnglandCentennialFernandesBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale and hoppy with Centennial hops.
EnglandCereal ThrillerBanks'sBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A straw-blonde bitter containing barley, wheat and oats. Initial sweetness gives way to a dry finish.
EnglandChallengerCopper DragonBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Traditional Yorkshire bitter. Formerly Challenger IPA, (4.3%)
EnglandChameleonSalopianBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A refreshing summer ale that defies its strength with an abundance of citrus flavours and zesty overtones.
EnglandChameleonBlack FlagBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A dry hopped pale ale. Each brew will use different hops.
EnglandChaos ReignsHale'sBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A strong hoppy bitter. Believed to be a one off.
EnglandChargeMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A luscious biscuit malt flavour, fermented at a higher temperature than the norm to release a fruitier aroma and sweeter finish. Created by elbow.
EnglandChase BusterBeowulfBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Brewed to celebrate 10 years since Phil Bennet moved his artisan brewery from Birmingham to Chasewater in Staffordshire.
EnglandChase PaleBeowulfBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A pale, hoppy beer with Bramling Cross hops.
EnglandChasewaterBeowulfBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A pale bitter with a traditional hoppy flavour and a lasting bitterness. Craft brewed in celebration of the Beowulf's relocation to the shores of Chasewater in the Forest of Mercia.
EnglandChaucerAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Golden ale with plenty of Bramling Cross shovelled in to the brew. Dry hopped with the same hops. Good bitterness, spicy blackcurrant flavour.
EnglandCheating RatRatBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A pale, hoppy citrussy ale.
EnglandCheddar Valley CiderThatchersCider - Real Cider6.0%Cloudy Somerset cider. Very popular.
EnglandCheeky ElfSadler'sSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.5%'A dark and delicious winter ale, rich fruit and chocolate malt lead to a satisfying smooth bitter finish'. From the Black Country.
EnglandCheeky HopDerbyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale golden refreshing beer with a subtle hop aroma
EnglandCheeky MonkeyParkwayBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Easy drinking golden bitter.
EnglandCheeky MonkeyBootleg Brewing Co.Bitter - Best Bitter4.2%A robust malty ale that's full of character. Brewed with the new experimental UK hop, Matilda, and the big hitting American hop, Chinook.
EnglandCheeky Monkey (2017)Bootleg Brewing Co.Bitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A robust malty ale that's full of character. Brewed with the new experimental UK hop, Matilda, and the big hitting American hop, Chinook.
EnglandCherry DarkTitanicSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.4%This black bitter uses US and Slovenian hops and is infused with cherries that subtly come through on the aftertast
WalesCherry DivaPlasseySpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.7%A pale beer with a subtle flavour of Maraschino cherry
EnglandCherry StoneLymestoneSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer5.2%Pale ale flavoured with cherries.
EnglandCheshire CatWeetwoodBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A traditionally brewed blonde ale with a smooth foretaste and a fruity hoppy finish, making it an easy drinking ale of distinction. Blonde bitter from mid-Cheshire
EnglandCheshire GapCheshire BrewhouseBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A golden session ale with Challenger hops. Congleton.
EnglandCheshire Plain PorterWeetwoodDark Ale - Porter4.4%A clever blend of barley, wheat and oats creates the wonderful colour and character of this smooth and creamy porter which has an inviting roasted aroma.
EnglandCheshire PrideCheshire BrewhouseBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Easy drinking quaffable English bitter, made with all British ingredients. showcasing the finest malts & 3 hop varieties.
EnglandCheshire SetCheshire BrewhouseBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Young, blonde, vibrant and only seen in the best places! Pale and refreshing, late hopped with Early Keyworth.
EnglandChester GoldCheshire Brew BrothersBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A deep golden colour. Honey, lemon and floral aromas. Soft honey and citrus on the palate.
EnglandChestnut RedLancasterBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A spicy and fruity red ale infused with local home farmed redcurrants and organic chestnuts. A real firewarmer!
EnglandChicaneSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Rustic gold to the eye with a crisp dry body and hopped with Citra, Brewers Golds, Cascade and Nelson Sauvin.
WalesChinese Burn (keg)Heavy IndustryCraft Keg Beer - British6.5%Hazy pale ale with Rye, Oats and wheat. Admiral and Sorachi Ace hops combine to give the beer a flavour of peaches and cream.
EnglandChinookTwo RosesBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale golden ale using only Chinook hops giving a grapefruit note to the finish.
EnglandChinookTownhouseBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale golden bitter with North American chinook hops.
EnglandChinookFernandesBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Very pale and moderately bitter.
WalesChinookian VPAGrey TreesBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Chinook hops give distinct, medium intensity spice and pine characteristics with subtle notes of grapefruit.
EnglandChocolate StoutMallinson'sDark Ale - Stout4.1%Dark ale from Huddersfield.
EnglandChocs AwayAbbeydaleDark Ale - Stout5.5%Full bodied chocolate stout. Smooth vanilla undertones from the use of fresh vanilla pods in the boil. The beer is full of dark fruit flavours with a sweet chocolatey finish.
EnglandChocwork OrangeAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.7%Collaboration with Brew Dog Sheffield & Skull and Bones Boys Club. Amber. Subtle dark chocolate flavours from real cacao nibs and chocolate malts plus infusion of orange and dried orange peel.
EnglandChoir PorterSalopianDark Ale - Porter4.5%Return of an old favourite. A classic porter if the recipe is the same.
WalesChorister's GoldHopcraft / Pixie SpringBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Hopped with Marynka (Poland), Admiral (UK) and Triskel (France) to give a soft, fruity beer ideal for a few pints.
EnglandChorlton Green HopBootleg Brewing Co.Bitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Single hopped with fresh Centennial hops. Light, floal and lemony.
EnglandChorlton Pale AleBootleg Brewing Co.Bitter - Best Bitter4.0%A refreshing blonde beer with a hint of citrus and a long dry finish.
EnglandChristmas CauldronMoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Amber Chrismas bitter
EnglandChristmas ClassicCopper DragonSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.2%Ruby red seasonal bitter from Skipton
EnglandChristmas CrackerHappy ValleySpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer3.7%A light seasonal brew from Bollington in Cheshire.
EnglandChristmas CrackerWood'sSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer6.0%Masses of malty flavours as a result of large quantities of coloured malts such as Crystal and Chocolate in this brew.
EnglandChristmas CrackerCottageSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.5%A rich ruby red ale. Challenger hops. Hints of chocolate malt.
EnglandChristmas Everyday IPAMarstonsSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.2%Made from pale ale and lager malts. Full-bodied but balanced with hints of bitterness and citrusy fruit aromas.
ScotlandChristmas is CancelledTempestBitter - Best Bitter4.5%A light blonde ale packed with North American hops, particularly Simcoe.
EnglandChristmas KissBeowulfSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.5%A crisp winter beer with and orange, ginger and cinnamon infusion.
EnglandChristmas No.1Bootleg Brewing Co.Speciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.3%A full bodied beer with a subtle sweet flavour, Craft Alley is a sure winter warmer.
EnglandChristmas WhiskersWye ValleySpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.5%Full bodied with a hint of blackcurrant. Herefordshire.
EnglandChristopherGreat HeckBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Clean golden ale. Moderate bitterness. Hoppy, resinous punch of flavour and aroma from the addition of American Columbus – hence Christopher – hops.
EnglandChuffin' AleBox SteamBitter - Best Bitter4.0% A full flavoured bitter, chestnut brown in colour with a fruity aroma and a smooth rich taste.
EnglandChurch LedgeNoss Beer WorksBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A late hopped blonde IPA for those who prefer a light hoppy, zesty ale.
EnglandChurch St. PorterBlueballDark Ale - Porter4.5%Characterful dark brew from Frodsham.
EnglandChurnet Valley IPAPeakstones RockBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A traditional IPA with an earthy aroma and medium sweet bitterness.
EnglandCiderBiddendenCider - Real Cider8.0%Pale, clear Kentish cider. A premium product.
WalesCiderTy Gwyn CiderCider - Real Cider6.5%Made from Dabinett cider apples in Monmouthshire.
EnglandCigarettes & AlcoholAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Pale golden bitter brewed to celebrate the 90s. Light citrus, floral hop aromas with a slightly sweet malt base.
EnglandCinder HellaAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer5.0%Pumpkin spiced beer, full bodied and golden with grapefruit and herbal tones. Definitely not for princesses. Pumpkin pie in a glass.
EnglandCinder's DoppelgangerMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Hoppy bitter with a citrussy aroma and a hint of biscuit
EnglandCinnamon RatteRatSpeciality Beer - Spiced Beer4.2%A creamy, silky smooth stout made with real coffee and cinnamon, chocolate malt and lactose. Spicy Saaz hops help bring out the heady aroma of roast coffee and sweet cinnamon.
EnglandCitizenAbbeydaleStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.8%Vegan milkshake NEIPA - generous full bodied oatshake with a smooth finish assisted by oat milk. A generous hop content gives low bitterness and notes of mango and papaya.
EnglandCitraRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Tropical fruit flavours abound in this quaffable pale ale that shows the Citra hop off in all it's glory. Aromas of mandarin orange and mango are backed up by a soft grapefruit finish.
EnglandCitraOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A fruity pale ale. Although an initial bitterness leads to a sweet malty aftertaste, this is a beer all abou hops. A straw coloured ale with powerful aromas of tropical fruit - Mango and pineapple can be detected.
EnglandCitraScarboroughBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Golden pale beer brewed using Citra, Magnum and Centennial hops. Refreshing and light giving citrus aromas
EnglandCitraOakhamBitter - Best Bitter4.2%'A light refreshing beer with pungent grapefruit, lychee and gooseberry aromas leading to a dry, bitter finish.' Peterborough.
EnglandCitraGloucesterBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Pale ale loaded up with zesty Citra hops.
EnglandCitraHop BackBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Brewed with American Citra hops, this golden thirst-quenching ale has a lemony, grape-fruity aftertaste with a crisp dry bitterness
EnglandCitraGeorge WrightBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Light ale with a dry citrus taste and hoppy character.
EnglandCitraAllGatesBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Originally a one-off beer, but proved extremely popular and became a regular brew. Fruity hops
EnglandCitra MaximaArborCraft Keg Beer - British4.0%Collaboration with RedWillow. Includes lime and lemon zest with an all Citra hop bill, making a soft zesty New England inspired beer.
WalesCitra'dDeva CraftBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A one off pale ale made with a tonne of Citra, generous amounts of Amarillo and a touch of Chinook. Super fruity and aromatic
EnglandCitrabusum4TsBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Pale with a massive hop finish. Good quaffing ale.
WalesCitraicHopcraft / Pixie SpringStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.5%A riot of tropical fruit flavours in a glass. 78 IBUs.
EnglandCitralicious Pale AleEnefeldBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%An intense citrus burst, enticing and fragrant.
EnglandCitraville APAOle SlewfootBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Brewed with pale and aromatic malts,and loaded with citra hops for a peach and tropical fruit aroma.
EnglandClassic IPANavigationStrong Beer - IPA5.2%This healthy straw coloured ale neatly balances powerful citrus fruits with malty sweetness and robust bitter flavours.
EnglandClean SlateJenningsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Brewed with three types of roasted malts to give hints of biscuit and toffee. American hops impart aromas of fresh citrus and pine.
EnglandClearwaterOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Hoppy and refreshing pale ale. Hopped with generous quantities of the Mosaic variety, the aroma and flavour can be described as tropical fruit, citrus and pine.
EnglandCleric's CureThree TunsStrong Beer - IPA5.0%A light-tan beer presenting medium malty-sweetness with powerful, spicy, floral bitterness and hop character designed to re-create the iconic style of India Pale Ales of the 19th. Century. from Bishop's Castle
EnglandCliffhangerBrass CastleBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A refreshing hop-laden golden ale, brewed in honour of volunteer Coastguard Rescue Teams.
EnglandClock WinderWrenbury CiderCider - Real Cider7.5%A medium cider made with Browns applesin appreciation of the volunteers who wind Wrenbury Church clock.
WalesClogwyn GoldConwyBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A light, quaffable golden ale with plenty of hop aroma and a long bitter finish. A very tasty beer for its strength.
EnglandCloud NineSix BellsBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Robust well hopped beer. Citrus notes throughout its aroma, flavour and dry lingering finish
EnglandCloutBeowulfStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer6.0%Balanced strong Staffordshir eale.
EnglandCoachman's Best BitterCoach HouseBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Full bodied with a rich malty flavour and a touch of fruit balanced by the aroma and flavour of Goldings hops.
EnglandCoastal GoldCoastalBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A hoppy golden bitter
EnglandCocker HoopJenningsBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Award-winning golden bitter with Styrian Golding hops added at various stages, to give a classic hop flavour and aroma.
EnglandCockle WarmerJenningsBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A Cumbrian winter warmer. Crystal and chocolate malts give a depth of colour and flavour. Chestnut in colour.
EnglandCocky BlondeJenningsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Light and refreshing with a delicate hint of strawberry.
EnglandCoco CanalGeevesMild - Dark Mild3.6%Dark mild with a hint of chocolate. Aromas are cocoa, dark fruits and berries with a subtle but lingering bitter finish.
EnglandCode RedRooster'sSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer5.5%A red rye IPA. Admiral, Citra, Cascade & Rakau hops give a perfect balance to the six varieties of malt.
EnglandCoffee and Hazelnut Baby StoutAbbeydaleDark Ale - Stout3.6%Collaboration with North Riding Brewery. Wonderfully more-ish, full bodied baby stout. Roast coffee bitterness perfectly balanced by sweet hazelnut flavour and luscious lactose sugars.
EnglandCold ConscienceAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.5%A mango and lychee infused, New Zealand hopped, pale ale. Punchy fruity aroma, with a delightful bitter finish.
EnglandCold SpellMoorhousesBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Warming roasted/light amber coloured beer, brewed with Maris Otter malt and a touch of crystal and chocolate malts for extra flavour
EnglandColin SlaterCastle RockDark Ale - Porter4.2%A rich porter with notes of chocolate and coffee with a roast malt finish.
EnglandCollabo-Rat-ion #8: Wharfe RatRatSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.5%Collaboration with Wharfe Bank Brewery. A peach hefeweissen.
WalesCollaboratorHeavy IndustryBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A dark amber beer. Complex dark roast malt character from maris Otter, Crystal and Chocolate Malts, balanced by a blend of hops that give a spicy refreshing bitterness.
EnglandCollapsedFront RowStrong Beer - IPA5.6%An IPA that packed with the finest english hops, read the label carefully otherwise by the time you realise it's not a session beer you will be"Collapsed"
EnglandColonial Pale AleMilestoneBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Golden amber in colour. Full bodied, crisp clean and refresing.
EnglandColorado RedThornbridgeBitter - Strong Bitter5.9%Inspired by hoppy red American ales, but using aromatic English hops. Well balanced, with roasted malt and toffee notes. Grassy, floral hops, candied lemon peel and a light bitterness.
EnglandColumbia CreekOssettBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Deep golden ale brewed from barley, wheat and crystal malts. Generous quantities of Columbus hops are added at the end of the boil to give aromas of pine and grapefruit.
EnglandColumbusTownhouseBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A golden bitter with Columbus hops.
EnglandColumbusTownhouseBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A golden bitter with Columbus hops.
EnglandComet IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden American Single hopped IPA with a spicy aroma and flavours of Citrus and Grapefruit on the palate
EnglandComfortably NumbBad Co.Bitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Golden, rich, fruity ale with notes of mango, grapefruit & tropical fruits. Bitter sweet with a pine & mango aroma.
EnglandCommemoration AleTitanicBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Special Centenary brew from Stoke-on-Trent
EnglandCommonside PaleBellevilleSpeciality Beer - American Pale5.0%Fresh as newly mown grass, golden and sparkling; the Nugget and Cascade hops from the Willamette and Yakima valleys of Oregon lie at the heart of this U.S. style Pale Ale.
EnglandComusHarbourCraft Keg Beer - British5.9%A barrel aged amber lager. A collaboration with the Wild Beer Co..
EnglandComusWild BeerCraft Keg Beer - British5.9%A barrel aged amber lager brewed in collaboration with Harbour Brewing of Bodmin.
EnglandConcept #01 - IPAMobberleyBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%First in a range of experimental beers – an IPA overflowing with powerful British & American hop characteristics.
EnglandConcept #02 - American RedMobberleySpeciality Beer - American Red4.2%Second brew in a range of experimental beers – an American style red ale with full on hops.
EnglandConcept #03 - New Zealand PaleMobberleyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A fruity pale ale with New Zealand hops
EnglandConcept #05 - 5 Hops + 5 MaltsMobberleyBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%One of their Black Label range. 5 varieties of hops, 5 malts and 5%
EnglandConcept #06 - Pale GoldMobberleyBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Dry hopped and brewed purely with Vienna malt.
EnglandConcept #09 - Black IPAMobberleyStrong Beer - Black IPA4.7%Dark and hoppy.
EnglandConcept #12 - Amber BeerMobberleyBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A natural, unfined amber ale with Chinook and Galaxy hops.
EnglandConcept #22 - Tropical IPAMobberleySpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.6%A session IPA with added passionfruit puree, pink grapefruit and orange juice.
EnglandConcept #24 - West Coast IPAMobberleyStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.0%A strong, hoppy American style IPA
EnglandConcept #25 - Citra & Mosiac.MobberleySpeciality Beer - American Pale4.2%Naturally hazy and very hoppy. The hops are Citra and Mosaic.
EnglandConcept #28: New England IPAMobberleySpeciality Beer - American Pale4.4%Fro their experimentation range. A hoppy sessionable IPA.
WalesConclusionAxiomDark Ale - Old Ale4.6%A rich silky dark beer. Careful choice of malts imparts a rich dark beer with notes of figs, raisins and dark chocolate. Bitter, yet sweet.
EnglandConcussionAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale ale with lashings of Galaxy and Columbus hops giving juicy tropical fruit flavour. Well balanced bitterness.
EnglandConquest GoldCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A golden best bitter
EnglandContemplationAbbeydaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Full bodied, pale golden beer. New Zealand and American hops lead to a fruity palate and refreshing bitter finish.
EnglandContrabandBootleg Brewing Co.Bitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Golden ale. Dry & hoppy with a slight grapefruit aroma.
EnglandContraptionAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Made with low colour malt to give a very pale beer. Tropical and peachy aromas and flavours dominate from the brilliant New Zealand hops: Pacific Gem and Rakau.
EnglandConundrumSalopianBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Fruity, fresh and quite a citrus aroma on the nose while the palate is fruity, clean and bright with a soft texture and a grapey freshness from Shrewsbury.
EnglandCopper AleHook HortonBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Rich and red with a twist of fruits like plum, a warming beer, ideal to be savoured in front of a log fire.
EnglandCopper BodyBootleg Brewing Co.Bitter - Best Bitter4.3%Deep copper coloured, full and fruity dry hopped ale. Amber And crystal malt, fruity, resinous Admiral hops.
WalesCopper BrightNew PlasseyBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Copper coloured premium bitter.
EnglandCopper HopWye ValleyBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%A burnished copper autumnal ale.
EnglandCoppiceWorthMild - Dark Mild3.5%A dark mild beer with nostalgic qualities for those who seek flavour with low gravity.
EnglandCorby BlondeCumberlandBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Blonde bitter from Carlisle
EnglandCorkerOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.0%An amber, fairly dry and bitter beer with distinct hop-spiciness. Aromas of citrus limes and tropical fruits dominate.
EnglandCornish CascadeCoastalBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Single hopped with Cascade for a citrus, fruity character.
EnglandCornish Honey CascadeCoastalSpeciality Beer - Honey Beer5.0%Rich, fruity golden ale packed with American hops and finished with Cornish honey.
EnglandCornish PorterCoastalDark Ale - Porter5.0%Dark & smooth with an impressive full roast flavour that belies it's strength.
EnglandCornish SpringCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Easy drinking golden bitter with American Masaic, Amarillo and Galena hops.
EnglandCornish Stuggy StoutCastleDark Ale - Stout4.6%An old fashioned dark Cornish mystery.
EnglandCornish SunriseCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Rich golden bitter with a healthy input of hops.
EnglandCornish SunsetRebelBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Session bitter from Penryn, Cornwall.
EnglandCornish XmasCoastalSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer5.6%Rich, fruity ruby ale packed with American hops but with a smooth malty backbone.
EnglandCornucopia #1: Strawberry & RhubarbIntrepidCraft Keg Beer - British4.5%A wheat/Pilsner base with strawberries & rhubarb from Willington fruit farm. Fruity, but with a dry, tart finish.
EnglandCorruptionAbbeydaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Golden ale, malty biscuity aroma. Late addition of Chinook and Summit hops to give well rounded bitterness and delicate citrus flavour
EnglandCortadoThornbridgeSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.9%A flat white pale ale containing lactose, Daterra sweet yellow coffee plus Chinook and Mount Hood hops.
EnglandCosmicBlakemereStrong Beer - IPA6.0%A classic India Pale Ale. Complex and powerful.
EnglandCosmic FlyerWincleStrong Beer - IPA5.0%'Tantric India pale ale' from Wincle. Named after Maharisha Mahesh Yogi who lived nearby.
EnglandCosmologyAbbeydaleBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Made with two amazing Australian hops; Galaxy & Stella. Crisp, fresh-hop aromas and soft pineapple notes. Tropical fruit punch flavors, pineapple and passionfruit.
EnglandCotton TailFuggle BunnyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A deep golden bitter. Citrus, fruity and floral aromas. Full flavoured, balanced malt and hops
EnglandCounter CultureRooster'sSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer5.5%An American-style wheat beer brewed in collaboration with Thornbridge and fermented with Rooster’s house yeast. Light tropical and citrus fruit hop aromas are balanced against a delicate backbone of 60% barley and 40% wheat.
EnglandCountryWrenbury CiderCider - Real Cider6.0%A first class, locally made medium dry cider
EnglandCountry BitterMcMullenBitter - Best Bitter4.3%The recipe for Country's distinct fruity taste drives from carefully mixing the Progress, Bramling Cross and English Fuggle hops. The addition of crystal malt to the pale ale malt creates a light colour and adds a nutty taste, from Hertford
EnglandCowcatcherEast LondonSpeciality Beer - American Pale4.8%American Pale Ale, generously hopped and full bodied. Refreshing and a great summer beer.
EnglandCrackendaleThornbridgeSpeciality Beer - American Pale5.2%Explodes with tropical fruit aroma, giving way to guava and ripe citrus which burst through on the palate.
EnglandCrackerAcornSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.1%Brewed with lager and Vienna malt to create a pale, straw coloured, seasonal ale. Lemon & grapefruit flavours dominate the hop aromas.
EnglandCraft Alley Maple AleBootleg Brewing Co.Speciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.3%A full bodied beer with a subtle sweet flavour.
EnglandCrafty Brew No.1Driftwood SparsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%No tasting notes available.
EnglandCrafty FlankerCastle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Crisp pale ale. Hops from the UK and the USA. Refreshing, fruity beer, earthy and grassy notes. Rugby World Cup 2015.
EnglandCrafty FoxHook HortonStrong Beer - Black IPA4.8% India Pale Ale heady hoppy fruit flavours combine with the darkness of stout.
EnglandCrag RatJenningsBitter - Best Bitter4.3% The nickname is given to a particularly enthusiastic climber in the Lake District! A refreshing golden beer, brewed using pale ale malt and two classic varieties of English whole cone hops.
EnglandCraven AleWood'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A brown beer with a pleasant hop aroma and a refreshing aftertaste.
WalesCrazy PeacockTwt LolBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Deliberately powerful and earthy, this golden amber ale takes its strong flavour from the North American Newport hop.
EnglandCrazy RatRatStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer6.0%Strong ale from the excellent Rat and Ratchet pub in Huddersfield.
EnglandCrazy Rat (keg)RatCraft Keg Beer - British6.0%Intensely hoppy American style IPA. Pale golden in colour with a super full fruity flavour. Dry hoped with Chinook.
EnglandCreamRooster'sBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%A premium aromatic bitter with American Liberty hops giving a smooth bitterness, slightly citrus and spiced finish.
EnglandCrème BrûléeDark StarDark Ale - Stout5.9%A dessert in a glass. Brewed using non fermenting lactose sugar, vanilla beans and plenty of roasted malts for a sweet, smooth caramel drinking experience.
EnglandCrimson SteelKelham IslandBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Dangerously hoppy amber ale brewed with premium American hops for a charmingly pungent aroma of zesty citrus with a hint of nettle and aniseed.
EnglandCroc FarmerAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Easy drinking pale beer is brewed with New Zealand hops: Motueka and Rakau.
EnglandCrocodile TearsBlackwaterBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Golden bitter from Shrewsbury.
EnglandCrop CircleHop BackBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A crisp, clean golden bitter. Delicately fruity giving way to bitterness.
EnglandCrop CutterMobberleyBitter - Standard Bitter2.6%A fruity golden ale with a light lingering aftertaste.
EnglandCross ButtockJenningsBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Takes its name from a well known Cumbrian Wrestling throw. This well balanced bitter is rich in colour with a classic hop character that is both refreshing and satisfying.
EnglandCrosshairSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.1%A glorious russet hued IPA with a distinctive aroma of lemon and cherry. The rich fruitiness of the palate zeros in on a long, concentrated bitterness.
EnglandCrossroadsIlkleyStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.4%Big floral notes compliment flavours of pine and mandarin, with a dry, spicy finish. A zesty and vibrant aroma, with stone fruit and citrus peel.
EnglandCrouchFront RowBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Easy drinking traditional bitter, with goldings and fuggles hops for the discerning drinker who wants to keep a "Tight Head".
EnglandCrowning GloryTattonBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A well-rounded malt base, with a hint of biscuit and fruitness. The hop aroma blends spicy and vine on an earthy base, and the colour is a fulsome golden glow.
EnglandCrusaderMedievalBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Pale ale that is slightly sweet with a refreshing citrus finish.
EnglandCrystalJoseph HoltLager - Pilsner3.8%A full flavoured dry continental session lager with a clean, crisp taste. Gold medal winner at the Brewing Industry International Awards, 2011.
EnglandCrystal TipsDerbyBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Pale golden bitter. Refreshing and hoppy
ScotlandCuillin BeastIsle of SkyeStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer7.0%A strong ale with a fruitiness and sweetness that hides its strength
EnglandCumberlandJenningsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%All malt beer, with Styrian Golding hops added at various stages, to give a classic hop flavour and aroma.
EnglandCumbrian Thorn Single Varietal PerryDycken Cyder Co.Cider - Real Perry6.8%Made at Foxfield in Cumbria from local Cumbrian Thorn pears. Very rare.
EnglandCuriousMagic RockBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Pale in colour but full of flavour
EnglandCurmudgeonOakhamBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Amber in colour with a smooth caramel base and bursting with berry, citrus and tropical fruit flavours.
EnglandCuthbert'sChurch EndBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A light brown session bitter that drinks well above its gravity. A deceptively full flavoured beer with a clear sharp finish.
WalesCwrw GorslasKiteBitter - Best Bitter4.0%An accomplished balance of spicy resinous hop aroma. The bitterness remains into the finish with dry fruit notes.
WalesCwrw HafTomos WatkinBitter - Best Bitter4.2%" Summer Beer " Very light in colour, produced using no coloured malts, but strong in character and flavour. A blend of Golding, Fuggle and Cascade hops give this beer a wonderfully refreshing zesty citrus taste and light aroma. A great summer drink.
WalesCwrw TudnoPlasseyBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A pale strong bitter. Brewed with Maris Otter malt with First Gold and Cascade Hops.
WalesCwrw TudnoNew PlasseyBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Strong bitter from Bangor-on Dee. Now brewed by Jack Hanby
WalesCwrw-istmas BeaconsBreconSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.2%Pale chestnut coloured beer brewed with a host of dried fruits, spices and vanilla for a rich, warming, Christmassy brew
WalesCwtchTiny RebelBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Welsh Red Ale. Citrus and tropical fruit dominate the taste, backed up with caramel malts. Champion Beer of Britain 2015
EnglandCyborgBlack HoleBitter - Strong Bitter5.5%A rich golden ale, made with combination of golding and pilgrim hops to produce a citrus aroma with a bitter taste.
EnglandCzech MateBanks'sLager - Lager style cask beer4.4%Combines fine lager malt with one classic variety and two new varieties of Czech hops, resulting in a fresh, clean and hoppy character and smooth, refreshing finish.
EnglandDa Vinci CodAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.5%American hops, dry-hopped with the wonderful Vic Secret from Australia! Plenty of citrus and tropical fruit flavours with a refreshing bitter finish.
EnglandDabinettWrenbury CiderCider - Real Cider7.5%Locally produced cider made with Dabinett cider apples.
EnglandDabinettHurst View CiderCider - Real Cider6.5%Made from locally sourced Dabinett cider apples.
WalesDaemonBrew MonsterSpeciality Beer - American Red4.6%Lures your taste buds with smooth caramel flavours and a silky roast finish.
WalesDaffodilBreconSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.0%Spring seasonal – Pale yellow gold with a beautiful floral flavour.
EnglandDaily BreadAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A classic copper coloured English bitter. Well-balanced, copper coloured beer with malty flavours and a smooth bitter finish. Fuggles hops.
EnglandDainty BlondePrivateerBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A delicate blonde ale with floral notes, tempered with a refreshing spicy finish.
EnglandDale AleCorvedaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A golden Shropshire bitter.
EnglandDambusterAmberStrong Beer - IPA5.2%Spring seasonal available around the time of the 617 squadron Dambusting dams raid in May. Ever-popular well hopped golden ale
EnglandDame Laura KnightCastle RockDark Ale - Porter4.2%Rich and fruity chocolate porter brewed to celebrate the innovative Impressionist artist.
EnglandDamnationAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Pale bitter made with Maris Ottter malt. A very generous helping of New Zealand hops(Motueka & Pacific Jade) give lovely fruity, citrus aromas and flavours and a long-lasting bitter finish.
EnglandDanaCoastalBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A pale golden ale with a citric aroma and dry, hoppy flavour.
EnglandDana IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden coloured IPA with a generous dose of Slovenian Dana hops.
EnglandDancing in the MoonlightDerbyDark Ale - Porter4.7%Dark ale from the east midlands...
EnglandDangermousseSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.0%A collaboration with Waen Brewersy, the aroma is bright and breezy with a sly hand of pine, grapefruit and lemongrass. Light mango and resinous pine slides across a dry floral body and a fruit filled finish.
EnglandDangeroously DarkHappy ValleyStrong Beer - Black IPA5.6%Strong, dark and very hoppy ale from Bollington
EnglandDark Arts Surreal StoutMagic RockDark Ale - Stout6.0%Rich, luxuriant stout from Huddersfield
EnglandDark CongregationAbbeydaleDark Ale - Stout5.0%Initial coffe-coloured head with aromas of burnt toast with sweet fruit. Rich, creamy mouth feel with mellow blackcurrant coming through from the hops..
EnglandDark DelightJoseph HoltSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.3%A collaboration between Holts and Manchester chocolatier Slattery's.
EnglandDark KnightCoastalStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer5.7%Strong dark ale from Redruth in Cornwall.
EnglandDark MagicMerlinMild - Premium Mild4.8%A flavoursome deep dark mild with a caramel after-taste.
EnglandDark MildJenningsMild - Dark Mild3.1%A very dark, malty mild, which is characteristically sweet, but well balanced and extremely drinkable.
EnglandDark MildHealey'sMild - Dark Mild3.7%Traditional dark, low hopped ale.
EnglandDark Munich MildFoxfieldMild - Premium Mild4.0%Presumably a dark lager / mild hybrid
ScotlandDark MunroHighlandMild - Best Mild4.0%A perfectly balancede dark beer from the northern isles.
ScotlandDark MunroOrkneyDark Ale - Old Ale4.0%A perfectly balancede dark beer from the northern isles.
EnglandDark PeakHoward TownStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer6.0%Strong and dark with a hint of liquorice and a ruck kick. Conditioned in rum casks. From Glossop.
EnglandDark Peak StoutRawDark Ale - Stout4.5%Easy drinking stout with plenty of malt flavours. English hopped for a smooth bitter finish from Chesterfield
EnglandDark RavenBeowulfDark Ale - Stout4.5%Dark malts and roasted barley combine to produce a smouldering chocolate flavour followed by a mouth embracing bitterness.
EnglandDark RevengePrivateerMild - Dark Mild4.5%A dark mild. Black as night and bursting with caramel notes.
EnglandDark RubySarah HughesMild - Strong Mild6.0%A strong black ale with a good balance of fruit and malt on the palate leading to a pleasant, lingering finish.
EnglandDark Ruby BitterWhimBitter - Best Bitter4.2%The name says it all really. Brewed in the Peak District near Buxton.
EnglandDark Side StoutRowtonDark Ale - Stout4.5%Complex dark stout from Telford
EnglandDark Velvet MildSpitting FeathersMild - Best Mild4.0%A special mild from Chester
EnglandDarknessAcornMild - Best Mild4.2%.Aromatic roast malts give a deep red colour to this beer, and Fuggles hops give a mild level of bitterness and aroma.
EnglandDarth MaltCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Dark rich ruby ale.
EnglandDarwin's OriginSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Darwin’s Origin is an eclectic mix of hops from across the world but this blend produces a copper coloured beer that offers something to everyone. Crisp, tart, fruity and refreshing but also with a juicy malt background. from Shrewsbury
EnglandDashingly DarkDerbyDark Ale - Stout4.5%Dark brew from the east Midlands
EnglandDaveGreat HeckBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Dark And Very Enjoyabe. A smooth, dark, velvety bitter. Finest Maris Otter barley and copious quantities of crystal and chocolate malts.
EnglandDavid Hopperfield Pale AleDickensianBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Well hopped and 'clean as a whistle with a cracking good head this blonde is a really good looker! A fruity beauty that smells great and leaves you with a bit of a kick!' From Roden near Shrewsbury.
EnglandDazzlerOssettBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Limited Batch: A pale, hoppy ale. light on the palatewith a bitter finish & delicate aroma.
EnglandDB OneDorkingBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A classic English best bitter with Bramling Cross hops.
EnglandDBACheshire BrewhouseBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%DBA is brewed in homage to the classic strong pale ales that came from Burton Upon Trent in days gone by. Robust, but smooth & ever so easy to drink.
EnglandDCUKDancing DuckBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A great aroma and powerful upfront hoppy bitterness give way to an explosion of citrus and pine flavours.
EnglandDead DropSalopianBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%A fresh and vibrant hop laden golden beer with a lingering clean palate a crisp body and a prolonged finish
ScotlandDead Pony ClubBrewdogKeg Beers - Speciality Beer3.8%Don't be fooled by the ABV. This is a full on hop packed beer with loads of flavour.
EnglandDecadeYorkBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Brewed using Chinook hops, Decade is a light hoppy bitter with grapefruit character in both the aroma and palalte. Originally brewed to celebrate ten years of brewing at York Brewery
EnglandDecadenceBrewster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Golden ale with a hint of malt sweetness. Passionfrfuit and grapefruit aromas on the nose.
EnglandDeceptionAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A pale beer, made with fabulous Nelson Sauvin hops. Aromas of elderflower and grapes. Strong citrus flavours, especially grapefruit. Long lasting bitter finish.
EnglandDeck the HallsTitanicSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.2%Bitterness bursts onto the tongue from English Challenger Hops in this Golden offering, balanced by Maris Otter pale malt. Wheat Malt adds dryness and Styrian Goldings give a floral aroma and spicy finish.
EnglandDeepBlack RockStrong Beer - IPA5.0%An IPA style beer.
WalesDeep PorterNew PlasseyDark Ale - Porter4.5%Dark ale from Bangor on Dee
EnglandDelta IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Strong golden ale from barnsley with American Delta hops.
EnglandDemon DrinkAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Pale, golden beer with aromas of berry fruits, citrus and caramel. Complex yet refreshing palate of caramel, malt, biscuit, grapefruit and bilberries
EnglandDennis McCarthy MBECastle RockDark Ale - Porter4.2%A London style coffee porter named after a former BBC radio presenter from Nottingham.
EnglandDer KaiserRooster'sLager - Lager style cask beer4.8%Bavarian-style pale ale, brewed using hops from Germany and the Czech Republic. Pilsner and Munich malts.
EnglandDerby StoutMelwoodDark Ale - Stout5.0%Award winning recipe- this stout has hints of coffee and bitter chocolate.
EnglandDesert DragonSandstoneBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Light, refreshing, pale session ale. German & British hops, Magnum for bittering with Fuggles and Bramling Cross providing the late flavours.
EnglandDesert RatRatBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A dry pale ale brewed at the Rat & Ratchet pub in Huddersfield.
WalesDesert RatsMonty'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A very blonde summer session bitter, dry and citrus, from Montgomery.
EnglandDestinyAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Light golden beer brewed and dry hopped with Simcoe hops
EnglandDetention BitterOld School (OSB)Bitter - Best Bitter4.1%A clean, straw coloured light drinking bitter. Fully flavoured with floral aromas and a slightly dry finish.
EnglandDeuceWye ValleyBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A refreshing, straw coloured bitter.
EnglandDeucePennineBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale ale specifically brewed to celebrate the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.
EnglandDeuceWrenbury CiderCider - Real Cider7.2%A blend of Kingston Black & Dabinet cider apples.
EnglandDevil's ChairTunnfieldBitter - Best Bitter4.0%From a new brewery at Minsterley, Shropshire. Opened late 2012.
EnglandDevilfish SaisonBlackjackSpeciality Beer - Saison5.0%Orange & Amarillo saison
EnglandDevon AmberSalcombeBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%This easy drinking malt driven bitter has a dry, yet sweet aftertaste.
EnglandDevotionAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Lingering bitter finish. Very refreshing with crisp bitterness. A classic Abbeydale pale ale.
EnglandDiamond 52YorkBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A well balanced, light beer with pale malt character. Crisp & refreshing. Jubilee special from York
EnglandDiamond QueenProspectBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Ruby red Jubilee ale from Wigan
WalesDiawl BachHeavy IndustryBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Little Devil. A very moreish session bitter.
WalesDiggin' Up the KingHopcraft / Pixie SpringDark Ale - Brown Ale4.9%American / Belgian brown ale. Complex malt and hop flavours. 129 IBUs.
EnglandDing DongRowtonBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A special Christmas brew with Northdown hops. Brewed just this side of Telford.
EnglandDino-Sore-ArseYorkBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Brewed for Comic Relief 2013. For every pint sold York Brewery will donate 5p to Comic Relief. A light, session ale. Well balanced and easy drinking. Amarillo and Goldings hops.
EnglandDirectionlessRedWillowBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A balanced and easy drinking session ale, warm amber in colour, made with Amarillo and Centennial hops providing a subtle candied orange fruitiness.
EnglandDirty RatRatMild - Dark Mild3.5%A velvety dark brown mild. Low bitterness with a sweet malty finish from a blend of 3 roasted malts. Delicate hop aroma.
EnglandDirty TackleWychwoodBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A full bodied bitter with a clean citrus aroma. Oxfordshire.
EnglandDisco KingTurning PointSpeciality Beer - American Pale5.1%Big on American hop flavour and aroma from Mosaic and Chinook hops. Drinkability for its ABV from a clean malt base. A real juicy one!
EnglandDisfunctional Functional IPAOffbeatBitter - Strong Bitter4.8%Amber colour with a tangerine and floral aroma. The flavour is similar, hoppy with a powerful bitter finish
EnglandDisintegrationSalopianBitter - Strong Bitter5.1%Pale & hopped with Mosaic. Crisp, clean & fresh to drink with earthy pine & an abundance of tropical fruit.
EnglandDistant SunRooster'sDark Ale - Brown Ale3.9%A smooth brown beer that displays hints of chocolate from the different malts used. A gentle level of bitterness has been harnessed from the USA’s crystal hop variety.
EnglandDivine ComedySalopianMild - Dark Mild3.9%A contemporary twist on a mild, a dark opulence with a soft bitterness and toasty malts that delves into an ethereal crescendo of passion fruit, citrus and pine.
EnglandDobberMarbleStrong Beer - IPA5.9%Strong golden IPA in the style of Thornbridge's Jaipur
EnglandDOCFirst Chop Brewing ArmBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Ultra pale ale hopped with four varieties of New Zealand hops. All the big hoppy flavors you expect and a pleasant lingering bitterness
EnglandDockeyTringBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Brown and Rye Crystal malt deliver a warming depth of flavour to this session bitter, balanced with Challenger hops.
EnglandDoctor Morton's A Christmas CamelAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Pale straw-coloured bitter. Floral aroma with a classic citrus flavour from Willamette hops (USA). Evenly balanced bitter-sweetness with prefect smooth, creamy top.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Accent CompensationAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Aromatic pale ale with New Zealand hops. Pacific Jade gives herbal aroma, fresh citrus & black pepper. Dy-hopped with Waimea for tangerine and citrus bite.
EnglandDoctor Morton's AftersaveAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale with luscious Australian & New Zealand hops for fabulous melon, peachy and apricot flavours with a twist of lemon peel and pine needles to finish.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Alphabetti ForghettiAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Full hop kick in this pale beer. Juicy orange and grapefruit flavours balanced to perfection with notes of fresh pine and dark raisins.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Ancient GreaseAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Grassy, herby aromas with spicy fruit flavours and hints of blackberry and melon. Dry finish, long-lasting bitterness.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Angler ManagementAbbeydaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Distinct fruit punch aromas lead on to tropical fruit notes on the palate. Passionfruit, light apricot & melon. Finished with just enough sweetness so not to be overly dry.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Bag O'NutsAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Made with Cascade hops, which pack a floral/lemon balm aroma. Citrus and grapefruit flavours continue to dominate. Columbus hops round the palate off.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Ball ReliefAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.NIL%Fruity, grassy flavours and a refreshing, medium bitter finish. Perfect for football followers & a pumpclip to amuse those who think it's all a bit too much!
EnglandDoctor Morton's Bar CodeAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Columbus hops from the USA and Summer hops from Australia come across as woody and herbal with an injection of apricot and melon. Intense but crisp bitterness towards the end.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Branding IronyAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Golden beer with Amarillo and Mosaic late hops, giving citrus, mainly lemon, aromas with undertones of tropical fruits. Flavour has a well balanced bitterness.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Cattle ProdAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Fabulous fruity apricot and melon flavours mingled with citrusy orange for a beautifully full flavoured and refreshing well hopped beer.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Cheese RestrainerAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Easy drinking session ale. Late addition of American Galena and Mount Hood hops. A bold fruity aroma leading to a subtle herbal flavour with a hint of blackcurrant and pepper.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Christmas CheerAbbeydaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Beautifully balanced bitter-sweet beer. Expect to taste coconut and lemon from Sorachi Ace hops, sherbet and liquorice from Columbus hops, and a herbal hint from the U.S. Centennial hops.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Chronoform Paradox RegulatorAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Packed full of the Agnus hop from the Czech Republic, this pale ale has a spicy and citrus flavour. Low on bitterness but full of flavour.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Clown PoisonAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.4%'Fast acting serious relief from the most terrifyingly evil phenomenon known to mankind.'
EnglandDoctor Morton's Corpse NailerAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Full-on hop flavours with berry fruits and citrus notes. Fairly dry and bitter finish. Beautifully balanced flavours.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Crispy Automatic DuckAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale and aromatic. Hopped and dry hopped with the US Amarillo hop, giving floral and citrus flavours. Aromas of orange complete this intense and distinctive bouquet.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Damn Good Stuffing!AbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Deliciously fruity pale with Southern Cross, Summer and Cascade hops.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Desert SandAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale blonde beer using Cascade and Stella hops. An inviting, fresh sweetness on the nose with full-on herbal & spicy hop flavors. Clean, juicy citrus finish.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Duck BafflerAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Made with low colour Maris Otter malt and the fabulous Citra hops from North America. A refreshing bitter finish, big on citrus hop flavours with lemon and passionfruit dominating.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Eternal Combustion EngineAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A pale ale with upfront bitterness coming from the addition of the American Bravo hops. A pleasant fruity flavour with orange coming through to a dry bitter finish.
EnglandDoctor Morton's EurocratAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Very pale, with Maris Otter malt. Crisp hop aromas, citrus and grapefruit flavours. A refreshing beer with lasting bitter finish.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Firkin Aerosol (AKA Cask Paint)AbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale session beer. Subtle tangerine and peach with a punchy dry hopped bitterness. Lingering aftertaste is slightly grassy and fresh.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Four Yorkshiremen of the ApocalypseAbbeydaleBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%East Kent Goldings, Challenger and Bramling Cross in abundant quantities. Flying the flag for our native hops. Sweet lavender, thyme and cedar- like aromas.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Funny LuckAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Fantastically pale beer, made with a brand new experimental hop from America. Expect a fresh citrusy bite with a lingering bitterness.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Further ChristmasAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Pale, golden. Sweet biscuit and wonderful floral bouquet. Ahtanum hops give a sweet, slightly spicy peppery character followed by a citrus kick from late additions of Cascade
EnglandDoctor Morton's Gra'mma CheckerAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale beer with a pleasant floral and citrus hop character. Chelan hops from the US give a subtle bitterness coupled with a hint of grapefruit.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Hedgehog ResharpenerAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale golden colour. Pine flavours dominate this bitter but balanced beer, with undertones of blackberry and raisin from the Pacific Gem and Green Bullet hops.
EnglandDoctor Morton's IgnortionAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Well balanced golden ale with Columbus and Nelson Sauvin hops. Citrus and pine notes on the palate complemented by a subtle sweetness.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Implant JammerAbbeydaleBitter - Strong Bitter5.3%Mid-straw in colour with a robust malt body. Made with plenty of Amarillo hops to give a bold tangerine flavour with a subtle hint of sweetness.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Insane RootAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Wonderfully refreshing pale beer showcasing Mosaic hops from America. Bursting with tropical fruit flavours.
EnglandDoctor Morton's January's AlesAbbeydaleStrong Beer - IPA5.5%Big citrus and tropical fruit flavour, notably melon and a hint of coconut, with a nice bitter finish.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Mandarin Claw of DeathAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Deliciously fruity pale beer. The tangerine, fruity, sweet flavours of the new German Mandarina Bavaria hops balanced nicely by the floral citrus notes of the Amarillo.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Mission StatementAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale ale with an abundant hop aroma coupled with a spicy pepper and citrus flavour. American Columbus and New Zealand Pacific Jade hops
EnglandDoctor Morton's Moon BlockAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A New Zeland ESB, golden in colour. Late addition of Pacific Jade and Southern Cross hops giving a bold herbal aroma & spicy citrus flavour. Soft bitter finish.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Moose Abuse JuiceBeer WorksBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A blonde bitter. One-off. Brewed by Abbeydale in Sheffield.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Morton CaesarAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale ale made with a combination of US and New Zealand hops to give a bold hop character with citrus and herbal aromas.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Morton CaesarAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale ale made with a combination of US and New Zealand hops to give a bold hop character with citrus and herbal aromas.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Mule CoolerBeer WorksBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Golden bitter by Abbeydale of Sheffield.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Myar SkiktAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale beer with lots of hops giving fruit flavours with hints of citrus and a balanced fairly bitter finish.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Nasty MedicineAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A pale beer incorporating Green Bullet, Cascade and Centennial hops. This creates an intense lemon hop character with grassy/pine undertones whilst providing a strong, fresh bitterness. Shefield.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Non StickAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A wonderfully refreshing golden beer showcasing Galaxy and Chinook hops.
EnglandDoctor Morton's O'Limpet GainsAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A pale beer, brewed with Sorachi Ace, Simcoe and the all new TNT hops. Expect sweet and green fruit flavours laced with lemon and coconut.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Our WayneAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A very pale beer with lots of hop character. Lovely citrus flavours, orange and grapefruit and a rounded bitter finish.
EnglandDoctor Morton's OxymortonAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A blonde session beer concocted using the new trial - 366 hop. Mango, grapefruit & pineapple. The beer itself tasting low on the bitterness scale with a more-ish mouth feel.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Paranoid SnowmanAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Taste passion fruit and peaches from Galaxy and Rakau hops, and lemon and lime notes from the Moteuka and Waktu hops. This pint gives you a scent of summer in the snow!
EnglandDoctor Morton's Paranoid Snowman (2016)AbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Taste passion fruit and peaches from Galaxy and Rakau hops, and lemon and lime notes from the Moteuka and Waktu hops. This pint gives you a scent of summer in the snow!
EnglandDoctor Morton's PasticideAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Expect to taste sweet nectar fruits from Palisade hops, a lemon grass flavour and a crisp, bitter edge from Dr Rudi hops, finished with the appropriately autumnal aroma of pine needles!
EnglandDoctor Morton's Perfect NumberAbbeydaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Amarillo and Simcoe hops from America and Southern Cross and Green Bullet from New Zealand give a pine needle aroma coupled with peppery and citrus flavour.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Pocket AnchoviesAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Pale golden beer with five different late hops. Fresh, herbal and pine needle aromas leading to an earthy & spicy flavour. Tropical fruit burst with lemon peel bitterness.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Proper GanderAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Well balanced session pale ale with a brand new American hop. Fruity and pine notes come through on the palate with a nice rounded bitter finish.
EnglandDoctor Morton's PteradLargactyl Dinosaur SedativeAbbeydaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A premium ale with 100% Simcoe hops from America. Flavors of orange, grapefruit & guava shine through with a well balanced piney bitterness.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Pylon ClimberAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Galaxy and Sorrachi Ace hops flavour this pale, easy drinking ale. Aromas of tropical fruits dominate with flavours of citrus coming through, leading to a beautifully refreshing finish.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Rabbit PunchAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale malt grist , balanced by lots of flavour from the hops. Herby and grassy flavours dominate. A balanced finish, with some bitterness to complement the sweetness from the malt.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Reality FilterAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale beer with a fabulous fresh pine needles and lemon grass aroma, with a full herbal, lemon zesty taste with maybe a hint of black pepper filtering through on flavour.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Rude ElfAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A pale session ale. A good dose of the NZ hop Rakau gives a burst of tropical fruit on the nose leading to a dry bitter finish.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Safety Beer - Number OneAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale beer with a combination of Australian hops, Galaxy and Vic Secret. Bursting with grapefruit, pineapple and passionfruit
EnglandDoctor Morton's Sane AgainAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Fabulously pale beer with lots of grapefruit and citrus flavour with a fresh pine aroma. Chinook hops.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Santa's HelperAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A perfect matching of Hûll Melon, Lemondrop & Denali hops. Aromas of honeydew melon & strawberry. Fresh mint or green tea to the fore with a pleasant pineapplie chaser.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Sauce of the NileBeer WorksBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Special brew from Sheffield
EnglandDoctor Morton's Ship's BiscuitAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%'Pale beer, beautifully balanced with lovely hop flavours. Some floral notes and a gentle spiciness coming through. A not too bitter finish rounding out this easy drinking beer.' Sheffield.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Snake OilAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A straw-coloured beer made with Mount Hood, Sorachi Ace and Azacca hops. Fruity and grassy with a lingering bitter finish.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Sound BarrierAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Extravagantly late hopped with 5 different hops, expect huge citrus - grapefruit lemon flavours balanced with tropical mango and passionfruit
EnglandDoctor Morton's Spell CheckerAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Ahtanum, Motueka and Hallertau Mittelfruh hops. Expect a floral and grassy aroma with a lemony and fruity flavour and a nice crisp bitter finish.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Stamped Addressed AntelopeAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Centennial, Liberty, Cascade and Citra give plenty of citrus and tropical fruit flavours before the addition of more Citra and Mosaic for dry hops give an extra hoppy bite.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Survival KitAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale ale with an initial hoppy bitterness, leading to a long dry finish. Using the brand new Experimental 30D hop, that give orange and tangerine flavours.
EnglandDoctor Morton's The Right StuffAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Like an Albino Rabbit, pale and hoppy Passionfruit and peaches with a twist of lemon and blackberry and pine aromas.
EnglandDoctor Morton's The Wrong StuffAbbeydaleMild - Premium Mild4.9%It's a mild! (But not really) Nutty coffee flavours enhanced by the complex malt & three different types of hops from New Zealand and Australia give wild berry and fruity flavours.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Tie BreakerBeer WorksBitter - Strong Bitter5.1%Strong golden Yorkshire bitter brewed by Abbeydale
EnglandDoctor Morton's Time TravelAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale, blonde beer and a chance to experiment with Mandarina Bavaria hops
EnglandDoctor Morton's TrainspatterAbbeydaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Pale beer, well-hopped with Pacific Jade giving fruity aromas and tropical fruit flavours. Finished with medium bitterness and with a little residual sweetness,
EnglandDoctor Morton's Transfers for ChinaAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Australian hops, Galaxy and Vic Secret in this pale ale. Bold tropical and citrus fruit flavours coupled with a lasting bitter finish.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Turkey SurpriseAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Strong citrus flavours. Beautifully balanced bitter finish. Made with liberal additions of two New Zealand hops and one from the US.
EnglandDoctor Morton's TypopotamusAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A golden pale with the subtle addition of Sorachi Ace and Pacifica hops, a fruity flavours develops, notably tangerine, lemon and a hint of coconut.
EnglandDoctor Morton's Undetectable PoissonAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Although we are taught not to drink anything with a skull and cross bones on it, Dr. Morton asks you make an exception A wonderfully pale beer,
EnglandDoctor Morton's Virtual UnderwearAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Very pale beer using all Crystal hops from America bringing floral and fruity aromas. Mild bitterness with Melon and Peach hop flavours.
EnglandDoctor Mortons Ancient GreaseBeer WorksBitter - Premium Bitter4.4%One off brew by Abbeydale
EnglandDoctor Mortons Duck BafflerBeer WorksBitter - Best Bitter4.1%One off brew by Abbeydale
EnglandDoctor Mortons Monastic Automotives: RubricationBeer WorksBitter - Best Bitter4.0%One off brew produced in Sheffield by Abbeydale
EnglandDoctor Mortons Snake OilBeer WorksBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Straw coloured bitter by Abbeydale of Sheffield.
EnglandDodgy Dave IPAWood'sStrong Beer - IPA5.2%One of a set of 3 beers all with the same malt base but different hops in search of the right combination for a new permanent beer.
EnglandDominion of New ZealandLittle Ale CartBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Strong blonde bitter. Hoppy and well balanced.
EnglandDon't Ask, Don't TellRooster'sBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Collaboration with Amundsen's, Oslo. A dry-hopped pale ale. Barley & wheat malts combine with Cascade, Nelson Sauvin and Mosaic hops to create a hop-forward ale displaying stone fruit and grapefruit notes & a lasting, bitter finish.
EnglandDonald's DuckBurton BridgeBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Celebrating Don Bradman's Duck against Cambridge University in 1934. English Target & Australian Topaz hops.
EnglandDorothy Goodbody's Autumn DevilWye ValleyBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%With its deep red colour and warming spicy flavours, this autumnal ale is a treat that really does the trick.
EnglandDorothy Goodbody's Golden AleWye ValleyBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Goldings and Fuggles hops and Maris Otter malt result in this crisp and zesty golden beer
EnglandDorothy Goodbody's Original Oaty AleWye ValleyBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Brewed with golden ‘naked’ oats (a type of oat without a husk) this crisp ale is pale gold in colour and has a subtle sweetness
EnglandDorothy Goodbody's Penthouse AleWye ValleyBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%New premium bitter from Herefordshire.
EnglandDorothy Goodbody's Santa SpecialWye ValleySpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.2%A full-bodied, deep-brown-coloured beer with a rich chocolaty aroma and fruity flavour that are enhanced by toasted cereal notes and a long hoppy finish.
EnglandDouble BluffBlackjackBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Amber bitter with good aroma and bitterness. Manchester
EnglandDouble BrimstoneAbbeydaleStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer8.1%American brown ale. Generously hopped to provide a burst of freshness, which is balanced by a rich, dried fruit character reminiscent of figs, cranberries and dark raisins.
ScotlandDouble Chocolate PorterTrystDark Ale - Porter4.4%A porter with extra chocolate malts to give a smooth finish.
EnglandDouble DecadeBeowulfBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Light golden bitter brewed to celebrate 20 years of Beowulf Brewing. From old Co-op Shop in South Birmingham to the shores of Chasewater.
WalesDouble DragonFelinfoelBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A deep copper red ale with a tangy red fruit flavour with nutty, toffee overtones.
EnglandDouble GoldPhoenixBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Strong golden bitter from Heywood, Manchester
EnglandDouble StoutHook HortonDark Ale - Stout4.8%A blend of malts gives Double Stout a character all of it's own. Black malt enriches the colour and teases the palate with an unmistakable 'toast' flavour. Brown malt gives it the dryness. From the Cotswolds
EnglandDouble SwanElgood'sBitter - Best Bitter4.5%A pale golden refreshing beer with floral notes and a dry finish.
EnglandDougalWhimDark Ale - Old Ale5.8%A delicious old ale hybrid. Full of body and roast flavours, keenly balanced with a Bramling Cross based hop grist.
EnglandDown DownCeltic Marches CiderCider - Real Cider4.6%Golden with a well-balanced finish, Down Down is a medium cider with the finest fresh pressed fruit. Collaboration with Status Quo.
EnglandDozy CowDerbyBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Golden in colour, rich in flavour, very refreshing with a lasting finish.
EnglandDPADerbyBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%An ultra refreshing light pale ale with a hoppy zip.
ScotlandDr HornbookAyrStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer7.2%A blonde Imperial Stout! Full of wonderful flavours that mask that ABV very well.
EnglandDr PiccSalopianBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A lovely aroma of Mango gives way to flavours of dry bright Grapefruit - a transfusion of refreshing bitterness is injected to a medley of summer fruits and lemon drops.
EnglandDr. Rudi IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden ale with a slight resinous character, a crisp bitter edge on the palate leads to aromas of Lemongrass & Pine Needles.
EnglandDr. Rudi's Lemon AleMoorhousesBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A blonde ale with Dr Rudi hops from New Zealand and a twist of lemon.
EnglandDraftMarbleBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Hoppy, golden session bitter from Manchester
WalesDragonMagic DragonBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Apale ale hopped with Dragon hops
EnglandDragon AleProspectSpeciality Beer - Spiced Beer4.4%Brewed in April to commemorate St Georges Day ( and the brewers birthday). A dark golden beer packed with fresh ginger.
EnglandDragon BonesOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A red hop ale. Cashmere hops give aromas of melon, lime, lemon and spice.
EnglandDragon IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Single hopped with Slovenian Dragon hops.
EnglandDragon SlayerMerlinBitter - Strong Bitter5.6%Strong Cheshire bitter. Sandbach.
EnglandDragon SlayerCottageBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Deep golden in colour, this premium ale is smooth and bitter with delicate hints of grapefruit on the palate.
EnglandDragon SlayerWharfeBankBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Golden ale. Admiral, First Gold and East Kent Goldings hops, all English. And all English Malt for incredible flavour of hedge fruits with hints of spice.
EnglandDragon SlayerMerlinBitter - Strong Bitter5.6%Sweet biscuity and chocolate flavours from Maris Otter and chocolate malts countered by English Northdown and Bramling Cross hops.
WalesDragon's HeartFelinfoelBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A rich colour and smooth balanced character with lots of red fruit flavour and buttery overtones.
EnglandDragon's NestHoward TownBitter - Best Bitter4.4%St. Georges day special from Glossop. Challenger hops.
EnglandDraught Burton AleBurton BridgeBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Recreation of the iconic real ale which was a major brand for Ind Coope in the 70's and '80's. The Bhurtpore was an Ind Coope pub in those days.
EnglandDray BellsWadworthSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.1%Mid amber bitter with a nose of sweet Satsuma and a hint of spice on the palate from the addition of cloves. The mouth feel is long with a crisp dry spicy hop finish.
EnglandDream TeamWye ValleyBitter - Standard Bitter3.8% A pale, hoppy session ale, with good body and finish.
EnglandDream WeaverRorty CrankleBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Golden ale harking back to the style of a traditional English bitter
EnglandDreamerAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Denali dry hopped Session IPA - big aroma with plenty of pineapple, citrus and pine. Big fresh flavours in this very drinkable beer.
EnglandDrop KickAcornBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Brewed for the Six Nations Rugby, 2014. Light golden ale, well hopped with a fruity palate.
EnglandDropheadWychwoodBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A pale amber steam beer. Refreshing.
EnglandDrowned RatRatBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A pale, hoppy bitter.
EnglandDrunken DuckGeorge WrightBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Wonderful sherbet undertones and dry malt finish combine to produce a delightful summer ale.
EnglandDry BonesAllGatesBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Honey toned, refreshing, hoppy, golden ale with gorgeous aromas from German Brewers Gold hops.
EnglandDry NeckWychwoodBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Refreshing, hoppy golden bitter
EnglandDry Stone StoutHawksheadDark Ale - Stout4.5%A traditional dry oatmeal stout, roasted notes, coffee and chocolate flavours
EnglandDry-Hopped YankeeRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A dry-hopped version of Yankee. A modern classic; light and easy-drinking. Cascade hops.
WalesDual IPA (keg)Deva CraftCraft Keg Beer - British5.6%Hopped to hell and back – hoppy, citrussy IPA.
EnglandDuchessCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Light chestnut in colour. A refreshing ale, complimented by a powerful presence of fresh hop aromas.
EnglandDuchy 10th AnniversaryLancasterBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A tenth anniversary recreation of their first brew
EnglandDuck BlondeGreen DuckBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Blonde bitter from Stourbridge (brewed by Grafton, Worksop, Notts)
EnglandDucking StoolMayfieldsBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Golden amber ale with citrus hop character from Herefordshire
EnglandDuel: Pacifica vs. LibertyBlackjackBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Hop combat paleale with Pacifica and Liberty hops.
EnglandDuke of LancastersBurscoughBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Full flavoured with a noticeable blackcurrant finish from the use of bramling cross hops late in the boil.
EnglandDunkel BockHarbourCraft Keg Beer - British6.5%German inspired strong dark lager
EnglandDunkel RaucheTownhouseSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.1%A dark, cloudy wheat beer. The unmalted wheat is oak smoked.
EnglandDutchess IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Dutchess hops have floral, peppery, spicy notes. Rich golden in colour with a biscuity malt background.
BelgiumDuvel SingleDuvel-MoortgatContinental Ale - Belgian Ale6.8%Pours a perfect golden yellow that has perfect clarity and a crisp white head. Aroma is clean with light hop.
EnglandDV8Deeply ValeDark Ale - Stout4.8%A moreishly delicious breakfast stout. Thick and creamy, like silk in a glass.
EnglandDynamildProspectMild - Strong Mild5.2%A strong smooth mild packed with chocolate and roast coffee flavours. Brewed in May.
EnglandDynamoArborBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Extremely pale hoppy beer.
EnglandEagle IPAEagleBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A low strength session IPA, formerly a Charles Wells brand.
EnglandEagle IPAWells and YoungsBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Traditional bitter from Bedford
EnglandEagle IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%A single hopped IPA with Slovenian Eagle hops.
EnglandEagle IPACharles WellsBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A copper coloured beer with a citrus, sweet and grassy nose. It’s has a dryish bitterness on the palate and is light, crisp and sharp.
EnglandEarl Grey BitterWhimBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Beautiful hoppy, fruity aroma. Warm malty start soon gives to dry hoppy bitterness & a lasting dry and complex finish.
EnglandEarly BirdWrenbury CiderCider - Real Cider6.5%Made from the seasons first pressings. Medium dry.
EnglandEastgateWeetwoodBitter - Best Bitter4.2%An amber beer originally brewed to mark the centenary of Chester's Eastgate clock in 1997. The fruity foretaste is followed by a mellow finishing of hops.
EnglandEastgate ExportWeetwoodBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%Great balance of rich malt and fruity hops. The extra gravity adds a warming, luxurious feel.
EnglandEasy BlondeStockportBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A thirst quenching light session ale.
EnglandEasy Peasy Lemon SqueezyAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer5.5%Collaboration with Brewdog Sheffield. An intense lemon pale ale with plenty of big hitting citrusy hops to provide a lovely drinkable beer.
EnglandEasy RiderKelham IslandBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Easy Rider is a smooth easy drinking premium strength pale ale. The initial crisp bitterness gently gives way to a lingering fruity aftertaste. Sheffield
EnglandEazyCross BayBitter - Standard Bitter3.0%An easy drinking table beer for January.
EnglandEbb RockNoss Beer WorksBitter - Premium Bitter4.9%A dark copper full bodied ale
EnglandEbeneezer AleMoorhousesBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Seasonal golden bitter
WalesEchelonPurple MooseBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A special edition Tour beer brewed with lager malts.
EnglandEdgeKinverBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A light hoppy bitter beer. A traditional English bitter.
EnglandEffortlessRedWillowBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Ultra pale with lots of body brewed with Vermont Ale Yeast and gratuitously hopped with Nelson Sauvin for a full fruity flavour.
EnglandEight BellsTitanicBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Aroma: citrus hops, orange, grapefruit, sweet malts. Taste: light malts, citrus hops, orange. lemon, a bit peppery. Spicy hops.
EnglandEight Legged Groove MachineOutlaw (Roosters)Speciality Beer - Spiced Beer4.5%A ginger and lemonpeel IPA
EnglandEighteen Sixty TwoSpitting FeathersBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Straw coloured beer with a zesty, dry flavour and a fresh, hoppy aroma.The name 1862 is taken from the year in which the brewery buildings were built.
EnglandEighty EightRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A pale ale brewed with Kohatu and Waimea hops from New Zealand.
EnglandEin SteinLymestoneBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%"One Stone!" This lingering combination of pale Maris Otter malts and choice German hops may make you pause for thought, from Stone
EnglandEl ChocoBristol Beer FactoryDark Ale - Stout4.8%Stout brewed with cocoa nibs and a smack of chocolate malt. Smooth, silky mouthfeel; a robust, malty body and a dark double chocolate finish.
EnglandEl DoradoBlue MonkeyBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Pale ale with rare El Dorado hops.
EnglandEl DoradoAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Golden pale ale made with the wonderfully fruity El Dorado hops from the US. Expect aromas of fresh apricots and peaches with a pleasant bitter finish.
EnglandEl Dorado IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden coloured beer with bold fruity aromas and notes of Citrus Fruits and juicy Apricots and Peaches.
EnglandElderIntrepidSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.0%An easy drinking pale ale infused with elderflowers. East Kent Goldings hops late in the boil to add some spice and honey flavours.
EnglandElderflower AleGreen JackBitter - Standard Bitter4.0%Session bitter from Suffolk with Elderflower
WalesElderflower Ale (Cwrw Ysgawen)Purple MooseSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.0%A refreshing pale ale brewed using Cascade hops with the added indulgence of elderflower.
WalesElderflower BlondeBluestoneSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.0%A straw coloured blonde Ale with creamy soft and malt flavours, delicately hopped with Czech and German Hops. Finished with a hint of Elderflower.
EnglandElderflower PowerHogan's CiderCider - Fruit Cider3.8%A fragrantly sweet, easy drinking cider perfect for heady Summer days.
WalesElectric MountainHeavy IndustryBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Hoppy, fruity amber session ale.
WalesElectric Welsh Ladyland (keg)Heavy IndustryCraft Keg Beer - British5.5%A red, fruity saison.
EnglandElgarAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.2% Featuring the new Minstrel hop, expect berry fruit & nice herbal aromas. Hint of honey on the palate.
EnglandElijah (keg)OssettCraft Keg Beer - British4.3%A light IPA brewed to celebrate the chairman's new grandson. Citrus, floral and tropical fruit aromas and flavour.
EnglandElixirMerlinBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A delightful pale ale made with the finest English malt, with a magnificent blend of New Zealand and Australian hops providing a unique aroma and a refreshing citrus and passion fruit flavour.
EnglandElizabeth RoseOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A full bodied pale ale with some residual sweetness and moderate bitterness.Brewed using Mount Hood hops from the USA.
EnglandElla IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Australian Ella hops. Rich golden coloured ale with floral notes and aromas of Cedar, Peach & Apricot that lead to a deliciously spicy finish.
EnglandEllava BearBeartownBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Golden Single Hop Brew using Ella Hops from Tasmania! Grapefruit and Citrus flavour and aroma.
EnglandElmersFlying MonkBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Brewed with Maris Otter malt, hopped with East Kent Goldings and Nelson Sauvin.
EnglandElmo'sMolesBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Medium bodied pale ale. Refreshingly bitter with a fruity spicy aroma from the American style hops. Malt flavours lead to a long bitter finish.
EnglandElsie MoCastle RockBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%A ‘blonde’ single malt beer. Light in colour and refreshing on the palate, with a pleasant crisp aftertaste and a wonderful aroma.
EnglandElysiumMobberleySpeciality Beer - American Pale4.7%Session IPA hopped with Magnum & Chinook, plus the hop blend 7Cs which adds citrus notes.
EnglandEmperor IPASlatersStrong Beer - IPA7.0%A traditional English IPA matured in oak casks for 6 weeks.
EnglandEmpire IPASpitting FeathersStrong Beer - IPA5.2%'The beer brewed to quench thirsts around the globe-spanning British Empire. India Pale Ale was brewed specifically for export with properties to match'.
EnglandEmpressAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.8%Infused with lychees. This tropical fruit surprise is balanced with hints of lime and coconut from the Sorachi Ace and Rakau, finished with Cascade dry hop.
EnglandEncoreLaconsBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Pale amber. Delicate fruit aromas, balancing a dry pine and citrus flavour followed by a finish that is long and dry.
EnglandEnd of DaysBlackwaterBitter - Premium Bitter4.9%A little bit darker than Darwin's but the hops will shine through with new season Chinook the mainstay of the recipe.
EnglandEndeavourAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter3.9%Brim full of 100% British Endeavour hops; well rounded with fruity characteristics of blackcurrant and grapefruit flavours, and a spicy edge.
EnglandEndeavour (World Cup of Hops No.9)OssettBitter - Best Bitter4.0% The English Endeavour Hop produces a moderate level of bitterness with blackcurrent, spicy, grapefruit characteristics.
EnglandEndeavour IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Endeavour is spelt correctly, confirming that this is an English hop!
EnglandEndlessRedWillowBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Hopped with Austrailian Galaxy to give citrus and passion fruit flavours and a clean crisp finish. A lovley hopy pale ale from Macclesfield.
EnglandEngageFront RowBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Strong bitter from Congleton
EnglandEngine RoomTitanicBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Aroma is a soft balance of malt and hops. Taste is full-bodied malty and finished with classic English hop notes
EnglandEngine VeinCheshire BrewhouseBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Easy drinking copper coloured bitter with First Gold hops. Congleton
EnglandEngineers BestBig ShedBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Top quality Maris Otter barley and Goldings hopsin an easy drinking pale ale.
EnglandEngland's DreamingAcornBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Lightly roasted malts create a golden, smooth malty base. Exotic fruits and citrus notes on the aroma with a pleasant dry finish.
EnglandEngland's RoseDerbyBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A chestnut ale brewed to celebrate the Natwest Six Nations.
EnglandEnglish Garden GoldCoastalStrong Beer - IPA6.5%A strong golden IPA packed full of English hops
EnglandEnglish Harvest GoldCopper DragonBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A beautifully golden ale brewed with English malt, European hops and golden oats. Incredibly smooth and refreshing and created in celebration of the English Harvest.
EnglandEnglish Hop Series. No.3 Whitbread Goldings VarietyWincleBitter - Best Bitter4.5%A single-hopped rye beer with spicy, herbal, earthy flavours.
EnglandEnglish HorsemanBeowulfBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A new bitter from the shores of Chasewater in Staffordshire
EnglandEnz to EnzCastle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A collabortion with Yeastie Boys brewery of New Zealand. Golden, tropical fruit aroma & crisp fruity hop flavour. Notes of sweet malts
EnglandEPAMarstonsBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A refreshing, light blonde ale with subtle citrus flavours and a delicate bitter aftertaste.
EnglandEpicDerbyBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%A rich golden ale, this impressivelyflavoured beer satisfies all parts of the palate
EnglandEpic IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden English hopped IPA with grassy, lemon & spicy characteristics.
EnglandEpiphanyAbbeydaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Pale, fruity and hoppy Yorkshire bitter.
EnglandEquinoxDickensianBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A golden, seasonal bitter
WalesEquinoxDeva CraftBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Single hopped with the new Equinox hops. Big, bold and bitter with a massive tropical fruit hit.
WaleseRATicationDeva CraftStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.8%Brewed in collaboration with the Rat brewery. A red IPA with an IBU of 82.
GermanyErdinger Dunkel WeissbierErdingerContinental Ale - Bavarian Wheat Beer5.3%Rich and smooth wheat beer owing its full-bodied flavour to fine hops and dark malt.
GermanyErdinger OktoberfestbierErdingerContinental Ale - Bavarian Wheat Beer5.7%Seasonal Munich wheat beer. Spicier than the standard. Like it’s Weissbier counterpart, the Festbier has a sour bite with it’s full-bodied wheat-like taste.
GermanyErdinger UrweisseErdingerContinental Ale - Bavarian Wheat Beer5.2%A recreation of the original Weissbier recipe from the 1880's. Fuller in colour and flavour.
GermanyErdinger WeissbierErdingerContinental Ale - Bavarian Wheat Beer5.3%Classic Bavarian wheat beer from Erding, Munich.
EnglandErnest IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%The English Ernest hop brings apricot, citrus and spice characteristics to this rich golden IPA.
EnglandErnest RatingwayRatBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Pale, hoppy bitter.
EnglandEspressoDark StarDark Ale - Stout4.2%'A black beer brewed with roasted barley malt and challenger hops. Then freshly ground Arabica coffee beans, blended especially for Dark Star, are added to the copper for a few minutes after the boil to provide a rich and complementary coffee aroma.
EnglandEtherowThornbridgeBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A blend of their classic Lord Marples grist but with a twist of American and Australian Hops.
EnglandEugene's LairOakhamBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Tarnished gold in colour. Strong aromas of passion fruit and peach, a solid backbone of hop flavours turns into a resilient bitter finish.
WalesEureka!Deva CraftBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Session IPA. Bucket loads of Eureka! hops added to make this a very moorish ale! Rich, balanced and hop forward.
WalesEurotrashHeavy IndustryStrong Beer - IPA5.5%An Anglo-Belgian IPA. Hopped with Brewer's Gold, Amarillo, Cascade, Simcoe, Summit and Magnum for a fullon citrussy aroma, and fermented with Belgian yeast. Very hoppy with a refreshing crisp bitterness.
EnglandEvilAbbeydaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.6A combination of Pacific Gem and Dr Rudi hops give complex flavours with some bitterness to finish.
EnglandEvolutionAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A well hopped amber ale from Acorn's Signature series.
EnglandEvolutionBlue MonkeyBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Lovely golden Nottinghamshire bitter
EnglandEvolutionOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A fruity pale Yorkshire bitter.
EnglandExcaliburMerlinBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Golden session bitter from Arclid near Sandbach. To die for!
EnglandExcelsiorOssettBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%Excelsior has a mellow yet full flavour that develops into fruity dryness on the palate. A fresh, hoppy aroma with citrus, toffee and floral characteristics.
EnglandExcuserAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%American hopped Session IPA, big, bold and punchy with Chinook, Ahtanum and Cascade hops! Heavily dry-hopped, may have a hop haze.
EnglandExodusAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Slight lingering bitterness on the palate. Well balanced with lemon, lime and tropical fruit hop character with a subtle malty aftertaste.
WalesExpermentium IIDeva CraftBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%An experimental session IPA. IBU rating of 30.
EnglandExplorerAdnamsBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Light and refreshing. The citrus attack will burst on your palate as the hops deliver their fruity bitterness.
EnglandExplorerFernandesBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A very pale, very hoppy bitter from the Bier Keller in Wakefield
EnglandExplorerIntrepidBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A refreshing blonde beer. Easy drinking with fruity aromas. Bittering and late hop additions make this beer a year round easy drinking choice.
EnglandExpressionistBlackwaterBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Aroma of pine, pineapple and grapefruit. Similar flavours with a Belgian yeast character, caramel and biscuity malt.
EnglandExpressionistSalopianBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Golden coloured ale with grapefruit and tropical fruit flavours layered with freshness, aroma and biscuit malt.
EnglandExtra LoveFirst Chop Brewing ArmSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.0%Pale Mango Ale. Hazy golden with a tropical fruit aroma. The flavour is similar, with mango hints and a somewhat sour and bitter finish.
EnglandExtremely WrecklessRedWillowCraft Keg Beer - British4.8%They’ve taken Wreckless and given it a supercharge with twice the dry hops and then a generous helping of cryo hops, what's not to like!
EnglandEye of the DragonCopper DragonBitter - Best Bitter3.9%Brewed exclusively with English hops, deep amber in colour with a spicy finish and a lovely smooth body.
EnglandFab FourCoastalStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer6.0%Hoppy strong ale.
EnglandFaeries GoldCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Light orange citrus notes and a hint of honeyish sweetness in a bright golden ale. Gentle bitterness builds on the finish.
EnglandFaithless 53RedWillowDark Ale - Stout5.0%The Faithlees series of beers is RedWillow's experimental playground. This time, an oatmeal stout.
EnglandFaithless 56RedWillowBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A Citra hopped pale ale from the brewer's experimental range.
EnglandFaithless 59RedWillowBitter - Standard Bitter3.4%A session pale ale with Nelson, Chinook and Cascade hops.
EnglandFaithless 60 (key-keg)RedWillowStrong Beer - American Style IPA8.0%A double IPA with Mosaic and Nelson hops and Brett yeast to deliver a tart, refreshing finish.
EnglandFaithless 64RedWillowBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A pale ale made with Nelson and Amarillo hops.
EnglandFaithless 67RedWillowStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.6%A great IPA made from all the finest new world hops
EnglandFaithless 70RedWillowBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Summertime in a glass; brewed with 50% pilsner malt for a light, ethereal body balanced with punchy pine and citrus from Centennial and Nelson Sauvin hops.
EnglandFaithless 71RedWillowBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Hoppy pale ale bursting with lots of new world hops.
EnglandFaithless 72RedWillowBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Hopped with Centennial, Amarillo and Nelson Sauvin for a full fruity aroma.
EnglandFaithless 73RedWillowStrong Beer - IPA5.2%A one-off IPA with Mosaic, Amarillo, Nelson Sauvin and Simcoe hops.
EnglandFaithless 75 (Keykeg)RedWillowCraft Keg Beer - British6.2%A Norwegian style Brett farmhouse IPA.
EnglandFaithless 77RedWillowSpeciality Beer - American Pale4.3%Brewed using New England yeast to give a full on juicy hop profile in a beautifully balanced session IPA
EnglandFaithless 78RedWillowBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Surprisingly delicate and floral pale, generously hopped with Citra, Centennial & Amarillo.
EnglandFaithless 80RedWillowSpeciality Beer - American Pale4.4%A session IPA double dry-hopped with Falconer's Flight hops.
EnglandFaithless 81RedWillowBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale ale with the gorgeous Amarillo hops.
EnglandFaithless 82RedWillowBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A double dry hopped, New England style session IPA.
EnglandFaithless 83RedWillowBitter - Standard Bitter2.9%A very tasty 'table beer' packed with Citra and Simcoe hops.
EnglandFaithless 84RedWillowCraft Keg Beer - British4.3%This kettle sour with Gooseberrys and a hint of Brett is so light and refreshing whilst still retaining a little fruity sweetness for balance. More Gooseberry Tart than sour
EnglandFaithless 86RedWillowBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A very easy drinking pale, a gloriously soft and juicy mouthfeel with loads of mango and papaya from the hops.
EnglandFaithless 90: Smokey Maple StoutRedWillowDark Ale - Stout5.2%A one off special brewed with a smorgasbord of nine malts including oats, a little smoked malt and Canadian maple syrup for a get up and go breakfast.
EnglandFaithless 93: Mosaic Citra IPARedWillowCraft Keg Beer - British5.5%Mosaic and Citra bring a big mouthful of sticky mango and citrus.
EnglandFaithless 94: Simcoe IPARedWillowStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.5%The second in a series of beers brewed on the same malt base of Maris Otter & Oats at 5.5%. Soft and fruity pineapple from the lovely Simcoe hops on this one.
EnglandFaithless 95: Vic Secret Mosaic IPARedWillowStrong Beer - IPA5.5%IPA with Vic Secret and Mosaic. Soft pineapple on the nose with underlying notes of mango and stone fruit with clean bitter finish.
EnglandFaithless XXVIIIRedWillowBitter - Best Bitter4.4%These one off beers brewed on a smaller scale allow them to play with new flavours and ideas. No.28 is a Light, hoppy pale ale.
EnglandFaithless XXXIIIRedWillowBitter - Best Bitter4.2%More to follow
EnglandFaithless XXXIXRedWillowBitter - Premium Bitter4.9%A pale ale, continually hopped with Amarillo. The Faithless range is experimental.
EnglandFallen AngelChurch EndBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A sharp but full flavoured pale bitter. Buckets of American hops give it that lemony edge. Definitely hop driven.
EnglandFalling StarBurton BridgeBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Titanic themed bitter from Burton on Trent
EnglandFalling StarWickwarBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Maris Otter barley and a blend of Cascade, Willamette and Mittlefruh hops. Balanced and refreshing.
EnglandFallout3DBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A session IPA
EnglandFalse FlagSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.2%A riot of a fresh mango and grapefruit nose then swells to luscious flavours of more mango and tropical fruit. The thick, rich body is gently balanced by a smooth bitterness. This product will serve cloudy.
EnglandFancy RatRatBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A hoppy session bitter.
EnglandFar SideSalopianDark Ale - Stout4.8%Black, rich, opulent stout with aromas of chocolate, cocoa, and roasted malts. Smooth and creamy with hints of cookie dough, vanilla, liquorice and resinous hops.
EnglandFargate S1AbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Golden bitter from Sheffield
EnglandFarmhouse AleSpitting FeathersBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Amber coloured and wheaty with some bitterness and dryness in a crisp malt finish.
EnglandFarmhouse CiderMeare CiderCider - Real Cider6.0%Traditional farm produced dry cider
EnglandFarmhouse Cider - MediumSheppy's CiderCider - Real Cider6.0%Farmhouse Draught at its finest made from a variety of home grown apples fermented in wood. Available in dry medium or sweet. This is traditional scrumpy
EnglandFarmhouse Cider - MediumPerry's CiderCider - Real Cider6.0%Medium Somerset cider
WalesFarmhouse PyderGwynt y DdraigCider - Real Cider6.0%Medium perry/cider blend from Wales. Medium.
EnglandFascinationAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%American Liberty and Mosaic hops give lots of tropical & berry fruits with light spicy notes. A good bitter finish gives a very light and refreshing beer
EnglandFat CatSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Dry, bitter with lots of hops, citrus and grapefruit
EnglandFat CatBlackwaterBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Premium golden bitter from Shrewsbury
EnglandFat SpratAdnamsBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Brewed with Pale Ale malted barley, Munich, Cara and Black malt, with Columbus, English Goldings, Cascade and Chinook hops.
EnglandFaust BananaThree TunsSpeciality Beer - Spiced Beer5.5%Definitely contains no bananas! Light tan in colour, with a strong ginger taste and a fruity lemon finish.
EnglandFavourite ShirtsRevolutionsBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%English hopped bitter made for the 2014 Tour de France
EnglandFCBFirst Chop Brewing ArmBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A pale ale with American Cascade hops.
EnglandFearless (Keykeg)RedWillowCraft Keg Beer - British8.8%Un-fined and unfiltered, this big DIPA is packed with Amarillo, Simcoe, Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin for that super hoppy & juicy profile. Its everything you want from a double IPA
EnglandFeastDerventioBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%An IPA giving a dry and fruity aftertaste using Czech and American hops
EnglandFecklessRedWillowBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A classic best bitter, rich toffee and malt balanced with the subtle flavours of Challenger, First Gold and Target hops.
EnglandFee Fi Fo FumSalamanderBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale, hoppy bitter.
EnglandFeeling FruityDerbyBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Delicate & light, hopped with Mandarina Bavaria and Melon for subtle fruity notes.
EnglandFestivalDark StarBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%'A chestnut bronze-coloured bitter with a smooth mouthfeel and freshness; a classic style strong bitter brewed as a Dark Star version of Festive, a former great Sussex beer from King & Barnes'
EnglandFestival FuelPennineBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Copper ale. Earthy, peaty robust with a hint of spice and subtle blackcurrant.
EnglandFestive TippleCotleighSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.0%Seasonal ale from Somerset.
EnglandFever PitchMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A pale bitter with a spicy hop aroma and a balanced crisp and hoppy flavour throughout.
EnglandFFSMallinson'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Brewed using 5 hops to celebrate 5 years brewing. Pale gold with a tropical fruit hop nose from late hopping with Citra. The taste is bitter fruity citrus with a long citrus hop finish.
EnglandField of DreamsOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Golden Hoppy Ale. A full-bodied golden malty ale. Slightly sweet on the palate and with a delicate hoppy aroma. As the Euro-Championships are co-hosted by Poland, this beer utilizes Polish Marynka hops.
EnglandFiestaAcornBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Golden ale, brewed with 3 USA hops. Citrus, grapefruit, floral aroma.
EnglandFilly Close BlondeReedley HallowsBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A very well balanced ale. Fruity and bitter with a spicy finish.
EnglandFilly DriftRingwoodBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%'Rich brown, easy drinking bitter packing a full bodied malty taste and fruity, hoppy aroma.'
EnglandFinal FurlongAscotBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Rich copper colour with a sweet malt taste and toffee notes, balanced by the hops.
WalesFinal WhistleBrainsBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Pale golden ale made with a trio of hops and has an aroma of tropical fruit as well as a thirst-quenching zesty flavour.
EnglandFinkle & EinhornRooster'sLager - Lager style cask beer4.9%A crisp and refreshing, extra brut pilsner, finished with Champagne yeast. Notes of honeyed biscuit and aromas of pinot blanc, honeysuckle and blackberry jam.
EnglandFire DancerCopper DragonBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Brewed with German malt, hops and Yorkshire knowhow, Fire Dancer is a wonderful amber-coloured ale packed with a rich smooth lasting taste. from Skipton
EnglandFirecrestMarston MoorBitter - Standard Bitter3,7%Amber, with good balance. York.
EnglandFirkin FreezinSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A distinctive light copper coloured ale, brewed using hops from New Zealand that produce an aromatic fresh fruity beer.
EnglandFirst ClassTitanicBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%This beer uses the choicest ingredients, carefully selected, to create a magnificent golden brown beer,
EnglandFirst CutMoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Rich amber coloured ale using Maris Otter barley giving exceptional sweet biscuit malt taste. Spice and honey from East Kent Goldings hops, backed with balance from the Fuggles
EnglandFirst Final Farewell Beer Festival SpecialCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.1%They didn't call him FB for nothing (Hi Alan!)
WalesFirst HandBig HandBitter - Best Bitter4.2%An amber bitter.
EnglandFirst LightYorkBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%'A delicious straw coloured beer with a fruity aroma and fairly dry finish. Very moreish and easy drinking.'
EnglandFirst LightBrew Foundation (The)Bitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Liberty hops, two pale malts, American yeast & dry hopped with more Liberty hops. Clean & crisp with a delicate hoppy aroma.
EnglandFive BridgesMordueBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Citrus fruits and floral hop aroma. Earthy flavour, some citrus and toasted malt. Dry toasty aftertaste.
EnglandFive RingsHappy ValleyBitter - Standard Bitter4.0%Special brew for the Olympics. Brewed in Bollington
WalesFive SeasHopcraft / Pixie SpringBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%An old-school US-hopped brew with Cascade, Centennial, Cluster, Columbus and Chinook
EnglandFlag StoneLymestoneBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Seasonal ale for April. A red/orange colour, this hoppy ale is ideal to toast England and St George
EnglandFlagshipHook HortonStrong Beer - IPA5.3%Originally brewed to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, Flagship is an IPAl, strong in alcohol, and very hoppy. Admiral hops give a full fruity mouth feel.
EnglandFlash FloodPhoenixBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Golden bitter from Heywood, north Manchester
EnglandFlashbackSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.0%A beautiful array of mango and pine trip across the senses of this hop laden IPA, the aroma is fresh and inviting and the finish is dry and juicy.
EnglandFlashback (keg)SalopianCraft Keg Beer - British6.0%A beautiful array of mango and pine trip across the senses of this hop laden IPA, the aroma is fresh and inviting and the finish is dry and juicy.
EnglandFlat CapBank TopBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale bitter with citrus aroma and hoppy citrus finish, from Bolton. Very moreish.
WalesFlightlessDeva CraftCraft Keg Beer - British4.5%Beautifully balanced brew, packing a punch of NZ hops.
EnglandFlor De La MarAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Pale ale, overloaded with Centennial hops for a big citrus and pine kick. Dry-hopped with even more Centennial.
EnglandFlora & the GriffinThornbridgeStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer7.4%An Extra Special Bitter with Centennial and Simcoe hops.
EnglandFloridaAllGatesBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Blonde. A medley of fruity hop flavours.
EnglandFlower PowerWhimBitter - Strong Bitter5.3%Warmth of malt gives to big citrus grapefruit and slightly herby hop flavours. Complex lasting finish. Dry and packed full of complex flavours.
EnglandFlowerdewTownhouseBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden, hoppy bitter from Audley
EnglandFly Me to the MoonLunaBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A session pale ale.
EnglandFlyer IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden Englished hopped beer with caramel, liquorice and toffee characteristics.
EnglandFlying ElephantsUlverstonBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Aroma is citrus, bready and caramel malt with some mild floral hoppiness. Flavour is fruity with some earth and quite sweet malty notes.
EnglandFlying PigsTigertopsBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Bitter from Wakefield.
EnglandFlying RatRatBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Aromatic, hoppy pale ale.
ScotlandFlying ScotsmanCaledonianBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Malty in aroma and flavours but balanced with a raisin spiciness and toasty dryness. Distinctive fresh, slightly citrus tang & rich finish.
EnglandFolded CrossBeowulfBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Chestnut ale with some bitterness and dry finish.
EnglandFool's GoldBootleg Brewing Co.Bitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A crisp pale ale bursting with tropical fruit hops.
EnglandFool's GoldSpitting FeathersBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A golden single hop beer brewed using only UK grown First Gold hops.
EnglandFool's GoldCastle RockBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Pale ale dry hopped with Citra and Idaho 7.
EnglandFool's ParadiseSalamanderBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A pale hoppy bitter.
EnglandForest FruitAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.4%Fruity red rye beer in collaboration with Twisted Barrel, Coventry; basket loads of blackcurrants and raspberries in a light and fruity refreshing rye beer.
EnglandForesterAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A light copper coloured beer, with mellow bitterness, slight sweet malt & Mount Hood aromas. Barnsley.
IrelandForever Ago (keykeg)BoundaryStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.0%A New England IPA; murky, hazy, low bitterness and absolutely delicious.
EnglandForever AutumnUlverstonBitter - Standard Bitter3.2%Copper session beer, toffee hints balanced with spicy hops.
EnglandFort SmithRooster'sStrong Beer - IPA5.0%A big, bold IPA with Citra & Chinook hops. Tropical & passion fruit aromas and a lasting bitter finish. Rooster Cogburn lived in Fort Smith.
EnglandFort Smith (keg)Rooster'sCraft Keg Beer - British5.0%A big, bold IPA with Citra & Chinook hops. Tropical & passion fruit aromas and a lasting bitter finish. Rooster Cogburn lived in Fort Smith.
EnglandFortitudeWantsumBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Combines four types of malts to give depth of body, with English and American hops for a pronounced hop finish.
EnglandFortyninerRingwoodBitter - Premium Bitter4.9%Named after the 1849 gold rush. Golden in colour and brewed since1978. Light, fresh hop bouquet, rounded malt in the mouth, strong hop balance, deep bittersweet finish.
WalesForza!Heavy IndustryBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Blonde beer with a touch of Cara Red and a smooth bitterness and fruit. Dry hopped with Galaxy, Citra , Simcoe, Magnum and Amarillo.
EnglandFoundation StoneLymestoneBitter - Best Bitter4.5% Faint biscuit & juicy citrus fruits burst onto the palate. Boadicea and Pilot hops leave a long and dry bitter finish.
EnglandFour Hundred and OneMoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A classic English pale ale with American Cascade and Crystal hops. Burnley.
EnglandFoxwhelp CiderGwatkin's CiderCider - Real Cider7.5%A traditional English farmhouse cider made with Foxwhelp cider apples.
EnglandFranc In SteinFlipsideBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A golden bitter. Aromas of peach, melon and soft fruit. Sweet & citrussy but with a dry finish.
EnglandFranklinRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Pale ale brewed using a mixture of Cascade and Chinook hops. A nod to Rooster’s founding brewer, Sean Franklin, who pioneered the use of such hops in the UK.
EnglandFRAT CocktailRatBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale ale with a little added lactose.
WalesFreak ChickHeavy IndustryBitter - Best Bitter4.2%One of four beers from the brand new Heavy Industry brewery. I'll tell you more when it is tapped.
WalesFreak ShowGreat OrmeBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Light ale, with citrus hops
EnglandFred's ChallengeFoxfieldBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Special bitter raising money for the Fred Whitton Challenge charity cycling event.
EnglandFree BeerBrew Foundation (The)Speciality Beer - American Pale4.4%A gluten free and finings free, hazy APA. Liberally hopped with Chinook, Simcoe and Mosaic.
EnglandFree FallSalopianBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Pale ale hopped with new hop Azacca and a blend of Chinook and Simcoe.
EnglandFreebirdAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Special bitter from Barnsley.
EnglandFreedom4TsBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A pale bitter with German hops, from Runcorn
EnglandFreeze FrameSalopianBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A fragrant grapefruit and lime-leaf-led aroma that pushes forward passionfruit, tropical notes to deliver a zesty, fresh golden beer with a twist of bitterness.
EnglandFresh HopRooster'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Brewed using Worcestershire Goldings hops, harvested on the morning of brew day.
EnglandFreshly SqueezedBlakemereBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Light session bitter (brewed with 100% Citra hops) Lots of citrus taste & aroma. Delicious and refreshing.
EnglandFrogbitPitchforkBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Amber brown bitter. Triple hopped with multiple layers of comforting malts interspersed with slightly spicy hop aroma and a fruity finish.
EnglandFrolickerAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Sorachi Ace session IPA full of merriment and fun.
EnglandFrostbiteAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Pale, refreshing beer combining English and American hops. With full on citrus hop flavours and a lasting bitter finish. Sheffield.
EnglandFrostyCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Seasonal bitter from Cornwall
EnglandFruit SaladDerbyBitter - Best Bitter4.5%An easy drinking session APA hopped with Huell Melon and Citra to create a fruit salad of hop flavours.
EnglandFruit v1Castle RockCraft Keg Beer - British4.6%his colourful summer throwback is made up of almost 20% fruit, a blend of raspberry, blackcurrant and redcurrant with a touch of lactose. The beer is naturally tart, refreshing and very fruity.
EnglandFruitcaseHopping MadBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%An intricate, well balanced, drinkable and delicious golden ale. Well balanced and interesting flavours using a delicate combination of highly appealing hops, the perfect accompaniment to a range of subtle flavours driver by a blend of malts. from Bu
WalesFUBARTiny RebelBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A unique schizophrenic beer where you'll face off against floral hoppy flavours up front, leading into a dry spicy bitterness on the back.
EnglandFull Bodied Ruby BearBeartownBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%As the name says, a full bodied, ruby bitter from Congleton
EnglandFull BrazilianWychwoodBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Target hops supported by a back line of First Gold. A dominant El Dorado hop finish of exotic fruit flavours.
EnglandFull English BreakfastAbbeydaleDark Ale - Stout4.9%Five different malts, generous additions of cocoa, freshly ground coffee and maple syrup to give a little sweetness in the finish. Part of an English hops series.
EnglandFull TiltBuntingfordBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Some would say this beer has a refreshing zesty citrus-orange character to the bitterness, with a mouth watering juiciness to the finish. Others would say it tastes like beer.
EnglandFully LadenGeevesStrong Beer - IPA6.0%A proper IPA with hefty alcoholic strength and a juicy, citrusy, sweet floral taste and aroma and a satisfying bitterness.
EnglandFunnel BlowerBox SteamDark Ale - Porter4.5%A dark brown porter contrasting the bitterness of roasted barley and malts with a subtle vanilla sweetness.
EnglandFusion 4MarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Complex citrus, herbal and tropical flavours from a quartet of cutting-edge hops
EnglandFusion IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden English hopped beer with Spicy notes and citrus characteristics.
EnglandFutilityStonehouseBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A lightly hopped golden beer brewed less than a mile away from the birthplace of Wilfred Owen. 5p from every pint goes to WW1 related charities.
ScotlandFynebank Brew No.1Fyne AlesSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.6%Collaboration beer between Fyne Ales and Springbank Distillers.
EnglandGadd's Black PearlRamsgateDark Ale - Stout6.2%A bible-black oyster stout. A genuinely opulent Kentish ale.
EnglandGadd's Summer's DayRamsgateBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Amber seasonal. Munich malt for body, American and Kentish hops for aroma & finish.
EnglandGafferSalamanderBitter - Best Bitter4.0%No tasting notes available.
EnglandGalaxyRowtonBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Golden Shropshire bitter with Australian Galaxy hops.
EnglandGalaxy 55AbbeydaleStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.5%Packed with Galaxy hops from Australia. Aromas of tropical fruit salad. It has full hop flavours of mango and passion fruit with a crisp bitter finish.
EnglandGalaxy IPAGeorge WrightBitter - Strong Bitter5.1%A humdinger of a summer ale- packed with galaxy hops to give a fruit burst taste in the mouth!
EnglandGalaxy Pale AleChadwick's of KendalBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A hoppy pale ale made with Galaxy hops.
EnglandGalaxy RocksDerbyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden bitter with Galaxy hops
EnglandGale ForceLonghillBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A premium bitter
EnglandGalicoeSummer WineBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%Strong pale ale from Holmfirth in Yorkshire. Hoppy.
EnglandGallo ItalianoRooster'sSpeciality Beer - Spiced Beer4.7%Brewed with the addition of both black pepper and lemongrass in the kettle and fermentation vessel. Moderate of bitterness for its strength and delicate citrus fruit and spicy aromas. An Anglo Italian collaboration.
EnglandGame of StonesWadworthBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A golden summer bitter.
EnglandGamma Ray (keykeg)BeavertownCraft Keg Beer - British5.4%Rammed with juicy malts and tropical aromas of mango and grapefruit. The beer is dry hopped.
EnglandGangly GhoulGreene KingDark Ale - Brown Ale4.3%A rich and smooth dark ale, with fiendishly fruity and hoppy notes.
EnglandGangsterOakhamBitter - Premium Bitter4.9%A hoppy, dark golden ale.
EnglandGaucho IPATwistedBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Copper coloured light ale with a triple malt and double hop combination. Aroma is of soft fruits and toffee with a biscuit and burnt caramel flavour
EnglandGazmaltiAbbeydaleStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer6.0%Delicate yet vibrant rice beer. Dangerously easy to drink! Herbal, floral aromas, tropical, beery fruit flavours, notably coconut. Sorachi Ace and Citra hops.
EnglandGehenna GoldBurton BridgeBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Celebrating the centenary of the end of the Great War. Gehenna is an ancient biblical term for hell, which the war had been for so many.
EnglandGeneral's TippleWoodlandsStrong Beer - IPA5.5%An IPA with a high hop content. Very refreshing Generals Tipple was originally brewed for the Bhurtpore beer festival in 2006
EnglandGenerationScarboroughBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Straw Pale beer brewed with Centennial, Fuggles, Cascade, Chinook for a tropical and floral aroma.
EnglandGenesisAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Pleasant herby, floral aromas and distinctive lychee flavours. Lingering bitter finish.
EnglandGenesis No.3CoastalBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A goden beer packed full of tangy citrus fruit flavour.
EnglandGentleman DeathKelham IslandStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer6.0%Brewed with the darkest of roasted malts and Polish hops. The aroma is sweet, toasted and seductive, the malty body is dangerously smooth and the after flavour is silky, satisfying and luscious.
EnglandGeorge BroughCastle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Session IPA celebrating the designer of the Brough Superior, the world's first superbike.
EnglandGeorge Shaw Mild4TsMild - Dark Mild3.8%The George Shaw brewery of Leigh, Lancashire closed in 1955 but this superb mild resurrects the name. Very moreish.
EnglandGeorge's CrossMoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Copper coloured ale for St. George's Day
EnglandGerman Cascade IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden German hopped ale bursting with citrus aromas and oils profile that give a refreshing finish.
EnglandGet PithedYorkshire HeartSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.2% Fruit beer full of citrus orange flavours creating a refreshing drink perfect for any time of the day.
EnglandGFPAAllendaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Gluten Free Pale Ale makes no compromises on flavour, fresh pine aroma gives way to bold tropical fruit flavours with a lingering bitter finish.
EnglandGhostPartner's (formerly Anglo-Dutch)Bitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Dewsbury. A pale, full bodied bitter with a fresh gentle nose, taken over by a smooth hop and citrus finish making this ale very drinkable. A former Anglo-Dutch Brewery recipe known as ‘Ghost on the rim’
EnglandGhost HorseMoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A citrus blond ale.
EnglandGhost of LuisFernandesBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Crisp, refreshing and very pale
EnglandGhost ShipAdnamsBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%'A ghostly pale ale' from Southwold in Suffolk.
EnglandGhost TrainCottageBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%This dark, mature ale is brewed with Endeavour and Challenger hops. Full of flavour with gentle smoky undertones.
EnglandGiant's WellCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Hoppy golden bitter
EnglandGin PitAllGatesSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.3%A sweet and fruity blonde beer balanced with the natural dry acidity of juniper berries.
EnglandGinger BearBeartownSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.0%The malt and hops blend with the added bite from root ginger to produce a superbly quenching blonde ale.
EnglandGinger WealWeal AlesSpeciality Beer - Spiced Beer5.5%Strong golden ale. Cara malt and Chinook hops with a kick of ginger.
EnglandGlacierBeartownBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Lightly hopped pale ale.
EnglandGlacier IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Hoppy golden bitter from Barnsley. Glacier hops.
WalesGladiusDeva CraftBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale ale with sharp, spikeygrapefruit character.
WalesGlaslyn Ale (Cwrw Glaslyn)Purple MooseBitter - Best Bitter4.2%'Golden coloured fruity best bitter with a well balanced hoppy finish. Takes its name from the Afon Glaslyn, the river which flows from Snowdon to Porthmadog.'
EnglandGlasney College PorterGranite RockDark Ale - Porter5.4%An intense, lingering, ruby-black porter with aromas of coffee and dark chocolate. Silky smooth and very easy-going.
EnglandGlorious TwelfthWincleSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.6%Brewed with heather tips, to celebrate the start of the shooting season.
EnglandGlott's HopHoward TownBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A strong beer, and as the name implies, very hoppy. Brewed with halcyon malt and Pioneer hops. It is light, strong and full of flavour. Glott's Hop is allegedly the original name of Glossop, literally 'the house of Glott'!
EnglandGloucester GoldGloucesterBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A modern, distinctively crisp, hoppy and thirst quenching ale
WalesGoalBreconBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A bronze hued, well rounded ale - a pint of two halves!
EnglandGoalden GlorySlatersBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A golden bitter, traditionally hopped with lots of Fuggles, Goldings and Styrian Goldings hops
EnglandGoat's MilkChurch EndBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Champion Beer of Britain 2017. Pale Barley, crystal malt and oats blend to fill the palate with flavour. Aromatic hops dance over the tongue for a gentle hop finish.
EnglandGod Save the QueenAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Diamond Jubilee bitter from Barnsley
EnglandGod's Own BitterOssettBitter - Best Bitter3.8%Amber coloured Yorkshire bitterbrewed with Celeia hops in what they erroneously describe as God's Own county.
EnglandGoddessWye ValleyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A beautifully rich, malt background is perfectly balanced by a heavenly blend of Herefordshire Target, Fuggles and Goldings hops.
EnglandGodiva IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Godiva hop has distinct tangerine, citrus & gooseberry notes together with a more traditionally English spiciness.
EnglandGodless (keg)RedWillowCraft Keg Beer - British5.4%A premium German style lager.
EnglandGoGo US PaleRevolutionsBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%US influenced pale ale with the three classic 'C' hops for a citrus finish
EnglandGoing UndergroundRevolutionsBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Pale ale with a hoppy hint of fruity jam.
EnglandGoldDerventioBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A pale bitter with an outstanding hoppy finish using Citra and Aurora hops
EnglandGoldBrewsmithBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A golden ale made with English hops.
EnglandGoldTattonBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A full-tasting, satisfying deep golden special ale. The generous honeyed malt flavour is backed up by a robust hoppiness with a hint of citrus orange. Premium golden ale from Knutsford.
EnglandGoldHop StudioBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Gentle yet fully flavoured easy drinking contemporary fine ale.
EnglandGoldLudlowBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Pale Golden, initial sweetness followed by dry bitter finish
EnglandGoldIronbridgeBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A golden ale with Bravo and Centennial hops.
WalesGold BeaconsBreconBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Golden Welsh ale. Soft bitterness.
EnglandGold CoastBlackjackBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Aussie hopped golden ale packed with Topaz, Galaxy and Cascade hops.
EnglandGold Digga IPADerbyStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.0%Generously dry hopped with El Dorad, this simple malt base is loaded with juicy citrus flavours.
EnglandGold DiggerJenningsBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A full flavoured golden bitter, brewed using all Goldings hops. A generous handful of crystal malt has been added to give a delicate flavour and subtle aroma.
EnglandGold DiggerBlueballBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Citra hops provide a crisp bitterness with a sweet nose suggesting passion fruit. The finish is long and dry.
EnglandGold RushProspectBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A deep golden ale with a hoppy and bitter flavour, light fruity notes and a grassy floral finish. Named after the infamous Kondike Goldrush of 1896, from Standish near Wigan
EnglandGold RushOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.2%An old favourite golden beer using high alpha US hops and dry hopped with chinook hops.
EnglandGold StandardNine StandardsBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A flavousome golden ale with a hint of blackcurrant shining through.
EnglandGold StarPhippsStrong Beer - IPA5.2%Export strength pale ale brewed using an old Phipps IPA recipe from early 20th century.
EnglandGold StrikeCoastalBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Premium bitter from Cornwall commemorating the Olympics
EnglandGoldbinePitchforkBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%This beer is all about the hops and as hops grow on bines. A golden straw coloured beauty.
EnglandGoldenSlatersBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Light and golden with a burst of English Goldings.
EnglandGoldenCrateBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A well made and highly drinkable zesty golden ale.
EnglandGoldenHealey'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Golden session bitter. A moreish golden bitter whose flavour belies it's strength.
EnglandGolden AeldAllGatesBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Golden bitter from Wigan
EnglandGolden AleWye ValleyBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Formerly Dorothy Goodbody's.Goldings and Fuggles hops and Maris Otter malt result in this crisp and zesty golden beer
EnglandGolden AleJoseph HoltBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A new golden bitter from Manchester
EnglandGolden AleSt. Peter'sBitter - Best Bitter4.0%English Pale malts coupled with Challenger and Goldings hops provide the bitterness and aroma. The result is a highly distinctive light, golden ale similar in character to a full-bodied Czech lager.
EnglandGolden Ale-ORowtonBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A golden, hoppy bitter.
EnglandGolden AnchorNavigationBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Fruit and malt on the nose with pleasing biscuit flavours and a lasting malty aftertaste.
EnglandGolden ArrowCottageBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Well hopped, with a distinctive citrus aroma and outstanding hop flavours.
EnglandGolden ArrowLongdenBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Pale ale of moderate strength, but with an abundance of hop character provided by a blend of British and New Zealand hops.
EnglandGolden BestGreen JackBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A golden pale ale with a very hoppy aroma.
EnglandGolden BoltBox SteamBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A light straw-coloured bitter with a hoppy aftertaste - highly refreshing.
EnglandGolden BullGreat HeckBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A golden session bitter
EnglandGolden CapMighty HopBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Well balanced golden ale.
EnglandGolden CockerGundogBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Dark golden colour with a good nose and a citrus and melon finish
EnglandGolden DaleCorvedaleBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Light bronze, fruity, zesty and smooth.
EnglandGolden DeliciousBurton BridgeBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Golden bitter, originally brewed as a summer ale. Hops used are Challenger with Styrion late in the copper.
EnglandGolden DropBarbourne CiderCider - Real Cider5.0%Farm produced cider from traditional cider apples.
EnglandGolden GlowHolden'sBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Golden ale with subtle, fragrant hops, moreish gentle sweetness and pleasant bitter finish.
EnglandGolden GorseCoastalBitter - Strong Bitter5.6%Strong golden bitter from Cornwall
EnglandGolden GrifterBootleg Brewing Co.Bitter - Best Bitter4.4%Golden ale packed with intensely fruity, UK grown aroma hops.
EnglandGolden HareBathBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A rewarding light ale that bursts with flavour and is hopped with Goldings.
EnglandGolden HindeCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Hopped with Brewers Gold to give a lingering sweetish mouthfeel, pleasantly bitter with a clean sparkling finish. Cornwall
EnglandGolden HopMilltownBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A golden bitter with a combination of English and American hops.
EnglandGolden Hoppy BearBeartownBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Golden hoppy beer from Congleton
EnglandGolden HostJenningsBitter - Standard Bitter3.8% A full flavoured golden bitter brewed using the finest English malted barley and carefully selected aromatic hops.
EnglandGolden Host (pre 2017)JenningsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Hints of spice and pine with subtle undertones of malt and toffee.
EnglandGolden HunterGundogBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale golden ale, crisp and hoppy with aflush of bitterness at the end
EnglandGolden PippinCopper DragonBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A light refreshing blonde ale brewed using Maris Otter Malt and a new variety of hop, creating a citrus fruit flavour from Skipton
EnglandGolden PloverAllendaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0% Award winning golden ale made using the finest pale barley malt to give a clean and refreshing taste. Citrus hop flavour and an enticing floral aroma.
EnglandGolden PromiseDerbyBitter - Premium Bitter4.3%Hoppy golden ale from Derby
EnglandGolden ProspectsProspectBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Golden session bitter from Wigan
EnglandGolden RuleBespokeBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Light golden ale with a subtly refreshing and fruity finish provided by the blend of British malts and hops.
EnglandGolden SalamanderSalamanderBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Silver Medal Winner at the Great British Beer Festival. A golden premium ale brewed with Challenger and Styrian hops. This beer has a refreshing citrus hop flavour.
EnglandGolden SheepBlack SheepBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A full flavoured cask ale with a dry and refreshing bitterness, developed with a light, citrus fruit flavour, from Masham, Yorkshire.
EnglandGolden SovereignFlipsideBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Golden coloured ale. Refreshingly bitter with dry biscuit flavours. American hops.
EnglandGolden StateRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Brewed with Freewheel Brewing, California. US Cascade, German Brewers Gold and English Jester hops create light floral and soft fruit flavours, layered on Golden Promise malt. Dry-hopped with US hop Strata for a burst of fruit flavours.
EnglandGolden ThreadSalopianBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A strong golden beer, with a floral aroma and a full hoppy flavour derived from a Triple hopping of English First Gold hops. Beautifully balanced by a crisp dry maltiness and a rich finish. from Shrewsbury
EnglandGolden ValeDeeply ValeBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A deep golden ale. The flavour is refreshing, robust and satisfyingly malty. A complex bitterness with a smooth caramel finish.
EnglandGolden Vale4TsBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%A traditional style premium English bitter.
EnglandGolden Years - DunkertonsRich's CiderCider - Real Cider6%Made with the Dunkerton's variety of cider apples, grown in Somerset and matured in oak vats.
EnglandGolden Years: DunkertonsRich's CiderCider - Real Cider6.0%A medium dry farmhouse Somerset cider made with the Dunkerton's variety ofcider apples
WalesGolden-AgeCelt ExperienceBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A heavy citrus back bone and a dry finish make a wonderfully refreshing drink of satisfying complexity.
ScotlandGoldihopsKelburnBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Golden, hoppy, clean on the palate and leaves a long lingering after-taste.
EnglandGoldrushCottageBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%An American style pale ale, deep golden with Cascade hops, well balanced, crisp and refreshing.
EnglandGollop With ZestFroth BlowersBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A blonde beer with a floral start and a citric finish
EnglandGood MeasureFirst Chop Brewing ArmBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A pale amber ale, single hopped with Simcoe hops.
EnglandGoodbye to All ThatCastle RockDark Ale - Porter4.5%A black cherry porter brewed to raise money for Amnesty International and the Royal British Legion.
EnglandGoogle EyedDerbyBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Golden in colour, malt and hops flavours abound throughout. Floral with a hoppy finish.
BelgiumGordon's Xmas AleMartin'sContinental Ale - Belgian Ale8.8%Dark seasonal, originally brewed in Edinburgh
BelgiumGouden Carolus HopsinjoorAnkerContinental Ale - Belgian Ale8.0%Strong, hoppy golden Belgian ale
WalesGower GoldGowerBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Refreshing golden ale with citrus flavours & the lively aroma of Cascade hops.
EnglandGraffiti IPAFirebrandStrong Beer - IPA5.0%A malt backbone of Maris Otter Pale Malt, hopped with Summit, Centennial and Amarillo. Dry hopped with Amarillo for extra hop character.
EnglandGrandstandTwickenhamBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A well-hopped and well balanced refreshing amber session beer. Triple hopped with Brewers Gold gives light citrus notes and a fresh clean finish.
EnglandGrandviewSt. AustellStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.3%Brewed with Citra & Mosaic hops and west coast yeast. A Collaboration brew with Roosters Brewery.
EnglandGravedigger's AleChurch EndMild - Dark Mild3.8%Dark black and red in colour with a complex mixture of chocolate and roast flavours. The use of two different hops gives the beer a complex feel and smooth finish.
WalesGraveyard EyesHopcraft / Pixie SpringDark Ale - Porter4.5%Dark ale with rich, roasty malts and Sorachi Ace hops. 51 IBUs.
EnglandGravitasValeBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A strong, pale ale packed with hop and citrus flavours, rounded off by a dry, biscuity finish. Pronounced hop aroma throughout.
EnglandGravity WaveSalopianBitter - Premium Bitter4.9%A bright gold premium ale with a pronounced aroma and a taste that twists across the palate developing long lasting citrus and lime flavours that are balanced by a crisp finish.
EnglandGreat ExpectationsDickensianBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Deep golden bitter produced occasionally for sporting events
EnglandGreat ExpectationsDerbyBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Golden bitter from the East Midlands.
EnglandGreat NorthernFernandesStrong Beer - IPA5.1%Citrus and floral aroma. Hoppy and floral on the palate with a little dryness and bitterness.
EnglandGreedy GooseHook HortonSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.2%A delightfully full flavoured beer. Rich to the palate with a rounded fruity aroma.
EnglandGreen BulletTownhouseBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Made with fresh, green Bullet hops.
EnglandGreen Devil IPAOakhamStrong Beer - IPA6.0%Strong hoppy golden ale from Cambridgeshire
EnglandGreen Devil IPAOakhamCraft Keg Beer - British6.0%Smooth and fruity starting with passion fruit, pineapple, and mango developing into lemon, limes and a citrusy bitterness.
EnglandGreen HopHobson'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Pale ale hopped with green Challenger hops giving a fresh hop hit and refreshing bitterness with cedar & floral notes.
EnglandGreen Hop IPASlatersStrong Beer - IPA5.9%Brewed with green Goldings hops fresh from the field.
EnglandGreen MonkeyJoulesLager - Pilsner4.3%Clean & fruity, good bitter-sweet taste. Unlike lesser 'Lager' it is stored (laagered) for twice the time to naturally achieve its sparkling, crisp flavour
EnglandGrizzlyBeartownBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Deep golden with a powerful hoppy bitterness from the Summit and Chinook hops. Grapefruit and citrus flavours lead to a dry malty finish!.
EnglandGroovy MoverHop BackBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%A golden summer ale with a lingering bitterness.
EnglandGrubberGreene KingBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Golden ale brewed with pale malts and classic English hops – Challenger, Pilgrim and First Gold.
BelgiumGuldenbergDe RankeStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer8.5%Hoppy abbey triple, golden in colour.
EnglandGundog PaleGundogBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Pale session ale with a good bitter finish
EnglandGunhillAdnamsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A traditional dark ruby ale delivering a full flavour. Full aromatic barley malts and an exquisite blend of hops combined to create a wonderful balance of sweet biscuit and subtle fruit flavours with a hint of chocolate bitterness, from Southwold in
EnglandGunpowder Premium MildCoach HouseMild - Dark Mild3.8%Full-bodied and roasty dark mild. Hints of vanilla and treacle with chocolate overtones. Malty aroma and full finish.
EnglandGuthrieThornbridgeBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A new pale ale from Bakewell.
EnglandGuzzlerYorkBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A well balanced, light beer with pale malt character. Crisp & refreshing.Brewed within the city walls.
WalesH.E.HafodBitter - Best Bitter4.3%An award-winning light and fruity pale ale with a citrus fruit nose, hints of vanilla and a clean finish.
EnglandHabitFlying MonkBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Amber coloured. Sweet & bitter flavours from Maris Otter malt and Kentish Hops giving a lasting finish with fresh, floral overtones.
EnglandHacksawThornbridgeStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.0%A vegan-friendly East Coast IPA hopped with Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic and Amarillo.
WalesHaf GwynCwrw IalBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Translates, apparently as White Summer. A seasonal blonde ale which may become a permanent.
EnglandHair of the DogSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale coloured ale that manifests an array of sensory hop flavours, fruit citrus and spice develop into a long crisp finish.
EnglandHair of the DogPennineBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A bright sparkling blonde with a delicate roasted caramel flavour and a smooth sweet refreshing aftertaste.
EnglandHair of the DogBlackwaterBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A pale coloured ale that manifests an arrayof sensory hop flavours, fruit citrus andspice develop in to a long crisp finish.Hops - Saaz Riwaka Calypso
EnglandHairy HelmetLeatherbritchesBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Crisp and refreshing. Very hoppy with cirtrus tones and a dry bitter finish.
EnglandHakaSummer WineBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Strong pale ale
EnglandHakaSlatersBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%An award winning sweet pale ale balanced with a strong aromatic finish.
EnglandHalf CenturionKinverBitter - Strong Bitter5.0% An award winning pale bitter with hop and citrus flavours.
EnglandHalf DevilAllGatesBitter - Standard Bitter3.33%Lovely pale ale. Full of flavour with a spicy lemon aroma from the Czech Kazbek hops.
EnglandHalf LifeSalopianBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%The taste is crisp, with lightly juicy citrusy hops; floral notes of lime and mango stand out. Dry and clean on the finish, a slight bitterness lingers, clean with very light vibrant mouthfeel.
EnglandHalf NelsonWeetwoodSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.1%A refreshing pale ale, hopped in equal measure with Hallertau Blaanc and Nelson Sauvin which add spritzy white grape and soft fruit flavours to the crisp wheat base.
EnglandHalfway to HeavenDerbyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A traditional session ale with complex malt, hops and fruit notes.
WalesHallet's PerryBlaengawney CiderCider - Real Perry7.0%A limited quantity is produced. Very nice!
EnglandHaloCross BayBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Pale & Smooth with a crisp start and a spicy hop finish.
WalesHammer Stone IPABluestoneBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%An American style Indian Pale Ale, light in colour , combining a refreshing malty crispness with a piney, grapefruit aroma.
EnglandHangman's PurseFlipsideBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A seasonal session bitter.
WalesHankTiny RebelBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Lite US style pale ale with tropical & citrus aromas with low to medium bitterness. Floral flavours with slight caramel and biscuit
EnglandHappy BirthdayOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Golden bitter stuffed full of Styrian Wolf hops to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Ossett Brewery.
ScotlandHappy ChappyCromartyBitter - Best Bitter4.1%New Wave Pale Ale made with the crisp citrus hops from the USA and fresh tropical hops of NZ.
EnglandHappy TruckerCoastalBitter - Strong Bitter5.3%Strong golden bitter from Cornwall
EnglandHarbingerSalopianBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Bold, spicy and floral, it is deliciously intense without being overpowering. White grape and lychee nose leads to a fresh, textured palate with fruity finish.
EnglandHarley's Best BiterLittle Ale CartBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Not a Luis Suarez special, just a good, dog themed bitter
EnglandHarley's Hop Special: ElmosadoLittle Ale CartBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden bitter with Eldorado, Mosaic and possibly Belma hops.
EnglandHarley's Hop Special: Galactic CalypsoLittle Ale CartBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden bitter with Galaxy and Calypso hops.
EnglandHarley's Hop Special: Galactic GoldLittle Ale CartBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale, hoppy bitter from Sheffield
EnglandHarley's Hop Special: KazbekLittle Ale CartBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden single hop bitter with Kazbek hops.
EnglandHarley's Hop Special: MosaicLittle Ale CartBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden single hop bitter with Mosaic hops.
EnglandHarley's Hop Special: Rio GrandeLittle Ale CartBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Made with Multihead hops (native to New Mexico). A blonde bitter.
EnglandHarmonieAllGatesBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Premium golden ale with East European hops
EnglandHarry Masters CiderHewitt's CiderCider - Real Cider7.1%Traditional dry cider made with Harry Masters Apples
EnglandHartington BitterWhimBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A classic well hoped session beer. Bitterness and lovely malt combine in perfect balance followed by a satisfying dry finish.
EnglandHartington IPAWhimBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Malty nose with delicate hop aroma. Smooth on the palate, malt dominates with subtle pear notes from the hop. Lightly sweet but unmistakable finish.
EnglandHartley's HeroesFront RowBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A light amber bitter, made with English Cascade, Bramling Cross and Fuggles
EnglandHarvest GoldLancasterBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Autumnal golden ale
EnglandHarvest HopHook HortonBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Light and fruity, with a cosmopolitan hop burst, ideal summer refreshment.
EnglandHarvest MoonUlverstonBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A golden beer infused with soft fruit flavours for all year round enjoyment
EnglandHarvest PaleCastle RockBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Kilned malt with a blend of American hops. The hops are very noticeable and lead to a crisp aftertaste.
EnglandHarvesterAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Pale in colour. Fruity and hoppy, brewed using Goldings for the bitterness, and Bramling Cross for the aroma.
EnglandHat TrickJoseph HoltBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Special bitter to celebrate a hat trick of gold medals at the International Brewing Awards.
WalesHaul GwynCwrw IalBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Translates as White Sun. A blonde ale previously known as Haf Gwyn (White Summer).
EnglandHavannahAllGatesBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Easy drinking pale ale, combination of Czech and US hops giving balanced bitterness with floral & delicate citrus aroma.
WalesHavokBig HandStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.0%Initial zesty aroma is muscled in on by a brash grapefruit explosion. This beer has an intense dry bitterness that simply refuses to surrender.
EnglandHawse BucklerOakhamStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer5.9%Bursts with chocolate, raisin and dark malt aromas. Complex spice and coffee malt flavours lead to an irreversible dry, spicy, bitter finish.
EnglandHeadlessRedWillowBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Refreshingly floral Pale Ale with a restrained orange-led bitterness and a light, straw-hued colour.
EnglandHeart of OakAcornBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Pale straw coloured premium bitter. Slight sweet biscuit malt background with a fruity hop aroma of Apricots, Lemon and Passionfruit.
EnglandHeart of StoneLymestoneBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Sophisticated and full bodied. Crystal malts and Cascade hops entwine.
WalesHeartbreakerBlaengawney CiderCider - Real Cider7.0%A dry cider which is a traditional dry with a smooth finish.
EnglandHeartlessRedWillowDark Ale - Stout4.9%A chocolate stout made with 85% Cacao single origin Colombian chocolate.
EnglandHeathenAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Refreshing pale ale. Mosaic hops from America. Bursting with tropical fruit flavours and a pleasant citrus bitterness.
EnglandHeathen (keg)AbbeydaleCraft Keg Beer - British4.1%Refreshing pale ale. Mosaic hops from America. Bursting with tropical fruit flavours and a pleasant citrus bitterness.
EnglandHedge HopperMobberleyBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Rich and golden in colour, with lovely head retention , with a hint of hoppyness and a very pleasant lingering, mildly bitter but malty aftertaste, from north Cheshire.
EnglandHelga IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Brewed using the Helga hop which is developed from the German Hallertau Mittlefruh hop. A versatile hop bursting with floral aromas.
EnglandHelixSalopianBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Bright gold premium ale with a pronounced aroma and a taste that twists across the palate developing long lasting citrus and pine flavours that is balanced by a crisp finish.
EnglandHelixBlackwaterBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A bright gold premium ale with a pronounced aroma and a taste that twists across the palate, developing long lasting citrus and pine flavours that is balanced by a crisp finish.
EnglandHelp For HeroesMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Created by three injured veterans in partnership with Marston’s to raise funds for the Help for Heroes. Pale, full flavoured.
EnglandHelter SpelterRooster'sSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.5%Brewed in collaboration with North Brewing. A naturally hazy apricot & spelt pale ale.
EnglandHemlock BitterCastle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Full flavoured bitter with fruity notes on the palate and a smack of hops in the finish.
EnglandHenriettaWelbeck AbbeyBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Delicate golden ale from north Nottinghamshire
EnglandHenry NormalCastle RockMild - Light Mild4.2%Brewed to celebrate Nottingham born comic and writer Normal. A golden mild.
EnglandHeraCoastalBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A golden ale with a grassy, herbal aroma. good malt base and bitter finish.
EnglandHereford Pale Ale (HPA)Wye ValleyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A delightful straw coloured ale with a hint of sweetness before a dry finish, from Stoke Lacy near Hereford
EnglandHerkules IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%'Rich, golden coloured ale with hints of orange marmalade and a fruity, spicy aroma.'
EnglandHeroesBeowulfBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Nutty, golden and hoppy with a slight hint of sweetness.
EnglandHibernationAbbeydaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Winter isn’t all doom and gloom, as proven here with this sessionable, hoppy delight.
EnglandHibernation (keg)AbbeydaleCraft Keg Beer - British4.2%Winter isn’t all doom and gloom, as proven here with this sessionable, hoppy delight.
EnglandHigh FlyerMoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A hoppy pale ale with a bitter aftertaste.
EnglandHigh FrequencySalopianBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%A glowing rich gold ale, dominated by aromas of passion fruit and lemon, piercing flavours of grapefruit sound out to a smoothly bitter finish.
EnglandHigh SpyBurton BridgeBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Brewed to celebrate the life of Robert Watson-Watt, developer of radar. he hops in this beer are Flyer & Pioneer.
EnglandHigh TeaRooster'sSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer6.2%A limited edition Jasmine Green Tea IPA, brewed in collaboration with Taylors of Harrogate, a family-owned tea merchant
EnglandHigh TreasonRooster'sDark Ale - Stout4.7%Dark, rich and warming stout. Black treacle has been added during the boil to create a real treat to welcome in those long, cold Autumn nights.
EnglandHigh Voltage4TsBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%One of four beers from the brand new Heavy Industry brewery. I'll tell you more when it is tapped.
WalesHigh VoltageHeavy IndustryBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%One of four beers from the brand new Heavy Industry brewery. I'll tell you more when it is tapped.
EnglandHigh WireMagic RockCraft Keg Beer - British5.5%Their tribute to the Pale Ales of West Coast America, unapologetically hop forward in character. Mango, lychee and lip-smacking grapefruit flavours and a crisply bitter finish.
EnglandHigh WireMagic RockStrong Beer - IPA5.5%Their tribute to the Pale Ales of West Coast America, unapologetically hop forward in character. Mango, lychee and lip-smacking grapefruit flavours and a crisply bitter finish.
EnglandHighcliffeThornbridgeStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.9%A really juicy banger, packed full of Denali, Cascade and Galaxy.
EnglandHighway 51Rooster'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Mosaic, Centennial and Rakau hops, Juicy, tropical fruit flavours come to the fore in this dry-hopped, sessionable pale ale that’s backed up by a hint of citrus and grapefruit finish.
EnglandHighwaymanBuntingfordBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A balanced malty-bitterness with hints of toffee and a slightly fruity bitter-sweet aftertaste. Maris Otter pale, crystal & wheat malts, Fuggles, Phoenix & First Gold hops.
EnglandHighwire4TsBitter - Strong Bitter5.5%A west coast pale ale with acrisply bitter finish.
WalesHilltopMonty'sSpeciality Beer - Honey Beer3.6%Brewed in Montgomery with honey from a nearby farm. A light refresher for the new year.
ScotlandHipHopopotamus Hoppy Pale AleAyrBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Citrus, light, hoppy, and bitter.
EnglandHit the LightsWeird BeardStrong Beer - IPA5.8%English malt. Anglo/Euro hops: Target and Aurora. Dry hopped with the same. Clean, bitter IPA with loads of fruity hops.
EnglandHobgoblinWychwoodBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Well known bitter from Oxfordshire
EnglandHobgoblin GoldWychwoodBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Four hop varieties and an infusion of wheat and malted barley results in this golden beer
EnglandHobnobberThwaitesBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Moreish flavours throughout with a malty and nutty finish.
EnglandHobo Goes GoldHobo Brew Co.Bitter - Best Bitter4.0%A golden session bitter about which very little is currently known!
EnglandHodgson's HopesArkell'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A golden Wiltshire bitter
EnglandHole in One4TsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%An easy drinking pale bitter
EnglandHollow PointSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.8%Collaboration with Green Duck. A Brut IPA. Dry, sparkling and vibrant. Very light in colour with a distinct prickle, the floral aroma of elderflower gives way to a crisp dry light bodied beer with a balanced hop character. A hint of grape and oak fin
EnglandHolly BushSalopianSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer5.5%Soft, warming fruit notes envelop the palate, developing into powerful citrus & grapefruit flavour. The finish is balanced with a fresh bitterness.
EnglandHoly GrailMedievalBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%New beer. Details to follow.
EnglandHoly WaterAbbeydaleStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer6.0%Strong golden ale from Sheffield
EnglandHome Nation ArmyDerbyBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A tradituional British pale ale. Light and refreshing with a zippy hop finish.
USAHoncho HefeweizenMother EarthCraft Keg Beer - American5.0%German style wheat beer. Banana and clove phenols dominate the aroma and flavour of this beautiful beer.
EnglandHoney BearBeartownSpeciality Beer - Honey Beer4.2%Premium bitter with honey from Congleton
EnglandHoney BlondeWhite RoseSpeciality Beer - Honey Beer4.0%No tasting notes available.
EnglandHoney BlondeDowntonSpeciality Beer - Honey Beer4.3%A golden straw coloured bitter. A blend of spicy and floral hops, added to the smooth sweetness imparted by Flaked Maize and Mexican honey . The finish is crisp and refreshing.
EnglandHoney BunnyCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Pale straw coloured ale. A combination of traditional English and Slovenian hops giving a refreshing and easy drinking ale.
EnglandHoney CupboardFoxfieldSpeciality Beer - Honey Beer3.9%Golden honey beer from the Cumbrian brew-pub.
WalesHoney FayreConwySpeciality Beer - Honey Beer4.5%Honey beer from North Wales. "Cwrw Mel". A golden beer with initial honey aromas rounded off by a dry bitter finish.
EnglandHoney PorterMilestoneDark Ale - Porter4.9%Very dark with honeyed coffee notes and a dry fruit finish.
EnglandHoney TrapSpitting FeathersSpeciality Beer - Honey Beer4.1%Apple, orange & light caramel aromas. Light apple, caramel & a hint of orange on the tongue. Malty sweet backbone.
EnglandHoodLincoln GreenBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A classic English style bitter, giving a full-rounded bitterness with a gentle floral aroma.
EnglandHood's HideawayDukeriesBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Well made best bitter from Retford. No tasting notes yet.
EnglandHook, Line and SinkerSalamanderStrong Beer - IPA5.2%Hoppy IPA with American hops.
EnglandHooker's TackleRowtonBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A pale ale that goes down well! Brewed for the Rugby World Cup 2015.
EnglandHookyHook HortonBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%A subtly balanced amber bitter, hoppy to the nose, malty on the palate. Classic session bitter.
EnglandHooky GoldHook HortonBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale, crisp beer confidently displaying it's hop character. A delicate citrusness tiptoes across the tastebuds before strolling down the throat, delivering true refreshment, from Oxfordshire.
EnglandHooky MildHook HortonMild - Dark Mild2.8%A dark chestnut coloured ale, full of roast malt flavours, and complemented with superb dry-hop aromas from East Kent Goldings.
EnglandHOPFirst Chop Brewing ArmBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Ultra pale ale born from a love of hops. Four varieties from the US and one from Slovenia are added through the boil and to the hop-back.
EnglandHop & GloryBrew Foundation (The)Strong Beer - IPA4.9%A fine, full flavoured IPA with Magnum, Rakau and Cascade hops.
EnglandHop & UnderRobinson'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Refreshing golden ale. Bittersweet initial taste perfectly balanced by a clean hop flavour.
EnglandHop #256SaltaireStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.0%Full flavoured pale ale, with strong citrus hop flavours from exciting new US hop #256.
EnglandHop a Doodle DoBrewster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Copper coloured. Made with four malts and three hops. Full bodied with a fruity hop character.
EnglandHop As HellWoodlandsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale beer made with New Zealand hops for a long lasting bitter finish.
EnglandHop BombImperialBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Blonde ale generously dry hopped to give a distinct hop flavour and aroma.
EnglandHop BullionCoastalBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A golden bitter, excellent flavours are notable in this strikingly hoppy beer. A finish of citrus on the palate.
EnglandHop CommotionJenningsBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A strawberry blonde beer with a citrus hop explosion to stir your senses.
EnglandHop Discoveries - AmarilloGeorge WrightBitter - Best Bitter4.1%An American hop with floral, citrus and orange notes
EnglandHop Discoveries - AmarilloGeorge WrightBitter - Strong Bitter5.1%An American Hop with Floral, Citrus and Orange notes
EnglandHop GoalCheshire BrewhouseBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Ultra pale and light, finished with Amarillo hops. Rugby World Cup 2015.
EnglandHop Gun3DBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Beautifully engineered pale golden beer brewed using three varieties of American hops. A fresh hoppy aroma bursts from this easy drinking, medium bodied beer with a hoppy, citric flavour.
EnglandHop Hop Hop No.2AllGatesBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A blonde, triple hop pale ale brewed with Apollo, Dr. Rudi and Calypso hops.
EnglandHop KickCheshire BrewhouseBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Ultra pale and light, finished with Galaxy hops. Rugby World Cup 2015.
EnglandHop MonsterCoastalBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A thirst quenching session bitter with excellent flavours. A strikingly hoppy beer with a finish of citrus fruit on the palate.
EnglandHop OddityCoastalBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Pale hoppy, citrusy bitter.
EnglandHop ShineJoulesBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Light Summer beer with Cascade and Citra hops.
EnglandHop SmashAbbeydaleStrong Beer - American Style IPA7.4%Collaboration with Kuhnhenn Brewing Company, Michigan. Big American style IPA with hops, hops and more hops! Even in the mash! Fresh Grapefruit juice and zest added at the end of fermentation for a lovely citrus bite that builds to a dry fruity finis
EnglandHop SpinRudgateBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden bitter. Rich malt sweetness and a resinous floral aroma.
EnglandHop Till You DropDerbyBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Polished blonde, with fruity overtones and a dry finish. SIBA Midlands Silver award winner in best bitters.
EnglandHop To ItHook HortonBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A pale amber beer bursting with soft fruit flavours and a hint of citrus.
EnglandHop TwisterSalopianBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A rich gold coloured ale, The palate is fresh, piercing and focused, with soft malt overtones and pronounced citrus flavours. A strong focus of taut, lemony, grapefruit on the finish which is balanced by a dry bitterness. from Shrewsbury
USAHop Whoopin' (keykeg)O'soCraft Keg Beer - American7.0%O'so have taken the acronym S.M.A.S.H. and turned it upside down. Single Malt and Single Hop is now Single Malt and All Sorts of Hops.
EnglandHopheadBrewster'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Pale hoppy brew with a fresh floral hop character from a blend of English and American hops. A most satisfying and refreshing session beer.
EnglandHopheadDark StarBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A clean-drinking pale golden ale with a strong floral aroma and elderflower notes from the Cascade hops. This beer is full-bodied and full-flavoured yet gentle enough to make it a favourite session beer. West Sussex.
EnglandHoploaderArborBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A session strength pale ale from Bristol
EnglandHopnotchHopping MadBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A tawny brown malty and hoppy ale enhanced with late hops, which result in a beer having distinctive malt notes, balanced with an array of hop flavours and aromas. A very highly flavoured session beer. from Olney, Buckinghamshire
EnglandHopnoticCoastalBitter - Strong Bitter5.3%Beautifully balanced pale ale.
EnglandHopperProspectBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale golden beer with citrus hops and a satisfying bitter sweet balance from Standish, near Wigan
EnglandHoppinessHopping MadBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A light tan coloured session strength bitter. Well hopped with Noble English hops and with a clean aftertaste, a pleasant aroma and flavour. Buckinghamshire
EnglandHopplegangerWychwoodBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A balanced blonde beer with a hoppy aroma.
EnglandHoppy 21stRudgateBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A limited edition celebrating 21 years of brewing. Well balanced tawny bitter.
EnglandHops & DreamsBrew Foundation (The)Bitter - Best Bitter4.0%A balanced Session IPA. Pale ale malt with Magnum, Cascade & Rakau hops for a tropical, hoppy taste & aroma.
EnglandHopscotch Pale AleOld School (OSB)Bitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A sunshine coloured pale ale. It balances a crisp taste with a delicate lasting hoppiness of citrus fruits.
EnglandHopsterTweedBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Single-hopped, pineapple infused pale ale. A multitude of subtle citrus flavourings amidst a rounded and wholesome body.
EnglandHoptathlonAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Ollympics special bitter from Barnsley
EnglandHopticale IllusionBrewster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Soft toffee nose and dark fruity caramel flavours on a soft malty backdrop
EnglandHoptimumCoastalStrong Beer - American Style IPA7.0%Well hopped to the optimum level with eight varieties of high-alpha American hops giving citrus and tropical notes, with a hint of spice.
EnglandHoptonThornbridgeBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Burnt gold Pale Ale brewed with Pioneer and Bramling Cross hops. Slight malt aromas with a hint of lime and lemon peel. Medium bodied with biscuit character and citrus in the taste.
EnglandHoptopia IPACoastalStrong Beer - IPA5.8%Deep Golden. Piney hop arom. Well balanced palate with bold hops & biscuity malt.
EnglandHoptwister (keg)SalopianCraft Keg Beer - British4.5%In keg for the first time. It's bound to be gorgeous!
EnglandHoptwister (key-keg)SalopianCraft Keg Beer - British4.5%Hoppier version of their much admired cask favourite.
EnglandHornswoggleFroth BlowersBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Full bodied blonde beer, floral nose and sweetish start, soon replaced by a dry and satifying bitterness
EnglandHot Dog StoutBinghamsSpeciality Beer - Spiced Beer5.0%Doodle stout accompanied by a warm afterglow of chilli, ideal to warm you up as the nights get colder!
EnglandHowe GoldChadwick's of KendalBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%An easy drinking golden session ale.
EnglandHowelling AleBurton BridgeBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Gold Medal Ale celebrating government minister Dennis Howell, with American Cascade and Bravo hops.
EnglandHowlAnimalBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%A wild oat pale ale packed with New Zealand hops.
EnglandHowl: Black Forest Gateau EditionRooster'sSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer6.9%A delicious and complex stout, with deep chocolate and rich cherry flavours.
EnglandHowling WolfBanks'sMild - Dark Mild3.8%A dark mild with an extra bite! Wolverhampton
EnglandHowling WolfBanks'sMild - Dark Mild3.8%A delicious dark mahogany mild with rich smokey aromas and a sinister citrus bite.
EnglandHubbleThornbridgeStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.2%A pungent combination of intense citrus and tropical fruit aromas of passion fruit, apricots, papaya and red berries. Amarillo, Mosaic & Simcoe hops.
EnglandHuell Melon IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%ich golden German hopped beer with Mandarin & Apricot Notes and subtle sweet characteristics.
EnglandHumble PieRooster'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Pale ale. Lemon, citrus fruit aroma and soft bitterness. A blend of Aurora, Crystal and Galaxy hops
EnglandHumdingerJoseph HoltBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A refreshing ale with a subtle undertone of honey, brewed with a blend of the finest English malt and citrus whole hops.
EnglandHung, Drawn and PorteredAllGatesDark Ale - Porter5.2%Strong dark ale from Wigan
EnglandHurricaneLonghillBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%No tasting notes available.
EnglandHurricaneBuntingfordBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A best bitter with a malty toffee character and a pleasant refreshing fruity bitterness. Brewed with Maris Otter pale ale malt, crystal malt, and English Phoenix & First Gold hops.
ScotlandHurricane JackFyne AlesCraft Keg Beer - British4.4%Pale golden with an aroma of sweet malt and light fruity hops. Citrus is prominent with tangerine notes & a subtle lemon kick on the end. Great thirst quencher and a delicious session beer.
EnglandHylder BlondeDark StarBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A delicate and lightly hopped beer with the fresh fruitiness of south down's elderflowers.
EnglandHypnotisedExit 33Bitter - Best Bitter4.0%This golden orange beer has a spellbinding mixture of powerful hop flavours that will hypnotise the taste buds. HOPS: Mosaic, Azacca, Chinook, Citra & Simcoe.
EnglandI Love You Will You Marry MeThornbridgeSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.5%Strawberry Blonde Ale, brewed with real strawberries, to support S1 Artspace.
WalesI Sea SantaBrainsSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.5%A ruby coloured ale brewed with spices, treacle and lavabread.
WalesIce DragonMagic DragonBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A blond, hoppy pale ale with Citra and Azzac hops.
EnglandIce KingLythamBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Extra pale ale brewed using only lager malt for a light smooth body. Aromatic american hops give a luxurious finish.
EnglandIce WitchMoorhousesSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.3%A light golden ale with Citra hops and Maris Otter malt. Aromas of tropical fruits, mango & pineapple.
EnglandIcebergTitanicSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.1%A combination of Maris Otter pale malt and fine wheat malt, give this refreshing beer real zest. Add fresh tasting Yakima Galena and Cascade hops and what you get is a fantastic wheat beer that will hole any passing thirst.
EnglandIconSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Straw yellow ale with body and hoppy fruit, yet with a crisp dry finish from Shrewsbury
EnglandIdahoPoyntonBitter - Best Bitter4.2%American hopped pale ale.
EnglandIdeal Pale AleTavy AlesBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A pale golden beer loaded with citrus flavour, balanced bitterness and body.
EnglandIdle Valley ReserveCastle RockStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Strong golden bitter with a nose of citrus and pine needles. Clean fruity refreshing bitterness on the palate.
EnglandIdlerBradfordBitter - Best Bitter4.5%A session IPA packed with Chinook, Crystal and Comet hops.
EnglandIlluminationAbbeydaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A good bitterness and powerful bouquet from the Green Bullet hops. Full of flavour.A good bitterness and powerful bouquet from the Green Bullet hops. Full of flavour.
EnglandImperial MildBrodie'sMild - Strong Mild6.6%A strong dark mild from the William IV in Leyton, East London.
EnglandImperial RedDerbyBitter - Premium Bitter4.9%A richly flavoured true red coloured beer, a well balanced malty flavour with American fruity citrus hops.
EnglandImperial StoutHawksheadDark Ale - Stout8.3%A robust Imperial stout.
EnglandImposterAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Refreshing Session IPA brewed with Huell Melon and Amarillo hops. Dry hopped with Cardinal.
EnglandImprobabilityOakhamBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%No tasting notes available.
EnglandIn ShredsWilson PotterBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%A pale ale with notes of pine and lemon from Green Bullet and Motueka hjops.
EnglandIn The BlackWilson PotterDark Ale - Stout4.2%A rich, dark stout with a fruity, roasted barley aroma and taste with a liquorice finish.
EnglandIn The LightWilson PotterBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Pale golden beer with a citrus aroma and a full balanced bitternesswith a clean tangy finish. Middleton, Manchester.
EnglandInariGhostBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A fine pale session IPA from Otley, West Yorkshire.
EnglandInceptionOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden bitter brewed with five different malts & five New World hops resulting in a complex depth of flavour leading to an aromatic resinous finish.
EnglandInclineWorthBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Premium golden bitter from Poynton
EnglandIncredible Pale AleReunion AlesStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.0%Punchy, dry hopped IPA. Crisp, hoppy and refreshing.
EnglandIndependenceBristol Beer FactoryBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%US Style pale ale. Very distinctive pale ale that has been hopped continuously throughout the boil.
EnglandIndia Pale AleBeowulfStrong Beer - IPA7.2%Very bitter - true to the traditional aromatic strong ale style designed to take an ocean voyage.
EnglandIndia Pale AleRowtonStrong Beer - IPA6.0%A traditional style IPA. Strong and hopped with Australian "Summer".
EnglandIndia Pale AleRingwayBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Well hopped, pale and strong.
EnglandIndian SummerTattonBitter - Best Bitter4.0%This pale ale offers a zesty aroma over a dry biscuity finish for a sophisticated mugful of sunshine.
EnglandIndie GirlBlueballBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A blend of wheat, biscuit and pale crystal malts, with a generous helping of Cascade and Chinook hops. Amber with a hoppy, dry finish.
EnglandIndus Pale AeThwaitesBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Thwaites Indus Pale Ale celebrates the Indian Pale ales of the 1800's with a refreshing brew enriched with abundant hops for flavour that stays fresh and crisp to the finish. A refreshing amber ale, brewed with four hop varieties for superb taste and
EnglandInfernoOakhamBitter - Best Bitter4.0%'This light, igniting ale flickers complex fruits across your tongue, leaving a dry, fruity, bitter finish, smothering your thirst.' Peterborough.
WalesInfusionConwyBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A 'hop infused pale ale' from the north Wales coast
EnglandInquisitionSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.2%With a glowing russet hue, Inquisition is a crisp bitter with a cutting edge that develops a powerful focus of hop on the finish from Shrewsbury
EnglandInsomniaSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA7.2%Collab with Yeastie Boys. Luxurious and lush IPA A powerful aroma of floral citrus gives way to a rich soft palate of fruit salad that finishes with a gentle bitterness. Unfined.
EnglandInspiredHook HortonBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Light and fruity, with a cosmopolitan hop burst, ideal summer refreshment.
WalesInstruments of Destruction (keg)Deva CraftCraft Keg Beer - British7.0%A devastatingly hoppy double IPA from Chester's premier hop-heads.
EnglandInternational OrangeRooster'sBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%This hop-forward, medium bodied amber ale displays balanced citrus and spice notes courtesy of a blend of Sterling & Summit hops.
EnglandInvocationAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Citrus and pineapple flavours. A dry finish and moderate bitterness.
EnglandIPARudgateStrong Beer - IPA5.2%Hoppy but well balanced York bitter.
EnglandIPAHarvey'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Light and refreshing. Delicate, grassy and earthy hop aroma. Bitter and balanced malt flavours.
EnglandIPAWadworthBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Light bronze ale with delicate malt aromas. An easy drinking session ale with cereal notes and a lingering finish.
EnglandIPAMilestoneStrong Beer - IPA4.8%Milestone's Imperial Pale Ale. Pale and light coloured, Imperial Pale Ale is a crisp, refreshing brew. It has a hoppy aroma with a distinct bitter finish. Well rounded.
EnglandIPALion HeartBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%With a bitter punch, this beer should give you a fruity taste with an even bigger fruitier aroma.
EnglandIPALiverpool CraftStrong Beer - IPA5.0%With a strong hoppy finish, this IPA is a touch darker than a pale, just as I.P.As should be.
EnglandIPATintagelStrong Beer - IPA5.9%Hoppy, strong and golden.
EnglandIPAPadstowBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A refreshing, satisfying IPA style beer
EnglandIPAPenzanceStrong Beer - IPA6.0%Strong modern style IPA with Pacific Gem hops.
EnglandIPAJoseph HoltBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A very pale, traditional English ale with relatively high bitterness and a fragrant hop aroma. It is brewed with traditional East Kent Goldings and Slovenian Styrian Goldings.
EnglandIPALister'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Traditional style IPA but not over-hopped. Full-flavoured, yet light and refreshing with a restrained bitterness; amber in colour with citrus notes.
EnglandIPAHardheadStrong Beer - IPA5.5%This is a flavourful IPA with a crisp sharpness a mix of traditional and new hop varieties.
EnglandIPASonnet 43Bitter - Best Bitter4.4%A complex aroma using Goldings hops. Delicate fruity flavours. A very palatable, slightly bitter drink.
WalesIPAFelinfoelBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Golden with a smooth flavour. Designed as an easy drinking, crowd pleasing pint.
EnglandIPADukeriesBitter - Strong Bitter4.9%An easy drinking strong bitter in the traditional style.
EnglandIPAFirst Chop Brewing ArmStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.0%A well balanced East Coast IPA bursting with tropical fruit flavours
EnglandIPAPartner's (formerly Anglo-Dutch)Strong Beer - IPA5.0%An India pale ale with powerful hop flavours bursting with fruity citrus aromas.
EnglandIPA UpCollyfobbleStrong Beer - IPA5.2%Strong hoppy bitter.
EnglandIrish RedMoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Based on the classic Irish style. Driven by subtle flavours of caramel toasted malt and a hint of roasted cereal on the nose, balanced by the use of traditional Fuggle hops to give a mellow bitterness and a hint of fruit and spice.
EnglandIron CurtainTitanicDark Ale - Stout6.0%An Imperial Russian Stout brewed using the finest ingredients including roast barley which gives rich body to the beer and a huge charge of hops to give a powerful bitterness. from Burslem.
EnglandIronbridge GoldRowtonBitter - Best Bitter4.4%An American hopped best bitter.
EnglandIsland HoppingTigertopsBitter - Strong Bitter5.1%Strong hoppy bitter from an artisan brewer in Wakefield. Superb.
ScotlandIsland HoppingSwannayBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Made with pale malt and lots of New Zealand hops. A hoppy but still sessionable low strength beer.
EnglandItchycoo DarkAcornDark Ale - Stout4.5%Dark, aromatic roast malts and USA Cascade and Willamette impart a fruity, citrus hop aroma. It’s all too beautiful as the song goes!
EnglandITIHawksheadBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Crisp with citrus and floral aromas on the nose and huge flavours of gooseberry, grapefruit & tropical fruit.
EnglandJ.Y.B.Partner's (formerly Anglo-Dutch)Bitter - Standard Bitter3.5%An easy drinking session beer combining four different malts that give this beer a complex character. It is finished using First Gold and Admiral hops
EnglandJack SpittyColchesterBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Hoppy golden ale.
EnglandJacob's LadderPennineBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Golden beer. Mellow bitterness with subtle spices followed by a slightly sweet, dry aftertaste.
EnglandJaded PioneerIdle ValleyBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Medium bodied pale with a great balance and a fist full of hops on the nose.
ScotlandJaguarKelburnBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A golden full bodied ale with undertones of grapefruit, and a long lasting citrus, hoppy aftertaste
EnglandJaipur IPAThornbridgeStrong Beer - IPA5.9%Light golden coloured with a sweet citrus aroma combining candied lemon peel with sun-drenched tropical fruits. Initially a soft, smooth taste which builds into a distinctive hoppiness with a twist of honey, and a long bitter finish. from Derbyshire
EnglandJaipur IPA (Keykeg)ThornbridgeCraft Keg Beer - British5.9%Light golden coloured with a sweet citrus aroma combining candied lemon peel with sun-drenched tropical fruits. Initially a soft, smooth taste which builds into a distinctive hoppiness with a twist of honey, and a long bitter finish.
EnglandJaipur X (Keykeg)ThornbridgeCraft Keg Beer - British10.0%Special version of Jaipur brewed to 10% ABV to celebrate Thornbridge's 10th anniversary.
EnglandJAMFirst Chop Brewing ArmSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.0%Not a fruit beer, a beer with fruit. The malt base creates sweetness to compliment the mango infusion. Late hopped with Chinook and Cascade balances this beer to perfection. Dry hopped with Citra.
EnglandJames ShipstoneCastle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Collaboration with Shipstones, "James Shipstone" is a recreation of an old Shipstone's IPA with a Castle Rock edge
EnglandJammy DodgerFuggle BunnyBitter - Best Bitter4.5%A sumptuous ruby red ale. A taste explosion of juicy blackcurrant, rich liquorice and smooth caramel with malty undertones
EnglandJanet's Treat PorterBrew Foundation (The)Speciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.8%A rich cherry porter brewed at, and with the collaboration of the Wincle brewery.
EnglandJanuary PaleMalmesburyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Bitter orange and marmalade flavours in a pale golden pint.
EnglandJanuary'SaleWychwoodBitter - Standard Bitter3.8% A fruity aroma with a light orange citrus fruit flavour with a gentle bitterness and a touch of pepper to finish.
ScotlandJarlFyne AlesBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Single hopped pale golden beer produced with American Citra hops. Argyle.
EnglandJarryloRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Single hopped with Jarrylo from Washington State. Golden Promise pale malt. Amix of lime, pear and spicy notes, with a crisp finish.
EnglandJarrylo IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich Golden American hopped beer with banana, pear, spice aromas.
EnglandJasmine Pilsner (keg)RedWillowCraft Keg Beer - British4.2%A beautifully crafted pilsner with a hint of jasmine.
EnglandJay IPAMagpieStrong Beer - IPA5.2%A British IPA hopped with Admiral, Jester and UK Cascade.
EnglandJaywickThornbridgeSpeciality Beer - American Pale4.8%Starts with a zesty grapefruit hop flavour followed by floral rose petals, then smooth malty taste that balances the sharp citrus flavours.
WalesJemima's PitchforkGlamorganBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Pale, crisp beer brewed with a brilliant undertone of citrus, pear and melon. Hops: Eldorado, US Cascade, Citra, Bramling Cross, Chinook
EnglandJenny Rye IPATigertopsSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.1%Rye beer - more to follow
EnglandJerusalemBrakspearBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Traditional English amber ale with a dry biscuit taste and a smooth bitterness, brewed to celebrate the rugby.
EnglandJessamineThornbridgeSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.7%Full of floral flavours from jasmine and a nice citrus flavour from plenty of orange zest and Williamette hops.
EnglandJesterOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A full bodied, fruity golden ale. British Jester hops give a fine fruity, citrussy aroma.
EnglandJesterAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Single-hopped with English hop, Jester. A thirst quenching pale beer with a citrus, marmalade and grapefruit flavour and a dry bitter finish.
EnglandJester IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Jester has an intense, punchy aroma of new world proportions with flavour notes of grapefruit and tropical fruits.
EnglandJester JackWychwoodBitter - Standard Bitter4.0%Crisp, refreshing seasonal bitter. Fruity and hoppy.
EnglandJet StreamSalopianBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Super refreshing, with a lively hoppy nose, crisp dry flavours of peach and citrus fruits and a steely high flying bitterness.
EnglandJHBOakhamBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%'A golden beer whose aroma is dominated by hops that give characteristic citrus notes. Hops and fruit on the palate are balanced by malt and a bitter base. Dry hoppy finish with soft fruit flavours.' Peterborough
EnglandJive BunnyOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A mahogany bitter, dry-hopped with Chinook and centennial for a spicy & citrussy hop aroma.
EnglandJolly HollySt. AustellSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.3%Cornish ruby red Christmas ale.
WalesJolly RamblerErddigBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Dark gold/amber ale with a biscuit taste in the malt and slightly spicey on the palate.
EnglandJonnackWood'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A pale, fruity session beer. Jonnack is Shropshire dialect for True hearted, fair dealing, honourable.
EnglandJorvik BlondeRudgateBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A flaxen blonde ale. Balanced hoppy bitterness with a crisp fruity finish.
EnglandJoseph WilliamsonLiverpool OrganicBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A traditional bitter with First Gold and Fuggles hops
EnglandJosephine ButlerLiverpool OrganicBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A hoppy Light Ale with organic elderflower
EnglandJourneys Belgian SaisonIntrepidContinental Ale - Belgian Ale4.7%A limited edition Belgian style Saison - a pale and quenching Spring ale.
EnglandJubearleeBeartownBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Golden hoppy beer from Congleton for the Diamond Jubilee
EnglandJubilationThree TunsBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Refreshingly light special from Bishops Castle
EnglandJubileeRooster'sSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.0%A cucumber pale ale. Light, crisp and easy drinking.
EnglandJubilee SparkleMoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden bitter from Burnley. Jubilee special.
EnglandJuice BarLeft Handed GiantCraft Keg Beer - British5.5%Collaboration with Bristol Beer Factory. A cloudy Hefeweizen brewed with American and Kiwi hops.
EnglandJuice Stream (Keykeg)MobberleyCraft Keg Beer - British5.6%Collaboration with Salopian. 150 oranges were added to the brew of this New England style IPA.
WalesJuicyTiny RebelSpeciality Beer - American Pale4.8%Ever had a beer that\'s so good, it reminds you of when you were a kid? Of the wonder of the sweet shop, surrounded by a seemingly endless choice of delicious confections?
EnglandJuicy RoosterGeorge WrightBitter - Strong Bitter5.1%Made from all American hops, this light golden ale is packed with tropical fruit flavours
EnglandJunctionSalcombeBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Brewed with Challenger, Bramling X and Goldings hops, the beer has a deep amber colour with a spicy hop character.
EnglandJunctionSambrook'sBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Brewed with Challenger, Bramling X and Goldings hops, the beer has a deep amber colour with a spicy hop character.
EnglandJunga (World Cup of Hops No.5)OssettBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Fifth in the 2014 ‘World Cup of Hops’ series. Each beer utilizes the same 4% abv, pale malt, base. Polish Junga hops produce moderate bitterness with blackcurrant, spice & grapefruit.
EnglandJunga IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Junga IPA is a rich, golden coloured ale - well bittered - with a piney citrus aroma. Barnsley.
EnglandJunipaleDerbySpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.0%A malty golden ale combined with Juniper berries to create a gin/beer fusion!
EnglandJust Can't Get EnoughAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Pale straw coloured bitter. Light biscuity malt base crisp bitterness and a fruity berry like hop aroma.
EnglandKaldo Pale AleChantryStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.5%A strong, US influenced, pale ale
EnglandKaleidoscope EyesMelwoodStrong Beer - IPA5.5%Strong pale ale with lots of hops
EnglandKanaka JackAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Wonderfully pale ale brewed with El Dorado and Summit hops to give a crisp, refreshing citrus flavour with a nice bitter edge.
EnglandKangaroo CourtSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Hopped with hops from Down Under, a perfect pint to take your mind off election shenanigans.
EnglandKashmirAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Deep Ruby coloured bitter. Crisp and spicy with an underlying citrus flavour and a dry, malty bitter fruit finish.
EnglandKashmirSalopianStrong Beer - IPA5.5%An elegant strong Salopian version of an IPA, brewed with an extremely liberal amount of aroma hops. An expensively brewed ale for a refined palate from Shrewsbury
EnglandKashmir (keg)SalopianCraft Keg Beer - British5.5%An IPA, citrus, pines and tropical fruit engulf the palate and caress the senses. A dry body with a extremely long lingering finish.
EnglandKashmir (Keykeg)SalopianCraft Keg Beer - British5.5%An IPA, citrus, pines and tropical fruit engulf the palate and caress the senses. A dry body with a extremely long lingering finish.
EnglandKazbek IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden coloured Czech hopped ale, slightly grassy with a spicy lemon aroma.
EnglandKeep Calm4TsBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Pale, refreshing hopped throughout the brewing process. Very quaffable.
EnglandKeralaHoward TownBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Light bodied, pale, crisp and refreshingly citrus summer bitter
EnglandKeyworth IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%A strong golden bitter single hopped with English Keyworth hops.
WalesKia Kaha!Cwrw IalBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Pale malt, a touch of wheat and masses of New Zealand hops. Means 'be brave' in Maori.
EnglandKineticSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.5%Golden in colour. Contains Pilsner and Wheat malt, From their 'black' range.
EnglandKinetic (keg)SalopianCraft Keg Beer - British6.5%Golden in colour. Contains Pilsner and Wheat malt, From their 'black' range.
EnglandKingKeltekBitter - Best Bitter5.1%A premium bitter which is exceptionally well balanced and long lasting on the palate.
EnglandKing of SwingMarstonsBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Golden brown ale with floral/citrus aroma and a robust malty tate
EnglandKing of the MountainsWhite RoseBitter - Best BitterTBABrewed for the Tour de France 2014,
EnglandKing RatRatStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Hoppy golden IPA from Huddersfield. Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand give this a white winey aroma. Bitterness is high, but balanced by a lingering sweetness.
EnglandKing's AleMerlinBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Light amber colour. Aroma and flavour is malty, toasted caramel and earthy.
WalesKing's BaneBig HandBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Mellow toffee maltiness delivered in a dry crisp clean well balanced bitter. Subtle hoppy bramble notes round off the classically styled bitter
EnglandKing's Tower Tawny PremiumCheshire Brew BrothersBitter - Premium Bitter4.9%Spicy, malty and dry. All the great smooth flavour of Kings Tower Tawny but brewed as a premium
EnglandKingston BlackWrenbury CiderCider - Real Cider6.5%A medium dry cider with a clean fruity finish
EnglandKiplingThornbridgeBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%Kipling is a blonde beer which has a fantastic passion fruit and kiwi nose, combining a good sweet/bitter balance. This beer has a wonderful soft, smooth taste with a memorable lasting bitter finish. Bakewell.
USAKismetMother EarthCraft Keg Beer - American7.2%This IPA will “wow” those tastebuds and wake up your nose! Fruitiness in the aroma and a mango-like finish from the NZ Nelson hops used are sure to get you.
ScotlandKittiwakeBelhavenBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Collaboration between the Orkney Brewery and Belhaven. A fresh, easy drinking pale ale.
EnglandKiwi FleetTitanicBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Pale ale with Nelson Sauvin, Rakau and Orbit hops from down under.
EnglandKiwi PaleTownhouseBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A blonde bitter with hops from New Zealand
EnglandKiwi RedTownhouseBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Strong red ale made with Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand.
EnglandKnab-itWood'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A golden, floral ale. Knab-it is old Shropshire dialect meaning 'gentle bite'.
EnglandKnight HoodMedievalBitter - Best Bitter4.2%An amber ale with a deep flavoursome hoppy taste.
EnglandKnockoutWindmillBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Blonde ale with Nelson Sauvin and Chinook hops.
EnglandKodiakBeartownBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Relaunch of the beer formerly known as Kodiak Gold. Well balanced, straw coloured and very drinkable with citrus fruit and hops aroma and sharper, bitter, clean aftertaste.
EnglandKodiak GoldBeartownBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Well balanced, straw coloured and very drinkable with citrus fruit and hops aroma and sharper, bitter, clean aftertaste.
EnglandKohatu IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich Golden coloured New Zealand single hopped ale with a mild bitterness and Tropical Fruit aromas with loads of Lime notes and Pineapple flavours.
GermanyKolschSunnerContinental Ale - Kolsch4.8%Top fermented like an ale, cold conditioned like a lager. Pale straw in colour. Light, crisp lager like dryness with a tart edge, then subtle sweetness from ale style brewing.
EnglandKolschTitanicContinental Ale - Kolsch4.4%Brewed using Pilsner malt and top fermenting yeast but then held at low temperatures like lager, for a smoother flavour. German Tettnang, Mittelfruh & Herkules hops.
EnglandKolsch(ish)DerbyContinental Ale - Kolsch4.3%A Kolsch style pale. Gently hopped with German hops.
EnglandKooky GoldOffbeatBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Light easy drinking session ale finished with masses of citrusy cascade hops
EnglandKotchinCronxBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%To Kotch: London slang; To chill out, relax, enjoy doing nothing in particular. A hoppy blonde ale brewed with Cascade hops to give it a citrus aroma.
BelgiumKriekCantillonContinental Ale - Fruit Beer5.0%Beautifully-blended lambic that has been brewed with cherries. A rich red colour tips you off to what should be expected: wonderful aromas of cherries, wheat, and oak. Bold flavours of cherry are complemented by a perfectly balanced tartness
EnglandKristal WeisseTownhouseSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer5.0%A clear golden wheat beer from Audley
EnglandKushty RyeRooster'sSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.5%Amber coloured beer with a moderate bitter finish, brewed with rye malt to create a spicy characteristic, backed up by citrus notes from Amarillo and Summit hops.
EnglandL'age D'orAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A golden ale with Vienna malt and a hint of citrus. Sheffield
WalesLa TeneCelt ExperienceBitter - Standard Bitter3.3%Great balance of spice with dry-hopped pineapple aromas Named after the archaeological site of La Tène, Switzerland.
EnglandLabyrinthSalopianDark Ale - Porter4.5%Toasty dark malts cascade againast a body of resinous hops that are drawn out into a long lingering finish.
EnglandLady RaRaAbbeydaleCraft Keg Beer - British4.5%Naturally hazy raspberry and vanilla muffin beer, brewed with oodles of raspberries and real vanilla pods. The fruity flavours are enhanced by Sorachi Ace hops
EnglandLagonda IPAMarbleStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Deceptively robust, this classic IPA is golden, dry, bitter and dangerously moreish. A quadruple addition of hops lends it a depth and complexity rarely achieved on other beers. from Manchester
EnglandLakeland StunnerJenningsBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A light golden, easy drinking ale with its delicate floral and citrus aroma, is as inspiring as the views it celebrates.
EnglandLambton CastleLittle Ale CartBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A pale golden bitter from Sheffield
EnglandLamp LighterTalke O'Th'HillBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Session bitter brewed just over the Staffordshire border.
EnglandLancaster BomberMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A traditional English ale, chestnut in colour with a full-bodied flavour. Originally brewed by Mitchell\'s of Lancaster in 1994, then by Thwaites of Blackburn.
EnglandLarcenyAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Pale beer with American hops Bravo and Columbus providing full-on citrus & fruity hop flavours, predominantly grapefruit.
EnglandLast StandRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Very aromatic (grapefruit and strong tropical fruits) and full of punchy, hoppy flavour, but clean and well balanced.
EnglandLate EncounterFoxfieldBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Pale golden bitter from Cumbria
EnglandLate Hopped PaleNorthern AlchemyBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%Very low bittering using Bobek on the first wort and first addition. Aroma & flavour come from the large amount of Chinook, late in the boil and Chinook & Simcoe during the hop stand. Finally dry hopped on an even larger amount of Simcoe
EnglandLate RedShepherd NeameBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Bronzze autumn ale from Kent
EnglandLate StarThornbridgeBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Fuggles hopped Extra Special Bitter brewed in collaboration with the Sheffield Star for their 150th anniversary
EnglandLaughing GravyUlverstonBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A light, copper beer with a balance between malt and hops, leaving a thirst-quenching aftertaste.
EnglandLaughing WaterBrew Foundation (The)Bitter - Best Bitter4.3%Hoppy, tropical-fruity pale ale that gets its name, and it’s flavour, from a punchy English hop called “Jester”. Think: blackcurrant, grapefruit & lychees.
EnglandLawlessBootleg Brewing Co.Bitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A pale traditional ale brewed with Styrian hops.
EnglandLazy DaysRorty CrankleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Light golden ale using English malt. Traditional hops give the beer a mellow floral hop aroma followed by a distinctive hoppy taste.
EnglandLazy HazeTattonSpeciality Beer - Honey Beer3.7%Intentionally hazy summer beer with honey and a hint of tea.
ScotlandLeezie Lundie Pale AleAyrBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Brewed using Savinjski Styrian Golding hops from Slovenia, to produce a fruity, pale golden, thirst quenching session Ale.
WalesLeft FieldHeavy IndustryBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%New premium golden bitter from Henllan in North Wales
EnglandLegacyMobberleyBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Light pale ale, zesty citrus notes punch through a refreshing, mellow undertone.
EnglandLeggers LightRiverheadBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Very pale, brewed using extra pale malt, very generously hopped.
EnglandLeghornRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Creamy pale ale brewed using a mixture of four American hops that combine to create a cocktail of fruit aromas.
EnglandLemon & LimeBradfordSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer5.0%Citrus, fruity, wheat beer made with fresh lemon zest, limes and lemongrass. Smooth, soft fruity wheat. A hazy summer beer.
EnglandLemon BlossomHornbeamBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Aroma of crisp citrus lemon. Perfectly balanced sweetness with delicate bitterness to finish.
EnglandLemon DreamSalopianSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.5%A bright gold wheat beer, lightly flavoured with a subtle twist of lemon to give a refreshing flavour.
EnglandLemon Dream (keg)SalopianCraft Keg Beer - British4.5%A bright gold wheat beer, lightly flavoured with a subtle twist of lemon to give a refreshing flavour. This keg version has added lemon peel.
EnglandLemon Dream (Keykeg)SalopianCraft Keg Beer - British4.5%A bright gold wheat beer, lightly flavoured with a subtle twist of lemon to give a refreshing flavour. This keg version has added lemon peel.
WalesLemon DrizzleWaenSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer3.7%A lemony vanilla pale ale.
EnglandLemon EdgeSandstoneBitter - Best Bitter4.1%An easy drinking summer ale with a subtle zesty punch.
EnglandLemon HopsickleRudgateBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Fresh, pale and zesty with lemon on the nose
EnglandLemondrop IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Strong bitter single hopped with American Lemondrop hops.
EnglandLetargionAbraham ThompsonDark Ale - Stout8.5%An imperial stout. Pronounced liquorice and treacle in the mouth leading to a surprisingly bitter finish.
WalesLeviathan IPABrew MonsterBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A citrussy session IPA.
EnglandLicense to ChillDerbyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Copper coloured with malty flavours and floral hop aromas and a crisp finish.
EnglandLife Begins...Castle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A special bitter to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Nottingham Beer Festival.
EnglandLife of RileyWincleBitter - Best Bitter4.2% 'Liberty hops and a touch a wheat malt give this beer great balance and drinkability'
EnglandLightHarbourBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Quenching light bitter from Bodmin in Cornwall.
EnglandLight BlueBlue BeeBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Golden bitter from Sheffield
EnglandLight MildFernandesMild - Light Mild3.6%A light brown ale with English hops.
EnglandLightfootTheakston'sBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Refreshing golden ale. Prime English barley and wheat, continental hops, Masham yeast and water from the Yorkshire Dales.
EnglandLightheart Pale AleYorkshire HeartBitter - Standard Bitter3.3%A wonderful golden pale ale that really punches above its weight when it comes to flavours
EnglandLighthouseAdnamsBitter - Standard Bitter3.4%A classic amber beer delivering a crisp, refreshing taste. It has a light fragrance, lovely malt flavours and long hoppy after palate. from Southwold in Suffolk.
EnglandLightnessAcornMild - Light Mild3.6%A light, golden Pennine mild brewed with Fuggles hops which impart light, noble aromas.
EnglandLily the PinkCeltic Marches CiderCider - Real Cider4.5% A medium fruity cider – gorgeous pink colour – made from 100% cider apples on our Herefordshire farm – intense fruity aroma – very drinkable
EnglandLime BlossomHornbeamBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Refreshing pale ale, clean fresh lime and tropical fruitsburst onto the palate, exceptionally refreshing
EnglandLime LiteFernandesSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer3.8%A blonde bitter flavoured with kaffir lime leaves.
EnglandLimerenceSalopianStrong Beer - IPA6.6%Intensely hopped, a compulsive IPA with rich layers of pineapple, lemon and peach. A long creamy body gives way to an obsessive taut bitterness.
WalesLimestone CowboyCwrw IalBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A robust copper ale with American hops and West Coast yeast.
EnglandLimiRudgateBitter - Best Bitter
BelgiumLimited Edition No.1 (2016)St. FeuillienContinental Ale - Belgian Ale6.0%Like a cross between a strong White and a Saison. Complex in Character wit New World hops.
EnglandLindowCheshire BrewhouseDark Ale - Stout4.5%Lighter take on Irish stout, very complex with hints of dark chocolate & espresso balanced with dried vine fruits, a luscious stout.
EnglandLionHook HortonBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A perfectly balanced bronze beer, full of fruit flavours and aromas. Complex yet refreshing, Lion has a long, bittersweet finish. AKA Cotswold Lion
EnglandLion Heart4TsBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A good amber session ale with body and a good hop finish.
EnglandLion TamerAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Fruity pale, roaring grapefruit flavours tamed by notes of lychees and citrus.
EnglandLion's RoarOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Full bodied golden ale with a hint of sweetness, perfectly balanced by a high degree of bitterness. Aroma hops give a powerful, distinctive citrus finish.
EnglandLionbrewJoseph HoltBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%A floral, hoppy but perfectly balanced Summer beer. This refreshing 3.5perfectly balanced Summer beer. This refreshing beer uses a new tropical stone fruit hop.
EnglandLiquid Mistress Red IPASiren CraftStrong Beer - IPA5.8%A west coast red ale: burnt raisins and crackers balanced by citrus. Mysterious, seductive and disarming. You will soon desire her biscuit-and-burnt-raisin malt base, and peach and grapefruit spark.
EnglandLiquid SunshineSt. AustellBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A taste of summer with hints of zesty citrus grapefruit and orange with a good balance of malt.
ScotlandLismore Blonde IPAFyne AlesStrong Beer - IPA5.5%Very hoppy blonde ale from Scotland.
ScotlandLismore Red IPAFyne AlesStrong Beer - IPA5.5%Red, hoppy bitter from Argyll. One of a series.
EnglandLitBeartownBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A super pale, American hopped bitter.
EnglandLittle BelterDerbyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Traditional in colour with a predominantly malty flavour and aroma accompanied by a subtle, dry, hoppy finish.
EnglandLittle BewdyThwaitesBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Pale ale brewed with Australian hops. Floral hop aroma with a balanced and mellow hop character.
EnglandLittle Bitter ThatBrew Foundation (The)Bitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Made from five English hops: Target, Challenger, Progress, East Kent Goldings and Bramling Cross to give it a satisfying fruity hop taste and aroma, balanced against a strong malt backbone.
EnglandLittle Boys BitterFernandesBitter - Standard Bitter3.0%Golden ale with a good hop flavour and a slight hint of spiciness.
EnglandLittle DarlingsRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A pale ale displaying characteristics of tropical fruits, in particular passion fruit and guava, that lead to a medium bitterness.
EnglandLittle DonkeyRooster'sSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.1%Christmas cake in a glass. Topaz, Admiral and Phoenix hops give balance.
EnglandLittle GemJenningsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A rich, spiced-toffee bitter. Cumberland.
EnglandLittle Nipper Northern IPACross BayStrong Beer - IPA5.4%A hoppy IPA from Morecambe Bay
EnglandLittle RascalHappy ValleyBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Golden Cheshire bitter from Bollington
EnglandLittle Things That KillWeird BeardSpeciality Beer - Hop Bomb3.8%A violently hoppy little beer! It will sneak round behind you, cut your hamstrings, then when you are on the ground, smackyou over the head with hops.
WalesLittle Yellow GodBig HandBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A light golden pale ale.
EnglandLiverpool PorterWindmillDark Ale - Porter4.5%Ruby coloured and pleasantly balanced.
EnglandLoaded4TsBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A full strength pale beer with a full on hoppy finish.
EnglandLoan SharkBlackwaterBitter - Strong Bitter5.1%Hoppy golden bitter from Salopian
WalesLocal HeroTenbyBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A traditional ESB with a twist. Brewed in partnership with the RNLI, 10% of profits from this beer are donated to help save lives at sea!
EnglandLock Keeper'sHaresfootBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A delicate balance of English Challenger & Goldings hops adding full flavour & aroma to a mix of fine malts.
EnglandLocomotionCoastalBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Made with Citra and Mount Rainier hops which imparts liquorice and citrus notes.
EnglandLondiniumRooster'sSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer5.5%A strong porter with four malts and Taylor's of Harrogate After Dark coffee.
EnglandLong BlondeLong ManBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A light coloured golden ale with a distinctive hoppy aroma and crisp clean bitterness on the finish. Smooth light and refreshing.
EnglandLong HopBollingtonBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Pale lager style bitter with fruity refreshing hops
EnglandLongboatGeorge WrightBitter - Best Bitter4.1%An amber traditional bitter from Rainford, St. Helens.
EnglandLongdendale LightsHoward TownBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A pale, light easy drinking beer, made with Pale malt and Cascade and Willamette hops. Originally a summer special.
EnglandLongrowWorthBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Traditional bitter from a brewery attached to a club in Poynton
EnglandLongshipOthertonDark Ale - Porter4.6%Dark, moody porter with a smoky character. Underlying hedgerow fruits from Bramling Cross hops,
EnglandLord LucanWincleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%An occasional golden bitter
EnglandLord MarplesThornbridgeBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Aromas of light toffee and caramel. Flavours are a mix of soft floral and spicy hop and a smooth bitter finish.
EnglandLost BearingsAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Deep Golden ale with Cascade and Pacific Gem hops. Citrus and floral flavours dominate with undertones of blackberry, complimented with flavours of oak and pine.
EnglandLove All The PeopleOutlaw (Roosters)Speciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.7%Pale ale with tropical fruit flavours from Galaxy, Simcoe and Mosaic hops, then infused with passion fruit.
EnglandLove Over GoldBad Co.Bitter - Best Bitter4.1%A fresh and fearless Blonde Ale with twists of citrus fruits and bitter orange. Bold and refreshing.
EnglandLovelightMelwoodBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Three types of American hops make this beer a bold yet refreshing drink with tons of hop aroma and a crisp biting flavour.
WalesLovely TackleBreconBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Golden ale. Full flavoured, with a refreshing blend of British hops
EnglandLovey WarneRingwoodBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Crisp amber ale with a fragrant aroma. Hampshire.
EnglandLow LifeOutlaw (Roosters)Bitter - Standard Bitter2.8%Hopped with Crystal and Motueka hops and late addition of Pacific Gem. Dry hopped. Amber in colour with aromas of orange and mango.
EnglandLow To GoHook HortonBitter - Standard Bitter2.8%A dry, golden ale, low in strength, but packed high with flavour.
EnglandLPAHealey'sBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Loppergarth pale ale, a strong hoppy ale.
EnglandLucariaThornbridgeStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer6.0%An ice cream porter combining flavours of chocolate and vanilla with the traditional notes of a porter to create a deliciously drinkable beer.
EnglandLucid DreamTurning PointDark Ale - Stout5.0%Heaps of different malts and oats give a sumptuous, smooth mouthfeel and body. Cacao nibs and chocolate malts give that classic cookie taste with the cream coming from lactose in the boil and a touch of vanilla too.
BelgiumLuciferAnkerContinental Ale - Belgian Ale8.0%Strong golden ale in the Duvel style
EnglandLullabySalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA9.0%West Coast IPA that marries a beautiful smooth silky grapefruit infused body with mandarin and blood orange shimmering through a twist of bitterness and a medley of pineapple, lychee and resinous hop loveliness.
EnglandLullaby (Keykeg)SalopianCraft Keg Beer - British9.0%West Coast IPA that marries a beautiful smooth silky grapefruit infused body with mandarin and blood orange shimmering through a twist of bitterness and a medley of pineapple, lychee and resinous hop loveliness.
EnglandLumfordThornbridgeBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Pale ale brewed using New Zealand hops creating aromas of pear, peach and pineapples. Flavours are floral, apples, peach and orange peel.
EnglandLuminescenceSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.2%A misty gold with a fresh and fruity aroma of mango, fresh grass and pine resin. A creamy palate of peach and pineapple twist across a burst of semi-sweet mango. This product will serve cloudy.
EnglandLunaSalopianBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Pale ale with Lemon Drop, Centennial and Mandarina Bavaria hops.
EnglandLunaticRowtonBitter - Best Bitter4.3%'Acopper coloured ale bursting with flavour'. Brewed at Rowton in Shropshire, just north of Telford.
EnglandLuppolClouded MindsCraft Keg Beer - British4.2%Light-medium bodied with plenty of Cascade and Summit hops. Very drinkable and refreshing with a good bitter finish.
EnglandLupuloid IPA (keykeg)BeavertownCraft Keg Beer - British6.7%Their first straight up IPA, no funny business, just malt, yeast, water and hops. Lots of hops.
EnglandLustin' for StoutBlue BeeDark Ale - Stout4.8%Dark brew from Sheffield. Ex Abbeydale brewer.
EnglandLux BorealisHardknottBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Brewed with Aurora Hops. Pale straw in colour, herbal and grassy aroma, citrus sherbet favours and a tangy tingle of gentle refreshing bitterness
EnglandLux NovaSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.2%A white IPA with a succulent taste of orange, grapefruit, mango that is decked out with spicy coriander, clove and a peppery taste of pine.
EnglandLux Nova (keg)SalopianCraft Keg Beer - British5.2%A white IPA with a succulent taste of orange, grapefruit, mango that is decked out with spicy coriander, clove and a peppery taste of pine.
EnglandM BombArborBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Pale single hop special
EnglandMad DogParkwayDark Ale - Old Ale5.0%Dark winter ale
EnglandMad GoosePurityBitter - Best Bitter4.2%'Light copper in colour with a great zesty hop character with citrus overtone'. Warwickshire.
EnglandMad Mick's Hop DanceImperialStrong Beer - IPA5.5%IPA style
EnglandMadagascar StoutAbraham ThompsonDark Ale - Stout3.9%From a tiny brewery in Cumbria held in very high regard for it's fine dark beers. Only 18 gallons is brewed at a time, so we are most honoured.
EnglandMade NorthThornbridgeBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Manchester-style bitter. Bright golden colour. Bracingly bitter and dry, with light malt aromas and flavours of earthy, floral and very moreish English hops.
EnglandMadnessAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Light golden coloured ale, creamy biscuity malt background with a crazy addition of late hops to create a pleasant spicy citrus aroma.
EnglandMadness IPAWild BeerStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.8%Masses of late hops and dry hops to maximise flavours and aromas, wave after wave of tropical and citrus fruits. Wow!
EnglandMag-na-galaxie4TsBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A smooth, pale beer. Satisfying.
EnglandMagellanWharfeBankBitter - Best Bitter4.0%New Zealand Pale Ale hopped with Waimea, Pacific Gem, Sticklebract and dry hopped with Waimea.
EnglandMagic Mushroom MildWhimMild - Dark Mild3.8%Distinctive mix of roast malty flavours combine with milk stout character winding up with a smooth finish. The answer to the obvious question is ‘no’ because the brewer doesn't want to go to jail.
EnglandMagic SpongeThwaitesBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Full in flavour, sweetish malty notes with a strong fruit hop
EnglandMagnum IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Strong bitter with American Magnum hops
EnglandMagnum PI(A)TitanicBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A new for 2018 session IPA with Magnum hops.
EnglandMai TaiOssettBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Made from pale and wheat malts, this is a crisp, dry and refreshing ale. Moderately bitter, but with heaps of New Zealand Waimea hops added at the end of the boil, this session IPA has intense hop aromas of citrus and pine.
EnglandMaiden VoyageTitanicBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Commemorative brew from the Potteries
EnglandMain Line BitterSettleBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Proper Yorkshire Bitter. Full bitter flavour balanced with a hint of fruity sweetness.
EnglandMajestic MildOssettMild - Dark Mild3.5%Dark brown, velvety smooth mild. Chocolate and coffee flavours from a blend of five different malts, complemented by a very low bitterness. Late addition of British First Gold imparts a delicate hop finish.
EnglandMallardGundogBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Session bitter from Ashington in Northumberland
EnglandMalt DancerFoxfieldBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A fine bitter with excellent balance.
EnglandMandarina IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden German single hopped IPA with fruity characteristics and distinct aromas of Tangerine and Citrus.
EnglandMane EventNew LionBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%No tasting notes available.
EnglandMangataSalopianDark Ale - Stout4.6%Black, velvety smooth with a rich body that oozes chocolate, dark malts and hints of dry rye toast and an intricate roasted finish.
EnglandManifestoRevolutionsDark Ale - Stout6.0%A smooth, suave and sophisticated award winning stout.
EnglandManorHobson'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A bitter ale with a crisp refreshing flavour and buscuit overtones, brewed especially to celebrate the Severn Valley railway's Manor Class steam engines.
EnglandMaoriRingwayBitter - Best Bitter4.0%New Zealand-style hoppy pale ale.
EnglandMaoriMobberleyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A golden ale with New Zealand hops.
EnglandMaori Sidestep Black AleWeetwoodDark Ale - Black Bitter Ale4.4%A clever blend of six malts and grains creates the colour and character of this black ale which is brewed with hops from New Zealand.
EnglandMaple MoonJoseph HoltBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Subtle maple flavouring. A light, more malty ale, Maplemoon is the perfect accompaniment to spicy foods.
EnglandMarauderAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Dry hopped with the US hop El Dorado for a nice citrus fruit burst on the palate with a hint of black pepper.
EnglandMaravilla Raspberry BeerSlatersSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.5A fruit beer matured with Staffordshire whole raspberries.
EnglandMariana TrenchWeird BeardStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.3%A Transpacific Pale Ale with New Zealand Pacific Gem and American Citra hops that give tropical fruit nose. Mango, peach and passion-fruit flavours carry into the taste and are balanced with light malt
EnglandMarinerGloucesterBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A modern distinctively smooth, malty and hoppy ale
EnglandMarionLincoln GreenBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Full bodied pale ale, packed with citrus hop and a hint of grapefruit.
EnglandMarshmallow Meltdown StoutAbbeydaleDark Ale - Stout7.0%A monster stout brewed with coffee, cacao nibs and chestnut and marshmallow syrups to give a rich and complex flavour.
EnglandMartin Guzzlewit BlondeDickensianBitter - Best Bitter4.2%'This blonde guzzler is delicately attractive and at 4.2% has a bit of muscle. Using American yeast with a low-colour malt for a light, crisp finish.' Roden, Shrewsbury.
EnglandMary Jane IPAIlkleyCraft Keg Beer - British6.0%Rich and full, with a classic IPA bitterness. Export-strength version of best-selling Mary Jane. Floral aroma, toffee notes and pleasant lingering bitterness.
EnglandMarynka 51George WrightBitter - Strong Bitter5.1%Strong blonde ale from Merseyside
EnglandMarynka Session IPAWhimBitter - Standard Bitter3.3%A light golden coloured single hop session IPA made with Polish Marynka hops.
EnglandMashupFine TunedSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.2%Made with the addition of rye malt and flavoured with orange peel.
EnglandMasqueradeAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Citrusy pale ale overflowing with hoppy goodness due to the Bravo hops and dry hopping with Citra.
EnglandMatchlock MildMarston MoorMild - Best Mild4.0%A traditional, full flavoured dark mild.
EnglandMatinsAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%'Pleasant and grassy with hints of green peppers and a moderate bitterness'. Clean tasting and very pale in colour. Brewed using North American hops. Sheffield.
EnglandMatrixSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.2%'A refreshing golden yellow ale with a crisp white head. Prominent hop flavours are balanced by biscuit malt dry finish.' Shrewsbury.
EnglandMauledFront RowSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer6.8%A traditional winter warmer. Rich and malty.
EnglandMaulerRingwoodBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A golden bitter delivering dry and crisp bitterness with a balanced fullness.
EnglandMay BockTigertopsStrong Beer - IPA6.2%Stunningly, and deliciously hoppy strong Wakefield bitter
EnglandMay the Fourth be With YouJenningsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A golden pale ale with a blend of three hops, selected to give a flavour of spice, pine and citrus.
EnglandMaydayPadstowBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%An extra pale Summer Ale that is both crisp and smooth. Aroma hopping gives citrus and tropical notes on a long finish.
EnglandMayflowerOthertonSpeciality Beer - American Pale5.5%Zesty orange bitterness followed by US hops for flavour and aroma. Ahtanum, Bravo, Chinook and Delta provide the big fruity finish.
EnglandMayflyCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Golden hoppy summer bitter.
EnglandMaypoleOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Mellow pale ale. Easy Drinking but with plenty of floral hop aroma
EnglandMaypoleRooster'sSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer3.7%A seasonal pale ale with Cascade hops and infused with Elderflowers to produce a delicate floral and citrus aroma.
EnglandMcConnel'sThornbridgeDark Ale - Stout5.0%A creamy vanilla stout with raspberry flavours and a dark chocolate bitter finish.
EnglandMCRFirst Chop Brewing ArmBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Rich and malty with lingering bitterness and tropical fruit and citrus hop notes coming through.
EnglandMe DuckMarstonsBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Pale yellow in colour. Quaffable and refreshing.
EnglandMedium CiderDouble Vision Cider Co.Cider - Real Cider7.4%Highly drinkable (and hence very dangerous) Kentish cider
EnglandMedium Dry CiderRoss-on-Wye CiderCider - Real Cider5.5%Made traditionally at Broome Farm in the stomach of Herefordshire from whole apple juice and natural yeasts.
EnglandMedusaCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Deep chesnut red in colour, hopped with Junga and Target. This malty ale is silky smooth on the tongue
EnglandMekitty MildDickensianMild - Light Mild3.5%A light mild with good malty body
EnglandMelbaThornbridgeSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer5.2%Peach IPA brewed by DAda in Sheffield as part of the Thornbridge Taps Landlord Challenge
EnglandMellow YellowBottlebrookBitter - Strong Bitter5.7%Strong golden ale from Derbyshire
WalesMelynBig HandBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Premium golden bitter
WalesMelynBig HandBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A golden bitter
EnglandMem in BlackAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer5.2%Full bodied plum porter, with secret hints of dark chocolate from the malt grist. Subtly hopped.
EnglandMerakiSalopianDark Ale - Stout4.8%Chocolate and vanilla bounce across a delectable bed of rich malt flavours with nougat and cocoa flowing through a smooth and creamy finale.
EnglandMercia IPADerbyStrong Beer - IPA5.0%The finest English malts combined with continental hops, create an IPA with a modern twist.
EnglandMercian RewardBeowulfBitter - Best Bitter4.4%An end of summer special one-off. Nice and hoppy.
EnglandMercian ShineBeowulfBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Amber to pale bitter with a fresh, hoppy and fruity aroma and a dry finish. From Cannock.
EnglandMere BlondeBurscoughBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale full flavoured thirst quenching golden ale with a light bitterness and a prominent citrus hop aroma.
EnglandMeridian MildTownhouseMild - Dark Mild4.0%Full flavoured dark mild. A little stronger than the norm.
EnglandMerlins GoldMerlinBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Golden bitter from Sandbach. Champion Beer of Cheshire in 2016
EnglandMetro Pirate Craft IPABootleg Brewing Co.Bitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A golden bitter from the Horse and Jockey at Chorlton, Manchester
EnglandMexi CocoaRebelDark Ale - Stout8.5%A chocolate and vanilla flavoured stout, triple-infused with chocolate and vanilla at each stage of the brewing process.
EnglandMIAFirst Chop Brewing ArmDark Ale - Brown Ale3.5%5 malts, English and Australian hops give this brunette bags more malt and hop character than you might expect from a beer of this strength.
EnglandMichael's Mount MildCoastalMild - Strong Mild5.0%Strong, full flavoured dark mild
EnglandMickey TakerSalamanderBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Copper coloured bitter
EnglandMid Atlantic Pale (MAP)TitanicBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A hoppy pale ale in the Transatlantic style.
EnglandMid Atlantic Pale (MAP) (keg)TitanicCraft Keg Beer - British4.5%A hoppy pale ale in the Transatlantic style.
EnglandMidas TouchDerbyBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%'Golden and complex, a stunning array of malt and hops'
EnglandMidgeMaypoleBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Pale, full of hop character from using American cascade and summit hops. Moderate bitter finish.
EnglandMidland RedFroth BlowersBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A dark red ale with a balanced malt and hop taste
WalesMidnightMonty'sDark Ale - Stout4.0%A dark smooth creamy stout. Full of dark malts and fruit flavours, from Montgomery
EnglandMidnight ExpressSalopianDark Ale - Stout5.2%Pitch black. Complex dark malts that are rich with mocha, bitter cocoa and oats. Hop aroma is fresh, balanced and spicy and drives a tantalisingly clean finish.
WalesMidnight MildNew PlasseyMild - Best Mild4.2%Dark ale from Bangor on Dee
EnglandMidnight OwlCastle RockStrong Beer - Black IPA5.5%Rich, warming Black IPA with a distinctive hop and caramel finish.
EnglandMidnight RosePennineMild - Dark Mild3.7%Dark ale from Batley in Yorkshire
EnglandMidnight StoutWoodlandsDark Ale - Stout4.4%Smooth, Traditional easy drinking stout with a dry roasted barley flavour Champion Beer of Cheshire 2014.
EnglandMidnight SunCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Amber in colour, brewed with Cascade and Northern Brewer hops to give a floral hop aroma and hints of Grapefruit on the palate.
EnglandMidnight SunshineSalopianDark Ale - Stout4.7%A silky rich opulent stout with hints of oatmeal, coffee and rich dark malts. An enticing cocoa bitterness leads to a full malt inspired finish.
EnglandMighty CrossBeowulfStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer6.5%Strong ale from the shore of Chasewater in Staffordshire.
EnglandMighty MouseRatBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%A pale session bitter.
EnglandMildHobson'sMild - Dark Mild3.2%A smooth dark mild. Chocolate malt gives plenty of flavour and an aroma which belies its strength. Champion Beer of Great Britain in 2007. From south Shropshire.
EnglandMildJoseph HoltMild - Dark Mild3.2%Smooth drinking very dark beer with a fruity and roasted malt aroma and chocolate, caramel taste
EnglandMildThree TunsMild - Dark Mild3.4%A dark, smooth mild with rich caramel and chocolate flavours.
EnglandMild RevolutionIdle ValleyMild - Dark Mild3.6%Mild is back in fashion. With a rich roasty character and chocolate notes this is a flavour packed low ABV beer.
EnglandMild Session IPAHowling HopsDark Ale - Black Bitter Ale3.3%One of their Small Batch Series. Not so much a mild, despite the colour and strength, but actually a session strength black IPA.
EnglandMilkStray CatDark Ale - Stout4.2%A milk stout. Creamy chocolatey start, with a coffee finish.
EnglandMillennium IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden ale with American Millennium hops. Barnsley.
EnglandMind BogglingSalamanderStrong Beer - IPA5.4%A pale, hoppy IPA.
EnglandMind ControlKelham IslandStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.9%Double IPA brewed with a double helping of the world's best aroma hops. Citra gives citrus and jasmine, Chinook blackcurrant and elderberry and Nelson Sauvin fresh crushed gooseberry.
EnglandMind of MayhemSalamanderBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%Strong, pale and hoppy bitter
EnglandMind's Eye (keg)SalopianCraft Keg Beer - British5.8%Golden with a medium body, light on malt, high on piney, citric hops and boasting lingering, resinous bitterness. Assertive with a candied tropical finale.
EnglandMinds EyeSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.8%Super juicy IPA. Golden with a medium body, light on malt, high on piney, citric hops and boasting lingering, resinous bitterness. Assertive with a candied tropical finale.
WalesMinera MountainConwyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A hoppy session ale. Ideal for summer and it has a hint of heather.
EnglandMinstrel IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%English Minstrel hops. Rich golden coloured beer with a mild bitterness and aromas of spiced berries and orange citrus.
EnglandMiracleChapelBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A blonde beer using 3 American hop varieties. Full of flavour.
EnglandMirthlessRedWillowBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A very refreshing easy drinking pale ale with a very smooth finish, loaded with Simcoe and Citra late hops. Available March until the hops run out.
WalesMischiefMonty'sBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Dry golden bitter with crisp finish from Montgomery
EnglandMiss A.P.A.4TsBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Golden, hoppy American style APA.
EnglandMissing TreasureDerbyBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A golden brew giving well balanced hop bitterness, together with a satisfying finish.
EnglandMistress FlamesKelham IslandMild - Strong Mild5.0%An elegant and sophisticated ruby mild
EnglandMisty MorningPennineBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A sparkling refreshing blonde. A bitter earthy hop followed by a subtle spicy orange aroma and aftertaste
EnglandMixed MetaphorSalopianDark Ale - Stout4.5%Hoppy oatmeal and rye stout. Rich, dry and smooth with an array of chocolate and darks and a rich resinous hop filled finish.
EnglandMMMOssettStrong Beer - IPA7.0%A limited edition. MMM is an extra special full bodied IPA brewed to celebrate their 3000th brew
EnglandMo' CitraOdysseyBitter - Best Bitter4.0% Incredibly hoppy with pronounced citrus & a malt base that stands up to the hopping but doesn’t get in the way.
EnglandMocne PiwoGeorge WrightBitter - Strong Bitter5.1%Strong fruity, malty brew from Merseyside
EnglandModern WayRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A sessionable pale ale that delivers the big-hitting hoppiness of an IPA.
BelgiumMoinette BlondDupontContinental Ale - Belgian Ale8.0%Really delicious in the mouth with beautifully balanced citrus, banana and rich, creamy sensations. Soft, rounded spicy finish has a touch of bitterness.
EnglandMojaveSalopianBitter - Standard Bitter3.0%Heavily hopped with Denali and Citra which give a beautiful and resinous profile with tropical fruit, pine and grapefruit cascading across the palate.
WalesMole CatcherGwynt y DdraigCider - Real Cider5.0%Medium farmhouse cider. Made from a selection of Bittersweet cider apples, tastes delicious!
EnglandMongrel's Flaming WitMarston MoorSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.0%Light hop with underlying malt make this an easy drinking session ale from York.
EnglandMonkey BusinessSalopianBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%Sunflower yellow, light to the palate for its ABV but packed with a powerful hop profile from the galaxy hop.
EnglandMonkey Tail AleBeer MonkeyLager - Lager style cask beer4.0%A modern take of Bohemia & Czech Premium Pilsner, it is a light golden straw Premium Pils lager style Ale bursting, bright & fresh.
EnglandMonkey's UncleArborStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.0%A 13 hop special
EnglandMonkholme PremiumReedley HallowsBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A premium golden ale, smooth with a great hoppy taste throughout.
EnglandMontgomeryWantsumBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Amber best bitter exploding with citrus aromas and using exclusively American hops. Named after the SS Richard Montgomery which sank off Sheerness during WW2 whilst full of explosives and the Coastguard still monitor the wreck.
EnglandMoon RatRatBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A dry hopped pale ale.
EnglandMoonless Dark IPAMarstonsDark Ale - Black Bitter Ale4.1%Tropical fruit aroma & chocolatey smooth flavours balanced with a citrus edge.
EnglandMoonshineAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A pale and hoppy beer with an orange peel aroma. Citrus and bubblegum flavours lead onto a lasting creamy peach finish. Champion Beer of Yorkshire 2012.
EnglandMoonshine CiderBroadoakCider - Real Cider7.5%Strong white still cider from Somerset
EnglandMoonstruck MildRowtonMild - Dark Mild3.3%A traditional dark mild brewed with Maris Otter malt.
EnglandMoor TopBuxtonBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Hopped with American Chinook hops. Oozes citrus flavour and aroma. Lovely sweetnes balanced with lingering bitter finish & late grapefruit hit.
EnglandMoose River American Pale AleGreat Western (GWB)Speciality Beer - American Pale5.0%Golden in colour. First impressions are crisp grapefruit with undertones of caramel. The nose is a lemon-sweet mix.
EnglandMore or Less ElusiveRedWillowSpeciality Beer - American Dark4.9%collaboration with Elusive Brewery from Wokingham. Roasted and coffee flavours from the malts, then big fruity and bitter flavour from the American hops really come through.
EnglandMorganaMerlinBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A golden ale with a bitter lasting finish
EnglandMorilloSandstoneBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A blonde beer with a fusion of Mosaic and Amarillo hops.
WalesMorning GloryTomos WatkinBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Full bodied golden ale from malted barley and American hops. With lemon and grapefruit flavours and a zesty citrus aroma, with a refreshing bitter taste.
EnglandMorrells VarsityBrakspearBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A classic well balanced all malt bitter. Rich amber colour, with a classic hop character. Morrell's Brewery of Oxford, closed in 1998.
EnglandMorseFernandesBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A blonde session ale with spicy grapefruit characteristics.
EnglandMortal CoilSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.9%A strong and golden IPA that is compelling and aromatic. With fragrant layers of lemon rind and fresh flowers and an aroma that flaunts its intensity.
EnglandMorverenCoastalBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A hoppy bitter
EnglandMosaicVibrant ForestStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.0%Pale ale hopped with Mosaic, giving ctrussy, piney, earthy flavours.
Isle of ManMosaicHooded RamBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Strong golden bitter single hopped with Mosaic.
EnglandMosaicMallinson'sBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Brewed using Mosaic hops from the USA. Pale blonde with a spicy fresh nose, a bitter sharp grapefruit flavour, and a bitter intense finish.
EnglandMosaicExit 33Bitter - Best Bitter4.1%This pale ale showcases the single hop variety at its best, giving a complex blend of floral, tropical, fruity and earthy characteristics.
EnglandMosaic American PaleAbbeydaleCraft Keg Beer - British4.1%Refreshing pale ale. Mosaic hops from America. Bursting with tropical fruit flavours and a pleasant citrus bitterness.
EnglandMosaic and CitraHobson'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Collaboration with Brew By Numbers. An extra hoppy pale ale. Light in body with mellow bitterness and full-on citrusy hop.
EnglandMosaic GoldCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.2%tone fruit hop notes in this golden session beer with good, light malt adding balance.
EnglandMosaic IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden coloured beer with characteristics of juicy Blueberries, Citrus and Tropical Fruits.
EnglandMosaic MerchantTigertopsBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Premium bitter with Mosaic hops.
EnglandMosquito Best BitterCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Traditional English chestnut best bitter.
EnglandMost HauntedCastle RockDark Ale - Porter4.4%Dark and mysterious pumpkin porter
EnglandMostly AmarilloFirebrandBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Light session beer given body by Maris Otter barley, hopped with mostly Amarillo giving strong notes of citrus and tropical fruit. Crisp bittersweet finish.
EnglandMother Plucking TurkeyRowtonBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A golden ale to gobble up!
EnglandMother RatRatDark Ale - Stout5.5%Smooth strong milk stout with a bitter finish.
EnglandMother's BruinIntrepidSpeciality Beer - Spiced Beer4.3%A Belgian style brown ale with added spices including juniper. Belgian malt and yeast.
EnglandMotuekaArborBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Pale hoppy session beer brewed with one of our favourite hops, NZ Motueka. Flavours and aromas of tropical fruit and sweet citrus . Delicate bitter finish.
EnglandMount HoodTownhouseBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Hoppy golden bitter with Mount Hood hops
EnglandMount Hood 41George WrightBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Premium bitter from Merseyside
EnglandMovemberOssettBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%10 pence from every pint goes to charity for male health awareness.
WalesMPAMonty'sBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Dry and lightly hopped Pale Ale with a grapefruit aroma and a hint of lycheee. Montgomery.
EnglandMr Trotter's Chestnut AleLancasterSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.0%A beer with real depth, brewed with the added difference of using seasonal high roasted ground chestnuts; this very special beer offers a fuller rounded flavour with a colour which is very distinctive to that of an oven roasted croissant.
EnglandMt. Rainier IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden American hopped beer with noble aromatic characteristics of Liquorice & hints of Citrus.
EnglandMudpuppySalamanderBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A bittersweet copper-coloured bitter with a distinctive hop character derived from Progress and East Kent Goldings hops.
EnglandMunich DunkelAbbeydaleLager - Lager style cask beer4.8%Lighter in colour than a traditional dunkel, the rich lager flavours coupled with the full bodied malt base, provide a well rounded flavour with plenty of depth.
EnglandMunich DunkelMoorhousesLager - Lager style cask beer4.8%Lighter in colour than a traditional dunkel, rich lager flavours coupled with full bodied malt base provide a well rounded flavour with plenty of depth.
EnglandMunitionettesCastle RockBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Golden in colour, very hoppy. Brewed to commemorate the Women's Workforce set up in 1915.
EnglandMurderer's YardFernandesBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A refreshing clean tasting session ale that packs a punch with large amounts of mosaic, summit and cascade hops.
EnglandMurdoch FlyerCoastalBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Named after a Cornish steam carriage from 1784. A golden bitter.
EnglandMusashiOakhamBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Golden bitter, delicate aromas of pineapple and vanilla combined with citrus and light tangy flavours carrying through to a lingering bitterness.
EnglandMusic ManManningBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Hoppy best bitter
EnglandMutant RatRatBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A supercharged version of their excellent White Rat.
EnglandMy GenerationBlack SheepBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Session pale ale. Light straw colour, made with four whole flower hops: Polaris, Galena, Cascade & Magnum and the best British Maris Otter malted barley.
EnglandN7HammertonStrong Beer - IPA5.2%Pale ale with six different hops from the US and New Zealand: complex citrus aroma. Subtle sweet malt balances the fresh bitterness.
EnglandNapoleon ComplexRooster'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.2%A blend of El Dorado, Jarrylo and Topaz hops create resinous hop notes and juicy fruit flavours of peach and mango in this scaled down mini IPA. Perfect for Tryanuary.
EnglandNapoleon's RetreatAllGatesBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Golden bitter from Wigan
EnglandNation's PrideCopper DragonBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A traditional English Bitter with a continental twist; intensley red and roaring with the passion of the nation. Brewed with ingredients spanning more than 3-continent for a truly international flavour. from Skipton
EnglandNatural GoldPennineBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Golden colour, sweet palate with great hoppy and smooth aftertaste. Batley.
EnglandNaughty PilchardBlack FlagBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Brewed with a mix of four different malts and plenty of late New world hops means this is no ordinary Sardine.
EnglandNavajoBlakemereBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Pale golden session bitter with hoppy citrus notes.
EnglandNavvyPhoenixBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A well balanced, full bodied golden bitter.
EnglandNebulaSalopianBitter - Premium Bitter4.9%Luscious, fresh, juicy and sparkling with tropical fruit and aromas of pineapple, mango and kiwi. Light and vibrant on the palate with a fruit filled finish.
EnglandNectarRooster'sBitter - Strong Bitter5.2% New Zealand pale. Riwaka and Nelson Sauvin hops combine in a dangerously-drinkable beer. Gooseberry and passion fruit aromas.
EnglandNectar PaleBlue BeeBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden bitter from Sheffield
EnglandNekomataOakhamCraft Keg Beer - British5.0%A light malty flavour overlaid with complex strong fruit and citrus aromas in this powerful American style pale ale.
EnglandNektarCronxBitter - Best Bitter4.5%A pale ale brewed using Marynka hops from Poland. Hints of Blackcurrent on the nose combine with a spicy finish.
EnglandNelson Sauvin India Pale AleRooster'sStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Single hopped with the sought after Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand that imparts a white wine fruitiness with hints of grapefruit and gooseberries.
EnglandNelson Sauvin PaleBrewsmithBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Their popular pale with Nelson Sauvin hops to give a fresh take on a proven winner.
WalesNelson's EyeHeavy IndustryBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Premium golden bitter
WalesNemesisDeva CraftBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Loaded with Cascade and Australian Topaz hops. Notes of citrus & tropical fruits. Dry, clean finish.
EnglandNemesisPeakstones RockBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Sweet malt aroma with a biscuity, buttery malt taste and creamy finish.
EnglandNephilimSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA7.4%A bold IPA with mango and stone fruit expressing a huge array of aromas and a flamboyant resinous body. Lush, sensuous and textured with fresh fruit, lime, papaya & grapefruit that builds to a powerful lasting finish.
EnglandNervous TurkeyOssettSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.3%A fruity golden bitter. Aromas of spices, forest fruits and Bramling Cross hops.
EnglandNetherwoodAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Amber coloured beer with a sweet malty base balanced with a fruity, berry hop aroma.
EnglandNew AlchemistNew BrewBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A hoppy pale ale.
EnglandNew Dawn PaleNavigationBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%The colour of freshly cut straw with a distinctive fruit aroma, it’s well hopped to a refreshingly sharp finish.
EnglandNew DeckBlackjackBitter - Premium Bitter4.2%Premium Manchester bitter. Brewer is ex Marble.
EnglandNew Generation IPAOssettStrong Beer - American Style IPA7.0%A pale, bitter and fruity IPA, generously hopped with Mosaic, Citra & Simcoe. Powerful aromas of pine, spice & grapefruit.
EnglandNew Laund DarkReedley HallowsDark Ale - Stout4.4%A good black stout, in the Guinness mode.
EnglandNew Session IPANew BrewBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A hoppy pale ale.
EnglandNew WaveBeatBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Golden ale with fruit flavours of tangerine, melon and apricot.
EnglandNew World IPAFernandesBitter - Best Bitter4.6%An American style session IPA from Wakefield.
WalesNew World PalePlasseyBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A very pale beer brewed with Cascade hops. Well balanced with a delicious hoppy bite.
WalesNew World PaleGertie SweetBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Golden bitter brewed by Jack Hanby at Plassey brewery.
WalesNew World PaleNew PlasseyBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Pale golden ale from Bangor-on-Dee. Now owned by Jack Hanby.
EnglandNew World Pale AleMarstonsBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Pale gold in colour with a fruity flavour. Blasts of tropical peaches, apricot, melon and passionfruit. All delivered with a creamy, white head and light, zesty aroma.
EnglandNew York PaleChantryBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A pale session bitterwith a refreshing citrus taste and a crisp bitter finish. Cascade hops.
WalesNew Zealand Ale (Cwrw Seland Newydd)Purple MooseBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A new beer featuring New Zealand hops (I suspect!).
EnglandNewport IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Strong bitter with American Newport hops
EnglandNexusTownhouseBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale session bitter.
EnglandNice TryHook HortonBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Crouch, bind and drink. Smooth & malty, light fruit aroma amber beer. Beautifully balanced and brewed to celebrate all that’s great about rugby.
EnglandNice WeatherDancing DuckBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Copper coloured fruity summer ale packed full of flavour. Blackberry, strawberry and floral rose notes in perfect balance.
EnglandNight JarQuantockBitter - Best Bitter4.5%A copper coloured ale generously hopped with New Zealand hops imparting a full flavour with lots of aroma with a fruit filled finish.
EnglandNight RiderKelham IslandDark Ale - Stout4.5%A stout with a malty character yet which gives a floral finish. The berry fuirt North American hop character is complemented by traditional Maris Otter malt with a luxurious roasted crystal and black malt body. Sheffield.
USANight Train (keykeg)O'soCraft Keg Beer - American6.7%This complex Oatmeal porter is crafted with judicious amounts of crystal and Munich malts for a rich, smooth, creamy experience.
EnglandNightfallCross BayBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A finely balanced pale and hoppy session ale that sits in the mouth with a robust body. Following through with reasonable bitterness that boasts a huge citrusy / spicy fruit finish, from Morcambe
EnglandNightwatchmanEast LondonBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%a darker, warm, smooth bitter. Red-tinged in colour, it's relatively well hopped with a malty sweetness.
EnglandNimrodWorthBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Session bitter from Poynton
EnglandNimrodWincleBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Named after Shackleton's ship. The onboard geologist lived near Wincle.
EnglandNine Standards #1 Golden AleSettleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Flavoursome golden ale with a hint of blackcurrant for a crisp fruity fresh finish.
EnglandNine Standards #2 Pale AleSettleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Hoppy citrus flavours are perfectly balanced with earthy bitterness in this classic premium pale ale.
EnglandNine Standards #4 Amber AleSettleBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A rich malty amber ale with fragrant hops, hints of citrus and a spicy nose.
EnglandNipper BitterIslandBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Straw coloured, light and refreshing, with a distinguishable balance of malt and hops, and a satisfyingly morish afterbite.
EnglandNirvana PaleGreyHawkBitter - Best Bitter4.3%An enticing hop aroma leads to a balanced pale beer with increasing bitterness in the finish from the Cascade and Challenger hops
EnglandNo DoctorsThree TunsStrong Beer - IPA6.6%A peculiar IPA, summer fruit extravaganza.
EnglandNo.1 Stone AleJoulesBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Rich, fruity, spicy copper coloured bitter.
EnglandNobleKinverBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A golden blonde bitter made with Citra hops.
EnglandNoble BitterBeowulfBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden with a sweet malty aroma, malty start becoming hoppy.
EnglandNoireSalopianDark Ale - Stout4.7%An array of dark malts, cocoa, dark, coffee and mocha with hints of vanilla and marshmallow finishing with a twist of bitterness.
EnglandNor'hopMoor BeerBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Highly sessionable ultra pale ale balancing rich British floor malt with citrusy northern hemisphere hops.
EnglandNordic NoirBeowulfMild - Strong Mild6.0%A powerful dark mild.
EnglandNorman CiderGwatkin's CiderCider - Real Cider7.5%Medium cloudy cider.
EnglandNorth / South DivideOssettBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A pale and very refreshing Summer IPA. Low on bitterness, but packed full of citrus and tropical fruit aromas from a blend of Northern and Southern Hemisphere hops.
EnglandNorth American IPAAbbeydaleStrong Beer - IPA6.0%A fantastic full bodied IPA brimming with hops from the USA. Lemon and citrus flavours dominate with floral and piney aromas. Munich malt has been added for extra sweetness
EnglandNorthern BlackThornbridgeDark Ale - Stout5.0%Dark beer with a hint of sweetness. Addition of light and dark Muscovado give a flavour of the Caribbean.
EnglandNorthern Brewer IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden coloured German single hopped IPA. Spicy and resinous with a herbal aroma.
EnglandNorthern Hemisphere Hopped AleLancasterBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A blend of northern hemisphere hops and roasted barley give this beeer a dark golden colour & crisp, flowery flavour.
EnglandNorthern LightsGeorge WrightBitter - Strong Bitter5.1%Strong golden beer from Merseyside
EnglandNorthern SoulBradfordBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A deep golden ale made using the finest English hops. Balance is the key word here, not too strong, not too sweet and not too dry.
WalesNos Smoked PorterHeavy IndustryDark Ale - Porter5.5%Brewed with beech-smoked malts from Bamburg and finest British pale malt. Well hopped with Challenger, Fuggles and Goldings.
EnglandNot Berry BlueRooster'sSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer5.3%Collaboration with Dark Star. A blueberry pale ale with a deep orange hue and aromas of berry fruit backed up by a balanced hop bitterness.
EnglandNot Just JamAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.1%A W.I. collaboration. Lots of fresh lemons and Earl Grey tea have gone into the brew (and this may cause the beer to be slightly hazy).
EnglandNot Too Robust Bob4TsStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer7.2%Strong dark brew.
EnglandNotting Hill PaleMoncadaBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A blast of hops and malt combine with aromas of pine, citrus and a hint of grapefruit to create a light golden ale with a very dry finish that has just the slightest hint of bitterness.
EnglandNovaBristol Beer FactoryBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Light malt base, fresh and zesty hop aromas. Herbal and floral.
EnglandNova GoldNew BrewBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A golden session bitter from Newport in Shropshire.
EnglandNow Then: 5 year specialAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Celebrating 5 years of Sheffield's Now Then magazine. American style pale blonde ale.
EnglandNow Then: 6 YearsAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Celebrating 6 years of Sheffield's Now Then magazine. American style pale blonde ale.
EnglandNow Then.AbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Light pale and hoppy bitter from Sheffield
EnglandNPANew BrewBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Newport Pale Ale.
EnglandNumber 8Front RowMild - Dark Mild3.7%A good malty, roasty dark mild.
EnglandNurse RatchedRatBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A hoppy golden bitter.
EnglandNutty SlackProspectMild - Dark Mild3.9%A delicious dark mild with hints of liquorice and a smooth malty taste. Part of our core beer range. Named after a type of coal much prized for its slow-burning qualities, from Wigan.
EnglandNZ IPA (v4)North YorkshireStrong Beer - IPA5.5%A punchy, hoppy IPA featuring Sticklebract and Southern Cross hops from New Zealand.
EnglandNZ IPA (v4)North RidingStrong Beer - IPA5.5%A punchy, hoppy IPA featuring Sticklebract and Southern Cross hops from New Zealand.
EnglandNZ PaleElectric BearBitter - Best Bitter4.5%A hazy, unfined pale ale with New Zealand hops.
EnglandNZ SandsFoxfieldBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale golden one-off beer from Cumbria
WalesO1 OriginalOtleyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Straw-coloured pale ale, heavy with Styrian Goldings aroma hops.
WalesO4 ColumbusOtleyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Grassy straw on the nose. Light sweet flavour, some tangy straw. Finish is lightly toasted hay with bit of light sugar.
WalesO5 Hop AngelesOtleySpeciality Beer - American Red4.8%An American red ale made with nine different American hops with high bitterness, fruity and crisp.
EnglandOak BeautyWoodlandsBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A lovely balanced pint that is suited to most tastes, very easy drinking. Deep tan.
EnglandOak Cask Dry CiderRoss-on-Wye CiderCider - Real Cider7.4%A traditionally made, dry Herefordshire cider.
EnglandOast HouseWeetwoodBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Straw coloured. Addition of wheat malt produces a full & memorable foretaste, Goldings adding a lingering, dry finish. Formerly Oast-House Gold.
EnglandOat StoutExit 33Dark Ale - Stout5.0%A dark and distinctive traditional stout. The initial flavour hints of cocoa followed by delicate coffee and molasses with a tremendously silky thick mouth feel provided by the addition of oats. Solid and satisfying
WalesOatimus PrimeDeva CraftBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A mega hoppy oatmeal pale ale with an IBU of 45.
EnglandOatmeal PaleMoorhousesBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Collaboration with Northern Whisper. Full of US hops to give a floral, grassy aroma and lip smacking citrus flavour; combined with a defined oat character to deliver a juicy quenching beer.
EnglandOatmeal StoutPeerlessDark Ale - Stout5.0%Full bodied black stout. The use of oats gives a good mouthfeel and dark malts provide lots of backbone with toffee and caramel tones. This is a very easy drinking stout.
EnglandObelus: Punktuation series No.9Blue BeeBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A golden bitter made with Citra hops.
EnglandOblivionPeakstones RockBitter - Strong Bitter5.5%A good strong sweet, citric flavour and aroma with a lightly bitter finish.
EnglandObscureTattonStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer5.7%A dark, hoppy strong ale with a complex malt blend giving an intricate aroma. It's definitely not your obvious beer.
WalesOceanicHopcraft / Pixie SpringBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Hops from Australia and New Zealand. 62 IBUs.
EnglandOdd Ball RedOffbeatBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Masses of Columbus hops giving a spicy flavour and finish with a bold fruitiness.
EnglandOddity #6: TripletteOffbeatCraft Keg Beer - British6.5%Collaboration with Otherton Ales. A little tripel, heavily hopped with a touch of wheat and on a funky saison yeast. Very cool and craft!
EnglandOddity #7: NZ HopsplosionOffbeatBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Pale ale with a good helping of new Zealand hops.
WalesOdiumDeva CraftBitter - Best Bitter4.0%An extra pale ale. Light, fruity notes throughout. Centennial, Azacca and Ahtanum.
EnglandOff Road WizardSalamanderBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale and hoppy. A crisp golden bitter with a quenching, lightly spicy hop edge.
WalesOffa's DykePlasseyBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A pale, crisp and refreshing bitter brewed with the finest quality malt and hops
WalesOffa's DykeNew PlasseyBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Premium golden bitter from Eyton, Bangor on Dee.
EnglandOffilers' Best BitterHeritageBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A light amber coloured smooth drinking best bitter. Offilers of Derby went out of business in 1965.
EnglandOh CrumbsFuggle BunnyBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Amber bitter with hints of spice cedar and pine…Sweet caramel and biscuity flavours gives a distinctive finish!
EnglandOh Mr. PorterImperialDark Ale - Porter5.0%Full bodied dark ale
EnglandOhm Sweet OhmElectric BearBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Soft water chemistry paired with an elegant malt bill make for a really easy drinking pale that finishes with a light and breezy bitterness.
EnglandOId FaithfulRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Classic pale ale.Berry fruit flavours from Bramling Cross, Pacific Gem & Cluster hops. Fruity aromas give way to a refreshing bitter aftertaste.
EnglandOktobearfestBeartownSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer5.0%Seasonal special from Congleton
EnglandOld Ale4TsBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%A traditional style premium English bitter.
EnglandOld BossMoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Based on a 19th century hop bitters recipe (a soft drink). Pale and crystal malt balanced with Brewers Gold hops. Very quaffable.
EnglandOld Dog BitterWeetwoodBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A premium bitter with a smooth, full-bodied flavour. Dark roasted malt produces a deep colour, the use of whole hops provide that extra flavour and aroma, from Cheshire.
EnglandOld Empire IPAMarstonsStrong Beer - IPA5.7%Proper traditional IPA from Burton, the home of the style.
EnglandOld FaithfulWoodlandsBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Tan coloured session bitter named after the owner's dog.
EnglandOld Hall PorterMelwoodDark Ale - Porter5.1%Strong dark beer. Little else known about the beer at the moment
EnglandOld HenryHobson'sBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%Brewed using maris otter pale ale malt, roasted crystal malt and Hobsons yeast it is finished with Worcestershire grown Challenger and Golding hops. Full bodied, strong malty bitter from south Shropshire
EnglandOld HookyHook HortonBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%A beautifully balanced beer, fruity by nature, with a well-rounded body and the suggestive echo of Crystal Malt.
EnglandOld IntentionalDerbyBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Rich, full bodied premium beer with a delicate hop finish
EnglandOld IzaakWhimBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Quality ESB from Buxton.
EnglandOld Laund BitterReedley HallowsBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A good session beer. Smooth and creamy with a distinctive hoppy aftertaste.
EnglandOld ManLong ManDark Ale - Old Ale4.3%This original dark beer has soft malt notes of coffee and chocolate that combine with a pleasant light hoppiness to create a rich, full tasting Old Ale.
EnglandOld Moor PorterAcornDark Ale - Porter4.4%A full bodied victorian style porter with hints of liquorice. The initial bitterness gives way to a smooth, mellow finish.
EnglandOld Needles EyeRowtonBitter - Strong Bitter6.0%A traditional strong amber ale with all English hops.
EnglandOld No.6JoulesSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.8%A dark and brooding winter warmer. Roasted barley and Munich malt deliver a nutty and roasted fruity flavour.
EnglandOld Orchard BlendRoss-on-Wye CiderCider - Real Cider6.5%A whole juice dry, still cider from Broome Farm, Herefordshire
EnglandOld PricklyHobson'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A hoppy golden bitter. 5 pence from every pint goes to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.
EnglandOld Rosie with ElderflowerWestons CiderCider - Real Cider4.0%Cloudy Cider with the fragrant infusion of Elderflower, medium sweet with a muscat finish.
EnglandOld ScrumperRingwoodBitter - Best Bitter4.0%This quaffable beer is copper in colour, with a full malty taste. The traditional hoppy aroma is infused with toffee overtones.
EnglandOld SlapperBank TopBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A light and refreshing straw coloured bitter brewed with Dwarf Hilary hops. The initial fruitiness is complemented by a pronounced hoppiness in the finish, from Bolton
EnglandOld ThumperRingwoodBitter - Strong Bitter5.1%Peppery, spicy aroma with a hint of apples. Luscious balance of grain and hop in the mouth. Bitter sweet finish. Warm, rounded yet surprisingly delicate pale strong beer.
EnglandOld WavertonianSpitting FeathersDark Ale - Stout4.4%A robust dark stout. Roast barley, chocolate and coffee flavours give a very full body and a smooth lingering finish.
EnglandOlde CheshireWeetwoodStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer6.5%A brand new brew from the highly dependable Cheshire brewers. It's bound to be highly drinkable. Based on Greenall Whitley's Old Chester, once a major transatlantic export.
EnglandOlde TripHardys and HansonsBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Rich toffee flavoured bitter by Greene King
EnglandOlicana IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden English hopped beer with Mango, Grapefruit & Passion fruit characteristics.
EnglandOllie's ArmyAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Golden bitter from Barnsley
EnglandOlympic GoldGeorge WrightBitter - Strong Bitter5.1%A strong golden ale brewed for the Rio 2016 Olympics, and delivered to us 3 days before the closing ceremony!
WalesOn The FenceBrainsBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Well balanced and copper coloured, brewed with pale ale and crystal malts and British Archer and Minstrel hops.
EnglandOn Yer BikeMoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Golden bitter for the Tour de France
EnglandOnce a Knight SpecialCastleBitter - Strong Bitter5.6%A stronger version of their Once a Knight. Golden.
EnglandOneProspectBitter - Best Bitter
EnglandOne for the SleighDerbyBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Chestnut in colour. Challenger and North Down hops.
EnglandOne Hop Citra 4.1George WrightBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Citra is an American hop mimparting flavours of mango, tropical fruit and lime.
EnglandOne Hop Citra 5.1George WrightBitter - Strong Bitter5.1%Citra is an American hop mimparting flavours of mango, tropical fruit and lime.
EnglandOne Hop Spalt 4.1George WrightBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Available Spring 2013. Spalt is a a German hop - herbal, floral and earthy.
EnglandOne Hop Spalt 5.1George WrightBitter - Strong Bitter5.1%Available Spring 2013. Spalt is a a German hop - herbal, floral and earthy.
EnglandOne in a TaxiBlackwaterSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.5%'Shimmering like a golden star, with hops that come from afar, Lots of flavour, plenty to savour, a beer beyond the par.' Salopian.
WalesOne Inch PunchTiny RebelBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Golden American session beer using the Mosaic hop. Big tropical hits of flavours and aromas that you’re more used to finding in an IPA
EnglandOne Trick PonyRooster'sCraft Keg Beer - British4.1%A sour beer brewed in collaboration with Hawkshead brewery ond Taylor's of Harrogate. Hallertau Blanc and Pacific Gem hops offer a low level of bitterness to this tart beer that carries a pink hue and floral and citrus notes from Taylor's Rose Lemona
EnglandOne-TwentyProspectBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Yellow, gold with zesty citrus notes, clean tasting and refreshing. Named after 120 Wigan Road in Standish, home of the original Prospect Brewery.
EnglandOne-TwentyProspectBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Yellow, gold with zesty citrus notes, clean tasting and refreshing. Named after the house (120 Wigan Road in Standish) which housed the original Prospect Brewery in the garage. From Standish, near Wigan
EnglandOpen Beta 1Castle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Golden-amber beer with delicate citrus aroma and juicy, resinous fruit taste balanced with sweet malt and some bitterness.
EnglandOpen Beta 1 (keg)Castle RockCraft Keg Beer - British4.5%Golden-amber beer with delicate citrus aroma and juicy, resinous fruit taste balanced with sweet malt and some bitterness.
WalesOpen CasketBrainsBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Deep-red and full-bodied with Cara Red and Cara Hell malts & a touch of Midnight wheat. Hopped with Bramling Cross.
EnglandOracleSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Very aromatic straw coloured ale. Wonderful hops.
EnglandOrange BlossomHornbeamBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Hopped to promote citrus fruity orange flavours. Summit and Admiral in the Boil with Sterling generously added for Aroma.
EnglandOrange Wheat BeerAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.5%Wheat beer brewed with a Belgian yeast for a fuller flavour. Flavoured with hops, root ginger and fresh oranges this is a llight and refreshing concoction.
EnglandOrbitalSalopianBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A crisp pale ale offers floral and stone fruit qualities over an elegant palate, balancing tart notes with a rich floral finish.
EnglandOrchard DewSheppy's CiderCider - Real Cider6.0%A cloudy Somerset cider
EnglandOre-someProspectBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A golden yellow bitter made with real lemons for a citrus and zesty taste from Wigan
EnglandOregon PaleWeetwoodBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Pale in colour, medium-bodied and with big flavours of citrus and grapefruit from the American hops first grown in Oregon. These are well balanced by Maris Otter malt.
WalesOrenBig HandBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A golden Welsh pale ale.
WalesOriental Pale AleGrey TreesBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Single hopped pale ale brewed with Sorachi Ace.
EnglandOriginSummer WineBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A summer pale ale - Herkules, Cascade, Liberty & Citra hops combine to deliver a beer with tropical & citrus fruit notes with a slightly sweet finish, from Holmfirth, Yorkshire.
EnglandOriginal BlondeWhite RoseBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Notes to follow
EnglandOriginal IPAMcMullenBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A full bodied beer. Specially kilned malt is used to give deep rich flavours. from Hertford
EnglandOrion Light AleBig ShedBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A golden bitter with a complex hop aroma.
ScotlandOrkney BlastHighlandStrong Beer - Barley Wine6.0%Strong ale from the Orkneys
ScotlandOrkney IPAHighlandBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Strong hoppy bitter from the Orkneys
WalesOrmeGreat OrmeBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Crystal and chocolate malts added to a base Maris Otter pale ale malt mean the well balanced taste gives way to a delicate smoked finish.
WalesOSBTomos WatkinBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A rich red ale produced using pale ale, crystal and wheat malt. A full fruity/citrus hop flavour of Willamette and Fuggle with the light aroma of Golding’s
EnglandOstaraAllGatesBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Named after the pagan goddess of Spring and fertility! A blonde ale, low gravity, very pale; easy drinking.
EnglandOtter's TearsThornbridgeStrong Beer - IPA6.0%A beautifully flavoured, well hopped pale ale brewed with the team from Indy Man Beer Con and dedicated to Simon Johnson; The Reluctant Scooper
EnglandOur Little PrincessDerbyBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A golden, refreshing beer, brewed to celebrate the arrival of Princess Charlotte, 2nd May 2015.
EnglandOut of Step IPAOffbeatStrong Beer - IPA5.8%Wheat beer with sweet orange peel and coriander and cloves in the taste.
EnglandOutlandish PaleOffbeatBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%An aroma of fruit, barley, fresh grass, lemons and its crisp and clean. Palate is juicy but light, lemon and barley with a fruity sweetness.
EnglandOutlaw Pale AleAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Equniot hops promise pronounced aromas of tropical fruits and citrus with refreshing melon, orange peel and papaya flavours.
EnglandOutlawedSpringheadBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Light, clean, crisp and thoroughly quaffable. Dangerously drinkable.
EnglandOver & OutRooster'sCraft Keg Beer - British5.9%A juicy, cryo-hopped IPA brewed with Fourpure Brewing Co.
EnglandOvertimeSix O'ClockBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Extremely drinkable, light and refreshing hoppy pale ale.
EnglandOw Do!Six BellsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Aroma and flavour influenced by the ever poular Goldings hop, with its spicy, fruity character
EnglandOxford GoldBrakspearBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale ale malts provide a gold-gilt shimmer, spruced by a hatful of crystal malts to give body and texture. The blend of hops delivers a shamelessly fresh perfume.
EnglandPacificCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Named after the famous Mallard locomotive. Golden coloured with a vibrant hop aroma and finis
EnglandPacificallyAbbeydaleStrong Beer - IPA5.1%Pale, refreshing New Zealand IPA, promising blackberry flavours twisted with notes of oak and pine and a light sharp lemon zest finish.
EnglandPadstow PilotPadstowBitter - Best Bitter4.0%An amber ale brewed with Maris Otter pale malt, a touch of darker malts, and four different types of hop.
EnglandPaint it BaxAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer5.5%Black Pepper Infused Rye Beer, deep amber in colour and spicy on the palate.
EnglandPaleIlkleyBitter - Best Bitter4.2%New world pale ale. Crisp and dry, with a zesty and fresh-cut grass aroma. Powerfully hopped for a floral finish. The Sauvignon Blanc of the beer world.
EnglandPaleLeft Handed GiantBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Hoppy session pale with Simcoe, Mosaic and Citra hops.
EnglandPaleBlack RockBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Small batch pale ale
EnglandPaleBrewsmithBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A refreshingly bitter and hoppy pale ale. Big floral hop aroma, medium body, long dry bitter finish
EnglandPaleSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.6%A bright and sparkling pale ale with juicy fruit on the nose and a refreshing taste of mango, papaya and lime jelly, culminating in a zesty fresh finish with a tempered bitterness.
EnglandPaleFive PointsBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Fresh, zesty, aromatic ale. Malted barley, wheat and Amarillo, Centennial and Citra hops from the West Coast USA.
EnglandPale (2015)Left Handed GiantBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A well hopped pale ale using Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic hops.
EnglandPale (keg)FreedomCraft Keg Beer - British4.2%A dry pale ale that derives its colour and body from cara malt and notably an inclusion of rye. This dryness is complemented by an assertive bitterness originating from an addition of English Admiral hops.
EnglandPale & WacciFoxfieldBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale golden one-off beer from Cumbria
EnglandPale AleSquawkBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A blonde bitter with a glorious hop character. Varieties include Centennial, Citra, Cluster and Chinook.
EnglandPale AleAtomBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Their core pale ale, lots of malt, bags full of hops, always changing.
EnglandPale AleJoulesBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A blend of crystal malt providing a biscuity base and tipple malt provide a malty sweet caramel flavour. Fruity, well rounded bitterness and slightly spicy aroma.
EnglandPale AleHowling HopsSpeciality Beer - Hop Bomb3.8%Hoppy to the brink, and then some. Big on hop aroma and flavour, with just the slightest hint of sweetness on the cracker-like malt base.
EnglandPale AleRedemptionBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Golden amber in colour with citrus and some floral hop aromas. Toffee sweetness and citrus fruit flavours are balanced by a floral and earthy hop contribution, with a long dry satisfying bitter finish.
EnglandPale AlePadstowBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Light golden ale. Noticeably hopped with a good balanced bitterness. A whack of US hops at the steeping to give an aromatic and refreshing pint.
EnglandPale AleEast LondonBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A crisp, lighter ale with a subtle bitterness and a fruity perfumed aroma. It's an excellent session beer.
EnglandPale AleTicketyBrewStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer5.3%A healthy portion of American bittering and aroma hops give this beer a balance with the delicate sweetness from Belgian yeast.
EnglandPale Ale #7AbbeydaleCraft Keg Beer - British4.5%Celebrating 7 years of Sheffield's Now Then Magazine, uses 7 different hops
WalesPale BeaconsBreconBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Pale refreshing bitter from south Wales
EnglandPale GoldOssettBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A light, refreshing pale ale designed for the discerning session drinker. Pale Gold has a floral/spicy aroma derived from the finest American hops. A beer that drinks higher than its modest alcohol content would suggest.
WalesPale Oats on Delta Resin (key-keg)LinesCraft Keg Beer - British4.3%Hoppy, oaty pale with a US/NZ/Aussie hop blend. Pale and Munich malts with oats. Unfiltered.
Isle of ManPale RiderHooded RamBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale golden bitter from Douglas, IoM.
EnglandPale RiderKelham IslandBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%A strong pale ale roduced from Maris Otter malt and a special blend of American hops. The deceptively moreish finish belies its strength.
EnglandPale Specials: SummerBlackjackBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Seasonal pale bitter with Australian hops
EnglandPale Zesty BearBeartownBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Single hop ale made using the New Zealand Motueka. Pronounced fruitiness in the aroma and a full, hoppy, citrus taste.
EnglandPalefaceMelwoodBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale hoppy beer brewed with lots of late summit hops giving it a full flavour with great mouthfeel and long hoppy aftertaste.
WalesPamplemousseWaenBitter - Best Bitter4.2%One of beer journalist Pete Brown’s favourite beers. Golden, citrus grapefruity loveliness
WalesPandemoniumDeva CraftSpeciality Beer - American Pale5.5%A devilishly hoppy American pale ale.
WalesPandemonium (v.2)Deva CraftSpeciality Beer - American Pale5.0%A devilishly hoppy American pale ale. This is version 2. (V.1 was 5.5%)
EnglandPane in the GlassFernandesBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Golden session ale using all American hops giving citrus & pine flavours.
WalesPanettone PaleBig HandBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A pale ale for Christmas.
EnglandPanking PoleHogan's CiderCider - Real Cider6.2%Classic golden cloudy cider with typical cider apple bitterness and fruit aromas.
EnglandPardoner No.1 - Red RyeAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer5.0%Full bodied red rye IPA, wtih a malty backbone that gives perfect balance to the bold hop forward flavours from the Amarillo and Chinook hops - light spicy notes on the palate.
EnglandParishWood'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Light-coloured bitter, dry hopped. Nose is sweet - lightly toasted malts, apples, some caramel, light acid. Taste is moderately bitter. Dry finish. Revised recipe.
EnglandParish BitterWood'sBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Traditional bitter from Wistanstow in Shropshire
EnglandPark LifeBanks'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A deep golden summer beer. Bold and zesty.
EnglandPartridge Best BitterDark StarBitter - Best Bitter4.0%'A Best Bitter brewed in a traditional Sussex style using Maris Otter, Crystal and Chocolate malts with East Kent Golding hops. Typical of Dark Star ales, the Best Bitter relies on the heavy handed addition of aromatic hops late in the boil.'
EnglandParts and LabourRooster'sSpeciality Beer - American Pale5.4%Bold and juicy citrus and tropical fruit aromas give way to a moderate level of bitterness in this striking, hop-forward, yet well-balanced American Pale Ale.
EnglandPasty GoldSkinnersBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A light golden hoppy bitter. Well balanced witha hoppy zesty aroma and a smooth citrusy bitter finish, from Truro
EnglandPathfinderSalopianBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A crescendo of lime and tropical fruit sway across a rich bittersweet movement of crisp malt and a fresh citrus encore.
EnglandPathmakerBlack SheepBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Single hop pale ale brewed with Chinook Hops.
EnglandPatriotLaconsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Dominant tropical fruit/berries in its aroma, followed by tart citrus on the palate. Pleasing nutty flavours are finished with a dusting of bitterness.
EnglandPatriot PaleOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Hoppy Pale Ale. A classic hoppy pale ale in the true Ossett Style! Moderately malty, pale and bitter. Three hop varieties combine to produce an intensely aromatic citrus hoppy finish.
EnglandPauseFront RowBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Rugby themed bitter from Congleton's new brewer.
EnglandPavilion Pale AleBank TopBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Created shortly after the brewery moved site to a tennis club pavilion this ale is extremely pale. The flavour is well rounded using primarily First Gold hops and Cascade to finish.. Bolton
EnglandPeach & Cherry MelbaCoastalSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.5%Fruity confection from FB.
BelgiumPeach BeerTimmermansContinental Ale - Fruit Beer4.0%Belgian gueuze sweetened with peach.
EnglandPeach MelbearBeartownSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.4%An unusual and distinctive beer with a sweet aroma of peaches and elderflower, perfectly by a hoppy bitterness in both flavour and finish.
EnglandPeanut Butter Milk StoutSandstoneSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer5.5%Peanut butter flavoured dark ale.
EnglandPear & Morello Red AleCoastalSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.7%Fruit beer flavoured with pears and morello cherries
EnglandPearl Jet StoutMarstonsKeg Beers - Stout4.1%AKA Oyster Stout gives a dry clean taste using Marston's unique strain of yeast.
EnglandPeccadilloSalopianBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A mischievous premium ale, that entertains with a pronounced hoppy profile and refreshes with a long escalating citrus finish. from Shrewsbury
WalesPecker WreckerTomos WatkinBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A full flavoured amber ale produced using the finest malted barley. A rich fruity beer with a gentle hop finish,
EnglandPeckham PaleBrickSpeciality Beer - American Pale4.5%Light golden colour. Columbus, Simcoe, Equinox, Cascade and Mosaic hops add fruit and floral notes.
EnglandPecking OrderRooster'sSpeciality Beer - American Pale5.1%Collab. with Green Cheek of California. Pale ale that’s bursting with a combination of fruit flavours from a generous blend of Amarillo, Comet, Mosaic, Pacifica & Pekko hops, plus the addition of dried orange peel.
EnglandPedigreeMarstonsBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Brewed at Burton upon Trent, using their own spring water, the finest ingredients and the unique Union system.
EnglandPedigree New World PaleMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%The perfect union of English class and style with the free spirit of a New World. A handsome ale with a crisp, refreshing, flavour. A thoroughbred pale ale.
EnglandPedroMarstonsBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%A blend of Pedigree and Old Rodger. Burton on Trent
EnglandPeerlessRedWillowStrong Beer - IPA5.2%Described as a 'very English IPA'. Golden and generously hopped. Available March to September.
EnglandPeerless PalePeerlessBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Pale session ale. Good initial bitterness and a hint of grapefruit on the finish derived from the use of Cascade, Summit and Columbus hops.
EnglandPekko IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden American hopped ale with complex & clean characteristics & aromas of Floral, Citrus, Pineapple, Melon & Mint.
EnglandPekkochu (Key-keg)Brew Foundation (The)Craft Keg Beer - British3.9%A double-dry-hopped pale ale. Hazy, with notes of mango and pineapple. Hopped with Pekko and Citra.
EnglandPendeen American PaleBudeBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A pale to golden ale packing a punch. Taste varies each year depending on hops used.
EnglandPendle PorterMoorhousesDark Ale - Porter5.0%Dark seasonal brew from Burnley.
EnglandPendle Witches BrewMoorhousesBitter - Strong Bitter5.1%Strong Burnley pale ale. A full malty flavoured beer with a strong fruity hop aftertaste. Superb balance.
EnglandPennine PaleAllendaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden ale, brewed with an outstanding trio of bold American hops for a full fruity aroma and flavour, with a refreshing citrus finish.
EnglandPennine Way Jubilee Golden AlePennineBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A golden bitter brewed to celebrate the Pennine Way
WalesPenny FarthingErddigBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A pale ale, with its own distinctive subtle bitter flavours.
EnglandPenny LessTattonBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%A traditional Burton-style bitter brewed with all British ingredients to celebrate the end of the Beer Duty Escalator. Malty with a dry finish.
BelgiumPere NoelDe RankeSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer7.0%Christmas ale, though very different from others. While most are rich & sweet, this one is amber-coloured, strong and quite bitter.
EnglandPerfect 10AcornStrong Beer - IPA5.5%10th anniversary special from the Barnsley set up.
EnglandPerleProspectBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A single hopped pale golden beer using Perle hops
EnglandPerles of WisdomRudgateBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Extremely pale, fruity ale with a creamy malt palate and a citrus fruit nose. Perle hops.
EnglandPerryThatchersCider - Real Perry6.0%A beautifully fruity, easy drinking pear cider
EnglandPersuasionElectric BearBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%An easy drinking ale. With a blend of American & British hops revealing refreshing grapefruit and mellow pine notes.
EnglandPet RatRatBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%A full flavoured session IPA.
EnglandPeverelThornbridgeBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Session IPA with 100% Mosaic hops.
EnglandPhantasmAcornBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Very pale yellow ale, well hopped with New Zealand hops to give Citrusy, Pine like aromas.
EnglandPhantom Ratsberry BlowerRatSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer5.5%A red rye and raspberry IPA.
EnglandPheasant PluckerBowlandBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Copper coloured bitter with rounded berry flavours. Allergens: Barley, Wheat, Oats.
EnglandPheasant Plucker CiderBroadoakCider - Real Cider4.5An easy drinking medium cider from Somerset.
EnglandPickaxeProspectDark Ale - Porter5.0%A rich porter with complex flavours and a hint of chocolate from Standish, near Wigan
EnglandPicker's PassionHogan's CiderCider - Real Cider5.3%Delicious, easy drinking medium cider with a warm honey colour and a distinctive appley aroma.
EnglandPie in the SkyJenningsBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale ale malt and the finest roasted malts combined with whole cone English Fuggle hops to deliver a robust flavour.
EnglandPier 54TitanicBitter - Strong Bitter5.4%The intended berth for the Titanic when it arrived in New York, Pier 54 still stands today. Red in colour and with an inviting malty foretaste, American hops in the finish.
EnglandPig SquealSnail's Bank CiderCider - Real Cider7.0%Strong fruity and easy drinking Herefordshire cider
WalesPigeon Toed Orange PeelHeavy IndustrySpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer5.2%A new wheat beer using Mandarina Bavaria hops from Germany which give a pleasantly fruity aroma revealing a strong tangerine note.
WalesPigeon Toed Orange Peel (keg)Heavy IndustryCraft Keg Beer - British5.2%A cloudy-orange hefeweissen style beer brewed with Pale and Wheat malts. Featuring Mandarina Bavaria hops.
EnglandPigs Might FlyJenningsBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Full flavoured copper bitter. Earthy, sweet and spicy aromas and a background toffee flavour.
EnglandPilcrow PaleDorkingBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Citrus pale ale, packed with extra citrus hops for a lovely refreshing taste.
EnglandPiledriverWychwoodBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A traditional malty amber ale balanced with a bold fruity hop character. Brewed in collaboration with Status Quo.
EnglandPilgrimAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Spiced Beer5.0%Spiced ale. Perfect for autumn. Inspired by American brewers. Influenced by a pumpkin pie recipe!
EnglandPilot's WingsCastle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Hoppy pale ale. Aromas of citrus and pine, with an upfront bitterness – in commemoration of Albert Ball, who joined the No. 13 Squadron in January 1916
EnglandPilsnearRooster'sLager - Lager style cask beer4.8%Not quite a Pilsner, but it's been brewed with Noble hops from Germany and Czech Republic, along with Pilsner and Munich malts, before being fermented at a low temperature.
EnglandPinball WizardCastle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.4%An unfiltered, dry-hopped pale ale with hops from New Zealand.
EnglandPinheadWychwoodDark Ale - Stout4.6%A malty oatmeal stout with a full finish.
EnglandPioneerProspectBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A light bodied amber beer with aromas of dry, pale malt &earthy hops along with a sweet, smooth flavour.
EnglandPiracyAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A pale, hoppy bitter.
EnglandPirate FairyCoastalStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer6.4%A strong golden ale packed with hops. Probably. If not I will have to rewrite this later!
EnglandPiston BrokeBox SteamBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A fine full bodied deep golden ale with a refreshingly hoppy palate.
EnglandPitchTalke O'Th'HillDark Ale - Stout4.0%A rich nutty Milk Stout with coffee and dark chocolate aromas.
EnglandPitchfork Golden AlePitchforkBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A golden bitter with floral, citric hop aroma. It has a predominantly hoppy flavour. Sweet & fruity.
ScotlandPivo EstivoKelburnBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A pale, dry, citrus, hoppy session ale.
WalesPlassey BitterPlasseyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Amber colour Flowery/fruity nose with blackcurrant fruitiness. Hoppy flavour. Dry finish.
WalesPlassey BitterNew PlasseyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Satisfyingly tasty but easy drinking and nicely balanced traditional bitter.
WalesPlassey IPANew PlasseyBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Well hopped pale ale.
EnglandPlateauBurning SkyBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Pale golden. Full in flavour, zesty, refreshing & low in alcohol, this beer will have you returning to the bar for another.
EnglandPlatinum BlondeMilltownLager - Lager style cask beer4.0%Blonde lager style beer. Clean and refreshing.
EnglandPlot TwistAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%beautifully hopped with staple and ever reliable Cascade, Columbus and Chinook hops. a fabulous easy drinking session beer.
EnglandPlum PorterTitanicDark Ale - Porter4.9%This beer is dark, strong and well rounded; the richness of such a rotund beer is brought to an even keel by the late addition of Goldings hops and natural plum flavouring.. Stoke-on-Trent
EnglandPlum Porter Grand ReserveTitanicSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer6.5%Dark, strong, well rounded; the richness is brought to an even keel by late addition of Goldings hops and natural plum flavouring.
EnglandPoacher's PocketChurch EndBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Malt driven session bitter. A rich blend of two hops and two malts ensures this pale beer is stacked full of flavour.
EnglandPocket RocketArborBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A generously hopped and full-flavoured session pale ale, brewed with Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic hops.
EnglandPogoBlackwaterSpeciality Beer - American Red5.5%An accomplished brown ale in the American style. Hops aplenty.
EnglandPogo4TsSpeciality Beer - American Amber5.5%An accomplished brown ale in the American style. Hops aplenty.
EnglandPogoSalopianSpeciality Beer - American Dark5.5%An accomplished brown ale in the American style. Hops aplenty.
EnglandPoiRATRatBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Brewed with a blend of German and Czech malt and hops, authentic Belgian yeast and a touch of Coriander .
EnglandPolar ExpressCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A deep golden ale, well hopped with hints of citrus fruits.
EnglandPolarisFernandesBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Golden session beer. Hoppy, with grapefruit notes.
EnglandPolaris IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden coloured German hopped ale.
EnglandPoldark PrideCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A golden bitter celebrating the TV show.
EnglandPole DancerBox SteamMild - Dark Mild4.0%A sweet, dark, chocolate mild.
EnglandPollardsThornbridgeDark Ale - Stout5.0%A coffee milk stout with a rich coffee aromas. The taste rich, creamy coffee with a luscious mouthfeel.
EnglandPolygraphSalopianDark Ale - Stout7.4%Full flavoured stout. Toast, liquorice, hints of dark fruit, chocolate and mocha tempered by crisp tart bitterness & smooth velvety texture.
EnglandPolygraph (Key-keg)SalopianCraft Keg Beer - British7.4%Full flavoured stout. Toast, liquorice, hints of dark fruit, chocolate and mocha tempered by crisp tart bitterness & smooth velvety texture.
EnglandPopBrew Foundation (The)Bitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A hoppy pale ale. Passion fruit and Blueberry flavours from Olicana and Mosaic hops.
EnglandPOPFirst Chop Brewing ArmStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.4%A big hoppy US style IPA, pale amber in colour with orange and spicy hop notes, blessed with an extra orange citrus burst from a ‘dry hopping’ with orange oils.
EnglandPoppy AleWood'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Brewed to reflect the type of beer that was around 100 years ago, but with a modern twist. 6p per pint to the British Legion.
EnglandPorterAbraham ThompsonDark Ale - Porter4.0%A very rare example of this brewers beer which is not normally seen outside Cumbria. A dark beer specialist held in high esteem.
EnglandPorterTavy AlesDark Ale - Porter5.2%A dark beer with a roasted, bittersweet flavour and an intense chocolate finish.
EnglandPorterTownhouseDark Ale - Porter4.3%Dark, smooth porter.
EnglandPorterIntrepidDark Ale - Porter4.8%A dry porter with lots of chocolate and coffee flavours. Very dark
EnglandPortly StoutRowtonDark Ale - Stout4.5%Rowton stout with added port.
EnglandPoseidonCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A golden ale packed with citrus and fruity flavours from Citra hops, rounded off by a fresh citrus blast. There are pronounced hop aromas throughout.
EnglandPoseidon AdventureCoastalStrong Beer - IPA6.0%Turbo-charged version of Poseidon with more hops and a blast of fresh citrus which dominates this spectacular strong golden ale.
EnglandPoseidon ExtraCoastalBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A crisp, clean pale bitter. A SIBA gold medal winner.
EnglandPostman's KnockHobson'sDark Ale - Porter4.8%A limited edition beer from Cleobury Mortimer in Shropshire. Rich Ruby Porter, combining vanilla, treacle and roast malt
EnglandPostman's Plum PorterHobson'sSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer5.0%Plum Porter with Shropshire Prune Damsons, described as the essence of ‘plum’. Possibly the oldest variety of damson in the UK.
EnglandPot o' GoldWood'sBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Golden brew with a citrus bitterness derived from North American Cascade & Mount Hood hops.
WalesPothole PorterCwrw IalDark Ale - Porter5.1%A classic style porter with dark roast malt and lots of British Goldings hops
EnglandPotters WealWeal AlesStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer5.5%Made with English hops. Solid malty backbone with caramel hints throughout.
EnglandPounamuLymestoneBitter - Best Bitter4.2%New Zealand's finest Mouteka hops assault your taste buds in startling array of sweet Polynesians fruit flavours. Very pale, crisp and hoppy.
EnglandPowder PlotAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Light amber coloured ale with strong floral, herbal, citrus and hints of spiced berries.
EnglandPower of 3 (2017)MarstonsBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Brewed with 3 English hops - Goldings, Challenger & Pioneer. Grapefruit and pine aromas. Light & refreshing on the palate.
EnglandPower of 3 (2018)MarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Three English hops. Golding, Challenger and Pioneer. Three aromas. Malt, grapefruit and pine. Three distinct tastes. Light, malty and refreshing.
WalesPower of LoveHeavy IndustryStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer6.0%An amber bock style strong ale.
EnglandPre-RaphaeliteBlackwaterBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%One-off brewed by Salopian.
EnglandPremiant IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden Czech hopped ale bursting with delightful citrus aromas.
EnglandPremier BitterMoorhousesBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A very quaffable bitter, this smooth and creamy beer is amber in colour with a refreshing hoppy finish.
EnglandPremiumSlatersBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Light & creamy, with a darker appearance and a dry texture, from Stafford
EnglandPremium Craft StoutTitanicCraft Keg Beer - British4.5%Locally brewed, unpasteurised keg stout. A dark combination of malt and roast with some hops. Strongly flavoured and well balanced.
EnglandPremium GoldPennineBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Sweet to the first taste with a pleasant hint of orange and tropical fruit.
EnglandPremium PerryBroadoakCider - Real Perry7.5%Traditiona perry from Somerset
EnglandPretender Blonde AleRevolutionsBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Blonde ale with medium levels of bitterness and with pine, lemon and lime hop notes.
EnglandPretoriaAllGatesBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%'A clean yellow gold ale with big assertive lemon sherbet hops; juicy but dry and bitter with just a pinch of sourness.' Wigan. Named in memory of the Pretoria coal mine where 344 miners died in 1910.
EnglandPretty GreenAcornBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Made with freshly picked English First Gold hops from Stock's farm, Malvern.
EnglandPrideFront RowBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%A golden summer bitter
EnglandPride & Joy Limited Edition: SimcoeVocationSpeciality Beer - American Pale5.3%Pale, crisp, very hoppy, aromatic. Robust hop flavours over a balanced malty backbone. Initially soft it builds to a generous, clean bitterness.
EnglandPride of PendleMoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.1%An exceptionally fine balance of malt and hops give this beer a long dry and extremely satisfying finish.
EnglandPride of Ringwood IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPARich golden ale with a strong delectable aroma that has a spicy kick with essence of citrus & fruit-like tones.
EnglandPride of SheffieldKelham IslandBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Spicy British hops complement the malty, caramel flavours and fruity American hops add a refreshing bitter sweet palate.
EnglandPride of the RiverBrakspearBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A hoppy aromatic classic ale - this beer is one that will quench the thirst of all.
EnglandPridewood ProgressOssettBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Classic English ale brewed from pale and crystal malts to give mellow, full-bodied flavour. Hopped with Progress grown near Ledbury. Spicy, floral and honey aromas.
EnglandPriory PaleGloucesterBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Piney and grapefruit aroma from whole cone American hops. Light and zingy, an all natural, fresh tasting thirst quencher.
EnglandProgressBlack SheepBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Seasonal ale with progress hops celebrating 20 years of brewing. Masham,
EnglandProhibitionSalopianSpeciality Beer - American Pale4.6%hops and more hops; citrus, pine and grapefruit flavours descend into an untouchable finish.
EnglandPropagandaSalopianBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Hops twist around the palate of this golden strong ale, the bitterness is balanced by a cultured hop profile
EnglandProper American Pale AleCoastalSpeciality Beer - American Pale4.5%A poale golden American pale. Fruity and citrusy.
EnglandProper JobSt. AustellBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Brewed with a blend of Cascade, Chinook and Willamette hops for a punch of citrus, pine resin and a hint of spice.
EnglandProphecyAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.5%A very pale beer with lots of hop character. Lovely citrus flavours, orange and grapefruit and a rounded bitter finish.
EnglandProphecy Pale AleBathBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Hints of lemon and lime from Citra and Aurora hops fulfil your expectations in our easy-drinking pale ale.
EnglandProteusCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Golden bitter with enough hops to satisfy a Greek Sea-god.
EnglandProteusSiren CraftBitter - Best Bitter4.0%The fifth beer of their Proteus range of shapeshifting pale ales. This one features Apollo, Bravo and Simcoe hops.
EnglandProvenance: NelsonHyde'sBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Premium pale ale crafted from the New Zealand Nelson sauvin hops. Fruity and full of gooseberry flavours
EnglandPugin's Gold Bicentenary AlePeakstones RockBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Brewed to celebrate the Bicentenary of Augustus Pugin's birth. The Victorian Architect who's designs include the Houses of Parliament. Light golden beer with lager malt and styrian hops
EnglandPujaThornbridgeStrong Beer - IPA6.4%Fabulously fragrant IPA with sweet undertones of night-flowering jasmine and aromatic, citrus hops.
EnglandPulawski IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Pulawski hops from Poland impart a fruity, herbal aroma.
EnglandPumphouse Pale AleSambrook'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%This pale ale is a light, zesty beer with a wonderful citrus aroma.
EnglandPure GoldPurityBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%'An easy drinking beer with a lovely dry and bitter finish'. Warwickshire.
EnglandPure GoldRowtonBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Heavily hopped with English First Gold & American Cascade. SIBA bronze medal winner, 2015.
EnglandPure GoldPartner's (formerly Anglo-Dutch)Bitter - Standard Bitter3.5%An easy drinking session beer combining four different malts, that give this beer a complex character. It is finished using target and fuggles hops. Dewsbury.
EnglandPure UbuPurityBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%'A balanced full flavoured beer that is a pleasure to drink'. Warwickshire.
EnglandPure WitchMoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pure golden bittter with no additives. Biscuity malt flavours with peach, pear and citrus from the hops.
EnglandPushSalopianBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Floral hops. Light and summery just like strawberries and cream.
EnglandPuzzleSalopianSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.8%An English style wheat beer served clear, flavoured with ginger, corriander, & orange.
EnglandPyderGwatkin's CiderCider - Real Cider5.0%Pyder is the Original Pear Cider made from a blend of the best apples and pears grown in the county of Herefordshire.
EnglandPyrahOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Brewed for Yorkshire cricketer Rich Pyrah's benefit (testimonial) year. An easy drinking pale golden brew.
EnglandQI GoldCoastalBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Golden, hoppy session bitter.
EnglandQPAQuantockBitter - Best Bitter4.0%An incredibly drinkable pale ale. Extremely light in colour, crafted using 2 huge US hops, giving massive citrus flavour and aroma.
EnglandQuad HopCoastalStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.0%A golden, American style IPA
EnglandQuaffWood'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Light coloured session beer with a lovely fruit freshness that keeps the palate clean & vibrant. Fuggles & Goldings.
EnglandQuantumAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Brewed with lager and pale crystal malts and French Aramis hops. Barnsley
EnglandQueen BeeSlatersSpeciality Beer - Honey Beer4.2%A gorgeous golden brew with a taste of local honey.
EnglandQuick SilverOssettLager - Lager style cask beer5.0%A lager style beer that balances full bodied maltiness with a refreshing citrus aroma.
EnglandQuintessentialDerbyStrong Beer - IPA5.8%Strong hoppy IPA from Derbyshire
EnglandQuirky KiwiOffbeatBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Hoppy, citrusy, floral ale packed with New Zealand pacific jade hops and late hopped with nelson Sauvin.
EnglandRacing DragonSandstoneBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Golden, hoppy bitter. Based on Pale Malt with Magnum, Simcoe and Columbus hops.
EnglandRacketeerBootleg Brewing Co.Bitter - Best Bitter4.0%Copper coloured ale with a smooth mouth feel. The hops come through late while initial tastes have a light caramel feel.
EnglandRacketeerBootleg Brewing Co.Bitter - Best Bitter4.2%A light golden ale with fruity after-taste.
EnglandRagged PointRooster'sDark Ale - Stout5.0%A West coast stout with four big hitting hops from the US. Cascade, Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic.
EnglandRain BirdSadler'sSpeciality Beer - American Pale4.7%American inspired IPA, using copious amounts of big resinous American Hops. A juicy berry fruit bitterness is the launch pad for a delicious hop experience.
WalesRainbow ChaserPlasseyBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A golden, dry hopped bitter.
ScotlandRaj IPATrystStrong Beer - IPA5.5%A full-strength traditional India Pale Ale
EnglandRakau IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden coloured ale, fresh orchard fruits, specifically apricot with some resinous pine needle characteristics are noted
EnglandRakau Pale AleRooster'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Fresh orchard fruit flavours: apricot, pine needle and a hint of grapefruit. Rakau is a New Zealand hop.
EnglandRakau XLFernandesStrong Beer - IPA5.5%A big, fruity, spicy IPA.
EnglandRale HeadQuantockBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Comet and Mount Hood hops give this beer a stunning presence and have this beer punching above its weight.
EnglandRambrauDentLager - Lager style cask beer4.5%This Pilsner inspired ale utilises some of the finest German malt and hops to create a light, crisp and refreshing beer
WalesRampartConwyBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%The enticing floral aromas of Fuggles are followed by smooth spicy/citrusy flavours of Goldings.
WalesRandom Name GeneratorTiny RebelStrong Beer - IPA4.8%Packed full of hops and deliciously roasty things giving this beer it's IPA credentials as well as the flavour of a black beer, without affecting the super pale colour.
EnglandRantipoleThree TunsBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Refreshingly light and hoppy with hints of elderflower
EnglandRaptureMagic RockBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Full bodied and hoppy red ale.
EnglandRascalWychwoodBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A hoppy bitter. Six different varieties play havoc on the palate!
EnglandRashFool HardyBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A rich copper beer with a very light floral aroma. Initial toffee flavour immediately gives way to a bombardment of hops that linger for a long aftertaste.
EnglandRaspberry CiderDouble Vision Cider Co.Cider - Real Cider5.2%Traditional still cider with added raspberries.
EnglandRaspberry Heartless (Keykeg)RedWillowSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer5.2%Heartless Chocolate Stout won Gold at the North West Regional Winter Beer of Britain 2014 in the stout category. The latest brew sees raspberries added to the winning recipe.
EnglandRaspberry Light AleAcornSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer3.6%Golden ale with raspberries
EnglandRaspberry RippleCastle RockSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.6%160kg raspberry puree + vanilla + flaked oats = a beer that celebrates one of the nation's favourite fruits.
EnglandRaspberry ViceBootleg Brewing Co.Speciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.8%A raspberry wheat beer from the Horse & Jockey, Chorlton, Manchester.
EnglandRaspberry WheatTitanicSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.7%Hazy in appearance due to the high percentage of wheat malt in the recipe. Light raspberry aromas and taste
EnglandRaspberry Wheat (keg)TitanicCraft Keg Beer - British4.7%Hazy due to the wheat malt and has light raspberry aromas and taste.
EnglandRat 'n RollRatBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A traditional golden bitter.
EnglandRat Against the MachineRatStrong Beer - IPA7.0%A strong Amerian style IPA from the Rat & Ratchet pub in Huddersfield.
EnglandRat AttackRatBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Refreshing amber coloured session bitter. Four generous additions of Cascade Hops result in an intense citrus hop aroma.
EnglandRat BagRatBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Intensely hoppy and resinous pale bitter. Made using four separate additions of English Challenger hops, and then dry hopped.
EnglandRat BurglarRatBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A dry hopped traditional English bitter.
EnglandRat CraftedRatCraft Keg Beer - British5.0%Hoppy golden ale.
EnglandRat HoleRatBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A pale session ale with the vinous Nelson Sauvin hops.
EnglandRat in Me KitchenRatBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden, American-style IPA. Dry hopped with Centennial
EnglandRat in the HatRatBitter - Best Bitter3.8%A spectacular, hoppy pale ale from Huddersfield.
EnglandRat PackRatBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale, hoppy bitter.
EnglandRat PunzelRatStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.0%A Citra-hopped IPA.
EnglandRat RaceRatBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Citrussy golden ale from Huddersfield
EnglandRat RaceBlackwaterBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A field of hops, breeze with hints of of orange, citrus and lime. Hints of biscuit and wheat give depth and balance and a powerful finish
EnglandRat RaceMarstonsBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Blonde beer with fruity flavours. Marketed as a Wainwright beer.
EnglandRat TrapRatBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A citrussy, hoppy pale ale.
EnglandRat TrapperAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Pale beer hopped with Ella and Motueka from Australia and New Zealand. Flavours of peach, lemon, cedar and floral notes coupled with a pleasant bitter finish.
EnglandRatatouilleRatBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Strong hoppy, golden ale
EnglandRatchet StrapRatSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.3%A liquorice pale ale. Pale, wheat, oat and caramalts. Moderate bitterness. Huell Melon for aroma and chopped liquorice.
EnglandRatellaRatDark Ale - Stout4.3%A milk chocolate and hazelnut stout.
EnglandRatlerRatBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Golden bitter with citra hops and grapefruit notes.
EnglandRATsody in BlueRatBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A mellow easy drinking pale ale.
EnglandRatsputinRatStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer7.4%Strong ale from Huddersfield.
EnglandRatsterRatStrong Beer - IPA5.1%An American style brown IPA.
EnglandRATtle of HastingsRatBitter - Best Bitter4.5%A traditional bitter. Their 1,066th brew.
EnglandRattle SnakeThornbridgeStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.5%West Coast IPA with Chinook, Cascade, Cetennial and Simcoe. Fruity, citrusy and bitter on the palate, and a hoppy finish.
EnglandRattucinoRatDark Ale - Stout5.0%A milky coffee stout
EnglandRattus RattusRatCraft Keg Beer - British4.3%Hazy wheat beer with a fresh spicy coriander aroma. Flavours are banana and cloves with a bitter citric finish.
EnglandRaturday Night FeverRatBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A groovy, hoppy bitter!
EnglandRatweillerRatBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale hoppy ale, made with Citra, Simcoe and Chinook hops. Dry hopped for extra aroma.
EnglandRavening WolfWantsumStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer5.9%Toasted biscuit and rye malt flavours support a pine lemon hop crispness with a hint of vanilla.
EnglandReal BlondePennineBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Bright and golden. Finely balanced in hops and natural sugars that combine to add a fruity aftertaste.
EnglandReaper No.1 - HopfenweisseAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer5.0%A heavily hopped classic German Hopfenweisse packed with Amarillo and Willamette.
EnglandReaper No.2 - Lemongrass & Pepper WitAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer5.5%Pale cloudy and unfiltered beer, delicately laced with peppercorn and hints of fresh lemongrass.
EnglandRebelNavigationBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A citrus golden ale with grapefruit and mango aromas.
EnglandRecklessFool HardyBitter - Strong Bitter5.0% An altogether sweeter tasting premium beer with its subtle bitterness poking through. A clean hoppy finish and moderate fruity aftertaste.
EnglandRedLancasterBitter - Premium Bitter4.9%Lancaster Red is premium strength, ruby red beer, fired by plentiful amounts of Golding’s and First Gold hops.
EnglandRed & RuthCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.0%American style pale ale brewed with rye, roasted barley and wheat to give a pronounced sweet aroma. Late hop additions add aroma.
EnglandRed APAWadworthBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%A rich red-coloured American-hopped pale ale, bursting with pine and citrus aromas, countered by notes of earth, spice and berries on the palate.
EnglandRed BreastJenningsSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.5%'Malty, toffee and chocolate flavours with a chestnut red hue'. Cumbria.
EnglandRed BulletDerbyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Rich red in colour with generous addition of Green Bullet hops. Malty and zesty.
EnglandRed DieselWincleSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.6%Deep ruby colour. Malty and spicy flavour from barley and rye malts. Medium bitterness with a slightly fruity taste.
EnglandRed DukePrivateerBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A red ale. A blend of American hops in the bittering to produce a rich, spicy aftertaste.
EnglandRed EmberHop BackSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.6%Deep red in colour with a rich flavour, hints of chocolate and a spicy finish of ginger and coriander.
EnglandRed FangCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Traditional red Somerset bitter
EnglandRed HerringBlackwaterBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%One-off brewed by Salopian.
EnglandRed HerringSalopianSpeciality Beer - American Red4.7%Fruit overtones fall across the palate of this vibrant red ale. Hints of malt temper a fruity aroma that leads to a powerful hop filled finish
EnglandRed Hot PokerTattonStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer6.0%Rich, strong ruby ale from Knutsford.
EnglandRed HouseWhimDark Ale - Porter4.7%A dark red porter. Full bodied with complex flavours. Perfectly balanced.
EnglandRed Mist (keg)SalopianBitter - Best Bitter5.5%A rich red multi layered IPA with tropical fruit and pine nose, the taste is earthy, with spiced oranges and a finish that blossoms with hops.
EnglandRed OakAcornBitter - Best Bitter4.5%A rich, red rustic ale.
EnglandRed ParallaxAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.7%collaboration with well known Electro-rockers 65 Days Of Static. A well balanced Belgian-style red with addition of sour cherries for a nice tart finish
EnglandRed RascalJenningsBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A distinctive copper red, hoppy bitter.
EnglandRed Red RyeTattonSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer3.4%Brewed with rye malt, full-flavoured with a hint of toasted malt and subtle berry aroma
EnglandRed RescueWood'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Styled on a traditional pale ale but using a red-coloured malt to give it a unique ruby glow. Full, balanced flavour.
EnglandRed RocksPeerlessBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Well bodied ruby ale. Rich malt flavours combine with Bramling X hops for a wonderful beer with fruity overtones. A typically english ale combining the best of British malts and hops.
EnglandRed Rose Original CiderLancasterCider - Real Cider6.9%Premium dry cider made for Lancaster brewery
EnglandRed SquirrelWoodlandsBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Dark red session beer with a hint of blackcurrant.
EnglandRed StateRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Four malts and four hop varieties combine in this hop-forward red ale. Moderate citrus notes and refreshing bitterness.
EnglandRed ViennaMobberleyBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A light red beer. Sweet malts form the base with a touch of hops to cut through.
EnglandRed, Wit & BlueAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.6%Red Rye Wheat Beer with plenty of American hops. Naturally cloudy using traditional wheat beer yeast, expect a spicy edge from the rye mixed with the fruit and pine notes from the hops.
EnglandRedacreWorthBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Flavoursome amber ale from Poynton
EnglandRedemptionAbbeydaleBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A red, golden, honey coloured premium ale. Subtle lemon and a zingy bite from fresh root ginger & noble, mellow hop character
ScotlandRedgauntlet CiderAndrews AlesCider - Real Cider5.0%A medium dry Scottish cider
EnglandRedsell's EKGHop BackBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Brewed with East Kent Goldings hops from Tony Redsell's farm in Kent. Copper in colour with a clean finish.
EnglandRedwoodWoodlandsBitter - Best Bitter4.9%First created as a Bhurtpore beer festival special. A strong red bitter.
EnglandRefresherSlatersBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Belgian style. Malted barley, wheat malt and candy sugar with Goldings and Saaz hops, coriander and orange peel for a refreshing summer drink.
EnglandRegal BlondByatt'sBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%A strong zesty golden ale with pine, citrus lemon, grassy notes. Smooth and easy-drinking.
EnglandRegal RodentRatStrong Beer - IPA5.0%An English style IPA with a hint of grapefruit.
ScotlandRegnitzKelburnBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A subtle blend of German malts infused with a mighty whack of US whole hops which combine to produce a red tinted beer
EnglandRenaissanceSalopianBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Strong golden ale with a compelling aroma and vigorous fruit flavour tempered by a hint of sweetness and a rejuvenating finish.
EnglandRepetitive Brain InjurySpitting FeathersBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Strong Chester pale ale
EnglandRepetitive Strain InjurySpitting FeathersStrong Beer - IPA5.6% Pale malts and cutting edge hops combine to produce this moreish IPA
EnglandRequiemSalopianDark Ale - Stout4.7%'A vibrant stout with hints of blackcurrant and plum, the dryness of the body is tempered by an enveloping crescendo of coffee and chocolate that descends to a fruit filled finale.
EnglandReservoir RatsRatBitter - Best Bitter4.0%An aggressive pale bitter, made using Simcoe and Amarillo Hops
EnglandResolutionAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A pale and hoppy beer with an orange peel aroma. Citrus and bubblegum flavours lead onto a lasting creamy peach finish.
EnglandResolutionParkwayBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A traditional red bitter for January.
EnglandResolutionMad SquirrelBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Late hopped with three American hop varieties for maximum flavour. Light, refreshing and immensely drinkable
EnglandRestlessRedWillowStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer8.5%It's here. The beer style you've all been waiting for: a magnificent Imperial Vietnamese Coffee Milk Porter. Good morning Vietnam!
EnglandRevelationDark StarCraft Keg Beer - British5.7%A blend of Centennial, Liberty, Cascade, and Citra aroma hops by the sack full – then dry hopped during conditioning using our ‘Hoptimizer’ (Industrial sized hookah).
EnglandRevelationAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale golden bitter from Sheffield
EnglandRevelationMobberleyBitter - Standard Bitter2.6%Pale gold, insanely refreshing and dangerously drinkable
EnglandRevellerAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Blonde with a trio of big US hops for punchy fruity bite and citrus bitterness
EnglandRevellerCotswold SpringBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%"Summery and full of hops, with a wantonly Tropical finish" from Gloucestershire
EnglandRevelryWeetwoodBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%An uncomplicated, easy-drinking beer to please the crowds. Simply brewed with pale malt, a touch of wheat and British hops. Formerly known as Oast House Gold
EnglandRevengeTown MillStrong Beer - IPA5.3%A traditional IPA with a well balanced hop and spiced fruit flavour.
EnglandRevisionist Belgian SaisonMarstonsSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer5.0%A contemporary take on a Belgian style farmhouse beer. French for "season", Saison delivers a pale golden beer, fruity yet dry and refreshing with a herbal hop finish.
EnglandRevisionist Black Cherry StoutMarstonsDark Ale - Stout4.6%Black Forest decadence with sweet sumptuous cherries and rich chocolate roasted malts.
EnglandRevisionist Califonia Common Steam BeerMarstonsSpeciality Beer - American Pale4.7%A California Common steam beer uses yeast fermented at a higher temperature to deliver an amber coloured lager/ale hybrid beer with a warming, fruity flavour.
EnglandRevisionist Craft LagerBanks'sLager - Pilsner4.0%A refreshing, easy drinking, craft brewed lager with a citrus orange marmalade flavour.
EnglandRevisionist Craft LagerMarstonsLager - Pilsner4.0%Crafted with lager malt and a hop blend of German Hallertau Magnum & Tradition,Slovenian Styrian, dry hopped with British Admiral & Boadicea varieties to release more aroma and flavour.
EnglandRevisionist Dark IPAWychwoodStrong Beer - Black IPA4.8%Wychwood Brewery’s offering to the Marston’s revisionist range doffs its cap to the original IPA style but provides a continental twist of flavour and balance.
EnglandRevisionist Green Hop Pale AleMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Bright, fresh & floral green hop characteristics complemented by pale and roast malt notes.
EnglandRevisionist Juniper Pale AleMarstonsSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.4%Brewed at Burton by Genevieve Upton. Delicately peppered citrus with a rosemary twist.
EnglandRevisionist Ruby Liquorice Smoked BeerBanks'sSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer3.6%Ruby beer with dry, toffee character from roasted crystal rye malt and smoke from smoked pale ale malt. Liquorice added to the coppers adds a unique dimension, with aromas of berries.
EnglandRevisionist Rye Pale AleBanks'sSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.3%Inspired by American brewers, rye crystal malt adds a distinctive spicy and nutty malt flavour to a pale ale packed full of fruity hop character.
EnglandRevisionist Salted Caramel Tawny AleMarstonsSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.3%Crystal & Chocolate malts combine for a distinctive and full-bodied caramel-toffee flavour. Big, rich, slightly sweet impact. Salt is added at racking.
EnglandRevisionist West Coast IPAMarstonsStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.0%Light caramel hue. Hops impart a spicy, citrus flavour with a hint of blackcurrants. Explosive crisp aromas from west coast hops
EnglandRevisionist Wheat BeerBanks'sSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.8%Brewed in Wolverhampton by former Cains brewer David Nijs. Bavarian style with Hersbrucker and Marynka hops.
EnglandRevivalMoor BeerBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A full flavoured, highly drinkable modern bitter.
EnglandRevolution Pale AleSpitting FeathersBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Pale ale from their 'Heritage Ales' range.
ScotlandRhapsodyAlechemyBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Using extra pale malt and the Columbus hop, Rhapsody is a simple but delightful session ale.
EnglandRhapsodySalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Sparkling with fresh effervescence & defined floral aroma, a twist of short bread malt is encompassed by a palate of tropical fruit and a fruity finish
EnglandRhubarb and CustardFernandesSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.0%A pale golden bitter infused with Yorkshire rhubarb and vanilla.
IrelandRiBruBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Irish malt and four different hops. It is a crisp, refreshingly bitter ale, with a blast of citrus, pine and floral scents on the nose.
EnglandRiders on the StormKelham IslandBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%On the dark side of pale this pleasantly bitter, hoppy, pale ale will take you by the hand…. from Sheffield
EnglandRiggwelterBlack SheepStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer5.9%A deep chestnut brown beer with an aroma of fresh roasted coffee. A wonderfully complex palate with hints of coffee, banana and liquorice, lead to a classic Golding hop finish, from Masham, Yorkshire
EnglandRing o'the BellsRingwoodSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer5.0%Full bodied Christmas with a hint of cinnamon.
EnglandRioMoorhousesBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Golden with fresh citrus, pine 7 floral aromas. Fruity & spicy with a hoppy aftertaste from Styrian Goldings & Mount Hood hops. For the 2016 Olympics.
EnglandRio de Ja Beer-O!OssettBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Dry, lager coloured ale. Fairly bitter but very refreshing. Generous quantities of English and American hops and further dry-hopping during conditioning brings an intense citrus aroma.
EnglandRiotAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Full of citrus flavours, especially bitter orange and a long, dry and bitter finish.
EnglandRipiainKings ClipstoneBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A blonde bitter with a nod to an IPA. British hops.
EnglandRipsawWychwoodSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer3.7%A rich, red rye beer with Topaz and Cascade hops.
EnglandRiptideNeptuneBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%An English bitter from a new Liverpool brewer.
EnglandRising SunGreen JackBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A pale refreshing hoppy beer with zesty fruit aromas, sweetness and malt in the finish.
EnglandRising TideTurning PointBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Easy drinking and refreshing beer with a pleasant bitterness and zesty aroma. A real hearty English style pale.
EnglandRiskyFool HardyBitter - Best Bitter4.4%An easy-drinking pale ale with a good balance of hops, subtle hints of citrus and a well rounded finish.
EnglandRoad RunnerMobberleyBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Pale yellow in colour and very refreshing, with a delicate very lightly spicy finish From Mobberley in Cheshire..
EnglandRoaring MegSpringheadBitter - Strong Bitter5.5%Golden, with a citrus honey aroma and a dry finish.
EnglandRoast Walnut StoutFoxfieldDark Ale - Stout5.3%Full bodied stout with roast walnuts
EnglandRobin HoodSpringheadBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A chestnut-brown traditional bitter with plenty of hops. From Newark in Nottinghamshire.
EnglandRockafellaRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Collaboration with St Austell. Crisp, fruity pale ale. A deconstructed New York cheesecake in a glass.
WalesRocketeerBluestoneBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%A traditional full bodied bitter with a rich malty base, hopped with Bramling Cross, Fuggles and Challenger hops.
WalesRockhopperBluestoneBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Classic pale amber bitter with a light malt base and spicy fruitiness from the Challenger, Bramling Cross and Chinook hops
EnglandRocking RudolphHardys and HansonsSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.2%Christmas brew by Marstons
EnglandRocky MountainBig ShedBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Golden & full bodied with malt flavour from Crystal malt and quite bitter. Bitterness and aroma provided by loads of Cascade hops.
EnglandRoebuckPrivateerBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A balanced session amber ale with a hint of citrus in the aroma from American hops.
EnglandRoll of HonourMarstonsBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%An amber classic balancing the bitterness and aroma of classic english hops - Golding & Challenger with a malty amber elixir and a hint of caramel.
EnglandRoots. Rock. Reggae.Rooster'sStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.4%Brewed with fresh pineapple and grapefruit (zest & juice). An IPA with a fruity punch. Admiral, Cascade, Summit, Centennial and Nelson Sauvin hops.
BelgiumRosardaBavikSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.3%From a Belgian family brewery. It has a base of award-winning Wttekerke White Beer, the juice of red summer berries plus a dash of oak-aged Belgian Ale
EnglandRosie's PigWestons CiderCider - Real Cider4.8%Easy drinking cloudy cider with a fresh apple flavour & hints of citrus and spice. Perfect served with Great British foods such as roasts, pies and bangers & mash.
EnglandRosie's Pig Flat Tyre (Rhubarb)Westons CiderCider - Fruit Cider4.0%Medium-sweet, cloudy, and slowly matured still cider made from freshly pressed apples, paired with a refreshing infusion of rhubarb juice.
EnglandRosie's Pig Handbrake (Damson)Westons CiderCider - Fruit Cider4.0%Medium-sweet, cloudy, and slowly matured still cider made from Herefordshire apples and a generous helping of fruity damson juice. Hints of cherry and hedgerow fruits,
EnglandRosie's Pig Old Banger (Raspberry)Westons CiderCider - Fruit Cider4.0%Medium dry, cloudy and slowly matured cider, bursting with Herefordshire apples and rich raspberry juice. Light and fruity best served chilled. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs.
EnglandRoute 10 IPATitanicStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.7%Made with hops from the Yakima Valley (Chinook, Centennial, Cascade, Columbus, Summit)
EnglandRoute 97MobberleySpeciality Beer - American Pale4.4%Incredible floral & citrus flavours, with fresh grapefruit & zesty aromas from the huge double dry hop dose of Falconers Flight blend. Magnum & Chinook in the kettle, dry hopped with 7Cs.
EnglandRowdy Rob IPAWood'sStrong Beer - IPA5.2%One of a set of 3 beers all with the same malt base but different hops in search of the right combination for a new permanent beer.
EnglandRowton BitterRowtonBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A pale ale with a crisp hoppy flavour. Brewed just this side of Telford.
EnglandRowton Green HopRowtonBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Made using 5Kg of Jim Preston's homegrown green (ie: not dried) Admiral hops.
EnglandRowton MeteoriteRowtonBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A traditional English copper coloured best bitter.
EnglandRowton RocketRowtonStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer5.9%A fully matured, strong amber ale.
EnglandRoyal Charter IPAYorkStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Strong hoppy ale from York. A Jubilee special.
EnglandRoyal FlushBlackjackBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A strong bitter with british hops in the ESB style.
EnglandRoyal StandardNine StandardsStrong Beer - IPA5.5%A fruity golden ale made with 5 hops.
IrelandRuaBruBitter - Best Bitter4.2%An Irish red ale, though on the hoppy side for the style.
EnglandRuby ChoughFry'sBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Premium ruby bitter from Cornwall.
EnglandRuby MildRudgateMild - Best Mild4.4%Multi award-winning. Nutty, deeply rich and satisfying. York.
EnglandRuby O'ReillyBlueballBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Cara malts give this beer a deep amber colour with a sweet malty mouth and nose. This is balanced with four carefully blended hop additions. An Irish red style beer
EnglandRuby RedWilson PotterBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Easy drinking rich ruby ale . Full bodied malty berry taste and floral hop finish.
EnglandRuby WitchMoorhousesBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Halloween special from Burnley
EnglandRuck & RollSt. AustellBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A rugby themed beer for the Six Nations tournament. Amber in colour with a full yet dry palate balanced by fruity hops.
EnglandRuck and MaulTattonDark Ale - Porter4.5%A classic, smooth English porter - rich dark ruby coloured ale with undertones of coffee and molasses. Just the thing for celebrating - or crying into. First produced for the 2011 Rugby World Cup
EnglandRucking MoleMolesBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A chestnut coloured premium ale, brewed with the traditional English malt, Fuggles and Goldings variety hops. Fruity and malty, with a smooth bitter finish.
EnglandRuddy RamBlack SheepDark Ale - Porter4.0%Dark ale from Masham in Yorkshire
WalesRuddy RudolfPlasseyBitter - Best Bitter4.5%A premium bitter for Christmas
EnglandRude BoyRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Brewed with Dr. Rudi hops from New Zealand. Pale witharomas of lemongrass and pine needles.
EnglandRudolph's RewardShepherd NeameSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer3.7%A relative, and welcome, lightweight in their seasonal range. Kent.
EnglandRudolph's RewardNo.18 Yard Brewhouse (Shepherd Neame)Speciality Beer - Seasonal Beer3.7%A crisp, light winter beer featuring subtle notes of festive mulling spices.
EnglandRuffled FeathersSwanBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A red-amber session beer brewed with Herefordshire Cascade hops offering a clean, crisp hop flavour that lingers.
EnglandRuffled FeathersParkwayBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Premium, traditional English bitter.
EnglandRunning the GauntletBespokeBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Full malty flavour with rich roasted undertones balanced with a good hop bitterness with spicy blackcurrant aromas from late hopping.
EnglandRunning WildMoorhousesBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Golden in colour,with fresh citrus, pine and floral aromas.Fresh and fruity on the palate. The hops are Styrian Goldings and American Mount Hood. Burnley.
EnglandRunnymede 800Castle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Commemorating Magna Carta 800 years ago, golden-brown bitter with local honey and hops from New Zealand and the USA.
EnglandRush HourSpitting FeathersBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%5 different hop varieties give this pale ale a strong citrus character, bursting with grapefruit, orange and passionfruit.
EnglandRyeMoorhousesSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.1%Rye malt imparts a dry, creamy character which is complemented with a note of spice and resin and fresh citrus on the aroma.
EnglandRye Pale AleMarstonsCraft Keg Beer - British4.3%Inspired by American brewers, rye crystal malt adds a distinctive spicy and nutty malt flavour to a pale ale packed full of fruity hop character.
EnglandRye Pale AleLiverpool CraftStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer5.6%A pale strong rye beer from the new innovation led Liverpool brewer.
EnglandRye Rats of the CaribbeanRatBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A red rye IPA
EnglandRye't OnDerbySpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.4%Three varieties of American hops. Intricate in flavour and aroma. Assertive & well balanced.
EnglandS*M*A*S*HMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Lightly roasted Cassata malt, complimented by the citrus aroma of Palisade hops
WalesSABrainsBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A nutty richness derived from a blend of fine pale and crystal malts is balanced with a satisfying dryness from the hops
EnglandSabbath Flight (keg)MoorhousesCraft Keg Beer - British5.0%An American style pale alewith Cascade, Citra & Equanot hops giving a berry aroma, tropical fruit notes & a sweet malt burst.
EnglandSaddle TankMarstonsBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Formerly Burton Bitter.Clear, bright and full flavoured with a malty, biscuit taste.Clear, bright and full flavoured with a malty, biscuit taste.
WalesSafe BetHafodBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%A spicy, session pale ale.
WalesSaint CeceliacCelt Experience / Salopian (collaboration)Speciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.8%An American style wheat beer using a bottom cropping Weihenstephan Weizen yeast strain, dry hopped with citra and beer brewed in collab with Salopian Brewery. A video can be found on the Celt website.
EnglandSaint GeorgeAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Light Golden Pale Ale. English Bodecia hops give a light floral and spicy finish, with a grassy scented aroma
EnglandSaint PetersburgThornbridgeDark Ale - Stout7.4%Rich and dark with light smoky, subtle peatiness and the full body of dark malts.
EnglandSalcombe GoldSalcombeBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A light harvest gold ale with a long hoppy finish. Citra, Amarillo and Chinook hops,.
EnglandSalted Caramel LucariaThornbridgeDark Ale - Porter4.5%A salted caramel edition of their ice cream porter. Luxurious.
EnglandSalty Kiss Gooseberry GoseMagic RockContinental Ale - Gose4.1%Collaboration with Kissmeyer Beer. Traditional German style Gose with Gooseberries, Sea Buckthorn and Sea Salt. Tart, lightly sour, fruity and refreshing with a defined saltiness.
EnglandSalvationCharnwoodBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Light refreshing golden beer. Tropical fruit, citrus, and floral flavours. American Cascade and Amarillo hops create a citrus aroma. Crisp clean bitterness on the finish.
EnglandSalvation No.1 - Coconut StoutAbbeydaleCraft Keg Beer - British5.5%Full bodied with toasted coconut and Sorachi Ace hops, mouth wateringly complimented by velvety dark malts.
EnglandSalvation No.3 - Plum PorterAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.7%Sumptuous plum porter, full bodied with hints of dark chocolate; subtly hopped to allow the full plum flavours to come through.
EnglandSalvation No.8 - Irish StoutAbbeydaleDark Ale - Stout4.9%Keeping those taste buds on their toes, a dry Irish stout so expect roasty toasty hearty malty flavours with a fabulous aroma.
EnglandSam's Cider with BlackcurrantWinkleighCider - Real Cider4.0%An unpasteurised cider with fresh blackcurrants. Fairly sweet and very moreish.
EnglandSampoThornbridgeSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer5.0%Galaxy hopped pale ale, brewed with Pineapple.
WalesSampson's JackGowerBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Copper coloured ale brewed with floor malted barley & crstal malts.
EnglandSams Medium Devon CiderWinkleighCider - Real Cider6.0%Tradtional cider from Devon
EnglandSan JoseAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Pale. Pacific Jade hops give herbal infusions of citrus and crushed black pepper. A bold armoa with a soft bitter finish.
EnglandSandsFoxfieldBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Pale yellow in colour and very refreshing, with a delicate very lightly spicy finish.
EnglandSands Light MildFoxfieldMild - Light Mild4.0%A golden mild from Cumbria
EnglandSandstone EdgeSandstoneBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Aroma is a malty, toasted and the flavour is a sweet, citric and lightly hoppy.
WalesSanta MuerteHopcraft / Pixie SpringBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Golden, hoppy brew with Cascade, Columbus, Chinook, Centennial, Summit, Citra and Herkules to give a full-on US hop character. Saint Death. 96 IBU.
EnglandSanta's ClawsBeartownSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.5%Deep red/brown colour with a berry fruit aroma and flavour with hints of caramel and winter spices.
EnglandSanta's SpellMoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden christmas bitter
EnglandSanta's t'AleWood'sSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.0%Honey and Bramling Cross hops as late additions give a sweetish taste backed up with a fruity blackcurrant aftertaste.
EnglandSantoSummer WineBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Unfined pale ale from Yorkshire.
EnglandSaphir IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%An IPA made with European Saphir hops
EnglandSaucy SnowmanDerbySpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer3.9%Golden seasonal bitter from the east midlands.
WalesSavannaBig HandBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Light session bitter, biscuit malt with a spicy marmalade aroma.
EnglandSaved by the BellBespokeBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Light hoppy 'forest' bitter. A light refreshing beer with a spicy hop bite and and a light floral aroma from the late hop addition.
EnglandSawn OffLongdenBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A copper-coloured flavoursome best bitter, balancing a rich blend of English & German malts with gentle bitterness from traditional British hops.
EnglandSaxonCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A traditional Somerset bitter.
EnglandSaxon CrossCheshire BrewhouseBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Saxon Cross is an England Celebration ale. Hopped with an abundant amount of English Target hops. Pale & hoppy with a citrus bite and a dry finish
ScotlandScapa SpecialHighlandBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Premium bitter from Birsay, Orkney
EnglandScargill StoutImperialDark Ale - Stout5.0%Full bodied stout dedicated to the only man brave enough to stand toe to toe with 'the Thach'/single handedly destroyed the coalmining industry. Delete as applicable.
EnglandScarlet MacawOakhamBitter - Best Bitter4.4%I can't say any more than the brewers own description. 'Tart gooseberry and soft peach on the nose. Gooseberries and fruit to taste, before an intense bitterness that’s as sharp as a macaw’s screech!' Peterborough.
EnglandScarlet OakAcornBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Pale golden ale brewed with 3 UK hops, Goldings, Fuggles and dry hopped with Endeavour.
EnglandSchemerAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Azacca and Simcoe hops bring fresh grapefruit and citrus flavours with juicy tropical and passion fruit notes.
EnglandSchnappy BlondeFernandesSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer3.8%Blonde, fruity session beer. Peach flavoured with citrus hops.
EnglandSchooner Ship RatRatBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A pale and citrussy bitter.
EnglandScotts 1816Copper DragonBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A full-bodied flavoursome rounded ale with a distinctive hoppy palate and aroma. The strongest in their regular range!
EnglandScramblerRooster'sSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.0%Delicate hop flavours complemented by the addition of fresh watermelon give a crisp, fruity pale ale with a light, bitter finish.,
EnglandScreech OwlCastle RockStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.5%Bright & clear with a modest head. Fresh, fruity aroma. Clean flowery hops. Good firm mouthfeel with a sharp, hoppy bite.
WalesScrum DownConwyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Six nations special from north Wales
EnglandScrum-ptiousOffbeatBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A full flavoured bitter brewed during major rugby tournaments
EnglandScrumpyMillwhites CiderCider - Real Cider6.5%Deep golden in appearance. It has a fresh, vibrant apple aroma, and a dry oaky taste.
EnglandScuttle ButtRingwoodBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Crafted by the experts in relaxation, enjoy this warming ale with a rich, malt finish.
EnglandSeaforthThornbridgeStrong Beer - IPA5.9%Light copper with a nose of fruit and berries, a gentle maltiness in the mouth and a citrus, lemon-pith bitterness.
EnglandSeahawk GoldCotleighBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Brewed with Devon pale and crystal malt which gives the beer its characteristic bright golden colour. Goldings, Challenger and Styrian hops.
EnglandSeahorseSalcombeBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Sweet, smooth ale with a gentle spicy hop character & hints of burnt toffee, caramel and a smoked malty finish.
EnglandSeamlessRedWillowBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A pale bitter with a balance of Centennial and First Gold hops.
EnglandSeaside SpecialCoastalBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Summer special from Cornwall
EnglandSeason of MistsCastle RockBitter - Strong Bitter5.3%Bright amber ale with Bramling Cross hops. A celebration of autumn colours and flavours.
EnglandSecret AffairAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Pale Ale with a tropical fruit flavour and hoppy aroma.
EnglandSecrets We SharePig & PorterStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.2%A blend of three pale ale recipes. Hops are Mandarina Bavaria, Cascade and German Comet.
EnglandSeladorMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Amber. Crisp & clean with a subtle floral hoppiness & a bitter-sweet finish.
EnglandSentinelSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA8.4%Collaboration between Salopian brewery and Celt Experience. Double IPA with a light amber hue. The hops pack an assertive punch.
EnglandSentinel Amber AleBig ShedBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Notes to follow
EnglandSequoiaThornbridgeSpeciality Beer - American Amber4.5%Beautiful citrus and pine notes. Smooth and velvety, a medium body with hints of roasted hazelnut, toffee and caramel malt flavours.
WalesSerenBig HandBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A pale golden bitter
EnglandSerenity #1AbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A massively hopped Session IPA (SIPA) packed full of hoppy wonderness. Late hopped with Amarillo, Cascade & Simcoe only to be finally dry hopped excessively with Vic Secret, Galaxy & even more Simcoe.
EnglandSerenity #2AbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A juicy, citrussy session IPA. All the big C’s in this - Columbus, Chinook, Cascade & Citra, plus an extra boost from Mosaic.
EnglandSerenity #5AbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Idaho 7 hops have been likened to everyone’s favourite Citra, but with even more wow factor. Pungent tropical and citrus with big notes of resiny pine and hints of black tea.
EnglandSerenity #6AbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Session IPA hopped with Wakatau, Centennial and Lemon Drop.
EnglandSessionRingwayBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A light hoppy ale packed with hops to give a nice citric crunch.
EnglandSessionSeven Bro7hersBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A delicious and thirst quenching session ale that delivers massive citrus aromas and tropical fruit flavours
EnglandSession (keg)ShindiggerCraft Keg Beer - British4.2%A hop forward session beer from Manchester
EnglandSession BeerSpitting FeathersBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A golden session bitter. English malts and hops combine to make a well balanced and satisfying beer.
EnglandSession IPACastle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.0%a punchy session IPA; big bitterness and lots of juicy citrus and tropical fruit character.
EnglandSession IPACrateBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A refreshingly hoppy Pale Ale that punches well above it’s weight with perfectly balanced bitterness and bold new world hop aromas.
EnglandSession PaleGloucesterBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Pale Ale with a fresh zingy fruit taste and aroma of light citrus hops
EnglandSessionsBrown CowBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Golden bitter from Selby in North Yorkshire
ScotlandSeven PeaksDrygateStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Moasic-hop IPA. Golden with tropical fruit and toffee aroma. Flavour is tropical fruits with floral notes and lingering bitter finish.
EnglandSeventh Inning StretchRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Named after a well-known baseball tradition, this pale ale is a celebration of three of the best hops from the USA (Amarillo, Chinook and Simcoe), displaying orange, lemon and grapefruit qualities, with a lasting bitter finish.
EnglandSeveriniaThornbridgeSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.1%A citrus peel pale with orange and satsuma peel, hopped with Cascade, First Gold & Mandarina Bavaria.
EnglandSewer RatRatDark Ale - Brown Ale4.5%An American style brown ale.
EnglandShady Sam IPAWood'sStrong Beer - IPA5.2%One of a set of 3 beers all with the same malt base but different hops in search of the right combination for a new permanent beer.
EnglandShakespeare 400Castle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Brewed for the quadcentenary of William Shakespeare’s death. A golden ale, refreshing and sessionable.
EnglandShamanManningBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Pale golden ale with a little added passion fruit.
EnglandShamelessRedWillowStrong Beer - IPA5.9%Strong, golden and hoppy IPA style beer.
EnglandShared SpaceWorthBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A golden bitter brewed at CAMRA's Greater Manchester Club of the Year, 2012.
EnglandSharon StoneLymestoneBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden bitter from Stone
EnglandSheep DipPlainBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%An amber session beer with a sweet zesty start and dry and fragrant hoppy finish.
EnglandSheep ThrillsJenningsBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A light refreshing ale. Brewed using pinhead oats this beer has a certain ZING to it.
EnglandShepherd's DelightDerbyBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Deep red IPA with an aroma of toasted malts, tangerine & grapefruit.
EnglandSherwoodLincoln GreenBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A well hopped extra pale ale
EnglandSherwood ReserveCastle RockDark Ale - Stout4.5%Brewed with fresh Columbian coffee beans, Sherwood Reserve is a smooth, balanced and decadent stout, with notes of chocolate and coffee.
EnglandShimla IPAAllGatesStrong Beer - IPA5.5%Hoppy strong bitter from Wigan
EnglandShingle ShellsAdnamsSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer3.9%'This Christmas beer has a citrus aroma, with slight toffee notes on the palate and a dry finish'. Suffolk.
EnglandShip of DreamsTitanicBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%American style red ale with a hoppy spicy aroma and a sweet malt flavour, well balanced by a light bitterness and spicy hop character, leading to a zesty citrus finish.
EnglandShiploadDeeply ValeStrong Beer - IPA5.0%A good hoppy English IPA.
EnglandShiptonRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A light and fruity ESB with a touch of spice. Brewed using a blend of 4 malts and 3 English hops.
WalesShipwreck IPAConwyBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Strong golden Welsh bitter. Brewed stronger for a fuller flavour and triple hopped with Goldings to give the beer an authentic hoppy flavour.
EnglandShipwreck IPALiverpool OrganicStrong Beer - IPA6.5%Fruity, malty and powerfully hoppy hazy golden IPA
EnglandShipyard American Pale AleMarstonsBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Brewed by Marston's in colaboration with Alan Pugsley of Shipyard of Maine. Uses four US hops – Columbus, Centennial, Cascade and Chinook.
EnglandShipyard Double ThumperRingwoodStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer5.0%Cousin of the beer brewed in Maine by former Ringwood brewer Alan Pugsley. His Shipyard Brewing Co. uses the original Ringwood yeast strain to recreate Thumper to slake the thirst of NW seaboard State siders.
EnglandShipyard Independence Pale AleRingwoodBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Collaboration with Shipyard Brewing, Maine. Their brewer was formerly with Ringwood and still uses the same yeast.
EnglandShipyard Island TimeMarstonsSpeciality Beer - American Pale4.5%Bright, slightly hazy light amber. Offers an aromatic bouquet with hints of grapefruit, tropical fruits and pine. Light in body, the finish is slightly dry, clean and crisp.
EnglandShipyard MelonheadMarstonsSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.4%A crisp, quenching ale with a refreshing essence of fresh watermelon.
EnglandShipyard Summer AleMarstonsSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.8%An American style wheat beer. Pale with malted wheat flavours to the fore.
EnglandShiresBrakspearBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Hoppy golden ale brewed with balanced citrus fruits with a hoppy aroma.
EnglandShopping for Hops!MuirhouseBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A golden ale with hints of tropical fruit and lemon zest.
EnglandShowman's TippleRingwoodBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Almost caramel character, some earthy notes. Fruity, light caramel and some berry bitterness at the finish.
EnglandShropshire GoldSalopianBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A gold coloured , thirst quenching ale. Fruity and hoppy with a smooth finish. Award winning Shrewsbury bitter.
EnglandShropshire HopJoulesBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A hoppy golden ale. Aromatic and zesty.
EnglandShropshire LadWood'sBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Well rounded malty flavour, sweetish overtones followed by a subtle bitterness and fruity notes from the infusion of traditional hops from the neighbouring hop fields of Herefordshire and Worcestershire.
EnglandShropshire LassWood'sBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A fruity, golden coloured bitter beer with good hop and a dry aftertaste. Blonde, well flavoured and very tasty!
EnglandShropshire LassWood'sBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Blonde with a citrus bitterness using Pale Ale and Lager malt with Fuggles, Cascade and Mount Hood hops.
EnglandShropshire StarRowtonBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A golden bitter brewed with American hops.
EnglandShropshire StoutHobson'sDark Ale - Stout4.3%A smooth easy drinking stout with underlying liquorice notes.
EnglandShuffled DeckBlackjackBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Session bitter from Manchester. Brewer was with Marble.
EnglandSide Pocket for a ToadTringBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Citrus notes from Cascade hops balanced with a floral aroma and crisp dry finish. Straw coloured.
EnglandSiennaSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Fruit overtones fall across the palate of this richly coloured autumnal ale. Hints of chocolate temper a fruity aroma that leads to a hop filled finish. . Shrewsbury.
EnglandSienna (keg)SalopianCraft Keg Beer - British4.4%Fruit overtones fall across the palate of this richly coloured autumnal ale. Hints of chocolate temper a fruity aroma that leads to a hop filled finish.
EnglandSilent SlasherDorset PiddleLager - Lager style cask beer5.1%Blonde lager style beer crafted with the finest extra pale malt and wheat.
EnglandSilhouetteSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A rustic golden coloured ale with a focus of piney citrusy hops on the aroma, lashings of fruit on the palate and a crisp malt backbone.
EnglandSilly EweGwatkin's CiderCider - Real Cider4.5%It's no secret sheep are not known for their intelligence. This dry, crisp cider mixes well with all meat, especially lamb.
WalesSiluresCelt ExperienceBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Powerfully hopped with sweetmalt and a depth of tropical fruit Silures were a powerful Celtic tribe
EnglandSilver BellsOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A very pale American hopped bitter with a dry, crisp & icy finish
EnglandSilver BellsOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A very pale American hopped bitter with a dry, crisp & icy finish
EnglandSilver FoxOssettLager - Lager style cask beer4.1%A light, dry and refreshing lager type beer with low bitterness.
EnglandSilver HawkGreyHawkBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Pale, hoppy, smooth and spicy. A new beer for April 2016.
EnglandSilver KingOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A lager style beer with a crisp, dry flavour and citrus fruity aroma is ideal for drinking anytime, but is particularly well suited to the spring and summer months.
EnglandSilver LiningWye ValleyBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Full bodied nut-brown ale. Herefordshire.
EnglandSilver LiningDerbyBitter - Best Bitter4.2%'A pale golden beer with lots of hoppy notes and a tasty floral finish.'
EnglandSilver LinkOssettSpeciality Beer - American Pale4.6%A bold and intensely hoppyAmerican style pale with a glorious cutrus finish.
EnglandSilver MystCopper DragonLager - Lager style cask beer4.0%'A real ale Pilsner brewed with German pilsner malt, saaz & hallertau hops and Yorkshire water! Crisp, smooth, refreshing and pale in colour.' Skipton.
EnglandSilver ShadowOssettBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A refreshing golden yellow bitter with British First Gold hops.
EnglandSilver TallyProspectBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A clean, pale golden beer with citrus aromas and full hop flavour, and a dry bitter finish from Wigan.
EnglandSilverheart IPAYorkshire HeartBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A superb light-weight IPA with a well balanced malty sweetness and crisp hop finish.
EnglandSimcoeRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Single hopped pale ale displaying the American Simcoe hop in all it's glory.
EnglandSimcoeTownhouseBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Golden bitter with Simcoe hops
EnglandSimcoe & MosaicAlmastyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Session pale ale packed with two great varieties of hops.
WalesSimcoe PlusHopcraft / Pixie SpringStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.4%Very pale beer brewed with the totally unique Simcoe hop. 79 IBUs.
EnglandSin BinFront RowBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A sinfully hoppy beer.
EnglandSingle HeaderRCHBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Made with single pale ale malt and a single hop producing a quaffable hoppy flavour with a delicately spicy finish.
EnglandSingle HeaderPitchforkBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Delicious golden ale with a single pale ale malt and a single hop (Goldings).
EnglandSingle Hop - AmarilloMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A complex range of fruity flavours, mainly citrus and grapefruit, but with lemon and floral elements.
EnglandSingle Hop - CascadeBuntingfordBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden beer. Cascade is a USA variety, first released in the early 1970s. It has a spicy grapefruit character with just a hint of flared trouser!
EnglandSingle Hop - CitraMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Made with Citra hops, a golden ale with the aroma of tropical fruit, mango and lime. Burton on Trent.
EnglandSingle Hop - East Kent GoldingsMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Nose has some spicy straw, honey and toasty grains. Sweetish flavour with hay, faint nuts, toasty sugar and grains.
EnglandSingle Hop - East Kent GoldingsMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale golden bitter. East Kent Golding is famous for its delicate aroma. Splendidly English.
EnglandSingle Hop - El DoradoMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%An American hop. Dried fruit aroma, apricot, pineapple and sweet citrus on the palate with a citrussy finish.
EnglandSingle Hop - EndeavourMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.0% Endeavour is a brand new English hop. Known as a 'Hedgerow' hop, it grows without tall hop poles, and imparts a familiar English bitterness.
EnglandSingle Hop - KohatuMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Made with Kohatu New Zealand hops, a golden ale with a floral pine and tropical fruit aroma. Burton on Trent.
EnglandSingle Hop - MarynkaMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Marynka is a Polish hop. Herbal, with soft berry fruit and floral tones.
EnglandSingle Hop - MelbaMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A golden ale with Australian Melba hops. Fresh passion fruit and grapefruit notes.
EnglandSingle Hop - MosaicMobberleyBitter - Best Bitter4.5%A session IPA showcasing the wonderful Mosaic hop.
EnglandSingle Hop - MotuekaMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%An amber ale with Motueka hops from NZ. Has a lime, floral and tropical fruit aroma.
EnglandSingle Hop - Pacific GemMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Made with Pacific Gem hops. A distinctive nose of complex fruits, hints of blackberriesand a background of cedar and oak.
EnglandSingle Hop - RakauMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden ale with aromas of peach, pine and tropical fruit flowers.
EnglandSingle Hop - WakatuMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Wakatu is grown in New Zealand, and was developed from German Hallertau varieties. It has a moderate bitterness, with intriguing floral & lime notes.
EnglandSingle Hop IPA: Dr RudiBlackjackStrong Beer - IPA5.2%Pale ale single hopped with Dr Rudi hops
EnglandSingle Hopman Series: RakauTotally BrewedBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Golden ale single hopped with Rakau.
EnglandSIPFirst Chop Brewing ArmStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.4%Strong pale ale. Tropical fruit flavours achieved with massive amounts of late hopping with New Zealand whole hops and a load more in the hop-back
EnglandSipperAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%6 different hop varieties including three used for dry hopping combine in this delightful session IPA. Bold and refreshing, fruity and light, with a hint of sweetness on the end.
EnglandSir GalahadMerlinBitter - Best Bitter4.3%New Zealand hopped pale aler from Arclid near Sandbach. First rate.
EnglandSir HugoLittle Ale CartBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Named after an LNER steam train of the Flying Scotsman type. A blonde bitter.
EnglandSir LamorakMerlinStrong Beer - IPA6.0%Collaboration with Derek Davey to mark his 60th. A dangerously quaffable red IPA.
EnglandSir LancelotMerlinBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Amber in colour, using the very best British and German malts. Generously hopped with hops from New Zealand, America and Slovenia.
EnglandSir Peter MansfieldCastle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Traditional best bitter brewed with a blend of four British hops
EnglandSiroccoSalopianBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%An elegant zephyr of fruity aromas is then dominated by galeforce flavours of lychee, lemon and a little mint. A warm breeze of bitterness balances the finish.
WalesSix BeaconsBreconBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Copper coloured session bitter from South Wales
EnglandSixexJoseph HoltStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer6.0%Usually only available in bottle Brewed with rich crystal and black malts to give a distinctive roasted flavour.
EnglandSixth MassSalopianDark Ale - Stout4.7%A harmonious balance of silky rich black and white chocolate dance over a velvety aroma of roasted malts, hints of sweatiness and a spicy bitter body.
EnglandSizzlerOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Amber coloured, full malty flavour contrasted with moderate bitterness. German lager hops to give a classic hoppy aroma.
EnglandSkinflintWychwoodBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Crystal malt and Styrian hops give this plenty of flavour. Oxfordshire.
EnglandSkull MonsterCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Made with Slovenian & French hops for a delicate hop structure to tempt the palate. Light & crisp
ScotlandSkye IPAIsle of SkyeBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A limited batch brew. Hoppy pale ale
ScotlandSkyelightIsle of SkyeBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A light ale for the summer months with lots of fruity, hoppy, flavour and a lingering aftertaste.
EnglandSkylarks ReserveCastle RockSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.5%German-style wheat beer with hints of white chocolate. Naturally cloudy and vegan friendly.
EnglandSlay BellsAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%'Pale and hoppy, full of Christmas cheer!'. Sheffield.
EnglandSleeplessRedWillowSpeciality Beer - American Red5.4%A complex beast of an American Amber Ale, initial rich toffee malt gives way to big juicy hops and a long clean bitter finish.
WalesSleigh RideMagic DragonBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Light, hoppy and refreshing bitter for the festive season.
EnglandSleigh RiderSalopianSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.8%Deep bronze A bold warling ale with spicy notes and complex malt ovetones and a citrus filled finish. Christmas special from Shrewsbury
EnglandSlinger's GoldWharfeBankBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Fruity golden ale from Yorkshire
EnglandSlipstreamSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.1%A juicy IPA with fresh blood orange resonating through hints of candied peel and sparkling orange blossom.
EnglandSlipstream (keg)SalopianCraft Keg Beer - British5.1%A juicy IPA with fresh blood orange resonating through hints of candied peel and sparkling orange blossom.
EnglandSlipwayTitanicBitter - Best Bitter4.4%From a commemorative range. Stoke-on-Trent.
EnglandSloe StormAdnamsSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.0%Red winter ale brewed with sloes to give a red fruit aroma with notes of raisins and dates.
EnglandSlumbering MonkJoulesBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Deep copper-coloured premium beer, full-bodied with malty and nutty fullness plus hints of caramel.
EnglandSmac My Brew UpArborCraft Keg Beer - British4.8%Simcoe, Mosaic, Amarillo and Columbus hops give this pale ale a real edge.
EnglandSmall & MightyHappy ValleyBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%With Citra aroma hops in the copper giving a floral, citrus aroma with a hint of Lemon. Small on alcohol but Mighty on flavour!
EnglandSmall SaisonBlackjackSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.5%Small as in lighter than a full Saison (usually c5%). A Belgian style refreshing spring ale.
EnglandSmoked Damson PorterTigertopsSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.8%Smoked porter flavoured with fresh fruit.
EnglandSmoked PorterWappingDark Ale - Porter5.0%Dark brew made with smoked malt at the Baltic Fleet pub in Liverpool
EnglandSmokelessRedWillowDark Ale - Porter5.7%A smoked porter. Dark, velvet smooth and intriguingly smoky.
EnglandSmooth HoperatorCalvor'sBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Made from four different malts to give a well balanced body and has four additions of English hops to give a lovely level of aroma and bitterness.
EnglandSmooth Hopping Pale AleDerbyBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Columbus, Centennial and Citra hopssteeped with the first wort for a smoother, more flavourful bitterness.
EnglandSnake Mocha StoutOssettDark Ale - Stout5.0%A rich, full-bodied stout with coffee and chocolate added to the boil to supplement the dark malts. American Cluster hops give bitterness and a delicate fruity aroma.
EnglandSneck LifterJenningsStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer5.1%A dark beer with a reddish tinge, derived from the use of coloured malts, perfectly balanced with specially-formulated brewing sugars and English aromatic hops.
EnglandSnifterBootleg Brewing Co.Dark Ale - Porter4.4%A delicious chocolate porter from Chorlton, Manchester
EnglandSnip Snap SnoremBlackjackLager - Lager style cask beer4.6%Hoppy pale ale brewed using lager malts.
EnglandSnow GlobeMoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Golden christmas bitter
EnglandSnow GlobeAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Hoppy, easy drinking session pale ale.
EnglandSnow White (Schnee Weiss)WhimSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.9%Their take on a Bavarian weissebier. Fresh ground coriander is used to add dimension and flavour.
EnglandSnowblindAbbeydaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Rich pale, blonde beer with fruity, orange hop bouquet. Using 2 hop types from the U.S. Amarillo, which adds a kick of grapefruit along with a noticeable, clean fresh hop character from the Mount Hood hops.
WalesSnowdonia Ale (Cwrw Eryri)Purple MooseBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%'Delightfully refreshing pale ale brewed with a delicate combination of aromatic hops. The perfect thirst-quencher after a hard day's walking in the glorious mountains of Snowdonia!'
EnglandSnowdriftAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.0%Refreshing pale beer full of winter flavours to warm you up! Brewed with fresh oranges and cloves.
EnglandSnowdropOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Moderate bitterness and delicate maltiness on the palate. Generous addition of hops at the end of the boil give fruit and spice notes in the aroma.
EnglandSnowed InDerbyBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%'A very refreshing pale tipple, will supplement every occasion.'
EnglandSnowflakeYorkBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Pale, hoppy and very easy drinking! US grown Willamette and Cascade, give a citrus punch with a light fruity aftertaste.
EnglandSnowhiteCastle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A very well balanced beer; smooth to drink and appealing to a broad spectrum of drinkers.
EnglandSofa Surfer (Key-keg)MobberleyCraft Keg Beer - British6.0%A New England IPA brewed in collaboration with Shindigger of Manchester.
EnglandSolarioLittle Ale CartBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Little Information available before the beer is tapped
WalesSolarisBig HandBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A golden pale ale.
EnglandSolitaireBlackjackBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A super pale, hoppy best bitter
EnglandSolsticeThree TunsBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A pale-straw-coloured summer beer having a light malty quality; medium-strong, crisp, fruity bitterness with citrus and straw flavours, the character of the season.
EnglandSolsticeSpitting FeathersBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Lemon rind on cocoa aroma, some mint. Flavour of mellow chocolate and chestnut malt base with a tropical hop over it.
EnglandSolsticeCopper DragonBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A soft fruity 'summer orchard' aroma with a soft lingering bitterness and underlying malt notes.
EnglandSolstice SolaceOld MillBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Summer ale from East Yorkshire
EnglandSomerset & Dorset AleCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.4%First brewed in 1993, named after the Somerset & Dorset railway. S&D is a traditional best bitter with a deep red colour. Well hopped, with a rich malty flavour.
EnglandSomerset CiderBurrow HillCider - Real Cider6.0%Traditional still cider.
WalesSon of a BeachTenbyBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Sessionable and refreshing Pale Ale full of Tropical Fruit flavours from premium hop additions.
EnglandSon ShineJoulesBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A golden summer beerwith Munich malts and bold Cascade and Citra hops.
EnglandSongbirdCastle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A juicy dry-hopped pale with a full and fruity finish.
EnglandSorachi AceCheshire BrewhouseStrong Beer - IPA5.8%Limited edition brew showcasing Japanese Sorachi Ace hops.
EnglandSorachi AceCoastalBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Premium bitter with Sorachi Ace hops. From Cornwall
EnglandSorachi Ace IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Strong bitter from Barnsley with Sorachi Ace American hops.
EnglandSorachi StarDerbyBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Brewed with Sorachi Ace, an intriguing dry, sharp hop, packed with flavour and a unique lemony aroma.
EnglandSoRATchi AceRatBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A pale, hoppy bitter with Sorachi Ace hops.
EnglandSoullessRedWillowStrong Beer - Black IPA6.5%The citrus notes of a classic dry hopped IPA with a well crafted and balanced malt base. It leaves your mouth dry and yet manages to maintain a sweet quality.
EnglandSound & VisionCastle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Showcasing Citra and Chinook in the dry hop for a juicy charge of tropical fruit and citrus, but expect a solid pale malt body too.
EnglandSoundtrackAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Classic Abbeydale hoppy pale, featuring Amarillo and El Dorado hops, complete with moving image pumpclip design!
EnglandSouth 2 NorthPennineBitter - Best Bitter4.0%The Pennine Way’s official route is from South to North. Earthy/Peaty robust flavour with a hint of spice and subtle blackcurrant.
EnglandSouth Coast IPA 2016Brighton BierStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.0%A full on IPA made South coast style. Brewed with four different hops showcasing the citrusy Pacific Jade & Galaxy varieties
EnglandSouth PacificOssettStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.0%A straw coloured IPA, fairly dry with a high level of bitterness.
EnglandSouth SideRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Brewed with New Zealand's Motueka, Nelson Sauvin & Waimea hops and British Golden Promise barley.
EnglandSouthern BitterCottageBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A light, refreshing, copper coloured bitter. Full bodied with a distinctive hop aroma and finish.
EnglandSouthern CrossAllGatesBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Golden Wigan bitter with Kiwi hops
EnglandSouthern CrossWeetwoodBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Pale golden with a great aroma and freshness from the pine and lemony characteristics of the New Zealand hops.
EnglandSouthern CrossDerbyBitter - Best Bitter4.5%An American style pale ale bursting with grapefruity citrus aromas.
EnglandSouthwold BitterAdnamsBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Fragrant aromas of finest English hops and malt. Dry but refreshing with distinctive lingering bitterness, appetising and delicious. From the famous old Suffolk brewer.
EnglandSovereignAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%100% British Sovereign hops give a lovely mellow hop flavour with hints of fruit and honey. Dry hopped with Sovereign for a lovely dry finish.
EnglandSovereignWorthBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Green hopped seasonal bitter from Poynton
EnglandSPAAJ'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Pale golden, aroma of peach & citrus hops. Flavour is tropical fruits with a moderately bitter finish. Australian Ella hops, Maris Otter malt, torrified wheat.
EnglandSpace HopperSt. AustellBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Single hopped with Comet hops for a blend of grassy and grapefruit flavours emulating the taste of wild America!
EnglandSpace Hoppy IPABinghamsBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Refreshing golden India Pale Ale with citrus hops. Won SIBA South East Competition 2011 - Strong Bitter category.
EnglandSpace OperaAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Delicious pale ale with Rakau and Simcoe hops for notes of stone fruit and pine.
EnglandSpalter IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden coloured German hopped ale with floral, fruity peppermint and sweetly spiced aromas.
EnglandSpalter IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden coloured German Hopped Ale with floral, fruity, peppermint & sweetly spiced aromas.
EnglandSpeakeasyBootleg Brewing Co.Bitter - Best Bitter4.2%Golden in colour, this easy drinking ale is fermented at a higher temperature to give a sweeter taste.
EnglandSpecialBrakspearBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A 'classic English beer that’s golden red in colour with a well balanced aroma and a hint of sweetness. Full bodied, the initial sweetness gives way to a dry hop bitterness.'
EnglandSpecial BitterWood'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A russet coloured beer, Special's multi-layered taste makes it an enduring favourite.The original beer of this fine Shropshire brewery. Since 1980.
EnglandSpectrumSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A soft deep copper coloured bitter with a refreshing clean hop filled flavour and a smooth biscuity finish.
EnglandSpeculationAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Munich malt gives biscuity favours. Hops are American Liberty and New Zealand Wakatu giving lovely fruity aromas and flavours. The finish is bitter and pleasant.
EnglandSpellboundMerlinBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Hoppy golden bitter from Arclid, near Sandbach.
EnglandSpellboundOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A gold coloured beer, light on the palate with a bitter finish and delicate aroma.
EnglandSpin Doctor Indie LagerBootleg Brewing Co.Craft Keg Beer - British4.8%Clean, crisp lager with plenty of Australian hops. Refreshingly different 'spin' on lager.
EnglandSpiralSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Tropical fruit and pine envelop and caress the palate with a twist of biscuit malt, of this bright sparkling golden ale.
EnglandSpire DancerLongdenBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Golden ale brewed using British grain and hops. Barley & wheat malt complemented by Challenger, First Gold and Goldings hops..
EnglandSpitfireShepherd NeameBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Crafted from traditional varieties of English malt, this golden ale combines an underlying depth of maltiness, tinged with a subtle hint of toffee, with the bold citrus and fruity spiciness of Kentish hops, to produce a well-balanced, thirst quenchin
EnglandSplendorNavigationBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Medium-bodied, clean-tasting, satisfying biscuit flavours with a lasting aftertaste.
EnglandSpokeBox SteamBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A refreshing, Citra hopped session bitter.
EnglandSpringMarbleBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%A clean drinking pale beer with a surprisingly rich and oily texture for this springtime ale.
EnglandSpring AleBurton BridgeBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Seasonal special from Burton on Trent
EnglandSpring AleFoxfieldBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Light golden refreshing bitter.
EnglandSpring BarleyPennineBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Dark golden colour, malty palate and a fine long caramel and hop aftertaste. From Batley, West Yorkshiire
EnglandSpring BrewSt. AustellBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Full & malty with biscuit, roast and estery overtones and a clean bitter finish with hints of peach and apricot.
EnglandSpring ChickenCheshire BrewhouseBitter - Standard Bitter3.3%A hoppy, seasonal light ale. Refreshing.
EnglandSpring FeverSt. AustellBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A balance of mouth tingling, zesty tropical flavours with a brisk roasted toffee finish
EnglandSpring FlyerMayfieldsBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Spring special from Herefordshire
EnglandSpring GoldCopper DragonBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%'An amber coloured ale brewed with traditional English hops. Aromatic, a delicious bitterness and smooth finish.' Skipton.
EnglandSpring Gold (2014)Copper DragonBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%An amber coloured ale brewed with traditional English hops. Aromatic, a delicious bitterness and smooth finish. Revised recipe for 2014.
EnglandSpring Honey AleWhimSpeciality Beer - Honey Beer4.3%Made with locally made honey in the Peak District.
EnglandSpring HopCoastalBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Citrusy golden beer with American Amarillo and Zeus hops.
WalesSpring Moose (Mws Gwanwyn)Purple MooseBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A seasonal special from Porthmadog. Golden and hoppy.
EnglandSpring RisingFernandesSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer3.8%Pale, generously hopped with added melon giving a pleasant, fruity taste
EnglandSpringfire BlondeCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Hallertau Tradition, Galena and Cascade hops all go into this blonde stunner.
EnglandSpringtimeWrenbury CiderCider - Real Cider7.2%Traditional medium-dry cider made locally with Dabinet and Kingston Black cider apples.
EnglandSpun GoldBootleg Brewing Co.Bitter - Best Bitter4.0%Refreshing, light and golden this bitter-sweet combination is ideal for summer drinking
EnglandSquiffy DuckMerlinBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale ale brewed specially for the Cheshire Wildlife Trust.
WalesSquire's BestErddigBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Golden Bitter. It has a refreshingly distinctive taste with very subtle bitterness
EnglandSquire's GoldCoach HouseBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Refreshing well balanced palate. A late addition of Golding hops gives a pronounced hop aroma
EnglandSquirrels JumpCheshire BrewhouseBitter - Premium Bitter4.0%Light, dry & refreshing pale ale with tropical & citrus in abundance, heavily hopped with 4 New Zealand hop varieties.
EnglandSqwealWeal AlesBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Golden session ale with hops from Slovenia, New Zealand and the USA.
EnglandSS Great BritainCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Traditional bitter from Somerset
EnglandSt BernardIntrepidDark Ale - Brown Ale4.4%An oaked brown ale. It is a malt led beer with distinctive oak/vanilla aroma balanced by caramel and biscuit flavours.
EnglandSt. CyrilAllsaintsBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Light copper coloured premium bitter
EnglandSt. EdmundsGreene KingBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Golden bitter from Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk.
EnglandSt. George's BestAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%New recipe for 2015. An amber coloured beer with sweet roast malts, some bitterness and a delicate citrus aroma
EnglandSt. George's Best (old recipe)AcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Premium mahogany bitter for St. George's day (no relation!)
EnglandSt. JudasAllsaintsBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A golden session bitter
EnglandSt. Nick's ReserveTownhouseStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer5.5%A rich and smooth dark ale, with poerful fruity and hoppy notes.
EnglandSt. SimonAllsaintsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Easy drinking bitter brewed at Coastal.
EnglandStack4TsBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A pale beer with German hops for bittering and aroma. Easy drinking.
EnglandStairway (to Paradise)LudlowBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Extra pale, refreshing beer, using lagering hops
EnglandStairway to HeavenBurton BridgeBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Strong golden bitter. Originally brewed under license until 2004, when the trademark for the name for the beer was obtained by the Brewery
EnglandStandard BearerWincleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A characterful autumnal ale. Each cask represents a £10 donation to the Poppy Appeal.
EnglandStanding StonesLymestoneBitter - Premium Bitter4.9% This pale golden beer uses Maris Otter Malts and English hops to provide a balanced light summer ale. Just the thing to while away those long summer evenings!
EnglandStarPortobelloBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Smooth, balanced bitter. Aromas of nuts and winter berries combine with dark roasted barley to create a deliciously complex coffee finish.
EnglandStar LightRowtonBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A light ale, brewed with malted barley, wheat and oats.
EnglandStarburstBig ShedBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A copper coloured beer with a fruity blend of world hops
EnglandStarlightRowtonBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%New golden bitter from Shropshire
EnglandStarry NightDerbyDark Ale - Stout4.5%A classic dark with subtle late hopping resulting in a moreish finish.
ScotlandStars and StripesTrystBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Specially developed from a blend of three American hops.
EnglandStatelessRedWillowBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Well rounded pale ale packed with citrus, pine and grapefruit notes. Made with Cascade, Columbus and Chinook hops.
EnglandStateside PaleExit 33Speciality Beer - American Pale5.0%Classic American style Pale Ale. Pale and floral.
EnglandStation BitterStonehouseBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A traditional, amber coloured bitter. Full bodied, very drinkable session beer with a perfect balance of fruity hops and roasted malt.
EnglandStation to StationAllGatesStrong Beer - IPA5.6%A collaboration with Five Towns Brewery. A limited edition IPA.
WalesStay PuftTiny RebelDark Ale - Porter5.2%This marshmallow porter has the classic roasty qualities of a proper dark ale, whilst the marshmallow gives it a smooth sweetness
EnglandSteampunkThree TunsStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer6.5%Blackstrap Molasses with ginger flavours.
EnglandSteelos PaleChantryBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A sweet, citrus pale ale
EnglandSteerageTitanicBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%This beer embodies the opulence that using only the finest ingredients brings, sit back relax and enjoy the trip that this refreshing clean drinking, hoppy golden bitter brings, then let the fruit, malt and predominantly hops carry through to the aft
EnglandSterling PaleFlipsideBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A fairly hoppy pale ale. Easy drinking with a bitter, spicy hop flavour.
EnglandSticklebract IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden ale with a resinous, pine like aroma. Hints of citrus and lemon.
EnglandStill WalkingDeeply ValeBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A light, well balanced, easy drinking session ale, with a fruity aroma and a velvety smooth feel.
EnglandStirlingThree TunsBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A tawny-coloured winter beer of rich maltiness with burnt and roasted flavours, rich, fruity bitterness . Smooth & mellow.
EnglandStock AlePitfieldStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer10.0%A big dark organic ale from Essex.
EnglandStock PorterStockportDark Ale - Porter4.8%Subtle hints of liquorice with dark chocolate and coffee notes.
EnglandStocks' EndeavourOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Classic golden English bitter. Endeavour is a new hop variety, grown by Ali Capper of Stocks Farm near Malvern.
EnglandStone AgeLymestoneBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Glorious golden beer originally produced for their 5th Birthday! Crystal malt richness and cascade hops. Delicious.
EnglandStone BroodLymestoneSpeciality Beer - Honey Beer4.4%A rich, dark beer with chocolate and honey flavours. Honey from bee hives on the brewery roof.
EnglandStone ColdLymestoneBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%A very satisfying and quaffable strong pale ale.
EnglandStone CutterLymestoneBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A pale beer with glorious floral and citrus flavours, from Stone
EnglandStone DeadLymestoneDark Ale - Stout6.66%A rich dark imperial stout, with enough 'bite' for anyone looking to satisy their thirst. Cofffee, burnt toast, and bitter fruits dominate whiclst styrian goldings slowly seduce the palate
EnglandStone HouseAllGatesBitter - Best Bitter4.2%An Antipodean pale ale. An orchard of citrus and stone fruit notes.
EnglandStonefish MildLymestoneMild - Light Mild4.4%Sweet and sophisticated, this traditionally malted golden mild ticks all the right boxes. Lightly hopped to complement Warminster Maltings Mild Ale Malt
EnglandStonehillRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%An Anglo-American pale ale brewed using Admiral, a powerful English hop, as the backbone to an intensely flavoured and aromatic beer that’s late-hopped with Simcoe, Chinook, Citra and Amarillo hops from the U S A.
EnglandStormbringerAbbeydaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Fruity and spicy flavours with hints of cinnamon and cloves. A bitter finish balanced by some residual sweetness. A balanced and easy drinking beer.
EnglandStormy Night StoutBeer MonkeyDark Ale - Stout4.3%A sweet, malty body with hints of chocolate, roasted malt, floral & citrus flavours. Vegan friendly.
EnglandStorrPeerlessLager - Lager style cask beer4.8%A pale and hoppy cask pilsner. Using specialist lager yeast and brewing vessels, Storr undergoes a slow fermentation process, followed by a month of cold conditioning to allow the clean, crisp flavours to develop.
EnglandStoutMillstoneDark Ale - Stout4.5%Full flavoured dark brew from Mossley, Manchester
EnglandStoutThree TunsDark Ale - Stout4.4%Formerly Castle Steamer. A winter special.
EnglandStoutHobson'sDark Ale - Stout4.3%Richly Deliquorice Stout, an easy drinking smooth stout with underlying liquorice notes.
EnglandStoutBlackjackDark Ale - Stout5.0%Roast characters with rich toffee, smoke flavours cut through with a good amount of hop spice
EnglandStout CoffinChurch EndDark Ale - Stout4.6%Black, chewy, tasty and creamy. A first class example of what a stout should be.
EnglandStowawayNeptuneBitter - Best Bitter4.4%An Anglo-American style bitter. Unfined.
EnglandStowford PressWestons CiderCider - Keg Cider4.5%Medium dry sparkling cider. Herefordshire.
EnglandStrait JacketAnarchyBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A well balanced light ale with plenty of hop character
EnglandStrawLancasterBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Pale session bee, light & refreshing with a hoppy, full flavoured finish.
BelgiumStrawberry BeerTimmermansContinental Ale - Fruit Beer4.0%Spritzy, refreshing lambic based fruit beer.
EnglandStrawberry BlondeGeevesSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.0%Pale golden ale with a hint of strawberry. A perfect beer to slake a thirst on a hot summer's day.
EnglandStrawberry CiderDouble Vision Cider Co.Cider - Real Cider7.4%Strong, still Kentish cider with added strawberries.
EnglandStrawberry CyderGreen Valley CyderCider - Fruit Cider4.0%Sweet cider with added strawberries from Dart's Farm near Exeter
EnglandStray DogMoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Collaboration with the band New Order. Refreshing, clean tasting golden ale. Hints of citrus fruit and lychee balanced by subtle bitternes. American Cascade, Centennial and Willamette hops.
EnglandStreet Party IPAPennineBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Jubilee special from Batley
EnglandStrength in NumbersRudgateBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Deep golden, sweetish, fruity and floral
EnglandStrisslespalt IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Strong bitter made with European Strisslespelt hops. Barnsley.
EnglandStrong MildBeowulfMild - Strong Mild7.4%Beautiful strong dark mild from Cannock. Ticks every box.
EnglandStrongheartAcornBitter - Strong Bitter5.1%Pale straw coloured ale, slight malty background with a refreshing clean hoppy finish
EnglandStroud Organic AleStroudBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A refreshing, golden organic ale with a delicate apple aroma.
EnglandStruggling MonkeyPhoenixBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Aroma of citrusy grapefruit with a floral hint. Citrusy grapefruit along with a hoppiness and a dry, bitter finish.
EnglandStuart BroadCastle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Brewed exclusively with New Zealand hop varieties as a summer refresher full of citrus fruit flavours.
EnglandStud BlondeHambletonBitter - Best Bitter4.3% Straw coloured, the aroma hops give a delicacy and subtlety to the robust full-bodied flavour.
EnglandStuds Up / Messed UpWadworthBitter - Best Bitter4.0%World Cup special bitter.
EnglandStuff ItTitanicSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.4%Cranberry and Chestnut Liquid Lunch say the brewers!
EnglandStuntmanAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Deliciously zesty pale, with fresh grapefruit and pine needle aroma, refreshing citrus and pink grapefruit on the palate.
EnglandStyrianLiverpool OrganicBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A pale ale brewed with Slovenian Styrian hops giving a touch of citrus
EnglandStyrian PaleTownhouseBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Tasty golden bitter made with Styrian hops.
EnglandSubmissionPeakstones RockBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%A mellow, full bodied, copper coloured beer with a good hoppy aroma. Not overly bitter.
EnglandSuffolk CountyNethergateBitter - Best Bitter4.0%The aroma is of caramel, fruits, slight citrus and grass. Flavour is of fruits, citrus, caramel, honey, nuts.
EnglandSumma SunCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Golden ale, light citrus notesand a hint of sweetness. Gentle bitter finish.
EnglandSummerIlkleyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A dark-golden coloured, light refreshing beer with orange, citrus, mango and vanilla flavours leading to a dry finish.
EnglandSummer AleBay'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A pale, thirst quenching beer with a crisp citrus hop character.
EnglandSummer AleHardheadBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Light golden single hop beer that is floral, light and refreshing,
EnglandSummer BlondeCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Golden bitter full of new world hops
EnglandSummer BloomCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.2%
EnglandSummer BreezeKelham IslandBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Riwaka hops give a zesty grapefruit flavour, Wakatu adds a resinous floral character. Tipple malt adds biscuit malt character to round off a glorious summer pint
EnglandSummer BreezeCoastalBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Refreshing golden bitter. British Fusion hops. Tropical fruit aromas. Gentle bitter finish.
EnglandSummer BuzzBox SteamBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Light, sunny ale bursting with blossom and honey flavours.
EnglandSummer DazeHopstarBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A light refreshing summer session ale with a slight spicy and smooth bitter quality.
EnglandSummer DreamGreen JackBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale summer ale, floral, dry and hoppy brewed with fresh hand picked elderflowers.
EnglandSummer FruitsOssettBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A smooth, mellow & fruity session beerbrewed from pale and oat malts.
EnglandSummer Honey BitterWhimSpeciality Beer - Honey Beer4.2%Premium ale with honey from the Peak District
EnglandSummer LassWincleCraft Keg Beer - British4.5%A fruity continental styled ale brewed with Belgium Saison yeast to give a hint of spice in its fruity, summer flavour.
EnglandSummer LightningHop BackBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Straw coloured beer with a terrific fresh, hoppy aroma coupled with an intense bitterness and an excellent long, dry finish.
EnglandSummer Lovin'Six BellsBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Bright zingy ale with a clean hoppy bitterness which marries well with an abundance of fruit. Floral aroma.
EnglandSummer of DreamsDerbyBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Seasonal bitter celebrating our summer of sport
EnglandSummer PaleAcornBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A clear straw coloured wheat beer, with a slight bitterness and flowery aroma.
EnglandSummer RaysCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Full flavoured hoppy, ruby bitter from Cornwall
EnglandSummer SolsticeDerventioSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.0%A pale ale with overtones of ginger.
EnglandSummer SolsticeGranite RockBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A golden summer bitter
EnglandSummer SpecialTwo RosesBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A pale golden ale using pale Maris Otter malt and lots of Citra hops giving a tropical fruit finish.
EnglandSummer's Beer?MoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Seasonal bitter from Burnley
EnglandSummitAllGatesBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Single hop brew ffrom Wigan. Summit hops.
EnglandSummitAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Subtle fruit flavours coupled with a pleasant bitter finish from the American hops Comet and (obviously) Summit.
EnglandSun ChaserCopper DragonBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%New world hops give this sunny-orange pale ale striking citrus flavours and intense aromas of passion fruit and peaches.
EnglandSun DownerWye ValleyBitter - Best Bitter4.5% A burnished copper ale with chocolate and biscuit malt tones.
EnglandSun StonePennineBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Summer special from Batley in Yorkshire
EnglandSun StormAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Pale straw coloured hoppy beer with trpical fruit flavours and aromas
EnglandSun StormAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Pale straw coloured hoppy beer with tropical fruit flavours and aromas.
EnglandSunbeamRudgateBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Bright blonde ale with rounded mouthfeel and a fresh, hoppy nose.
EnglandSundialHook HortonBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Light and refreshing, the perfect pint to while away those lazy summer days.
WalesSungrazerHopcraft / Pixie SpringBitter - Premium Bitter4.9%Pale ale brewed with the American Comet hop variety. 70 IBU.
EnglandSunlanderStonehouseBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Pale ale with citrusy Australian hops.
EnglandSunsetCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A crisp golden ale with notes of citrus in the flavour.
EnglandSunsetCross BayBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A finely balanced, fruity, blonde beer with a spicy finish, from Morecambe.
EnglandSunshineMoorhousesBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A golden summer bitter. AKA 'On Yer Bike' a 2014 Tour de France special.
WalesSunshineMonty'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A Golden, hoppy, floral ale, packed with fruity citrus flavours from Montgomery
EnglandSunshine IPAFernandesStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.5% A strong but easy drinking American-style IPA. Pale and malty, but with moderate bitterness and an intense citrus hop finish.
EnglandSunshower (keykeg)Big SmokeCraft Keg Beer - British4.7%Light, easy drinking and extra pale, crisp, dry andined refreshing. Unfined and unfiltered so may have a natural haze.
EnglandSUPFirst Chop Brewing ArmBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Pale amber, IPA style with a lower abv. but no holding back on the hops. Big tropical fruit notes with a spicy, resinous, smooth bitter finish. Dry hopped with Mosaic.
EnglandSuper ColliderSalopianStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.2%Sparkling and fresh, with lots of bitter dry piney hops and tropical fruits buzzing across a tart and effervescent hop laden finish.
EnglandSuper FortressHoward TownBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A bittersweet ruby ale with malty caramel notes and fruity hops.
EnglandSuper FreddyBeckstonesMild - Premium Mild4.8%A stronger version of their award winning Cumbrian mild. Don't expect to see it anywhere else outside their own pub!
EnglandSuper SixCoastalStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.0%Robust golden ale with herbal spicy notes. Fruity hops and a lingering freshness. Contains 6 American hop varieties.
WalesSuper Tidy IPABig HandBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A session strength IPA with all British hops.
ScotlandSuperior IPAFyne AlesStrong Beer - IPA7.1%Strong hoppy IPA from Scotland. Stunning if you like your beers hoppy
EnglandSuperstitionCastle RockBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A pale ale, dry-hopped with amarillo and simcoe.
EnglandSupremeWye ValleyBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Deep red in colour, with balanced-but-complex malty flavours.
EnglandSur Votre VeloAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Modern styled well hopped straw coloured beer brewed with Halycon & Vienna malts to give subtle flavours to compliment the hops.
EnglandSurf BumRebelBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Light Californian style IPA, using distinctive hops from some of the best surfing countries, combined to make a light hoppy beer,
EnglandSurreal Ale #1AbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Flowery aromas, lovely fruity flavours, well-balanced and easy drinking. Motueka hops from New Zealand complemented by Mt Hood, Cascade and Simcoe from the US.
EnglandSurreal Ale #2AbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%An Abbeydale classic with a complementary bitterness. It's a 100% low colour maris Otter malt made with with a generous helping of New Zealand hops.
EnglandSurreal Ale #3AbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Fruity aromas with flavours of tropical fruits. A hint of spiciness and some sweetness from Motueka and Green Bullet hops that's balanced by a lasting bitter finish.
EnglandSussex IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Sussex hop aromas include earthy, grassy, minty flavour notes.
EnglandSutler's IPABurscoughStrong Beer - IPA5.5%A sharp lip smacking prominent bitterness gives way to a massive aroma with hints of grapefruit and other citrus fruits.
EnglandSuzie-WongRoss-on-Wye CiderCider - Real Cider5.5%Medium-sweet farm produced still cider named after the farm cat.
EnglandSwallow's NestHoward TownBitter - Best Bitter4.0% Pale crystal and rye malts, with Challenger, Fuggles and Willamette hops, giving it a slightly biscuity taste, with hints of summer fruits.
EnglandSwan GoldSwanBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A hop forward golden ale with Admiral and Saaz hops.
EnglandSwan SongBlackwaterBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%'A hint of sweetness glides into a deep rich field of passion fruit'
EnglandSwedish BlondStampsBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A generous amount of Simcoe hops, dry hopped, above a session ale but very quaffable, with a strong hint of citrus
EnglandSweeney Mountain CiderStonehouseCider - Real Cider6.2%A very refreshing, traditionally produced, medium dry cider made with apples from their own orchard together with some from Herefordshire.
EnglandSweet ChariotMarstonsBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A full and fruity beer, with a spicy aroma and malty sweet taste. Burton-on-Trent.
EnglandSweet Home AlabamaKelham IslandBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Very light tasty ale, with the finest blend of Cascade and Amarillo hops for an aromatic hit of berry fruits and sorbet circus zing perfectly complimented with British lager malt.
EnglandSwift OneFernandesBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A golden, easy drinking bitter with fruity hops.
EnglandSword of JusticeSalamanderBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%No tasting notes available.
EnglandSybilla IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden coloured Polish hopped beer, slightly spicy with Lemon, Pine and Floral aromas.
EnglandSYLFirst Chop Brewing ArmStrong Beer - Black IPA6.2%A black jaggery IPA – named after soul singer Syl Johnson.
EnglandSymphonySalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A crescendo of lime and tropical fruit sway across a rich bittersweet movement of crisp malt and a fresh citrus encore.
EnglandT'Yellow JerseyTwo RosesBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A special pale ale brewed to commemorate the Tour de France 2014's visit to Yorkshire
EnglandTabathaPartner's (formerly Anglo-Dutch)Strong Beer - Strong Pale Beer6.0%A very pale Belgian style tripel beer with a strong fruity, hoppy character with a hint of coriander. A former Anglo-Dutch Brewery recipe known as ‘Tabatha the Knackered’. Dewsbury
EnglandTail GunnerBrass CastleSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.0%A dry-hopped rye session ale brewed to recognise Sgt Lincoln Orville Lynch DFM, a Jamaican ace air gunner
WalesTailwhip PaleCwrw IalBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Boisterous little pale ale with crisp clean malts and a late/dry hopped smooth, tangerine, orange marmalade floral aroma
EnglandTaiphoonHop BackSpeciality Beer - Spiced Beer4.2%Maize, wheat and barley malts along with 5 hop varieties and a touch of corianderand lemongrass. All married together beautifully.
EnglandTaking the PithMobberleyBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%A pink grapefruit pale ale.
EnglandTakirTownhouseSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer3.8%A golden bitter with a little added lemongrass
EnglandTales from the Brewhouse #1: Triple Hop AleLancasterBitter - Best Bitter4.4%'Deep copper in colour with an initial sweetness which turns into a full hop sensation on the palate.'
EnglandTales from the Brewhouse #2: Vanilla Chocolate EclairLancasterSpeciality Beer - Spiced Beer4.7%'Prominent vanilla with subtle hints of dark chocolate and liquorice, fullflavoured with a long pleasing finish.'
EnglandTales from the Brewhouse #4: Java AleLancasterSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer3.9%Arabica coffee and hints of dark chocolate. A complex and very tasty beer.
EnglandTales From the Brewhouse #5: White RoseLancasterSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.2%A wheat beer with malted barley, wheat and Slovenian hops.
EnglandTales From the Brewhouse #6: Lemon GrassLancasterSpeciality Beer - Spiced Beer4.0%Subtle lemongrass citrus flavours delicately balanced with pale malt elements, culminating in a well balanced treat.
EnglandTales from the Brewhouse #8: Harvest GoldLancasterBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A festival of citrus and berry fruits, balanced with finest malted barley.
EnglandTales from the Brewhouse 2016 #1: Rye AleLancasterSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.0%Rye & Crystal malt with American hops create a spicy, nutty flavour.
EnglandTales from the Brewhouse 2016 #10: American HopLancasterBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Finest Amarillo and Cascade American hops give a crisp, flowery, citrusy flavour
EnglandTales from the Brewhouse 2016 #2: Earl Grey IPALancasterSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.5%Botanical blend of Earl Grey tea & British hops. A rich amber ale with a delicate floral finish.
EnglandTales from the Brewhouse 2016 #4: Lancaster CitraLancasterBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%A single hopped blonde. Refreshing mango and light crisp bitterness lead to a dry finish.
EnglandTales from the Brewhouse 2017 #1: SorachiLancasterBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Using Sorachi Ace hops, this golden beer gives an intense lemon flavour and aroma to create a bitter, dry aftertaste.
EnglandTales from the Brewhouse: Elderflower TwistLancasterSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer3.8%Light coloured beer, brewed with elderflowers, elderberries, English barley and Hallertauer hops.
EnglandTales from the Brewhouse: No.8 - Raspberry RoseLancasterSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.2%A wheat beer with a unique fusion of malt wheat and Slovenian hops, plus English raspberries.
EnglandTales from the Brewhouse: Strawberry TippleLancasterSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer4.3%English barley, well balanced with citrus hops and British strawberries giving a refreshing summer ale.
EnglandTalismanBristol Beer FactoryStrong Beer - IPA5.0%A pale golden IPA with flavour and sessionability to burn!
EnglandTalking ParrotParkwayBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A traditional English session bitter
EnglandTangerine DreamAcornBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Rich golden ale with citrus and fruity hop aromas. Barnsley. The tangerine reference concerns a supporter of Blackpool FC.
EnglandTap Tackle / Tap TaclSandstoneBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Pale ale brewed to tie in with the Six Nations rugby. Either English or Welsh versions of the pump clip are available.
EnglandTarnlifeAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A light straw coloured bitter with American Cascade and Centennial hops. Fruity and citrusy.
EnglandTatton TackleTattonBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Golden, hoppy beer brewed for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil
EnglandTaurus IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden German hopped ale. Fruity and spicy with a zesty character bursting with delightful citrus aromas.
EnglandTawnyCheshire Brew BrothersBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Pale copper bitter with a hoppy spicy nose and good dry malty finish.
EnglandTawny PorterTownhouseDark Ale - Porter5.0%Strong, not too dark brew from Audley
EnglandTEAFirst Chop Brewing ArmStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.0%Full bodied pale ale with three malts. Hopped with 3 classic American hops, and given a twist with bags of whole New Zealand hops in the hop-back.
EnglandTear Drop (keg)SalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Collaboration with Lacons. The aroma has fresh grassy notes, pine needles, some sweet touches of stone fruit. It’s flavour laden and mildly bitter with oodles of hoppy mango, energetic grapefruit and a pinnacle of tropical fruit.
EnglandTeardropSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Collaboration with Lacons. The aroma has fresh grassy notes, pine needles, some sweet touches of stone fruit. It’s flavour laden and mildly bitter with oodles of hoppy mango, energetic grapefruit and a pinnacle of tropical fruit.
EnglandTearless IVRedWillowBitter - Standard Bitter3.0%Small IPA, packed full of Simcoe and Mosaic cryos with chinook and Falconers Flight. Cryo-hopped.
EnglandTeenage KicksAcornBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Light straw coloured bitter twin hopped for a mouthwatering light floral but slightly spicy taste sensation.
EnglandTekau 10StonehouseBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Pale beer with refreshing pine and citrus notes.
WalesTelekinesisBig HandStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.9%Strong golden American style pale ale from Wrexham.
WalesTemple of LoveHopcraft / Pixie SpringBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A combination of coloured malts to give body and backbone and a range of big bruiser hops impart their lusciously fruity, oily hoppiness.
EnglandTenderfootRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Dark brown traditional-style best bitter brewed the American way with a bucket-load of US hops.
EnglandTennis ElbowPhoenixBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Golden in colour. Citrus and hoppy flavour with a light, crisp body.
EnglandTerror of TopshamTopshamBitter - Strong Bitter5.5%Strong golden ale.
EnglandTether BlondWharfeBankBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A pale and highly drinkable American style beer brewed with Maris Otter ale malt and a pinch of crystal malt and hopped with Cascade and Simcoe hops. The hops give the beer a resinous/citrus character with a very distinctive passionfruit top note.
EnglandTexas RaidersCottageDark Ale - Brown Ale4.7%An American style brown ale named after a preserved Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.
EnglandTextbookOld School (OSB)Bitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A blonde session bitter
WalesThai BoOtleyBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Pale straw coloured bitter using Brewers Gold and Styrian Hops. Easy quaffing session bitter.
EnglandThawAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.8%Refreshing and bitter, it has fabulous hop flavours including hints of raisin, cinnamon and clove.
EnglandThe 10th NoelAcornSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer5.7%Strong, malty seasonal brew from Barnsley.
EnglandThe 11th NoelAcornSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer5.8%Rich ruby coloured ale, roasted malts and American hops combine to release rich berry fruit flavours.
EnglandThe 12th NoelAcornStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer5.9%Rich ruby coloured ale, roasted malts and English Bramling Cross hops combine to release rich berry fruit flavours
EnglandThe 16th NoelAcornSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer6.3%Brewed with the help of guest brewer Santa Claus. Rich dark ale for the festive season.
EnglandThe AccompliceRooster'sStrong Beer - IPA5.7%A pale IPA that’s been brewed using six different varieties of hops, crammed into almost every possible part of the brewing process, to create intense floral and fruit aromas, backed up by a balanced level of bitterness.
EnglandThe American WaiDerbySpeciality Beer - American Pale4.5%Pale copper colour. Dry hopped with Waimea giving tropical and citrus flavours.
WalesThe AwakeningBrainsSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.0%Bright amber in colour and hopped with five New Zealand hops, bursting with tropical fruit and citrus flavours and aromas.
EnglandThe Bees KneesSpringheadSpeciality Beer - Honey Beer3.9%Golden and mellow, made with honey local to the Newark brewery, but not sweet. Beautifully balanced and quite delicious!
EnglandThe BendsSalopianStrong Beer - IPA5.2%A fresh field of grapefruit and tropical fruit cascade across the pallet and descend to a long fruit filled finish.
EnglandThe Big Lebrewski IPADerbyStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.0%Extra pale Maris Otter malt provides the stage for this big IPA. An exhibit of bold tropical fruits, reminiscent of pineapple and mango.
EnglandThe BishopDerbyBitter - Best Bitter4.5%American style pale ale with a citrus and pineapple finish.
EnglandThe Boiling WellLudlowBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Dark IPA complexion, full bodied, gentle bitter finish
EnglandThe Dark KnightMedievalDark Ale - Stout4.6%Full bodied stout with a blend of dark malts that offer rich caramel/ toffee flavours.
EnglandThe Dogs BollocksWychwoodBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%'Golden, well rounded, with a hint of nuts'. Oxfordshire.
EnglandThe Fat ControllerRawBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Session bitter from Chesterfield
EnglandThe Golden ArrowShropshire Brewer, TheBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A pale gold session ale, with an abundance of tropical fruit & citrus hop character
EnglandThe Hare and the HedgehogOakhamBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Light bitter from Peterborough
EnglandThe HoodBathBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A classic English malt driven ale that smooth in body and sweet in taste.
EnglandThe HopfatherWye ValleyBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Brewed using Herefordshire Jester, Centennial and Goldings hops – this smooth red ale features delicious tropical citrus and grapefruit flavours.
EnglandThe ImpBetjemanStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer10.0%An Imperial stout. Full force.
EnglandThe Italian JobRooster'sSpeciality Beer - Spiced Beer4.7%Brewed with black pepper and lemongrass in the kettle and fermentation vessel. Moderate bitterness, delicate citrus fruit and spicy aromas. An Anglo Italian collaboration. Formerly Gallo Italiano.
EnglandThe Jewel in the CrownWood'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Golden Jubilee special from south Shropshire
EnglandThe MaltsterDerbyBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Burnt orange in colour, an easy drinking malty brew. Dry hopped with Wai-iti to give a twist of lime for an exciting, unexpected finish.
ScotlandThe Pale ArmadilloTempestBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%1st century Session IPA bursting with hop favour. Expect big upfront citrus fruits.
EnglandThe PokiesBlackjackBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%In the American pale ale style with New Zealand hops.
EnglandThe Rat of KhanRatBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Pale hoppy premium bitter.
EnglandThe Ratnificent 7RatBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%A hoppy golden ale.
EnglandThe Red BaronRooster'sStrong Beer - IPA5.7%Dry hopped India Red Ale with spicy, citrusy notes. Admiral, Jester, Crystal and Nelson Sauvin hops, 6 malts and rye.
WalesThe Rev. James GoldBrainsBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Crisp and sweet with fresh fruit flavours that are balanced by an intriguing depth and a light malty aroma.
WalesThe Sturgeon GeneralHopcraft / Pixie SpringStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.3%An unfined, hazy bitter and fruity American pale ale. 82 IBUs.
WalesThe Thirsty StoneBreconBitter - Best Bitter4.0%An aromatic, thirst quenching extra pale ale.
WalesThe VolunteerCwrw IalBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Light copper session bitter with European hops
EnglandThe WandererRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Collaboration with Yorkshire Square Brewery of California. Pale, dry hopped summer ale.
EnglandThe WednesdayThornbridgeBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A special brew for Sheffield Wednesday Football Club with Simcoe and Citra hops.
WalesThird Eye BlindMad DogBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A Pale ale with tropical & citrus fruit flabours from American and NZ hops. A small beer with a big punch.
EnglandThirst AidExit 33Bitter - Best Bitter4.0%A light, clean drinking and moorish session ale that marries two great American hops Citra & Simcoe together for a juicy hop forward flavour.
EnglandThirstquencherSpitting FeathersBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A fine light pale beer. Lots of hop leads to a clean, crisp finish.Brewed just outside Chester
EnglandThirty ThreeBrighton BierBitter - Standard Bitter3.3%Three different hops, three yeasts and three malts go into this delicious pale ale packed with flavour and aroma.
EnglandThis is EnglandRooster'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Light, fruity English bitter, with a touch of spice on the nose, a blend of four malts and Admiral, Jester and Bramling Cross hops.
EnglandThis Scepter'd AleAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%First in a range of British hopped beers. A green hop beer made with freshly picked Goldings hops. Lovely and mellow with floral fresh hop character. Very easy drinking.
EnglandThorny IssueSalamanderBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A copper coloured best bitter.
EnglandThrasherWychwoodBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A crisp, light amber seasonal with spicy hops and dry bitterness.
EnglandThree French HensRooster'sSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer3.9%Cascade and Centennial hops plus cinnamon and orange peel. Amber coloured, citrus flavours and a light, spicy finish.
EnglandThree Ridings BitterOssettBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Traditional Golden Bitter. Three Ridings Bitter is a traditional golden bitter in the Pennine style. Dry, and bitter, a touch of crystal malt gives a subtle caramel maltiness, while delicate spicy and floral hop aromas dominate.
EnglandThrillerAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%No zombies will crawl out of the ground with this one! Pale with Sorachi Ace, Summit & Mt. Hood.
EnglandThriller in VanillaBrown CowDark Ale - Stout5.1%Vanilla stout from Selby, North Yorkshire.
EnglandThrowbackRooster'sDark Ale - Brown Ale5.3%A vintage stock ale brewed using Goldings hops, brown malt and Muscovado sugar before being fermented and conditioned on staves from red wine barrels.
EnglandThunder StruckAcornStrong Beer - Black IPA5.7%Jet black IPA with a razor’s edge bitterness. Sacks full of USA Brava & Willamette hops give a fruity, floral aroma. Dry hopped with Simcoe hops for a grapefruit, citrus encore!
WalesThunderbirdKiteBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A predominantly hoppy ale, with lots of recognisable hop varieties. Mid brown in colour, malty with a slight touch of sweet fruit aromas.
EnglandThunderboltCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A golden ale brewed with Arora, Challenger and Celeia hops, to give a wonderful light and refreshing finish and a biscuity nose.
EnglandThundering MollyCeltic Marches CiderCider - Real Cider5.2%A well rounded medium cider.Fresh and fruity with a lovely apple aroma.
WalesTidy BitterHopcraft / Pixie SpringBitter - Best Bitter4.1%An unconventional brewers take on a conventional 'brown bitter'. It'll be good too.
EnglandTie The KnotHappy ValleyBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Brewed with the finest Maris Otter malt. real ale Finished with late hopping in the copper. New recipe for 2013.
EnglandTie The Knot (old recipe)Happy ValleyBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Strong golden bitter from Bollington
EnglandTigerEverardsBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Copper coloured, nicely balanced English bitter with Fuggles, Goldings and Challenger hops.
EnglandTiger RutMillstoneBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden bitter from the east Manchester peaks.
EnglandTight HeadWood'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Pale ale brewed to tie in with the Six Nations rugby.
EnglandTime MachineSalopianBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Rich gold-coloured beer, light and crisp, hopped with Australian Cascade and Citra, finally descending into a dry malt finale.
EnglandTime MachineBlackwaterBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A session bitter brewed with Citra hops to give it a great flavour.
EnglandTinsaleRowtonBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A bitter glitter for Christmas!
WalesTitanDeva CraftBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Tasty and distictly hoppy golden ale despite its low ABV.
ScotlandToasted Oak IPAInnis & GunnStrong Beer - IPA5.6%Full bodied, refreshing IPA with a zesty hop character balanced with biscuity malt notes with lightly toasted oak.
EnglandTOCFirst Chop Brewing ArmBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Salford style smooth drinking amber ale
EnglandToffee Nose BitterFoxfieldBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Tasty traditional bitter from a Cumbrian brewpub
EnglandTom FoolJenningsMild - Best Mild4.0%A golden amber ale with all the characteristics of a light mild.
EnglandTom LongStroudBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Amber session beer with spicy citrus aroma. Good body for low ABV. Named after a mythical highwayman hung at Tom Longs Post near Stroud.
EnglandTomahawkCottageStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.5%Double American IPA, heavily hopped with Jester. Amber in colour with hints of peach and grapefruit .
EnglandTommy NoteGeevesDark Ale - Porter4.5%A full-bodied, mid brown porter made with 3 aromatic English hops. A lovely dark alternative summer beer.
EnglandTonttuThornbridgeSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer6.0%This beer is not a traditional Christmas Ale, Tonttu is single hopped with the Australian Enigma hop that gives a tropical fruit and near strawberry character that works beautifully with a little sweetness with it being a red ale.
EnglandTop SecretDerbyBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Strong bitter from Derby
EnglandTop TottySlatersBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A light straw coloured fruity flavoured beer. from Stafford
EnglandTopaz GoldAdnamsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale golden ale with soft apricot and lychee notes, medium body and bitterness but with a crisp finish.
EnglandTopaz IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden ale with spicy, resinous, grassy tones on the aroma which lead to light tropical fruit flavours on the palate. New Zealand hops.
EnglandTopsailBay'sBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A well balanced beer, deep amber in colour with a subtle sweetness throughout.
EnglandTornadoCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Copper coloured best bitter from Somerset
EnglandTorosWye ValleyBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Pale ale with citrusy undertones.
EnglandTorpid ExpressionIdle ValleyBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A Traditional English bitter. Uses British malts and yeast plus East Kent Goldings and Challenger hops.
EnglandTorqueSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A crisp refreshing session ale that evokes senses of a stronger ale. Hops swell over the palate and an effervescent juicy aroma develops in a dry malt finish.
EnglandTorqueBlackwaterBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Bright fresh palate with herb and citrus. A touch of honeyed richness pushes through to a crisp dryness.
EnglandTotal EclipseRowtonBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%'A golden hoppy ale brewed using American hops.' Brewed in Rowton, just north of Wellington.
EnglandTotally TropicalDerbyBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Golden and well rounded with a dry finish. Citra hops give a tropical fruit bouquet. Dry hopped with Rakau.
EnglandTotemHaresfootBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Hugely hopped, with malty undertones. A light coloured crisp APA.
EnglandTour de AlePennineBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%First made to celebrate the 2014 Tour de France Grand Depart. Reproduced for the Tour de Yorkshire 2015
EnglandTour de YorkshireOssettBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A classic pale golden Yorkshire Bitter. Smooth, full-bodied, malty and moderately bitter. A subtle blend of English hops give a delicate spicy aroma.
EnglandTow PathProspectBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Chestnut malty ale with soft hop characteristics
EnglandTower PowerAcornBitter - Best Bitter4.1%'Light amber coloured bitter, well balanced with rich malts and fruity hops throughout.'
EnglandTown CrierHobson'sBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%An elegant straw coloured bitter. The hint of sweetness is complemented by subtle hop flavours leading to a dry finish. South Shropshire
EnglandTownend TwistOssettStrong Beer - IPA5.0%A classic British IPA, this golden ale is malty and full bodied, but with an underlying bitterness.
ScotlandTowsie Tyke Golden AleAyrBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Brewed using the finest Maris Otter and Crystal Malts to produce a premium ale with a refreshingly long, dry bitter finish.
EnglandToxteth IPA (keykeg)Mad HatterCraft Keg Beer - British6.5%Flagship IPA of supreme quality from one of the country's most exciting breweries.
EnglandTrade Mark IPAIntrepidBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Tasty IPA packing quite a punch for its ABV.
EnglandTraditional CiderHurst View CiderCider - Real Cider6.0%Made with a blend of Staffordshire juice and bittersweet dabbinet juice. Tasting notes, sweet and sharp with a fruity aroma.
EnglandTraditional MildSandstoneMild - Dark Mild3.7%As the name implies, a traditional malty dark mild.
EnglandTraffic St. Specials No.1: StereotypeCastle RockStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.9%Pale, with zesty undertones from the West Coast American hops, an assertive bitter aftertaste. Stereotype is unfined (cloudy), giving an additional depth of flavour.
EnglandTraffic St. Specials No.3: Double BarrelCastle RockSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.3%A red ale which has been infused with the nostalgic flavours of Dandelion & Burdock!
EnglandTraffic St. Specials No.4: Little BitchCastle RockDark Ale - Stout10.0%Silky-smooth Russian Imperial Stout full of fruit and coffee flavour and a pleasant warmth.
EnglandTraffic St. Specials No.6: Rat RaceCastle RockBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%A robust and rich red ale. Earthy and crisp resinous finish. Dry hopped with Cascade.
EnglandTraffic St. Specials No.7: New EraCastle RockSpeciality Beer - Beer/Wine Hybrid7.7Not fully a beer, nor fully a wine, but a drink that playfully flits between the two.
EnglandTraffic St. Specials No.8: Guns of NavaroneCastle RockStrong Beer - IPA10.3%A double mashed, double hopped double IPA. Unfined.
EnglandTramlines Session IPAAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Juicy pale, single hopped with Galaxy and perfect for drinking in the sunshine.
EnglandTrance SisterAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Golden session ale with a biscuit flavour from Munich malt. Floral aromas & subtle, sweet hoppiness coming from the Columbus, Cascade & Southern Cross hops.
EnglandTransformationAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%American, Australian & NZ hops. Flavours of guava, passionfruit and pineapple. Toffee notes. Tropical fruit & zesty aromas
EnglandTransformation (original)AbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale gold with biscuit & tropical fruit flavours. Sheffield.
EnglandTreacle PorterCoastalDark Ale - Porter4.4%Full on flavoursome dark brew.
EnglandTreacle StoutOssettDark Ale - Stout5.0%A rich robust stout - The addition of black treacle give s intense depth and roasted malts impart a coffee flavour. Generous amounts of hops add a dry citrus finish to this complex black ale.
EnglandTreasonBootleg Brewing Co.Dark Ale - Stout4.6%A delicious dark, moreish stout.
EnglandTreason and PlotBootleg Brewing Co.Dark Ale - Stout4.6%A balanced stout with just enough treacle not to be too sweet.
EnglandTreason West Coast IPAUprisingStrong Beer - IPA5.8%Burning bronze in colour with big hop aroma and flavour. Super rare in cask.
EnglandTreasure TroveSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.0%'A fruity golden ale with flavours of tropical resinous fruits abundant in the mouth, and a sensuous citrus finish.' Shrewsbury.
EnglandTrelawnySt. AustellBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Distinctive peachy, apricot tones from Galaxy hops grown in Tasmania and a quaffable character from English Golding and new Endeavour hops.
WalesTres HombresCrafty DevilCraft Keg Beer - British4.9%An American style pale ale.
EnglandTrespass PorterPennineDark Ale - Porter4.5%Rich chocolate and sweet molasses balanced by the clean bitterness of the hops! Roasted coffee and caramel nose.
EnglandTribus LupulusIlkleyBitter - Best Bitter4.4%From a monthly series: Crisp pale backbone, showcasing a new hop, in this case XO6297, which has a particularly lemony character, combining perfectly with the grassy, citrussy Nelson Sauvin and Hallertau Blanc.
EnglandTributeSt. AustellBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Light, hoppy, zesty, easy to drink and consistently delicious.
WalesTricky WhuCwrw IalSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.6%A red rye ale.
EnglandTriple 'O'FernandesBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Hoppy and floral aromas. Clear golden coloured and hoppy with a crisp and dry slightly bitter malt finish.
EnglandTriple BWhimDark Ale - Stout3.5%Very tasty honey stout from Hartington, near Buxton
EnglandTriple BlondePeerlessBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Three malts and three hops. Blond in style. Wheat, lager and pale malts combined with a wonderful fruity citrus finish from First Gold and Cascade hops.
EnglandTriple CAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Three hops beginning with 'C', so a load of Columbus went in for bittering, with Cascade and Centennial for aroma and bags of flavour. 10p of every pint sold goes to Cavendish Cancer Care.
WalesTriple DRosie's CiderCider - Real Cider7.2%100% fermented apple juice, farm pressed in Llandegla. Matured in stainless steel vessels
EnglandTriple HopDerbyBitter - Best Bitter4.1%A classic flavoursome pale, with Goldings, Challenger and Northdown hops. CAMRA National finalist for Champion Beer of Britain.
EnglandTriple HopPartner's (formerly Anglo-Dutch)Bitter - Best Bitter4.2%A triple hopped APA using Willamette, Cascade and Cluster, to produce a refreshing brew with excellent bitterness and a great, hoppy aftertaste
EnglandTriple Hop Series #8ArborBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale ale with Mosaic, Nugget and Simcoe hops. 8th in a series.
EnglandTriple ScrewTitanicBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Deeply hoppy, stunningly malty and delightfully smooth,this three pronged attack on the taste buds is a treat for all beer lovers.
EnglandTriple XBPHawksheadDark Ale - Old Ale8.5%Extra strength Brodie's Prime. More intense flavour but still velvety smooth.
EnglandTriplle Hop xxxxArborBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale beer from their series of specials.
EnglandTritonCoastalBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%A refreshing, bright golden bitter. Citrusy hops.
EnglandTrooperRobinson'sBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Inspired by Iron Maiden. Malt flavours and citric notes from a unique blend of Bobec, Goldings and Cascade hops. Deep golden.
EnglandTrouble Maker Imperial IPAIdle ValleyStrong Beer - American Style IPA8.4%Totally uncompromising hoppy IPA with Mosaic and Citra hops.
EnglandTruantOld School (OSB)Strong Beer - American Style IPA6.3%American Pale Ale which is sweet to start with a drying bitter aftertaste.
EnglandTrucklebed AlleyTopshamBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%An amber bitter - refreshingly bitter with malt and fruit charcteristics.
EnglandTrue Gentleman4TsStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer6.0%Strong brew from Warrington
EnglandTrue GritRooster'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Named after the John Wayne film that centres around the character of Rooster Cogburn, True Grit is a bold, pale ale with aromas of citrus fruit and a lasting, bitter finish.
EnglandTrue NorthNorthern MonkBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Hoppy blonde ale with a fruity, apricotty nose, a creamy mouth-feel, and a dry finish.
EnglandTry Me!PitchforkBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A Six Nations inspired traditional bitter brewed using Flyer hops.
WalesTry TimeKiteBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A session bitter brewed for the Six Nations Rugby tournament.
EnglandTryPACheshire BrewhouseStrong Beer - IPA6.6%Collaboration with Howard Town. A big, British hopped IPA.
EnglandTumbledown Medium CiderSnail's Bank CiderCider - Real Cider5.2%Traditional still cider from Herefordshire
EnglandTumbledown Summer FruitsSnail's Bank CiderCider - Real Cider4.0%A smooth, flavoursome, easy drinking fruity cider
EnglandTumpy Ground CiderOnce Upon a Tree CiderCider - Real Cider7.0%Unique draught cider from the Dragon Orchard with tropical fruit flavours. Medium dry.
EnglandTunnel VisionBox SteamBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Well rounded traditional bitter beer. Clean tasting with a slight bitterness on the palate.
EnglandTunstall CrossAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Light goldern bitter with a caramalt biscuity background and a refreshing citrus, spicy, floral aroma.
EnglandTurbo ShandyAbbeydaleCraft Keg Beer - British5.8%A classic lager flavour gives way to a lingering hoppy aftertaste that sends you back for another pint
EnglandTurning LeavesOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Golden ale that is mellow and slightly sweet. Spicy and blackcurrant characteristics may be detected.
EnglandTurning PointAbbeydaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Originally brewed in 1999 for the Millennium, and brewed using predominantly Amarillo hops so you can expect lots of fruit, especially distinct grapefruit and some hints of pine. A residual sweetness follows on the pallet, balancing the hops pungency
EnglandTutti I Cancelli TipoAllGatesLager - Lager style cask beer5.1%An Italian styled Pilsner. Golden beer with a light perlage; bitter flavour and aftertaste, aroma and fragrance of Pilsner malt and fresh hops.
EnglandTVO 54Farm YardBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%This summertime blonde uses all British ingredients, with a clean and crisp malt bill, which elegantly frame the aromas from the whirlpool jester hops.
EnglandTwelve DaysHook HortonStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer5.5%A dark brown strong beer, finely balanced, with a strong malt and nutty flavour.
EnglandTwenty Four SevenRooster'sBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Four big hitting hops create a sessionable, hop-forward pale ale with the intensity of a New World IPA. Amarillo, Chinook and Simcoe from the USA & New Zealand's Nelson Sauvin
EnglandTwenty-Fifth Anniversary Pale AleRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Tropical fruit and hints of citrus (notably grapefruit) are on display and come courtest of New Zealand's Rakau hops and Citra from the USA.
EnglandTwist GripWood'sBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A fine blend of aromatic & bitter hops producing a refreshing light amber ale with a long bitter aftertaste. Revised recipe..
EnglandTwist RaspberryWestons CiderCider - Real Cider4.0%Clear pink still cider with a smooth, well-balanced fruity flavour and clean apple finish.
EnglandTwisted GrooveBootleg Brewing Co.Bitter - Best Bitter4.2%Refreshing golden ale brewed with a tight quintet of choice hops that play tunes for the taste buds and hit all the right notes.
EnglandTwisted SpireHobson'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A pale, crisp, low-gravity beer with a light, natural fizz and citrus notes that will appeal to the palates of both the die-hard ale drinker and potential lager convert. Shropshire.
EnglandTwisterCopper DragonBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Spicy lemon aroma, caramel and toffee notes and a clean, crisp bitterness.
EnglandTwitchellBuntingfordBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Golden fruity bitter with a floral aroma and malty / hoppy aftertaste. Brewed with Maris Otter pale & wheat malts, and English Goldings hops, plus Cascade hops from the USA.
EnglandTwo BrewersFernandesBitter - Best Bitter4.3%New bitter from Wakefield
EnglandTwo HootsJoseph HoltBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A light, crisp and refreshing ale with a hint of citrus that delivers a slightly sweet aftertaste.
EnglandTwo HorsesFirebirdBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Intensely hopped with modern bold varieties to give a big aroma with balancing bitterness. A full flavoured blend of Crystal, Cara and Munich malts ensures Two Horses punches well above its ABV. GLUTEN FREE
EnglandTwyford TippleBinghamsBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Deliciously satisfying despite its lower alcoholic strength. The citrus hops give a refreshing, thirst quenching finish.
EnglandTyger TygerBig ShedBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Pale malt plus substantial bittering and aroma hops. Good solid body and mouthfeel. IPA in style. Great with curries!
EnglandUgly SistersMarstonsBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Fruity amber ale for the panto season. Burton on Trent.
EnglandUgly SistersMarstonsBitter - Strong Bitter5.8%Occasional winter brew from Burton on Trent
EnglandUK Cascade IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich, golden coloured ale, intense but rounded citrus peel, orange, tangerine, floral, pine and lychee aromas.
EnglandUK Chinook IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%This rich golden IPA brings a light pine and a mellow grapefruit aroma.
EnglandUltimate WarriorBlackjack / Hopcraft (collaboration)Strong Beer - IPA5.4%Very hoppy pale ale.
EnglandUltra IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden IPA single hopped with American Ultra hops. It has a spicy, zesty aroma.
BelgiumUltramourEcaussinesSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer5.0%Fruits of the forest beerfrom a farmhouse brewery.
EnglandUnbeliever No.2 - GoseAbbeydaleCraft Keg Beer - British3.9%Wonderfully refreshing Gose with added coriander seeds. Subtly tart and salty.
EnglandUncle Monk's IPABeer MonkeyBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Kilned malt flavours with a slightly sweet & growing bitter balanced flavour, producing an American style IPA with a big hoppy end.
EnglandUncle SamCotleighBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Copper coloured beer, American hopped, powerful, zesty fruity hop notes in the aroma, plus hints of grapefruit, citrus and lychee.
EnglandUnder ClassTigertopsStrong Beer - IPA5.7%An Ipa from Wakefield's sister brewery to Foxfield.
EnglandUnionSummer WineBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Pale ale with Simcoe hops
EnglandUnion GapRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Expect a full hop character. Aromas and flavours of lemon peel and orange. American hops: Amarillo, Simcoe, Sterling
EnglandUnity AleOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Brewed for the Unity Works community venue in Wakefield.
EnglandUnpretentious DeclarantIdle ValleyStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.6%Full bodied beer with rich malt notes hints of marmalade and toffee. . Hopped up to the eyeballs with Cascade, Chinook Centennial, Simcoe & Ahtanum.
EnglandUrban AssaultAnarchyBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Heavy notes of lemon, orange and passion fruit. Huge fruit aroma, bold bitter bite and medium body for maximum drinkability.
EnglandUrban FoxBootleg Brewing Co.Bitter - Best Bitter4.2%A craft golden ale from the Horse and Jockey at Chorlton, Manchester
EnglandUrban LegendTwistedBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Created using imported hops from the Yakima Valley which provide a great lengthy finish on a classic citrus aroma.
EnglandUrban RedByatt'sBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A ruby red ale with rich malt flavours and a floral aroma, fruit and spice notes and a well-balanced finish.
EnglandUrsa MinorBeartownBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%Pale golden with a big refreshing hoppy character.
EnglandUSA Northern Brewer IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%IPA style beer with American hops. From Barnsley.
EnglandUXBAbbeydaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Premium bitter with lots of dark malt flavours. Complemented by the fruitiness of the hops.
EnglandVacant GestureIdle ValleyBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Made with Mosaic hops. A light and unobtrusive base to allows its amazing aroma and taste to dominate the beer. If you like hops, then you will like this.
EnglandValkyrie APARudgateBitter - Best Bitter4.1%American West Coast pale ale, gold in colour, with a slightly tropical and hoppy finish
EnglandVanguardBiggarBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%An amber bitter brewed with Maris Otter,and Crystal malts, finished with Cascade hops.
EnglandVanguard IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Strong bitter with Vanguard hops
EnglandVanilla Cream AleMoorhousesSpeciality Beer - Spiced Beer3.9%Light ale with Madagascan vanilla pods and Wakatu hops from New Zealand.
EnglandVanilla StoutBinghamsSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer5.0%Dark stout brewed using dark malts and infused with vanilla pods. Won Gold in the CAMRA Supreme Champion Beer of Britain 2016.
EnglandVanishing PointSalopianBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A fresh fruity golden ray of light in the gloom of January.
EnglandVapour TrailSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A powerful aroma of pine that develops in to a lashing of grapefruit, citrus and tropical flavours leaving you thirsty for more.
EnglandVelocitySalopianBitter - Strong Bitter5.3%Possessed with citrus and mango running through its veins, twisting and spiking to a rich tropical culmination
EnglandVerbeia Pale AleWharfeBankBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A highly drinkable session, pale golden ale, hopped with 3 distinctive varieties, giving a citrus, fruity experience. Fantastically light and refreshing.
EnglandVertigoSalopianStrong Beer - Strong Dark Beer7.2%'The aroma of char, chocolate and roasted malts and then the flavour of pine and citrus ascends over the palate, bringing the full bodied finish to a dizzying height'
EnglandVery PerrySnail's Bank CiderCider - Real Cider5.1%Fruity medium perry, complex yet balance. Made from Stinking Bishop Perry pears.
EnglandVesperCross BayBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Crisp, smooth ession bitter with American hops.
EnglandVespersAbbeydaleDark Ale - Porter4.2%Full of dark roast and coffee flavours complemented by fruity hop flavours. A classic.
EnglandVia FerrataJenningsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Full bodied malty beer with a dry biscuit finish and a spicy blackcurrant hop flavour.
EnglandVicar's RuinChurch EndBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Straw coloured best bitter. Delightful hop flavours soften to a delicate malt finish.
EnglandVictoria IPAStringersStrong Beer - IPA5.5%Spicy, tropical fruit from the hops, then some bitter marmalade, with a definite bitter finish. Top hole.
EnglandVictorian PorterCopper DragonDark Ale - Porter4.5%'A rich, complex and dark Victorian style Porter boasting warming coffee, roasted and bitter chocolate flavours.' Skipton.
EnglandVienna LagerHawksheadLager - Lager style cask beer5.0%A modern cask version of the lager style. Amber malt and crisp dry hop finish.
EnglandViking GoldPeerlessBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%A well balanced golden ale with initial hop bitterness derived from Pilgrim hops and a citrus finish from Summit and Cascade hops. The distinct citrus fruit and hop aroma leads to a crisp, dry finish.
EnglandVillage IdiotWhite HorseBitter - Best Bitter4.1%This golden beer uses an idiotic amount of fresh hops to create a refreshingly clean bitter beer, with fine pale malt and a touch of wheat for a fine balance.
EnglandVIPATattonStrong Beer - IPA6.3%Very pale, dry strong ale with a unique character, influenced by modern American-style IPAs and traditional British hoppy ales.
EnglandViscount RidleyLittle Ale CartBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Golden bitter with citrussy hops.
EnglandVolsungRudgateBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Pale amber, full bodied with citrus on the nose.
EnglandVoodooBlackwaterBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A crisp, refreshing ale that evokes senses of a stronger ale. Hops swell over the palate and an effervescent fruity aroma develops in a dry malt finish.
EnglandVoodooSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.5%A crisp, refreshing ale that evokes senses of a stronger ale. Hops swell over the palate and an effervescent fruity aroma develops in a dry malt finish.
EnglandVoodoo MildGreat HeckMild - Best Mild4.3%Dark ale from Yorkshire
EnglandVortexSalopianBitter - Best Bitter4.0%'A whirling mass of hops encircle the pallet of this refreshing straw coloured ale, which is balanced by soft malt characteristics.'
EnglandVoyager IPAAbbeydaleStrong Beer - IPA5.5%A hoppy, unfined pale ale with Sorchi Ace and Enigma hops and a touch of lime.
EnglandVoyager IPA No.12 - Galaxy, Enigma & El DoradoAbbeydaleStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.6%Full-on unfined IPA from the Brewer's Emporium range.
EnglandVoyager IPA No.2 - Galaxy, Vic Secret & Sorachi AceAbbeydaleStrong Beer - IPA5.9%Tropical fruit on the nose with coconut and lime on the palate balanced by resinous hopped bitterness. Sorachi Ace in the hop back, dry hopped with Galaxy and Vic Secret.
EnglandVoyager IPA No.4AbbeydaleStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.2%Delicisiously murky, bursting with hop character. Plenty of Citra, Summer and Vic Secret hops.
EnglandVoyager IPA No.5AbbeydaleStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.0%Dry hopped with Simcoe and Mosaic for a big hitting aroma, juicy bitterness and tropical notes, backed up by Centennial and Cascade
EnglandVoyager IPA No.6 - Ekuanot, Galaxy & CascadeAbbeydaleStrong Beer - IPA5.7%Unfined so all the resinous hop character can shine through. Bold tropical and citrus fruit flavour coupled with a resolute bitterness. A voyage of hop glory!
EnglandVulcanPoyntonBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A best bittercelebrating the Vulcan bomber.
EnglandWagtailAllendaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%English bitter is made using only UK ingredients. A floral aroma, hints of seville orange and spiced dried fruit, with biscuit and toffee notes.
EnglandWai-itiAllGatesBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Golden bitter with hops from New Zealand
EnglandWai-iti IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich Golden coloured ale with a smooth bitterness and an array of Citrus aromas mainly of Mandarin, Lemon and zesty Lime.
EnglandWailing WillyBurscoughBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Pale blonde. Refreshing bitterness gives way to a crisp fruity character.
EnglandWaimea IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden coloured ale with intense tangerine and citrus fruit aromas and subtle pine characteristics.
EnglandWainwrightMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Fruits and citrus on the nose with a further sweetness in the flavour.
EnglandWainwright's Fusion 4MarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Complex citrus, herbal and tropical flavours from a quartet of cutting-edge hops.
EnglandWainwright's Sharp IntakeMarstonsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale blonde ale with a hint of zesty lemon.
EnglandWakatuTownhouseBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden single hop bitter with Wakatu hops.
EnglandWakatu IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden ale with a clean bitterness and well rounded floral and vanilla flavours with a twist of lime.
EnglandWake Up CallRooster'sStrong Beer - Black IPA6.5%Hop forward black IPA with a hint of coffee. Cascade, Chinook, Centennial and Waimea. Coffee by Taylors of Harrogate.
EnglandWaltzerAbbeydaleBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%Session pale with a trio of American hops, Chinook, Centennial and Ahtanum. A fresh lemon and tropical fruit flavour with a pine and herbal finish.
EnglandWanderer No.2 - Gooseberry SaisonAbbeydaleContinental Ale - Saison4.0%A light, refreshing, tart saison, hopped with Eldorado hops and infused with gooseberries, slightly hazy.
WalesWandering BeaconsBreconBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%Dark chestnut bitter from south Wales
EnglandWar PaintSalamanderBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Pale and hoppy
EnglandWaraka4TsBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Session bitter from Warrington
EnglandWarrior IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Strong bitter from Barnsley with American Warrior hops.
EnglandWashington GoldDorkingBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Refreshing golden ale using Simcoe hops from Washington state.
EnglandWaterlooJoulesBitter - Best Bitter4.3% Marking the 200th anniversary of the battle of 1815. Sweet citrus and spicy aroma, not overly sweet, retaining a good balance
EnglandWatson FothergillCastle RockMild - Best Mild4.2%Citrusy session mild, brewed with Mosaic hops from the USA
EnglandWay Out WheatOffbeatSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.5%Hefeweizen style wheat beer, a slightly sweeter edge with coriander and sweet orange peel. Bubblegum and banana on the nose.
EnglandWayman's Milk StoutPeakstones RockDark Ale - Stout5.4%Brewed to remember the rock nights at the Highwayman, Threapwood. A mildly smokey aroma with a liquorice flavour, smooth and not overly sweet.
EnglandWCC4TsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A golden beer featuring Cascade, Chinook and Warrior hops. From Runcorn
EnglandWeakenderRooster'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.0%Triple hopped pale. Cascade, Simcoe and Crystal varieties.
EnglandWeal NoirWeal AlesDark Ale - Porter4.8%A porter. Rich and warm with a hint of cinnamon.
EnglandWeightless - MosaicRedWillowBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A pale session IPA with Mosaic hops.
EnglandWeightless - Nelson, Simcoe and CitraRedWillowBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Another Weightless series variant, Citra up front with Nelson & Simcoe shining through on the finish.
EnglandWeisspeakHoward TownSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.8%Mouthfilling flavours of bread, bananas and cloves. A traditional Bavarian style wheat beer.
EnglandWeisspeak (pre 2017)Howard TownSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer5.1%Mouthfilling flavours of bread, bananas and cloves. A traditional Bavarian style wheat beer.
EnglandWeller WealWeal AlesBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%A pale ale with Citra and Mosaic hops. Very refreshing and hoppy.
EnglandWellesleyAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale, very drinkable beer made with 100% UK Cascade hops. Pronounced herbal and grassy character.
WalesWelsh PaleGlamorganBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Well-rounded pale ale with intense citrus, tropical and lime flavours. Hints of pine all finished with a clean, hoppy bitterness. Hops: Celeia, Columbus & Goldings
WalesWelsh Pale AleKiteBitter - Best Bitter4.1%Made from the finest ingredients. A traditionally crafted light golden ale with a clean crisp palate balanced by a fruity citrus hop character.
EnglandWergildBeowulfLager - Lager style cask beer4.3%A cask conditioned lager with bitterness and fruit.
EnglandWessex BrueCottageBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Premium bitter from Somerset
EnglandWest Coast IPAIronbridgeBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%One of their 4.8% '48 Special' range. A golden bitter with lots of American hops.
EnglandWest Coast PaleCopper DragonBitter - Best Bitter4.2%American-style pale ale with a sunny-orange appearance. A smooth body is perfectly balanced with fresh and floral American hops bursting with flavour and a subtle dry finish.
EnglandWest Coast PaleAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Pale beer with hints of sherbert and black pepper, fabulous citrus grapefruit flavours with fresh floral aromas – balanced and refreshing.
WalesWest Coast RocksTenbyBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Thirst quenching malt body and undercurrents of spiced blackberry. A great session beer.
EnglandWest Country RivieraCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden bitter with American hops.
ScotlandWest Highland Black IPAFyne AlesStrong Beer - Black IPA5.3%Hoppy dark ale. Black as pitch
EnglandWesternSlatersBitter - Strong Bitter5.0%American style pale ale from Stafford
EnglandWestgate WobbleFernandesStrong Beer - IPA6.0%Mouth watering blonde IPA. Big on taste, big on body. Using polaris, mosaic and summit hops it’s a proper wobbler. Treat with respect!
EnglandWestminster Cornish GoldDerbyBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Cornish style golden ale with Westminster malt and Goldings hops.
EnglandWet Yer WhiskersAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - White Stout5.5%Rich, bold and smooth pale. An unfiltered white coffee stout brewed with lactose, coffee and cacao nibs.
EnglandWhat Ho GingerMighty HopSpeciality Beer - Spiced Beer3.9%Brewed using fresh ginger to an original recipe.
EnglandWhat the Fox's HatChurch EndBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A full golden coloured beer with a soft hop flavour and finish. An underlying malty edge remains all the way through the drink.
EnglandWhatever Next!ProspectBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A golden beer with all American hops. Lemon and spicy notes.
EnglandWhatever!ProspectBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Session bitter from Standish, near Wigan
EnglandWheat BeerAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.5%Golden wheat beer from Sheffield
EnglandWheat EarWood'sSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.5%Wheat lends a lively crisp and slightly lemony edge to the flavour. Goldings and First Gold hops give a distinctive refreshing taste.
EnglandWheat Your Heart OutBrew Foundation (The)Speciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer6.0%Packed full of one of Nelson Sauvin hops to give gooseberry and grapefruit notes, plus pale wheat malt and rolled oats to give a silky smooth mouthfeel.
EnglandWheatley NicePennineSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.6%Soft clean flavours of citrus fruits and pine are given a sweetness from the wheat..Hazy. Batley.
EnglandWhimsical Waterstone WheatLymestoneSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.5%A clear golden wheat beer.
EnglandWhirly BirdMobberleyBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Amber bitter from north Cheshire
EnglandWhite AmarilloDurhamBitter - Best Bitter4.1%The name comes from the predominant hop. Amarillo is a light and floral American hop so the addition of some Goldings hops add a little more spice. The result is a deliciously fragrant light session beer.
EnglandWhite ChristmasAbbeydaleSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer5.2%'Well balanced with citrus and a distinct vanilla flavour.' Sheffield.
EnglandWhite ChristmasDerbySpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer5.5%A flavoursome rich pale with a full hop finish. A firm favourite that returns every year.
EnglandWhite Cross IPABlack FlagStrong Beer - American Style IPA5.7% Brewed with hops from all over the globe including; Cascade, Calypso and Ahtanum from America. Topaz from Australia and Motueka from New Zealand.
EnglandWhite ElephantSalopianBitter - Premium Bitter4.9%A fruit-filled nose, with melon, pineapple and luscious hoppy goodness, a soft bitterness leads to a crisp malt body.
EnglandWhite LadyAbbeydaleBitter - Premium Bitter4.7%Tropical fruit flavours and a quenching bitter finish. Made with Continental and New Zealand hops and a small quantity of lager malt in the mash.
EnglandWhite LightGreat HeckSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer3.7%A refreshing weissbier from north Yorkshire. Cloudy
EnglandWhite MistMoorhousesSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.2%A clear, golden wheat beer. Hints of honey and citrus give way to a refreshingly dry finish.
EnglandWhite OakAcornSpeciality Beer - American Pale4.5%Pale and aromatic bitter with a citrus fruit aroma and hints of tangerine from the Crystal Hops.
EnglandWhite Oak (2017)AcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Pale and aromatic bitter with a citrus fruit aroma and hints of tangerine from the Crystal Hops.
EnglandWhite QueenTattonSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.2%Naturally cloudy, with a fruity, spicy aroma, White Queen is our version of a Belgian wheat beer, offering low bitterness and low sweetness for a crisp, refreshing taste,[ a stimulating effervescence on the tongue,] and an intriguing whiter shade of
EnglandWhite Rabbit PaleOssettBitter - Best Bitter3.8%Extra Pale Ale. Low colour Maris Otter English malt gives the palest of pale beers. Fairly dry and bitter with citrus hop aromas dominant.
EnglandWhite RatRatBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A very hoppy pale ale made from low color Maris Otter malt. A combination of 3 high alpha American hops produce an intensely aromatic and resinous finish.
EnglandWhite RoseRooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Pale ale brewed for Yorkshire Day (August 1st) each year. 10p from each pint is donated to charity.
EnglandWhite StarTitanicBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Light refreshing distinctively hoppy beer with a freshness that belies its strength, so easy to drink it will fool all but the crustiest of sea dogs. New lower ABV.
EnglandWhite Star (original strength)TitanicBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%A light refreshing distinctively hoppy beer with a freshness that belies its strength, so easy to drink it will fool all but the crustiest of sea dogs. from Burslem
EnglandWhite WitchMoorhousesBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A blond style ale using Brewers Gold hops .This gives a refreshing fruity Springtime flavour with a hint of citrus, flowers and rich peppery spice aroma.
EnglandWhite WychWychwoodBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A blonde ale with enchanting floral scents and a zesty citrus finish .
EnglandWhiteoutRedscarSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.0%A clear wheat beer brewed with finest quality grain.
EnglandWhitstable Bay Pale AleFaversham Steam (Shepherd Neame)Bitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A full bodied, thirst-quenching ale with a subtle bitterness and grapefruit and pine aromas.
EnglandWholesome StoutWye ValleyDark Ale - Stout4.6%intense roasted barley flavours and a dry, bitter finish. It boasts roasted coffee notes and plenty of hop flavour.
EnglandWhy Not Give a TossAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Blonde session beer with Cluster and Galena hops. Earthy and grassy, pine aroma leading to a sweet dark berry fruit flavour. Subtle hints of peach.
EnglandWhy Not Give a Toss? 2016AbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.4%Blonde session beer made with Dr Rudi and Liberty hops. A distinct earthy and grassy, pine aroma leading to a sweet dark berry fruit flavour.
EnglandWhy Not Give Even More of a Toss?AbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Session pale ale brewed with Motueka, Cascade and Pacific Jade hops for a well-rounded, eminently quaffable brew with floral and spicy notes.
EnglandWhy Not Give More of a Toss?AbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Session pale ale brewed with Motueka, Cascade and Pacific Jade hops for a well-rounded, eminently quaffable brew with floral and spicy notes.
EnglandWibbly WallabyWincleBitter - Best Bitter4.4%A full bodied golden beer with fruity ‘hoppy’ overtones and a dry, slightly biscuity finish.
WalesWicked WaspRosie's CiderCider - Real Cider7.2%100% apple juice farm pressed in Llandegla - Matured in oak barrels - Suitable for coeliacs and vegans
EnglandWicker ManWychwoodBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%Pale golden, well balanced flavours warm the palate & come together with smooth toffee notes, resulting in a robust fulsome aroma with a warming aftertaste
EnglandWight KnightIslandBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Refreshing, full of body, and dangerous if abused. Yellow in colour, but not in heart.
Isle of WightWight SquirrelGoddard'sBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Brewed with a host of crystal malts giving a smooth caramel taste, and hopped with Boadicea, hand-picked from Ventnor Botanic Garden, Isle of Wight.
EnglandWiglafBeowulfBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Good malt flavour is married to a particular bitterness bursting forth from the three hop varieties used.
EnglandWildDerbyBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%An array of hand picked hops and Maris Otter barley create this deep golden brew.
EnglandWild Blackberry MildOffbeatSpeciality Beer - Fruit Beer3.8%Fermented on blackberries and with blackberries in the cask. Fruit character along with some toffee and toasted notes
EnglandWild HopHarvey'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A blonde beer made with a locally sourced wild hop. A sharp edge of citrus cuts through earthy background flavours.
EnglandWild MuleRooster'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%A new world, session strength, pale ale with a kick. Nelson Sauvin hops.
EnglandWild ShropshireWood'sBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Celebration bitter for the Shropshire Wildlife Trust's 50th anniversary
EnglandWild SwanThornbridgeBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%White gold in colour with aromas of light bitter lemon, a hint of herbs and a subtle spiciness. A great refreshing beer.
EnglandWill's NeckQuantockBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Somerset. A golden ale produced from the finest Maris Otter malt and English whole hop cones.
EnglandWillowOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A blend of barley, wheat, oat and rye malts, this silky smooth pale bitter has a tangy citrus finish from Chinook hops
EnglandWiltshire GoldArkell'sBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A light golden coloured ale brewed using English Maris Otter malt, which creates a satisfyingly sweet malty flavour.
EnglandWincle WallerWincleBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A pale and refreshing beer with a distictive hop character
EnglandWindermere PaleHawksheadBitter - Standard Bitter3.5%Deiciously pale and hoppy bitter from Staveley, near Kendal.
EnglandWindleThornbridgeStrong Beer - American Style IPA6.2%A strong IPA brewed with chinook and centennial hops.
EnglandWinnie's Honey HeavenCoastalSpeciality Beer - Honey Beer4.4%Golden bitter with honey
EnglandWinter AleAbbeydaleStrong Beer - IPA5.2%'A strong IPA made with 100% Maris Otter low colour malt and a combination of two New Zealand hops.' Sheffield.
EnglandWinter AleTanners (by Brecon)Bitter - Strong Bitter4.8%Bronze coloured seasonal, by Brecon brewery for Tanners Wine Merchants
EnglandWinter in the SunCorvedaleBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Lightly hoppy with a bitter finish. Golden Ale from the Sun pub at Corvedale
EnglandWinter IPAOssettStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Straw coloured with American Columbus hops. Strong Pale Ale. Straw coloured, fairly dry and with a high level of bitterness.
EnglandWinter Pale AleAcornBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Pale golden ale with citrus and grapefruit on the aroma with a lasting bitterness. Barnsley.
EnglandWinter Pale AleLiverpool OrganicBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A delicately hopped Winter session ale.
EnglandWinter SolsticeDark StarBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Brewed with Pale, Munich and Brown malts to produce a deep gold colour this beer is brewed with Simcoe and Chinook hops and seasoned with Sichuan pepper and Orange and Lemon zest.
EnglandWipeoutCopper DragonBitter - Premium Bitter4.6%Hoppy American style IPA. Bravo and Chinook hops.
EnglandWise4TsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Warrior and cascade hops combine to make this a refreshing and quaffable pint.
EnglandWishlistAbbeydaleBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Ultra pale, very hoppy. Just what you always wanted.
EnglandWitbierStonehouseSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.2%loudy, zesty wheat beer in the Belgian style.
EnglandWitching HourCross BaySpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.4%Clear golden wheat beer from Morcambe.
EnglandWithered Soul StoutSalamanderDark Ale - Stout4.5%Rich roasted malt dominates a dark, satisfying ale.
EnglandWitless IIIRedWillowSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer7.0%A strong, cloudy and hoppy wheat beer.
EnglandWitless IVRedWillowSpeciality Beer - Wheat or Rye Beer4.5%More to follow
EnglandWizardMerlinBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Light amber in colour, it’s an enchanting beer with an unmistakable and delightful aroma that’s followed with flavours that leave you wanting more and more.
EnglandWizard's SleeveWoodhall'sCider - Real Cider4.5%A beautifully crisp, golden craft cider drawn from ancient Herefordshire orchards, lying in the shadows of the black mountains.
EnglandWm. Youngers No.3Wells and YoungsBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Premium Scottish heavy now brewed in Bedford
EnglandWojtekBeartownBitter - Strong Bitter5.8%Powerful, deep golden, and full of character. Wojtek was a magnificent 500lb Syrian Bear who served in WW2 alongside a unit of Polish Soldiers. Wojtek shared their beer, their cigarettes and, eventually, their fate
EnglandWolf IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Wolf hops have an intense fruity and floral notes. These include flavors of sweet tropical fruits and complex aromas of mango, elderflower and even a hint of violet.
EnglandWonderland GoldCoastalBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Made with American hops for a deep citrus palate. Light & crisp.
EnglandWoodlandsThornbridgeSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer5.5%A cracking Autumn ale; brewed using fresh Thornbridge Hall Pumpkins and spiced using Cloves, Coriander and Ginger
EnglandWorking Class HeroPartner's (formerly Anglo-Dutch)Bitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A traditional Yorkshire session bitter.
EnglandWorlds Biggest LiarJenningsBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Malty bitter with coffee and chocolate notes
EnglandWreckageTitanicSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer7.2%Winter ale with a port-like aroma, oranges and lemons play around the edges of the tongue, dried fruit and cinnamon drive home the wonderful warming effect, Walnut aftertaste.
EnglandWrecklessRedWillowBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%This beautifully balanced pale ale is loeaded with Citra and Amarillo hops providing massive amounts of tropical fruit and a clean finish. Champion beer of Cheshire 2011 & 2017. Well deserved.
EnglandWrekin BitterHook HortonBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%AKA Hook Norton Bitter. A subtly balanced, golden bitter, hoppy to the nose, malty on the palate – the classic session beer, eminently drinkable.from Oxfordshire.
EnglandWrekin Pale AleIronbridgeBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Mash hopped for a fuller flavour. A super hop character with a lingering hoppy flavour.
EnglandWren's NestHoward TownBitter - Best Bitter4.2%A light hoppy beer, made with Pale and Crystal malts, and Pioneer and Cascade hops. Wren's Nest was the 2007 SIBA National Supreme Champion Beer
EnglandWrenbury SpecialWrenbury CiderCider - Real Cider7.0%Made from cider apples grown in Wrenbury.
WalesWrexham LagerWrexham LagerLager - Pilsner4.0%From the new, state of the art Wrexham Lager brewery. A quality product.
EnglandWyeThornbridgeSpeciality Beer - Flavoured Beer4.7%A delicate pale ale, lightly hopped, with the unique and refreshing aroma of cucumber.
EnglandWynter's DaySandstoneSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer6.5%Amber beer with hints of spice and fruit.
EnglandWynter's TaleSandstoneSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.2%One off ( maybe) brew - a deep red Bonfire brew reflecting the passion dragons have for fire.
EnglandX AleHook HortonBitter - Premium Bitter4.8%Collab with Yeastie Boys. A contemporary re-imagining of a 100-year-old pale ale recipe with a dose of artistic licence
EnglandXBBateman'sBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Classic English pale ale, grainy, with a refreshing dry bitterness on the palate and a hoppy finish.
WalesXLPATiny RebelBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Uses the newly developed Extra Light Pale Malt that gives this beer it's amazing colour. Big American hops are used to balance out the malty base.
EnglandXPHop StudioBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Coats the pallet irresistibly. It`s light, zesty and has a sharp twist as it shimmers down the throat.
EnglandXPAXTStrong Beer - IPA5.9%An IPA brewed with crisp, clean extra pale malts. North American flavouring and aromatic hop additions.
EnglandXSHop StudioStrong Beer - IPA5.5%Intensely complex, richly flavoured, strong ale. English Maris Otter Pale and Crystal Malts, Challenger, Northdown, Target and New Zealand Wakatu hops.
BelgiumXX BitterDe RankeStrong Beer - Strong Pale Beer6.2%Strong hoppy golden ale from Belgium. Cask conditioned
EnglandXXXThree TunsBitter - Best Bitter4.3%A renowned beer from a recipe passed down by the Roberts family who owned the brewery for several generations; a pale-straw-coloured, premium bitter with simple, light malty-sweetness, delicately balanced with light bitterness of floral, earthy chara
EnglandXXXX PorterRingwoodDark Ale - Porter4.7%Smooth, laid back ruby ale. Rich, smoky aromas of roasted malt. A true winter warmer.
EnglandYacht CasualWild BeerSpeciality Beer - American Pale4.1%Collaboration between Wild Beer & Magic Rock. American pale wheat ale, tropical & refreshing
EnglandYachtsman's AleIslandBitter - Best Bitter4.2%The addition of roasted malt produces a rich brown beer and mouthfeel, counterbalanced by sufficient hops to rise to the nose and to refresh the throat
EnglandYakima GoldCrouch ValeBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Very pale. Amarillo hops, therefore earthily aromatic and highly drinkable. Yakima Valley is the area of Washington State in which the hops are grown. pron: YAK’-i-maw
EnglandYakima Session AleDerbyBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A light amber ale, malty in taste with a subtle hint of Yakima valley hops.
EnglandYankeeRooster'sCraft Keg Beer - British4.3%One of the original, new-style, pale ales. A modern classic. Light and easy-drinking,
EnglandYarlington Mill Medium CiderGwatkin's CiderCider - Real Cider7.0%Single varietal cider from Yarlington Mill apples.
EnglandYellow RoseExit 33Bitter - Premium Bitter4.5Golden ale combining quality English pale and Munich malts, hopped exclusively with Amarillo which is soft, floral and fruity.
EnglandYellow Wood IPAWood StreetStrong Beer - IPA5.1%Strong bitter from Hillsborough, Yorkshire
EnglandYetiTattonBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A rich, fireside copper-coloured winter ale with a distinctive warming flavour and classic British hop aroma from Knutsford
EnglandYorkHop StudioBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Complex malt flavours underpin beautiful blackberry and orange flavours. There`s a hint of tangerine in the aroma. It`s a belter.
EnglandYorkshire BlondeOssettBitter - Standard Bitter3.9%This pale coloured ale is full bodied, well-rounded and slightly sweet on the palate. A generous late addition of Mount Hood hops result in a delicate fruity hop aroma.
EnglandYorkshire Blonde PremiumOssettBitter - Best Bitter4.5%Full bodied, well rounded and slightly sweet on the palate. A generous late addition of Mount Hood hops result in a delicate fruity hop aroma.
EnglandYorkshire Pale AleGreat HeckBitter - Best Bitter4.3%Yorkshire Pale Ale is a premium pale ale with a complex malt character balanced with Fuggles hops and late hopped with Slovenian Aurora hops for a zesty finish.Golden bitter from Goole.
EnglandYorkshire PrideAcornBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%A very pale session bitter, well hopped with North Down and Cascade hops, from Barnsley.
EnglandYorkshire TerrierYorkBitter - Best Bitter4.2%Single hop premium golden ale. Using only the flavours of UK grown Challenger hops and a dash of Crystal malt,
EnglandYou BetBlackjackBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%American style pale session ale.
EnglandYou Scratch My BackAbbeydaleDark Ale - Stout5.5%A Smoked Pork Scratching Stout in collaboration with snacking maestros Smo-Fo. A smoky, meaty, salty beast
EnglandYoung's London StoutEagleKeg Beers - Stout4.3%Brewed with Young’s secret yeast culture and oatmeal to deliver a smooth and creamy beer which has a richer and slightly sweeter taste than Irish stouts.
EnglandYoungs BitterWells and YoungsBitter - Standard Bitter3.7%Traditional bitter, once from London, now from Bedford
EnglandYoungs GoldWells and YoungsBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Golden bitter from Bedford, formerly London.
EnglandYoungs SpecialWells and YoungsBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%Hoppy premium bitter now brewed in Bedford
EnglandYPARooster'sBitter - Best Bitter4.1YPA (Yorkshire Pale Ale) is a pale, aromatic, summer ale that offers up delicate peachy and berry fruit flavours.
EnglandYule Love It!FernandesSpeciality Beer - Seasonal Beer4.1%Golden seasonal brew. Smoothly bittered. Fruity finish.
EnglandYule Tide TippleDerbyBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%A festive, very flavoursome brew. Pale in colour, selected malt and hops create a seasonal delight.
EnglandYule TwigGreat HeckBitter - Strong Bitter5.2%Great Heck in collaboration with Steel City Brewing of Sheffield have produced a strong, ESB style bitter.
EnglandZaffirStonehouseBitter - Best Bitter4.0%A pale session beer with delicate hints of tropical fruit hops
EnglandZenithCross BayStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Light and refreshing in colour with a distinct tropical aroma. Zesty fruit flavours followed by a kick from the triple blend of hops.
EnglandZenithSummer WineBitter - Best Bitter4.0%Hazy pale ale from Holmfirth, Yorkshire.
EnglandZest to ImpressRooster'sCraft Keg Beer - British2.8%A lemon radler brewed with Tiny Rebel as part of their 25th Anniversary Collaboration Project!
EnglandZest WarriorDerbyBitter - Premium Bitter4.5%A pale golden ale hopped with Warrior, Apollo and Summit.Bitter orange & grapefruit aromas mix with a malty biscuit taste.
WalesZetaBig HandBitter - Standard Bitter3.6%A light American Pale Ale, Stateside hops only but at 3.6% very easy drinking.
EnglandZeus IPAAcornStrong Beer - IPA5.0%Rich golden American hopped beer with an intense, pungent aroma.
EnglandZi-ManManningBitter - Standard Bitter3.8%Euro 2016 special. A golden bitter.
EnglandZombie StalkerSalamanderDark Ale - Porter4.8%A porter. No tasting notes available.